SWTOR one year anniversary giveaway!

Hey everyone, Dec 20 marks the one year anniversary of SWTOR! This also marks my one year coverage of SWTOR as a fansite. Bioware recently got in touch with me to provide some items as a giveaway to all my SWTOR readers. Items that are part of the giveaway includes 40 SWTOR JINX shirts, 5 Cartel Coin codes, and 17 Tauntaun Fawn Codes.


Giveaway Items

1. 40 Jinx Shirts, 20 per fraction (different sizes are available, but some sizes are limited in quantity)

These are the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic shirts available on JINX

2. 5 Cartel Coin Codes (450 Cartel Coins)

3. 17 Tauntaun Fawn Codes (see picture)


How to participate

Giveaway is now closed. Winners will contacted via SWTOR forum PM within 24 hrs so check your inbox!

Round 1 “Winners”

Thanks to everyone who participated! I enjoyed reading what you had to say about your best SWTOR experiences. There were 220 readers who entered the giveaway.

Video of how the winners were picked.

1. 5 Cartel Coin Codes (all claimed)


2. 17 Tauntaun Fawn Codes


hijoed (you need to enable receiving PM on the swtor forums)


3. 40 JINX t-shirt




hijoed (you need to enable receiving PM on the swtor forums)


Round 2 “Winners”

Not everyone from Round 1 claimed their goodies (there are 9 t-shirts and 4 tauntaun codes left unclaimed).

1. JINX T-shirts

13 people were randomly selected from the big name list and contacted via PM. The first 9 names to respond will get a T-shirt.


2. Tauntaun Fawn codes

4 codes left remaining, 4 names were randomly selected from the list again and contacted via PM to claim their tauntaun fawn codes.


Cartel Coin Code instructions

Cartel Coins Code Disclaimer

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  • Linkdavinque

    name: Linkdavinque
    Fav memory: Turning 50 and feeling badass the dieing to the First guy in HM Black Talon.
    Would love to win a Taun Fawn code. I have all the other ones 😉

  • Eshmael

    name: Eshmael
    Fav Memory: Getting applauded on the Meet and greet in Cologne for beeing legacy Level 50 for some weeks

  • ZekkZachary

    ZekkZachary (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=1802478)

    My favorite part: Killing the Withering Horror with every member of the ops having their party jawa!

  • Onasith

    forum name : issirush
    And beating hardmode kephess for the first time. We actually did it in 16 man and it was a very fun accomplishment. Also, streaking naked through the GTN late at night with a bunch of guildies, fun times!

  • Akfuia

    Forum name: Akfuia (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=2491553)

    Best experience: On my 2nd time doing KP HM way back in 1.2, on the third boss (Crusher I think), we were on our 3rd attempt at it. Around 10%, we didn’t make the enrage timer, so in short, we start dying with me and one of the healers left. Before we started dropping like flies, we managed to get it down to like 2% or something like that. So I ended up tanking, popping most of cds to burn those last drops of health on it, down it finally. 🙂

    Was nice for a dps to tank + bring down a boss in one those crutch moments.

  • Vernas

    Forum name: Vermas (yeah I put an m instead of an n)
    Favorite moment:
    Back during the beta period, I was very iffy on the game at that point,
    I had won a code for a beta weekend so I decided to give it a shot and
    when the first time wondering out into the open on korriban and I looked
    in awe of the amazing design of the planet, something I’ll
    never forget and possibly one of my favorite moments in gaming.

  • Forum Name: Crowcaine

    Fav Memory: Convincing my friend that the dead jedi on Taris was part of her mission….much laughter ensued when she spawned the world boss and …well….screamed. hehe.

  • Solo-nite

    SWTOR forum name – Solo-nite (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=343570)

    Favourite Memory: The very first time where I went to Karraga’s Palace (It was my actual very first time I went to operation as I skipped Eternity Vault) and having to fight Bonecrusher.

    Being a Jedi Guardian and the tank, I was getting ready to start the fight and stand toe to toe with a rancor which had very bad breath and I only I could think “Oh my I am in Return of the Jedi and I am like Luke Skywalker”

    The fight was brilliant, the atmosphere, the music, everything and I truly did feel like a jedi in a great Star Wars film.

    That was my best memory of the game, there have been lots of great memories but this one the best. I been in SWTOR since early access day 1 and I am looking forward to many more good memories in “Rise of the Hutt cartel”

    Happy 1st anniversary SWTOR

    [ P.S if any republic T-shirts are going that would be great 🙂 ]

  • Adam Romigh

    Name: LtKettch(http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=289071)
    Fav Memory: The feeling of relief after defeating the Emperor instead of being one-shot killed one more time.

  • Humbertosmug

    Name: Beitoguy

    Favorite memory: All the crazy fighting PvP fighting that went on during the Plague Rakghoul event! Also, people went BOOM! Epic! 😀

  • Instructor

    Forum name: Darkparr (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=44793)

    Favourite moment:
    Logging on for the first time and seeing a brand new Star Wars universe to explore! Also the first run of Black Talon and making that all important decision to Kill or Save the captain!

  • Magic

    Forum Name : iimagiicii

    Best SWTOR Experience: Downing 8 Man SOA HM a few days before he was nerfed!

  • eco

    forum name: fiskar

    fav moment: first time EV, fight with soa, moving in p2 and jumping down the bricks, waiting for new tiles on the heal spot when somebody just started running and smashed down to the ground! best teamspeak laughing ever!

  • oredith

    forum name: oredith
    favorite moment:
    Being clueless about something (i can’t even remember what now), and asking about it in general chat, and having you point me to your blog.. 😛

    i knew your crazy dedication to the game would make you big!.. grats!

  • Yari

    Forum name: Yarihan

    Favorite moment: Healing with my sorcerer on EV last boss soa, in the end everyone die and boss has 0%health(maybe few thousand HP left) with shield up! I was the only only survivor, kiting the boss around under the spinning pylon then BAM!! Force lighting killed the boss 🙂

  • Djolly

    Forum Name = Djolly
    Favorite Moment: a World Boss safari but mainly the chat griefing while we moving from boss to boss

  • Nilspferd

    Forum Name: Nilspferd

    Favorite Moment: Killing Kephess in Denova hm. We’ve tried it for so long and finally getting him down was very heroic 😀

  • Cyare

    Forum name: Melva
    Favorite moment: The first time I ran Foundry. Seeing HK again for the first time since KotOR2–and kicking his metal butt–was just too much fun.

  • Edessa

    Forum Name: Isolde
    Favourite Moment: Pugging EV and KP for weeks when people said completing it on HM was crazy hard to coordinate as a pug group (without voicechat!). It was where I met all the great friends that are now my guildmates and for that alone I will always love SWTOR <3

  • Lucas Humberto Casadei

    forum name= lucascasadeis
    link: http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=1156846
    favorite moment: when i started playing the game in 13 decemeber the last year.

  • Lord_Erman

    Forum Name: Lord_Erman

    You know the scene where Han Solo was chasing a Stormtrooper in Death Star and then he went in a room full with Stormtroopers and then those troopers started chasing Han Solo. Remember that scene? Yes? Good. Okay now listen:

    We were doing TfB for the first time. We knew there was that chest in that hidden room. One of the team members rocket boost’ed into that hidden room “hungry” for some hidden treasures, then the next moment we saw him running out of the room like a headless chicken with tons of mobs behind him! It was funny as hell and reminded us all that Han Solo scene from the movie.

  • Allanon

    Forum Name: Letitbit

    Favorite moment: I must admit the best time I had was launching the game for the very first time, watching the intro, creating my first char and logging into korriban. I was happy like a little child 🙂 There were other great swtor moments but this was definitely the most exciting time.

  • wib

    Forum name: wibrisco
    Link: http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=3087666

    Favourite moment: First meeting with Terror From Beyond.
    It was like, holy crap!!! =)

  • Forum Name: Tmanarl
    Favorite SWTOR Moment: During the Rakghoul World Event, grouping with strangers and friends to down the new world bosses, only to get attacked in mid fight by the other faction for PvP!

  • Jason Blackburn

    My Forum name is LordRyll.
    Link: http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=24608
    My favorite moment would have to be my launch guild’s first killing of Soa. We struggled through a couple nights of attempts and continued to lose to the disappearing floor bug, but finally on our third night, we got him. It was a wonderful feeling to have help coordinate that for our group.

  • JayDzed

    Forum name: BunnyM

    My favourite moment in SW:TOR?

    So many to choose from, from the intro movie bringing back that feeling of awe that seeing the movie at the cinema gives, to getting to choose your own paths through the huge and detailed story.

    But the best moment of all was when I got my ship for the first time and running that first space mission…

  • mkwerner143

    Forum Name = mkwerner
    Favorite Moment = tie between my first run of the Dread Masters’ quest on Belsavis (when the commander’s mind snaps) and the first day of server transfers. Black Hole went from 3-4 people on at a time to like 70 at a time. There was a massive ad-hoc PvP event that evening, and being new to MMO’s, I had never seen anything like that.

  • Xia Zhu

    Forum Name: SumZed

    Best Moment: there are TOO MANY but the MOST memorable, is during the weekend before v.1.6 patch… I knew the battlemaster sets would be gone, and since they have the same model as Vendetta set, which I’m wearing, and I was a bit desperate for the 2 piece set bonus, (which grants an extra 3 seconds of Orbital Strike, allowing it to hit 4 times instead of 3) I grinded the lvl 50 PvP to get a helmet, or goggles (which I can hide) and a set of boots (which colour matches nicely with my jacket)… anyways, long story short, I hate lvl 50 PvPs… especially on Jedi Covenant, Imperials are REALLY BAD at PvP… out of about 35 matches I played, we only won 5 times…
    but one of those 5 wins was AMAZING…

    I ALSO hate Novare Coast… A LOT… with a PASSION… and like ALWAYS we started out losing… nothing so surprising… we just can’t capture ANY of the nodes, and we only have the East node to ourselves, and the south is a nightmare… gradually we lose to about 15% left… so I said, “screw it, I’m going to try and capture West!”… I was the only one… and there was a lonely Jedi Sentinel guarding the node, so I attempted to 1v1 with him… I didn’t win, (knowing my skill in PvP, it’s a given) but I managed to lower him to ~10% HP… so I told my team, “1 Sentinel, down to 10% HP at West node!” and 2 more went with me when I came out from the base again… we easily took that node, and we started gaining (was now 100% vs 10%)

    the Republic side noticing they lost a node, sent in a bunch to re-take it, leaving the South one with only about 3 to guard… so we just headed South instead and captured that too!

    West node was losing, but interrupt and aggros kept it from completely being taken, and so was South side… the opposing team panicked and was completely spread out, and we managed to harass them on both nodes constantly back and forth so they never managed to re-capture either one back, and we had an AWESOME comeback from 100%/10% down to 0%/10% and WE WON!!!

    That was THE most satisfying feeling I’ve had after a PvP match, and THAT is what I call FUN… not losing with barely 2-3 kills each vs opposing team’s 30+ (which were about 20 matches out of the 35…)

    I also liked the few Ops I managed to do, but that’s the story for another time =)

    although I STILL hate Novare Coast… even after that win… it’s just a one time thing >.>

  • Forum name: Njessi

    Favorite moment: I love hanging out with my guild, but there’s no moment that stands out. They are always awesome. My favorite story moment had to be killing that stupid self-righteous voss. It was just so… satisfying. I really hate the voss. Later, in another storyline, I got to kill another prissy voss. (But my companions gave me the -30 of Shame both times.)

  • Oneknife

    Forum name -Oneknife http://www.swtor.com/community/private.php?do=newpm&u=1673951

    I have MANY favorite moments from swtor,but i think my favorite moment was the day we were allowed to log in after first beta. I just could’nt wait!! I absorbed every second of playing my consular. Since then i have turned to the dark side and still log in every day.

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  • Fizzy

    Name: Fizzybear

    Moment: Playing in huttball; Intercepting a pass right before the goal line by using the Warrior Force Leap at the target of the pass 🙂

  • MX13


    When doing the bonus quest line with my BH on Tatt I was “ganked” by two Jedi. I pretended to run for a cliff-line and they followed. When the Knight jumped to me I moved to his other side, used Jet Boost, and sent him flying off the cliff to his death. I then turned to the stunned Consular and took him down with well timed controls and my DPS in short order. They were both one level higher than me 🙂

  • Bolleke

    Forum name:

    Favorite moment in SWTOR:
    I think that would have to be having my main to lvl 50 on a tuesday, which is the normal raiding day in our guild. So they decided to take me and the other fresh lvl 50 on an alt run through EV HM in class gear.. And we almost one shot them. So I had my first operation ever in an almost clear run… That was the start of a lot of operations to come.

  • Bugattiboy


    Favourite SWTOR moment: I think it was when I finally acquired my entire Resilient Polyplast set. It took me months to acquire all the items. So when I finally get the entire set I was very happy.

  • Galheon

    Account name: Galheon

    Best moment: When they finally announced a release date!!!!!! Seriously, my all time favorite moment is when I got my very first ligthsaber on koriban. I think I stayed 20 minutes, only pushing “z” to draw and undraw my weapon.

  • Estelindis

    Forum name: Estelindis

    Favourite moment: Actually all of the agent class story in chapter 2. I was already roleplaying a double agent in my mind, so when the class story took a particular turn it was a real mindscrew. I roleplayed it by doing my best to get through the entire chapter without killing any Republic opponents whatsoever. It required skipping a lot of missions entirely and using a lot of stealth / escape, but it was the most deep, immersive experience I’ve had since I started. Enjoyed it hugely. (Incidentally, I was actually mostly successful. Only once did I encounter a situation where a mission I couldn’t avoid required me to click something that couldn’t be clicked in combat that was right beside more hostile republic foes than I could stun or sleep dart.)

    • Paweł Kasperek

      I just ended the Agent chapter 1 and it was AWESOME – I cant wait to see how it unfolds after that…

  • Phoenix8387

    Account Name: PhoenixZero

    Best moment: Finally completing EC HM, you know… back when it was actually hard.

    • please enable receiving PM options on the swtor forums

      • Phoenix8387

        I’ve looked around the site and there doesn’t seem to be an option to do so. I get the feeling it’s because I’ve transitioned to using a Free account, and it’s another one of their weird limitations.

  • Kdogg69

    Forum Name :Kdogg69
    Best moment was when I received HK-51.Everyone else was talking about how it takes hours to get all the pieces.I lucked out and got everything in a little under 2 hours.

  • aett


    My favorite moment was when I completed all of the Taris bonus series missions with my first character, a Bounty Hunter, and got all the pieces of the Mercenary Elite Prototype set. It’s my favorite armor set in the game and I’m currently working on getting Black Hole coms so I can transfer all the mods to my ideal armor set.

  • Istari

    Account Name: WolfpackAW Link Here: http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=2031310

    Best moment: My first operation, early 2012 – 16M Karragga’s Palace. Got a random trash mob (prior to Bonethrasher!) to drop an earpiece I could use. Felt totally lucky!

  • Velkmor

    Forum name: Velkmor

    Best SWTOR experience: when I first reached lvl 50 with my Sith Warrior and striked against Darth Baras! It was a memorable moment for me, fighting a Dark Council member …

  • WallyWaffles

    My favorite moment has to be clearing Kephess on EC Nightmare. It took us 15+ hours of attempts over 3 weeks, and when we finally got it everyone was so excited. Previous bosses were always a matter of figuring out the mechanics or getting decent gear, but this fight needed everything to go almost perfectly so it was a lot more satisfying to finish.



  • Forum Name: Jedi_Slayer


    Best Moment have been with grouping with other people. I have 3 good friends that I have helped get their characters of their starting planets. And I got to watch all 3 of them get their lightsabers for their first time. It’s pretty cool to be there for a huge character moment. (even in spectator mode.)..

    That is one of many, despite all the negativity out there, I really enjoy the game.

  • Alrok

    User : Alrok (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=722929)

    When I realised I cant always win, no matter how hard I tried with my JK. *spoiler alert* when you meet the emperor for the first time on his space station *end spoiler*

  • Azazael


    I have a few favorite moments. Getting the KP timed run title (2nd group on our server to do it) with 30 seconds left and an enraged Karagga. Getting Empire first EC HM Clear on the freshly merged servers. Had a huttball game where we losing 1-5. The other team decided to try to farm us for the last 4 minutes. We came back and won. I am sure it helped that 5 of the 8 people on the team were all on mumble (got the 5th in with 5 minutes left thanks to quitters).

  • Econ_Anthony

    Forum Name: Econ_Anthony
    Link: http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=2352562
    Favorite Experience: Working so hard before patch 1.2 to get $1 million credits (that was an insane amount back then) to get the Korrealis Commander before it was removed from the game. I still proudly show off that speeder whenever I can.

  • Chemayla


    My best experience was when I first was leveling and decided I loves SWTOR I got a new computer with MUCH better graphics. I was on Belsavis and I stood there and just stared at the grass waving back and forth for about an hour. The small things in the game that much have taken them a ton of time to design that you don’t notice unless you stop and look and have your graphics on high are amazing. The leaves on the trees on Voss, the tiny acutal bugs flying around the hives on Alderaan things like that.

  • Kaarjaren

    Forum Name: KaarJaren
    Link: http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=660734
    My Favourite TOR Experience: The first time I ran Eternity Vault with my guild, the Republic Mercy Corps. It was the first time I’d ever done any raiding at all in any MMO and I was one terrified Guardian, but my guild saw me through it. I’ll never forget the thrill of my first Op and the elation of downing Soa for the first time!

  • Little_Dorrit

    Name: Little_Dorrit

    I’ve had a lot of fun playing SWTOR almost every day for a year now, but to recall something special… the first time I arrived in Tatooine, it was so much like the scenery in the SW film I genuinely felt *that* was starwars for me 🙂

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  • Avam

    Name: Avam
    Link: http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=298744

    PvPing and raiding with my friends from Crimson Elite Jung Ma server

  • Imarra

    Forum Name: Vivronkasaur

    Link: http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=2855566

    Best experience was on the server Vrook Lamar. We had contacted another small guild to do world bosses and runs Ops with. One night, we decided to go world boss hunting. We all got together on the fleet and Mumble and decided where to go. “The one on Voss is down, let’s check out Hoth!” We spent a very good while looking for the Hoth ones fruitlessly. It was decided we should run EV instead! I think it was one of the very first times we ran it. I remember being extremely nervous about healing these sister-guild members, but it was one of the most fun times I’d ever had, getting to know them and learn the fights as well. We had to stop at Soa, but we were pleased with our progress. Very soon after, it was decided we merge our guilds together and we’ve been downing bosses and wiping to trash ever since!

  • Knux

    Name: Notyalca

    Talking to and fighting Revan. He’s my favorite star wars character, so I cherished every minute of interaction (what became of him…did he *actually* die? I want to know!).

    • Xia Zhu

      he’s an Imposter! My Revan’s a female!

  • Maurice Jason Davies

    Name: JaseDakota

    Hard to choose just one memorable time. Overall my favorite experience has been going to planets we’ve seen in the movies and read about in the books. Particularly Tatooine and Hoth. I fondly recall finding the sarlacc for the first time. Couldn’t resist jumping in!

    Just want to add a thank you to Dulfy for all the guides and help over this past year! You’re help has been invaluable! Thank you!

  • DJB Prophet

    Name: DJB_Prophet

    My best experience in TOR has to be the first time we got to Kephess while raiding. I happened to get the bomb symbol the first time, and when I charged in (I’m a SW), and I started getting pulled up in an Empire Strikes back type moment… man, my entire guild, and myself lost our minds going “THAT WAS AWESOME!!!”

    Yea. It was good.

  • InnerPieces

    Forum Name: InnerPieces
    Link: http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=374005

    My Favorite TOR Experience: My first, most memorable experience involves a spoiler (for some). It was the moment where my Sith Marauder was hunting a certain Jedi and after hunting him down I realized tempting him to embrace the darkside would leave a lasting impression upon his padawan. It was the moment I realized how deeply that impression would run and that I would not be leaving the area alone. This was the first time I literally leapt out of my chair and fist pumped in the air. It was an awesome bit of storytelling and was one of the first times I felt the storyline fit my character perfectly.

  • nickzwa


    Imperial sniper

    My favorite SWTOR moment ?

    There have been many. The first was watching the empire
    faction cinematic after logging in for the first time. I rember sitting there
    in anticipation of the journey I was about to set out on. Another moment was
    being the last member of our 8 man raid left standing after defeating kafes. My
    rail shot came off CD and I dropped him to the ground. I was almost dead but I
    killed him and stood there for a moment in shock. My raid were cheering. No one
    could believe we had beaten him. That victory is parralled by countless battles
    in countless warzones where I have survived at the edge of defeat while my opponents
    were destroyed. No battle in any of the warzones I have fought in have compared
    to the battle for the Alderaan
    spaceport. 30+ of the empires finest and our trusted companions battled to hold
    the republics space port. We locked down the planet for what seemed like hours.
    The epic battle lasted into the night. Until we came to a impasse. The republics
    pvp guilds sent their forces to destroy us. We left our ops groups and called
    our companions. We mounted our speeders and charged into the heart of the jedi’s
    formation. We wiped them out. All of them.

  • Steve Lusk

    Forum: JediUmbra

    My favourite moment was very early and still hasn’t been topped.

    When my Jedi constructed her lightsaber, I got a chill. The slow motion construction, the music, lifting the lightsaber above her head in the classic Episode 4 poster pose.

    Well done Bioware.

  • Yarborough

    Forum name: Euclidi http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=2948825

    Best Moment: I PUG’d my first hard mode operation back in March and got almost every piece of loot as I was the only smuggler in the group and smuggler gear kept dropping. They joked that I was going to have to join the guild to keep raiding with them to help them get gear too. I’m now an officer and raid leader in that guild 9 months later and have made some great friendships that extend outside the game.

  • Gamer LadyP

    What an awesome giveaway.

    Forum Name: YanaMei http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=1050511

    Best Moment: It is hard to pick just one, but I think it was the first time I got the “this is your new ship” cut scene. I was like a kid in a candy shop, and my character showed the same enthusiasm for seeing her ship.

  • Quantum Sheep

    Forum Name: quantumsheep

    Best Moment: I stopped playing Star Wars Galaxies a long time ago, but often used to think fondly of my main Twi Jedi/Dancer character and the guild I used to play with.

    Coming up to launch, I found my old guild-mates, and got invited back to the guild! Also, I managed to pretty faithfully recreate my old Twi character.

    When I first logged in, there was my old character. And an instant invite to my old guild.

    It was like coming home. Nearly brought a tear to this old sheep’s eyes 🙂

  • iceberg265

    Forum name: Icebergy

    Best Experience: I rerolled to Jedi Covenant back in April and joined a guild that used to be the top raiding guild on my server, but had just had about 90% of its Ops group quit the game. A few weeks later, I was promoted to officer, and a few weeks after that, the GM’s wife had a baby so he took a break from the game. I basically ran the entire guild by myself, and rebuilt it back up into a very solid progression guild.

  • Sildroni

    Forum name: Sildroni http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=105184

    Best moment, Joined a Karagga’s Palace Pickup Raid, muddled thru and finally beat that droid! Made it to the Worm himself and he dropped a Xenotech Enforcer’s Jacket (Moddable White Imperial Uniform) for my Chiss Sniper. Love it!! Now that things are F2P I get to play lowbie characters with my son – we’re having a blast

  • Pichon

    Forum Name: Pitzzin (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=2235115)

    Best Experience: Killing TFB HM Imperial first on our server the week it was released. After my group had gone through a lot of changes following the server merges, people quitting the game, etc. We thought it was quite an accomplishment and definitely my best swtor experience.

  • whizle

    Forum Name: Whizle

    Best Moment: Getting “recruited” for my first guild. It wasn’t because I was an outstanding player. I was pvp’ing as merc healer in pve tank gear (because I thought the defense would keep me alive longer). They took pity on me, brought me in, and showered me with kindness. As a fresh 50 who still had no clue what I was doing, there was no better feeling.

  • badjedi

    Forum Name: badjedi (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=142043)

    My first best moment was when my first character hit level 50. Hard to pick out one since then. Love playing this game.

  • BrotherKarr

    Forum Name: BrotheraKarr

    Best Experiance in SWTOR: Second time I ran TFB after its release with my guild Saberwing on the Ebon Hawk we downed the final boss. It was only the second time I had been in an operation ever. I was so amazed by the acomplishment. Granted several people had compleated it before me in the guild I was still proud of the deed.

  • Voldroth

    Forum Name: Voldroth

    The best times were the 100+ person lag battles around the bridge in Ilum, everyone had a blast and the screenshots were awesome, with so many people. Secondly, was playing with two guildies and realizing they lived down the street….after playing for half a year together in the game. haha

  • Tamonla

    SWTOR Forum Account: Tamonla (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=1777973


    Easily my favorite memory of SWTOR happened on December 16, 2011 during early access. I met another player, randomly, PUGging Esseles. By the next day we had started The Hills Have Jedis guild. The guild grew and grew and went on to spawn The Hills Gaming group with members spawning probably a dozen games. Almost every awesome memory I have from SWTOR, and hopefully for a long time to come, are because of the friends I have made in THHJ. And it all originates with that first run through Esseles with my now good friend where we shared an amazing time together.

  • Sipso

    Forum name: Sipso (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=3442150)

    Best experience in SWTOR must’ve been Hoth World Boss run with my guild pre 1.2. Most of us were barely Tionese geared, fresh 50s with a few properly geared 50s, and filled ops group gaps with some 40s. We were exited for this. All of us met on the outpost, 16 people. All mounted up and raided for the boss. Of course someone dc’ed so we had to wait. During the break we had some dancing party and duels with our “/bow before the loser”. And when all were ready we rushed on Gargath. It took some 7 minutes to take him down. Some died but quickly got back into fight. Mid fight some mobs got pulled. Close-to-wipe situation when we nearly run out of healers… And that satisfaction and “Finally!” on the gchat. Damn, that was something.

  • Paweł Kasperek

    Forum name: vanevok

    Best single experience has happended to me barely yesterday – As I made the final quest of my Agent chapter 1 storyline – the final confrontation simply amazed me… I was hearing that this storyline was great, but… Wow, just wow!
    I won’t be spoiling anything, but it was simply awesome.

  • Pak

    Hmmm – lots of good moments. I guess my favorite was one of my first PVP war zones (Civil War). I was a little squishy scoundrel and was getting completely owned in a major lopsided losing effort. At one point near the end of the match, I went stealth and snuck up to this 40+ level mean looking sith marauder and dirty kicked him right in the groin! Watching him buckle over was just classic! Sure he and 3 or 4 other guys totally destroyed me right afterwards, but man, I just new at that point, I love this game!

    No forum name. I’m not posting for the contest. I just want to say thanks for everything you do here!

  • Maylen

    Forum name: Maylen http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=568514

    It’s hard to pick one best moment, but my favourites have to do with the class storylines.

    I think my best are some truly agonizing decision in the lead up to assaulting the gauntlet at the end of chapter 2 for the trooper.

    I also loved building my first lightsaber as a knight- fantastic music and atmosphere as another poster already pointed out. Gave me chills- very star warsy!

  • Kalreth

    Thanks for doing this Dulfy.

    KarethRiker: http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=921037

    Most memorable moment was our first kill of Kephess on Hard Mode EC. Our guild literally freaked out on Teamspeak and was screaming.

  • Kespar

    Best in game moment has to be on a guild EC HM run. The trash just before you get to Kephess on the hill – killing the turrets and so on, someone force-pushes one of the droids off the edge, as at the same time I force leapt to the target, launching myself off the cliff. The other tank then pulls the DROID back to the fight, leaving me tumbling to my doom.

    Utterly hilarious and completely by accident. Love moments like that in this game.

    Keep up the great work – Forum Name: Kespar.

    • Hi, you won a t-shirt but never responded to my PM. You have 48 hrs to email me at dulfycleric@gmail.com to claim your T-shirt

  • Dunnoe

    Forum name: llatj

    My wife and I were running false emperor duo. We were well equipped for the fight and had two healer companions out. Fighting the last boss there, Quinn was the unstunned for the last stun round and ended up killing the boss right on the steps, which is not how he’s supposed to die. It was an awesome way for him to die.

  • danahhdez

    Forum name: danahdez (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=3510845)

    Going through my first run on the Esseles, great story and getting my butt kicked by Ironfist the first times, it was really nice to experience the story for the Smuggler and see the progression overall of my character.

    Dulfy, thanks for your great updates all the time 🙂

  • Patientsim

    Pvping with our Daughter, an 8yr old avid gamer like mom and dad. She loves to dance and guard objectives and this makes pvp fun for the whole family! Forum name: Patientsim

    • Jeremy Carey

      My 10 year old son plays with me every once in a while. Trying to get my wife to play too. It definitely is fun when family plays too 🙂

  • Nitutu

    SWTOR forum name: Nitutu

    A couple of months after launch, our guild (comprised mostly of long time friends from SWG & WoW) used to do holocron hunts once a month. I was fun forming a 20+ raid group of varying levels swarming through heroic zones while having the under level characters as “bait”.

  • Elwer

    Forum Name: Elwer

    My best experience in swtor was the first event: the rakghoul outbreak. It was so fun to run around on the fleet, blowing up on people and spreading the infection. That event is going to be one of those “I remember those days”.

  • Forum name – AnariaZarRel (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=139075)

    So many fantastic moments of my year playing the game, but one of my all-time favourites was my sith inquisitor’s final story fight. I tried to beat him 2 levels below, and I gave a good fight, but couldn’t quite make it. I stayed up late that night to level up, bought a few new gear items, and went back to give it another go – and did it!

  • Great thing!

    Butvi_Lansim-Zur: http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=1129358

    I have quite nice epic moment but i think the best when i was leveling my sage… I was fighting with Lord Vivicar: my companion died… i was dying too when.. suddenly i saw a big shot coming form behind. My guild mate come to help me without telling anything. I was in my party frame but i believed he was somewhere else… But him and his companion helped me in the right moment… as every Smuggler 😉

  • Orion

    Forum Name: OrionsBelt (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=1380980)

    Fav Memory: Being in the first wave of Early Release, walking out into Korriban being in pure awe, the end where my Inq returned to Korriban, and realizing I just leveled my first 50 in my first MMO.

    Thank you Dulfy for all your work in the SWTOR Community!

  • Forum Name: Tehdame

    I’m one of those people that when I’m told “you can’t do that..” I say “Just Watch Me.” My favorite moment was on the Fatman server matching the DPS of a L50 Powertech in “full” PVE gear as a L50 arsenal merc in recruit gear. We both did 550k dps in a voidstar. He cried. Alot.

  • DrMaul

    Forum name: DrMaul ( http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=2215941 )

    Fave moment = the Malgus battle (ie, completing The False Emperor). Was the first FP with the guild I had just joined at the time. Great FP and great grouping.

  • Syl

    Forum name: Sylanaris (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=682275)

    Not sure if the best, but definitely the most intense. As a trooper, the Jaxxo “thingie” [no spoilers]. I was about to exit the game cause I didn’t want to make the call, but my companion at that moment, Yuun, with one very shamanistic-wise sentence, helped me make the right decision… still haunts me today..

    I’ll only accept the T-shirt if you sign it Dulfy =]

    • Paweł Kasperek

      That moment had me just a little bit teary-eyed… Damn you Bioware for making me do such dramatic choices! ingame: Damn you warmongers that started that war! Now I wanted only to finish it asap.

  • Kwich

    Forum Name: Kwich (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=876496)

    My best experience was the end of the Agent story line (and the whole Agent story).

    It felt good to give them Sith back what they deserve. I miss my datapad though ^^.

    Thx Dulfy.

    • Paweł Kasperek

      just finished the 1st chapter and that ending alone is my best moment so far… (no spoilers, but definitely worth 30 levels of Agent!)

  • Cahlwyn

    Forum name: JediCahlwyn http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=14113

    Geez, I don’t know if I can come up with one single moment. I’ve been playing since August close beta and haven’t looked back. I’ve made over a hundred friends, some still guildmates, some others txt/facebook friends. This is one of the best mmos I’ve ever played (and I started with EQ in ’99!)!!!

    I will have to say our guild’s first run through Eternity Vault. It just felt so epic to us, we were all new to Ops (one of the first batch of guilds on the server, RIP Mind Trick, so there wasn’t a ton of info out there). It was a lot of fun!

  • azhure

    Forum name: azhuresun (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=1502610)

    Best experience: Joining a group of people on Tumblr to form a guild on Jedi Covenant. I made several friends who I’m very glad to have met through SWTOR, and we had good times doing datacron hunting, parties in the cantina on Voss when we got distracted from datacron hunting (haha), and running flashpoints over and over again to get each other gear.

  • Agidius



    My nostalgic experience is that of my first Black Talon HM. I started on early access, and dinged somewhat around the end of 2011. We went do try the Hard Mode, and started wiping on everything, thrash mobs, bosses etc. We weren’t able to kill the final boss, so when we arrived there we went outside, reseted started from scratch to be able to get some loot for everyone. In a year’s perspective I still find this hilarous, especially compared to how easy this Flaspoint actually is. That first feeling though, I won’t forget, ever 🙂

  • KCik

    Forum name: Karissa (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=197003)

    My first fifty! I roll and reroll characters constantly and finally getting one all the way to fifty was an amazing moment for me. I’ve since done it five more times. =X I love this game and I’ve been playing since the first day (first wave!) of Early Access!

  • Flinn

    Forum name: Eelfinn http://www.swtor.com/community/

    My first run through Eternity Vault with guild-mates. I died twice while jumping (instead of running off) to the wrong platforms on SOA encounter. When we did eventually beat SOA I accidentally needed on gunslinger gear (I am commando healer). I was embarrassed as heck. lol. It was the first of many guild runs with guildies I would eventually laugh with and call friends.

    Your posts have have assisted me countless times since day one. I still use your companion guide on a regular basis. 🙂 Thanks!

  • Forum name: Suchin (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=1580881)

    My best experience was in HM Battle of Ilum. My friend and I had discovered the fun of LFG, and after a few bad apples, came across a tank and dps who were so awesome that… we ended up joining their guild and have become fast friends. If it weren’t for SWTOR, we would never have met them.

  • Hulas

    Forum name: Hulas http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=1795

    So many excellent moments playing SWTOR, but the best is that my guild came practically out of the bushes back together for the launch(had been on hiatus for couple years).

  • MitchPB

    Forum Name: MitchPB http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=2004891

    Grouping up with guildies for PVP and taking on the pubs is always a interesting experience 😉

  • Zantiana

    Forum name: Zantiana (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=1514651)
    Best moment? doing a guild holocron run on hoth. We finally got all the way up the mountain and onto the ledge. I afk’d for a quick bio and when i came back they were all dead about 200 feet below me. Turns out they’d all fallen off while i was AFK :-). Was brilliant!

  • relayinabox

    1. Relayinabox (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=2026480)

    2. My best experience in Swtor so far was back when I first started playing, and went through my first flashpoint. Everyone was so helpful and kind to one another even though we didn’t know what we were doing – we took our time, we joked about any mistakes we made, and at the end of the flashpoint we still kept in touch. A year later, we still joke about our first stumbling flashpoint experience o/

  • illusiox

    Forum name: illusiox http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=2810584

    My best experience with the game was when i first launched it and saw the in-game cinematic scenes and how great the story telling was compared to other MMOs out there.

  • shundis

    Forum Name shundis http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=44785

    Best experience was with my girlfriend leveling for first time on Hutta. Just experiencing the Agent story was unbelieveable.

  • Quintain

    Forum name: Quintain (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=1719726)
    Thinking that SOA was actually hard. <– such a noob!

  • Floodland

    Forum name: Floodland

    As obvious, as it sounds, probably the satisfaction of finally beating that last fight in my Sith Warrior’s storyline, especially given how much I struggled. Felt good.

  • crazylegoman

    Forum Name: crazylegoman (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=3886720)

    My best experience in SWToR was in the last ops group I was in, I was basically the lead dps (All dps had to follow me for the cores in Operator IX and the tentacles in TfB). It was the first time that I had been given that responsibility in any ops group.

  • Kurgan Nazzir

    Since this is supposedly random, it doesn’t matter what I say here so I’ll just go with the time I duoed Hammer Station last December with a player I met on Dromund Kaas. We were around 20 and we did fine up until the final fight, where we kept getting so close but just couldn’t do it. We ended up finding a couple more to help us so of course that has to be the one time I (as the tank) stand in the wrong spot and get thrown over the edge. Cracked me up, and I caught it on video.
    Forum name: KurganNazzir (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=507006)

  • Kemra

    Forum Name: Kemra http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=1262210&tab=aboutme&simple=1
    Best experience ever was leading my first organised progression operation, we did it over 2 nights and got up to kephess on the 2nd night, that was so awesome 🙂

  • Forum Name: PurpleCliff http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=202758

    You can’t beat that first time you see your friends in-game. You /dance around each other, waving your lightsabers and blasters in each others faces, even doing some /getdown if you’re feeling particularly funky.Then you mount up together and zoom off into a beautiful sunset on some unknown world, with John Williams’ music pulsing through your mind. Epic.

  • Dyse


    I still remember the excitement of playing my first character through Korriban. Sure it’s super easy and routine now, but I remember how wrapped up in it I became.

  • TheDocSays

    Happy Anniversary everyone! I bought a whole new rig just for SWTOR and jumped in last January! It has been an awesome experience! Never looked back!

    1) My SWTOR forum name is TheDocSays


    2) My best SWTOR experience: I would have to say it would be Chapter III of the Jedi Knight story…on my way to confront the Emperor I discovered that my partner, Kira, was in trouble. I had to make a decision to focus on the mission and head straight to the Emperor for the final show-down or to divert and help my companion. Of course, *spoilers* being in a secret romance with Kira, it was a no brainer. Off I went to the rescue. My favorite moment is Kira’s reaction after coming to her aid. This is really why I like Bioware games – difficult moral choices that effect the story and gameplay. It felt great to save the day and still have a change to get the Emperor. I just hope that extra time the Emperor had to prepare himself doesn’t come back to haunt me down the road!

    Thanks for hosting this website, lots of great info here! And thanks for the contest!

    • Paweł Kasperek

      Oh, well, this amde me remember the dramatic choice I had in Trooper storyline, regarding fate of certain girl I was a bit romantically involved with… anything more would be spoiler!

  • cidtheslayer

    Forum name – cidtheslayer – http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=272588

    My favourite moment is probably when with my Sith Warrior I was planning a mission and had to use all my companions and assign roles to them. It really drew me in as a cut above the rest of the ‘normal’ quests. Don’t know if it made any difference but was very fun to play through that!

  • Banegio

    Forum name: Banegio

    Best SWTOR experience:
    The heroics in the Balmorra’s Okara Droid Factory. I was on my first toon an operative healer and our pug was slightly undergeared. There are datacrons, multiple quests, heroics and bonuses in that location. We decided to clear all quests together. It was fun and challenging and we made some friends along the way.

    Merry Xmas

  • cammack


    Character is cammack best swtor memory is the first time killing kephess on hm

  • Mitchman17

    my forum name is ZevronianForum Name http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=4267929

    My best memory is the first raid boss I took down. It was the Annihilation Droid on story mode Eternity Vault! I ended up picking up the chest piece for my trooper 🙂

  • Celery

    Forum name: inzi

    Favorite memory was definitely back when Soa was hard (the first few weeks of release). Finally downing Soa hard mode after dozens of hours of attempts felt like a real accomplishment–especially since it required dodging bugs left and right.

  • matt30822

    Hey everyone 🙂 Happy first anniversary!!

    Forum name Mattyboi

    Best moment: Easily was levelling 1-50 on the republic side with the same 4 people doing every single quest/datacron/flashpoint and operation with them and the shock of finding Revan in Maelstrom Prison and then sadness 3 months later vs. him on our empire toons in the Foundry.

  • Fuedin

    Forum name: Fuedin

    Best time I had was my first ops night played for about 8 hours and enjoyed every second of it the story and content were both awesome imo. Plus getting a my full set of rakata was pretty awesome too.

  • Andretious

    Forum Name: andretious

    My best SWTOR experience: Killing Annihilator XXR-3 for the first time in nightmare eternity vault. We were one of the first guilds to do so. I figured the strategy out for our guild when there wasn’t any posted yet. It was a real rewarding experience.

  • Asrai86

    Forum name: predatorAlert http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=2038399

    Best Moment: There are so many to choose but probably the night I finally worked out how to play my healer properly in PvP. That night I carried my teams through 3 out of 5 victories, earned more medals that night than all other nights put together, performed more healing than I thought possible and received over 50% of the MVP votes each round. Seeing a teammate come from 1% health against two enemies to defeat them both with my help, that was an awesome feeling.

  • Cezar

    Forum Name: CPRodrigues (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=1352685)

    My best experience: It was definitely grabbing the HK-51, since it was my first Flashpoint, my first hardmode, my first time in a PVP area and the first time that I used the Group Finder. Definitely a change in the way that I play the game.

  • Sneen

    First of, congratz with your 1 year anniversary Dulfy. Always love reading up on upcoming contect here, hope this will keep going on for a long time.

    Forum name: Sneen (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=174373)
    Best SWTOR-experience: hitting 50 with my main on my birthday (about 2 weeks after release of the game).

  • Dan Crockett

    Forum Name: Overtherewolf

    Best Moment: Leveling characters with good friends and hearing them choose some ruthless speech option during a conversation, then hearing them explain their character’s entire back-story over ventrilo to explain said choice.

  • Zairon

    Forum Name: MiralukaJedi ( http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=18799 )

    So many memories, but for now I think I’ll go with playing a game with my fiancee and her former guild master. They were RPing about a tauntaun ranch and I was on my operative. I would kill a tauntaun and then stealth out over and over while they tried to figure out why the tauntauns kept dying.

  • The_Dark_Lord

    Forum name: The_Dark_Lord (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=188660)

    Best moment: Toss-up between firing the Silencer and giving Darth Thanaton what was coming to him.

  • Zesh

    Forum name: Zeshakha (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=487574)

    Best SWTOR experience: early access was released the day I got out after jaw surgery and I was able to enjoy the storytelling of the game at a time when I wasn’t able to do anything else.

  • Qoheleth

    Forum Name: Qoheleth (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=689937)

    My best SWTOR experiences have been friendly interactions with PvP rivals. It’s nice to know that we can compete ferociously in an environment of courtesy and mutual admiration.

  • Gaddock_Teeg

    Forum Name: KingofGob (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=1249525)

    My best memory was the first time we down Kephess on hard mode with not tank and no heals alive as he died.

  • sparklepeep

    Forum name: sparklepeep

    Just started recently, after FTP happened. So I guess right now my best in game moment is my first space mission.

  • Rahsaan Weaver

    Forum name: Darth_Shango (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=8251)

    I’ve had so many great moments in this game since launch, but one of the most recent was my guild’s recent celebration of our 1 year anniversary in game. I’m in Old Republic Dads on the Shadowlands server. We kicked off the event with a group photo on Ord Mantell, then we headed up to Carrick Station and went streaking through the fleet. One of the comments in general chat from a bystander was “I’m proud of this server” and I couldn’t agree more.

  • Forum name: TrevNYC (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=1353438)

    My favorite SWTOR experience was when I activated HK-51. It was such fan service to hear his voice. 🙂

  • 1) PetFish (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=2084856)

    2) Playing all 8 class stories and really caring about my characters and what they go through. Also meeting some great new friends.

  • z0ne

    the name is da_zone

    and the best moment so far must have been when a few of my guildmates and I got in to a little skirmish with some republic in the Black Hole daily zone and little by little the whole thing turned in to a massive 40 vs 40 battle that got so out of control that a 2nd instance of the zone was created (quite the sight at the time…considering the lack of people) we beat down the republic and drove them back in to their base xD.. for the empire !

    even got a screenshot of the whole thing …good times

  • Linkman

    Forum name: linkman http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=36968

    In the pit in Outlaws den we once held a tournament back on our original server. There were several battles between the teams of two’s, we had people from both faction in a bracket style tournament. We would let the teams into the pit to battle each other. The winning team got 1 million credits between them. Then at the end we had a big faction battle with the faction winning 2 of 3 battles winning. The winning faction guild leader got an extra million again supplied by the sponsor guild. We lost because for some reason 9 healers and 2 tanks jumped in the pit it was whoever jumped in first would represent the guild. Even though we lost It was a lot of fun watching and being in the tournament.

  • TurtleJoe

    Forum Name: TurtleJoe (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=2895006)

    Finally passing Tatooine, Haha I hated that planet and was so happy a relived when I heard Darth Baras say that I was done with this planet and should move onto Alderaan!! But seriously my greatest moments were on Tatooine, my first world boss kill, found a guild at that point all those great things!!

  • venomlash

    Forum name: venomlash (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=37544)

    My favorite part of the entire game is the end sequence of Maelstrom Prison. “The Esseles” does a good job of giving you a grudge against Grand Moff Kilran, and I loved getting to take him down. And then the cutscene afterwards. Wow, what a treat for a KotOR fan.

    • Paweł Kasperek

      definitely ending of MP is a trerat for all KOTOR fans! oh and even imperials seem to hate Kilran after his little games in BT…

  • Xorcist


    Queued up for a Warzone with two buddies while on Teamspeak once. Got in and saw there were three other Imperial Operatives for a total of six out of eight on our side. All of us Operatives stealthed and went the same way to the right to grab the enemies node. One of the Republic players was channeling to grab the node when all of us at the same time back stabbed him. I didn’t even get a second hit before he died. it was so fast. Truly Epic! He didn’t come back to that side again, LOL!

  • Xorcist

    Forgot to mention that the Warzone was for Alderaan

  • Deasil

    My forumname is Deasil. http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=2257208

    One day we invited a friendly random from the group finder as casual member to our guild. The first thing this player said was “Now you have a REAL woman in your guild”, not knowing of the other three currently online. We invited her on our vent server to join us while doing a flashpoint or two, and the other girl gamer currently in the vent channel managed to pass herself off as a 13 year old boy. Ignorance is bliss, eh?

  • Zarael

    The final fight of the Jedi Knight storyline after beating the boss he taunted me saying that being a Jedi, I wouldn’t finish him. Loved watching my Jedi prove him wrong. Forum name: Khasur (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=1681157)

  • david2tm

    Forum name: david_tm ( http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=1668843 )

    The excitement all our ops group got (almost a year ago) when we killed SOA for the first time. After all Marion style jumping (it was hard back then) and all the SOA bugs…

  • YuiA

    Hi, my name is -Yui- (link here: http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=2305012)

    I’ve had too many memorable times in SWTOR to count. Perhaps the most striking memory is near the launch of the game when my guild decided to bring in a fresh sage in 40-50 greens to Karagga’s Palace. At the time KP HM wasn’t a joke, and we literally wiped for 8 straight hours (especially on the puzzle boss, ugh). Yet somehow we pulled through and beat Karagga’s ugly butt. Everyone’s first response in Vent was, gear check? What gear check?

    But most important of all was knowing that we left no one behind, even guildies with no gear.

  • Shulk

    Forum Name: DieGhostDie (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=3511293)

    Main Character: Shulk (Mercenary/ Arsenal spec) – The Bastion server

    Best Experience; SWTOR pretty much is the only legitimate MMO I would ever play in my whole entire game career. It taught me a lot of things such as the introduction of three basic roles: tank, DPS, and heals. I am also fascinated at the story lines of all eight classes. My favorite is the Imperial Agent story (without a doubt the best dynamic storyline Bioware has finely crafted) but I love playing with my Mercenary in real-time gameplay. Overall, I don’t think I will ever get tired of this game and with the rate of game updates Bioware promised to issue, it would not be a problem at all.

  • Hawat

    Name: Thufir_Hawat
    Downing Soa Hard mode first time, with all the extra complications that fight originally had it felt like a significant achievment for the guild. Also, the Rakgoul plague event with the guild or getting online and racing to Tatooine as it happened, downing the boss near the sarlac pit before many people even knew it existed, open world PvP near the downed spaceship that was a good event.

  • Snordek

    Forum name: Snordek
    Best SWTOR experience: The three hour battle-royale that occured in Outlaw’s Den on Tattooine during the Rakghoul Plague event. Two massive ops groups (one empire, one republic) fighting in the sand as a massive bantha rampaged through anyone unfortunate enough to draw its ire. Neither side managed to down the boss, but in the end, it was so much fun I doubt anyone minded too much.

  • KaptnKrunch

    Forum Name: TittzMagee http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=595341

    Been in swtor since 1st day of launch and cant wait for spring 2k13 with the expansion but i guess my best experience was pretty much everything about the game so far, but my favorite experience i guess is world pvp with my guildees, usually in the black hole or in section X, always found many imps/sithies to kill fun times 🙂

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  • Toph_Prime

    I’m Melon_Lord http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=1287108
    My best experience has to be day Lost Island came out and some guildies and I spent quite a number of hours getting to Lorrick. After wiping about 5 times on Lorrick’s last phase we were going to give it one last try because we were all tired of that damn island. So we get to the last phase again and groupmates start dying lorrick is around 20% and I’m the last one alive when suddenly I get a string of crits, Unload hitting for 10k each, railshot for like 12k, and a 16k Heatseeker FTW!

  • Budje

    Forum name: Budje (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=4097290)

    After playing the game for 2 weeks the Rakghoul event came out.
    At that time I was just level 25ish and unable to finish the event by doing the level 50 worldbosses.
    A guild group of level 50 players took me in 1 hour before it went down and I got to do it afterall even though I of course was totally useless in the fight. I joined this friendly guild after that. Since than when in general chat people beg for help for some heroic or worldboss, I tend to remember that day and help out

  • Nibs613

    User name: nibs613
    One of my favourite experiences was, believe it or not, launch day. I had never played an mmo from day one, and I still remember the excitement of getting to start in the second wave of players on that first day of early access. Now, a year later, I am still having fun!

  • Kerhold

    Forum name: Kerhold http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=2795973
    My best expierience in SWTOR was first FP HM (almost killed on beginning) and first Operation (i took as 8 hours to finish it next day early morning). Epic worth remembering.

  • Wanderer

    Forum name: Wandik (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=903235)

    to be honest, i haven’t logged into SWTOR since 1.4, cause GW2 came into way… but i remember one very perfect moment when i was able to score in hutball in 5 or 6 seconds by intercede – jump – push – jump 😀 it happened long long ago, but i still remember how awesome it was

  • Tpryan

    Great promotion. Still loving the game…flawed though it is. My wife and I have had some of the most enjoyable moments MMO-wise while we leveled characters. Getting back my ship as a smuggler was epic, and finally getting revenge on well…you know who as a Sith Warrior was amazing. I think my favorite planet was Belsavis…it starts out as a prison break and suddenly all this Lovecraft stuff shows up…the quest involving the Dread Masters was creepy and tense as hell.

    tpryan on the Forums

  • Leam


    My favourite moment would probably be my first run of EV SM months ago, was such a new thing and an amazing thought to think, “I’m doing a raid?!” Good times being a new 50. 🙂

  • Mobileman22

    Forum Name: Mobileman
    EU Player on The Progenitor

    I can still remember early access day. I rushed home from work full of excitement… and there was a powercut! After an hour the power came back on. I logged on and got knee deep in SWTOR goodness and have never looked back. I think my ultimate favourite moment was the Rakghoul event and the ganking I endured trying to finish the questline. Seeing the factions being forced into the same spot meant world PVP actually happened for a bit….something I hope they can work into the game!

    I want to also thank Dulfy personally. A lot of her info an guides got me through new content and she is a real asset to anyone who plays the game! Keep up the amazing work!!!

  • Kahz

    Forum name: Kahz

    That’s a rather tough question in a game like this, but what stands out most is running TFB for the first time with my guild, it was awesome, the area is gorgeous, the boss mechanics are awesome, it’s a good challenge and that’s always interesting. Happy birthday SWTOR and here’s to many many more! My son is so interested in this game and he’s only 5 months old lol hoping SWTOR is still around when he’s old enough to play. 10 years isn’t that much for MMORPGs 😉

  • Hon


    I think my favorite moment would have to be when me and a few other guildies were 2 short for our weekly tfb sm and we had so many other guys step up we took em all in a 16 man, most had never done it 8 man before, and yet we killed every boss except the last one on the first try. unfortunately we didn’t get the final boss done and we missed out on republic first 🙁 Still, it was an awesome job from everyone.

    (If it has to be the most epic though :P, i was on my sage in an ev sm and we were running a new 50 through for gear. Once Soa hit 70% we all ran to the side except for him as, he didn’t know the fight. Being a sage a ran to the very edge and force pulled him just after the platforms fell and saved his life. Still the best “pull” I’ve ever done hehe)

  • http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=116342

    My favorite experience in SWTOR would be leveling to 50 with my wife. We did every mission together as we fought the evil of the Sith. I was in the early beta and still play as a subscriber daily. I don’t understand why there is so much hate for this game, for me it’s my favorite game of all-time.


  • Debs

    1. mrklove http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=573880
    2. My best SWTOR moment is three fold and it’s all about vanity. 1) It took me 6 months to finally get the entire Jedi Battlelord set from drops and out of GTN trades but I finally got it and 2) when I heard the sound of my lightsaber turning on with a black-purple crystal and using both to down Kephess in Denova.

  • pdeng

    Forum name: pdeng

    Favorite moment was beating EV for the first time on hard mode. It was the first raid I’d completed in a MMO.

  • Jpeasy


    First day of pre-launch, logging into my Guardian for the 1st time. Giddy with excite for the epic knight story to unfold!

  • Faul Starspace

    I am


    My favorite moment in Swtor would have to be while on Nar Shaddaa everyone in general chat started singing well typing Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen including me. This was after I had just transferred to Drooga’s Pleasure Barge from Master Gnost Dural. It was so much fun. This is what Swtor is all about.

  • Mim


    My favourite moment is my first time fighting on the council in EV HM, i was full recruit with only 1 BM mainhand weps. Needless to say i finished last, but everyone was cheering me for the whole fight, that was amazing !

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  • Knil


    My best experience has been leading my first ops group. Getting a great group of friends together and finally getting operations done. Now 6 months later were still going strong and clearing new content regularly.

  • KDar


    My favorite moment was teaming up with a pug to take down Nightmare Pilgrim. We stood around for two hours trying to get enough people to take him down, and dueled, joked and had a good time. We never finished, but it was still a fun time.

  • http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=575290

    My best experience was my first raid with the guild it was awesome it was back a year almost….. fresh new 50s and we wiped wiped wiped against those eternity vault but was intense fun and a great experience

  • Scott

    Not sure how to link, but my forum name is ScottBenjamin.
    My favorite experience is probably when I first started and immediately was contacted to join my current guild, who were all very helpful to a guy who was relatively new to MMO’s. Without their support I probably wouldn’t still be playing, and now I’m one of the top DPS in my guild.

  • Kajhya


    I have loads of epic moments but my favorite moment has to be playing the smuggler story, end of chapter one. There were just so many fun moments I can’t share them all.

  • PennyAnn

    Forum Name: PennyAnn

    My best memory was our first raid as a guild. You see, my guild is primarily made up of family members that play: My father-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, my honey, and myself are the guild leaders, and I had just hit 50 with my first character! I had played a Sorcerer as DPS, but we needed a healer to raid, so I went to the trainer and switched to healing. I was in a hurry, so I only had three powers on my bar, the main 3 Sorcerer heals! But, we made it through the raid and I (mostly) kept everybody alive. I just know we had a blast and I’ve been loving it ever since then! Our guild has held together and merged with another, picking up people along the way and we are having a good time enjoying the game together. I always look forward to raid nights!

    (Edited to add: And I’m a MUCH better Sorc healer now than I was back then! My family have all been subscribers since early access and WE LOVE SWTOR!!)

  • AnarchAngel

    Been playing since beta. Guildmaster on Shadowlands of a guild who run Ops 3 nights a week. Best experience was the cheering over mumble the first time we downed a nightmare mode and the tat event for Rakghouls was a lot of fun

  • Ed-ard


    My favorite moment was getting on with my son and doing the missions with him. We now have lots to talk about and it is really fun. To be really honest, my best moment was when I defeated him in a one-on-one dual, he normally creams me but that one day I got lucky :).

  • Sunfire


    My best moment was setting foot onto Coruscant a year ago for the first time and seeing the huge towers and soaring skyline of the planet. Then the Senate Building. And feeling like being part of a new Star Wars movie.

  • Alex

    Forum name: AlexNautolan – (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=72691)

    Favourite moment of the whole game would probably be my guild queuing for a ranked warzone with 8 rage specced marauders, needless to say the other team wasn’t very happy 😀

  • Brax Kedren

    1. Your SWTOR forum name

    BraxKedren http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=1282746

    2. A brief description of your best SWTOR experience

    My best experience so far would be getting to actually take down Tarro Blood on my Bounty Hunter. That to me was a moment that had been building up for a long time as I hunted him down.

  • http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=313868

    My best moment was in Huttball, A teammate of mine both Sorcs knocked a enemy Marauder into the flame trap multiple times as he jumped and ran out of it after the first couple of times. Then we got him rooted in there finally with him having no more CC breaks. He then stood there taking the damage like a champ starring at us. It was like seeing a hell-spawn bathed in fire. It was creepy and hilarious at the same time. So much fun to be had in PVP.

  • Projawa


    My favorite part was the process of getting to 50 on my first character (marauder). I never played such an immersive MMO and it was the most fun I had in any game for a while.

  • much earlier, even before the release. i was selected at a beta tester. So I played Sage and we were on ES. Guns were firing and I was deflecting it while throwing rocks. For a brief moment, I was there.
    ofcourse, 5 seconds later my computer crashed. it was still very early in beta.
    – squadron 348

  • norbikaization


    My best SWTOR experience was world pvp on Ilum. I know not many people feel the same way, but I loved it. I loved manning that turret at the republic base, and just raping imps.

  • Levlin

    Forum Name: Levlin (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=42304)

    My favorite moment to date was probably the Rise of the Rakghoul event. I found the event itself to be a blast. I had fun searching the desert of tatooine for all the lost parts, and thought the rewards for it where all great.

  • mochowitz

    display name: mochowitz

    I’m not sure if it counts as “the best” experience, but I definitely remember doing my first operation. It was my second 50lvl character, some guild was so nice that they took me with them. Of course they tried to skip some mobs etc. So I got myself killed and while on my way back to the group I had to provoke every single mob in the area. Twice. That was not on purpose, really…

  • Pairaka


    So far my favorite moment would be that moment when my favorite Assassin tank decided I needed a challenge and started chain-pulling everything in Boarding Party (HM). I just kept running, healing and regenerating Force on the run as we went through half of the instance without stopping until the final convo at the end of the instance. It challenged me to pull out every little trick I had to keep everyone topped up and just keep up with everyone. It was great fun. 😉

  • TheBeatBandit

    Forum name: TheBeatBandit

    I’ve only just started playing so playing Warzone was pretty cool since you get amped up and can almost compete a little with the other players.

  • Blackdove

    Forum Name: Conrade (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=279637)

    Leveling with the full family each on a different class experiencing the full story together. First time able to do that in a game and experience every piece of content all the way up. Thanks SWTOR and Dulfy.

  • Lahsbee


    Short and simple – I was wandering around on Tython, feeling lost and overwhelmed. An impressively geared trooper trots by and does something – I have a buff! I didn’t know you could do that! It felt great that a complete stranger would help me out, even something so minor. Made my day. (Now I buff everyone I see who doesn’t have them).

  • http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=223878


    I gotta say my favorite moment in swtor thus far has gotta be the first time i attempted the “Malgus Suicide” on False Emperor, I’d never done it before and the tank had told the rest of us to stay on the bridge and wait and ensured us everything would be fine as he pulled Malgus to the opposite side of the room, soon as the time came the guy suddenly leaps straight at me, surprising the sh*t outta me, seemingly slamming into my character and throwing the both of us off the edge. Needless to say it was hilarious and to this day has never reoccured despite recreation attempts lol

  • omega_mog


    I found my self in this random factory on my sorcerer, this sniper was there asking if I wanted a holocron, I naturally replied “Yes!”. he explained how to hop across all the crates supported by cranes as they moved across the ceiling, it was hard, but this guy had complete control, i was falling constantly seemed like my jump was laggy or buggy, but this guy assured me I just sucked. This guy was skilled, using every skill perfectly, and manoeuvring his character perfectly, finally he says “i can get you there without the plat forms, just stand where I’m standing and keep pressing jump’ so i did, he then duelled me, crouched and used a knockback move to send me across the room, he perfectly timed it with my jump. then another noob came in and he did the same thing to him, just because he was a nice guy.

  • Selique

    Forum Name: Sawneyrath

    Best SWTOR Experience: My best experiences in SWTOR have been all the events I’ve held with my Guild on Jung Ma. Everything from our server wide World PvP events, 3v3 tournament, and all of our Guild Roleplays. I could not be happier with the ladies and gents within . They make SWTOR that much more of an amazing game for me.

  • Syniz

    Forum Name: Syniz

    My best moment is the first time i cleared Eternity Vault with my guild. It was my first “raid” experience in an MMO and loved it. I was also impressed by the amount of gear drop compared to flashpoints and normal leveling.

  • Danny Vink

    My forum name is Aykan

    My most favorite experience while playing SWTOR has to be playing the light side version of the Sith Warrior. The reactions I get from other characters in game when they find out I’m not a manic murderer are pretty hilarious.

  • leftmaindx


    Winning the mouse droid drop first time going into KP. I have a soft spot for pets. ><

  • Kevin

    Forum Name: Kevin-United

    Best Moment: First time beating Eternity Vault with my Guild 🙂 Really rewarding.

  • Lenius @ToFN

    1. Forum Name BlameSociety (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=957772)

    2. Before the server merges there was a guild on my server that consisted of all the top Imp PvPers. My best moment (so far!) was when I was allowed to join their ranks. Unfortunately the guild disbanded after the merges (curse you, MoP & GW2).

  • Shelton


    My best experience has to be doing the HK-51 quest. I had been playing off and on for a few months, leveling my first character and had only recently dinged 50. The level of questing was awesome, the puzzles of the Theoritika was great and even having to do flashpoints for the companion reminded me of the kinds of games I fell in love with.

  • Rysim

    Forum Name: Rysim http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=1776229

    My best experience would be the first time I did The Foundry, since my first character was an Imperial Agent. Getting to know what happened to Revan was awesome, and it was even better when I finally leveled a Smuggler and got to do Taral V and Maelstrom Prison.

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  • DarthTexas


    Greatest moment was our first guild kill of Soa in EV Hard. It was much harder and very buggy at the time, so was a great accomplishment at the time.

  • Zcarii


    Got in a PUG for the Weeklies a couple months ago. We where all Columi++ standards. And we litterally burned trough Maelstrom Prison in no time (felt like just a few minuttes xP). Every elite and champ went down like before they could get off any attacks. Afterwards everone was like…”Wow what the h… just happended”. Most awesome PUG ever =)

  • Zcarii


    Won’t forget a
    PUG I did Maelstrom Prison with a while ago. All where Columi++
    standards and we literally burned trough the whole thing in a whoosh. We
    where on every mob and boss before they could say whthefck! It felt
    like we ended the whole thing in minutttes. Afetwards everone was llike
    “Wow wht just happended there??” Best PUG ever! =)

    • Zcarii

      Sry for the doubble post… my pc had some hick-ups here… pls delete or ignore this last post Dulfy. =)

  • QuakeMurphy


    Definitely my first raid, was on a high for the rest of the week.

  • Yodri

    Forum Name: Yodri

    My favourite moment would be when i first completed my story line as Jedi Knight, it trully made me feel like that adventure i begun YEARS ago with KOTOR and then KOTOR2 (i also read Revan novel) made a full circle and was complete. Most epic about that fight with emperor was that I got it on the first try with exactly 84 HP left while faithfull T7 was already knocked out. I will never forget how happy i was then :).

  • Delaoron

    Forum name: Delaoron

    Best SWTOR experience: Probably the first time my old guild and me did rated WZ. Pretty new, exciting and we fared pretty well, though we didn’t play together too long. It was against lots of random groups, but was great fun nevertheless.

    If you don’t send the shirts to europe cause of the shipping fees you can remove me from this category. And thanks again for all your contributions to the game’s community. 🙂

  • gojensen


    Finest SWTOR memory… landing on Tatooine with my Smuggler and stepping out into the desert with it’s twin suns for the very first time. Magic! Instantly brought me back into the movies…

  • TripleDaddy

    Forum Name: TripleDaddy

    December 17th, 2011. A Vanguard, two Sentinels and a Gunslinger attempt Esseles for the first time. None of us knew the mechanics of the fights or even the most effective rotation of our own toons. After three wipes against Ironfist, we finally dropped him with two members remaining. Celebrated with a dance party.

  • Paikea

    Forum name: kopalame
    I find complicated boss fights to be the most interesting aspect of this game. My best experience so far was the one time I have made it through Explosive Conflict. It was with my guild end of days and eventhough it was just story mode, the coordination between players and the long fights with a million things to do and remember makes for a really exciting gameplay untill you finally beat Kephess.

  • Jeremy Carey

    My favorite moment was in a Novare Coast pvp match as my sage healer Kikyo. Our teams were pretty evenly matched as each team controlled a bunker and we fought for the south bunker the entire match. I ended up dropping salvation at least 20 times on half my team fighting for the bunker and finished with just shy of 1 million healing for the match. Got a screenie and felt so proud and had so much fun even though we barely lost! You just never know what will happen next in a pvp match and sage healing is so much fun!

  • Krabus

    Running a guildmate through dailies on Ilum when we passed a Guardian running his own dailies. He was decimating some Imperial NPCs, and as a healer I felt it was my responsibility to give out boys a fighting chance. My friend and I stopped and healed all our forces in the area until the Guardian was forced to retreat. Victory for the Empire! Forum name: Pelenar.

  • Ruff_Lemur

    Ruff_Lemur http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=717373
    My best SWTOR moment was when I finally completed the Great Hunt on my bounty hunter. That was such a monumental moment. I loved the story arc of the class quest, and it is such an epic piece of Star Wars lore. Great story, characters, and event.

  • Forum Name: Sovelis


    Best moment:
    HMKP. Sending half our op into the room with heavy fabricator to cc the mobs in there and thinking hmm…. I decide to pop everyone’s favorite racial ability: Rally! Stealth was broken and the whole op wiped. Lots of lulz. Then cursing. Then paying everyone’s repair. But it was worth it.

  • http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=849106

    Fav Star Wars moment, is on Tatoonie, during the Sith Warrior storyline where you face the mirage, pending on your alignment it can be a different outcome, and it’s very awesome. Very “Dark side cave” like.

  • MetalmanMatt


    My best memory is the first time my first guild took on the boss on tatonine then performed a naked dance after and posted it on the guild site…..loads of fun

  • Chirai

    forum name: paulyWALNUTS (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=101101)

    One of the best times I’ve had in this game was when the rakghoul event on Tatooine launched. A few of my fellow guildies and me were (among?) the first to bring the rakghoul plague to the fleet. We went over to the GTN, PvP and cargo area, and let loose the plague. People’s reactions were hilarious, as some of them had no idea what was going on. Great times in our TeamSpeak server! It was something very fresh at the time, and rekindled my somewhat diminishing interest in the game back then.

  • Chahaara

    Forum name: Bucket-o-grim (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=1507432)

    A 2am Tuesday TfB hm pug run. We ended up starting our 3rd attempt at Operator just as the 15 minute server warning went off. We hit it hard and cleared Operator and stormed to the chest. Only a couple of us had time to turn in our weekly before the servers shut down! I even had to mail out the mats the next day, but all of us added each other to our friends list and have run many more ops together since!

  • Lowarro


    There are several great moments, but my favorites are the class stories, going through the Knight story rescuing the galaxy one planet at a time, The surprise involving Khem at the end of Chapter 1 for the Inquisitor, The bounty hunters great line before the boss fight at the end of his first Chapter, Blizz and his introduction, all great stories with great moments. (Working on the agent now and loving that story too.)

  • Fo-Grenu

    Fo-Grenu (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=1396079)

    I can only think of my most recent moment was when I was doing the new Heroic 4 on Section X, The Aurora Cannon. It was a group of 4 of us as you do, we got to the end, we all got a panel each, but he last guy ran up to the core, and jumped off! Was like “lol wtf”. So the oh so clever me decided, can I trigger off the destruction of the core from the side. And guess what, I did! Consequential I found out that the Heroic 4 is now 3-man-able. And just for the non-believers (I get it a lot in game) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QzL2dfEEVU (Yes a bad upload, couldn’t be bothered up-ing a higher quality on low upload speed connection)

  • Jekel

    Forum name : Devonscottj

    I’m in a guild called “The Gray Order” on the shadowlands server. We strive to be one of the best progression guilds in game and have been world top ten/top 5 for raiding content. When terror from beyond came out we were trying to get top 5 worldwide on the final boss kill. We knew nothing about the fight or the mechanics. On our first pull one of our tanks ran in to pull the boss and start the fight…he was immediately sucked into terror from beyonds mouth and spit out dead. It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen in game.

    Here’s a link to the vid. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5bPdFe4Jx4

  • HeathRichardson

    Forum name: -Velik-

    My wife and I (Me a Sniper, her an Operative) blowing up the crane on Quesh. Both of us walking away with the huge explosion in the background. It really looked like a scene from a movie lol

  • SoldierofMonkeys


    One of my best experiences was successfully knocking Darth Malgus off the ledge in the ‘False Emperor’ flashpoint after three failed attempts. My group was new to the FP and couldn’t get the timing right on the grenades. On the fourth try, we were close to wiping again, but I waited to use my grenade at the right moment and saved the day. I truly felt like a bad-ass for a brief moment.

    Dulfy, your website has been a great guide for the events that have occurred in game so far. I hope you will continue your great coverage into the future.

  • Patrick

    Forum Name: GrimFlamenco

    Thanks for everything Dulfy! you’re guides have made a huge difference for this MMO n00b!

    Best moments: Two come to mind. one, the feeling of getting my first lightsaber on tython, coming out of the forge, armed and ready for battle like a real jedi. Put that together with how I felt the first time I ran Esseles – like a hero straight from star wars. That little run, particularly the first time I had ever done Esseles was pretty much all I had ever wanted from SWTOR.

    Second moment – the ‘jedi prisoner’ quest chain. Seeing some old faces from one of my favorite games (KOTOR 1/2) was so awesome, shortly after playing these two flashpoints I finished the end of Jedi Knight Act 2 and that whole progression and build was just the epicness I’d dreamed of…

    anyways, thanks again dulfy!
    -Edersard, Jung Ma

  • hijoed

    hijoed (forum name). My favorite SWTOR experience is being able to play with my friends.

    • can’t PM you. You won both a t-shirt and tauntaun code. Email me within 48 hrs of this message at dulfycleric@gmail.com or both will be gone

  • Thomas Corrao

    Naoshiki http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=1846019

    My best moment in swtor was spending the evening wiping on HM EC 16 Kephess. with every attempt we got closer and closer. We had a Fail at 36k HP and then we had a Fail at 28k HP after that we decided we had to go again for our last attempt for the evening and we killed him. Just a good sense of fulfillment and relief. I did win any loot :p

    The second best moment was participating in a RWZ with 7 other healers. We we doing Civil War and managed to cap Snow and Grass in the beginning and just managed to keep hold of them with our lemming run. The other team had 80+ kills for each player and our player with the most kills had 6. I’m pretty sure that team was pretty pissed.

    • hi, you won a t-shirt but never responded to my PM. You have 48 hrs to email me at dulfycleric@gmail.com to claim your T-shirt or it will be gone,

  • PinGorilla

    Forum Name: PinGorilla
    Trying to defeat Darth Malgas with one of my buddies for the first time. We died like 10 times before figuring it out.

  • Nish


    I was playing with my boyfriend, and we ran into two other people doing an area 4 quest on Balmorra. We joined forces, and did that encounter where you summon a droid boss. It was bugged and instead of just one we summoned 3. We totally just powered through and it was super epic. We ended up joining their guild.

  • Musicalklutz

    Forum name: Musicalklutz http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=699335

    My favourite moment was at the end of my first round of BETA testing. I stood on Coruscant and faced my character to look in to the distance as the servers shut down. Great end to a really exciting experience!

  • Keleset

    Keleset – http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=2882894

    Best SWTOR experience: Killing Kephess in EC HM with the guild for the first time. We all spent the next hour riding around on the fleet with our new speeders. 🙂

  • Sigra

    FH: Ishami (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=732088)

    Best SWTOR memory would have to be my guild’s launch party. We were scouring the galaxy on a mission to kill all the world bosses. We killed all world bosses save the ones that weren’t spawned.

  • Hooray! Thanks for doing this 🙂

    Forum name: Jenovan ( http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=1842408 )

    Best SWTOR Memory: So many! I think it’s a tie between my Bounty Hunter’s duel in the brig with her archnemesis of Chapter 1, and watching along as my BFF, playing an IA, learned the truth about Hunter. Wish I’d had voice chat for that. XD

  • Zakiros


    I’d have to say my favorite moment has been when my guild got the server first kill of The Terror From Beyond. Even though on the day of the kill we spent 12 hours on attempts it went by fast. I couldn’t believe how early my guild leader started the group but I don’t regret telling him we had enough people to start that early lol. What makes it my favorite time though is after killing him was one of the few times I’ve heard my guild leader talk in mumble outside of a boss fight.

  • Tyious


    My best memory is logging on during early access and playing a game I was really looking forward to playing for a long time. For being a Starwars fan for a long time, this Game was everything I was looking for. I also Enjoyed playing with the people in the game during the lower levels. Everyone was so mature for the most part and helped together to get stuff done.

  • Septarra

    Forum name: Septarra

    Favorite memory: First run through False Emperor. Me and two other guildies were sure we could do it with just the three of us. We died many times over the course of a few days. LoL…..took forever to finish because we wanted to complete it with each other.

  • Alex Mac

    Might be tool late but posting anyway because the story is good. Jeos Dinas. Ebon Hawk server. I made a secondary character for a guild story arc. Went through the application process again. Everyone thought I was another person. Did this for nearly a year. Final even of the arc, they are revealed as the mole in our group. He is gunned down in a glorious fashion.

    I log out. I log back in on my main. I say “Ta-daa!”. People’s mind’s blow up from the twist.

    • Alex Mac

      Forum name AlyxDinas. Not that it really matters. 🙂

  • BladeRnr

    SWTOR Forums: BladeRnr (http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=1976717)

    I’ve had many great moments in this game, but my first “wow this is amazing” was the first time I stepped into the InterFleet Transport! Small thing, but that just blew me away.

  • Guest

    User name HeshinCyborg http://www.swtor.com/community/member.php?u=5035092
    Best memories from swtor involve my brothers and I helping my 65 year old mum level her SIth Maurader character. Nothing more fun than making swtor a family affair!

  • Guest

    User name HenshinCyborg http://www.swtor.com/community
    memories from swtor involve my brothers and I helping my 65 year old
    mum level her SIth Maurader character. Nothing more fun than making
    swtor a family affair!

  • Atom Gearhead

    User name HenshinCyborg http://www.swtor.com/community
    memories from swtor involve my brothers and I helping my 65 year old
    mum level her Sith Jugg character. Nothing more fun than making
    swtor a family affair!

  • Konoha the Wiper

    Probably late due to different time zones but what the heck I’m xAZUREx on forums but I already have that pet I thought they gave it free earlier anyway congrats on being recognized by the games company due to such effort you put into this site.

    • Konoha the Wiper

      Party wiping in the ops tonight, everybody’s gonna get stressed, and everybody has to stand around, because I have to get in the bath. Or toilet. Or do the dishes. And then we nwver finish because we’ve been going at it for 4hours. I wish the old integrity players on tomb of freedon nadd came back those were good times

  • Kevin

    Dulfy there has been a mistake on my part. I entered your SWTOR 1 year contest, as Kevin-United and I won a T-Shirt!! But mistake on my part, my forum name is Kevin_United. Could you fix this please and send me a message to my account?

  • Kevin

    Dulfy there has been a mistake on my part. I entered your SWTOR 1 year contest, as Kevin-United and I won a T-Shirt!! But mistake on my part, my forum name is Kevin_United. Could you fix this please and send me a message to my account?

    • Good timing, I was just about to send you a PM

      • Kevin

        Oh wow, i usually dont stay up this late haha. Thanks for understanding

  • ceteris-paribus


    Best experience? That would have to be one of the early runs of Eternity Vault. I hadn’t tanked before trying TOR, but my Shadow somehow wound up partially skilled for it, so I went the rest of the way, joined my Guild for EV… and somehow managed to be the last man standing against the first boss.

    It might sound paradoxical, but standing amidst the corpses of boss and group members alike, being the only thing left alive with 3% health- never felt more invincible.

  • TheBeatBandit

    I unfortunately can’t receive anything through pm on swtor because I am not a subscriber.

  • Bugattiboy

    Won a Taunfawn. Yay! Even if I hadn’t won anything still was a great giveaway Dulfy. Hope EA lets you do one again soon.

  • Kdogg69


  • Kdogg69

    My swtor name is Kdoggggg…..just realized that.

    • Kdogg69

      I won a shirt…..yay.

  • Vernas

    Hey’o dulfy! First of, thanks for a shirt :D, secondly I’m not sure if you’ve received any of my PM’s on the forums as my sent folder appears to be empty, if so get back to me when you can and I’ll send you my email address.

  • KingofGob

    I just replied to your pm. The messaging system into swtor seems pretty terrible though. Here’s hoping that you actually got it.

  • Konoha the Wiper

    I sent a reply mail yesterday but I noticed it’s not in the sent private messages so I am going to use the email you provided below

    • Konoha the Wiper

      I’m g9kid@hotmail.co.uk so no one can claim they are xAZUREx

      • Konoha the Wiper

        I’ve sent the email now the PM problem could also be the reason some of the winners have not responded? but then they could comment here which they haven’t

        • Konoha the Wiper

          Thank you Dulfy I have received my prize, xAZUREx

  • Slinkmiesta

    I had just bought the game and installed it. Watching the Vid of the Empire attacking the Jedi Temple. It was amazing. I was so excited. I got into the actual game only to realise my graphics card on my laptop couldn’t handle it. So after a month of saving and begging the missus to buy a new computer, I was on and playing. That was my best moment.

    Close 2nd was getting my 1st toon to lvl 50
    Distant 3rd was doing a op with my new lvl 50 Sorc healer and managing to gear pretty much everything to Columni or better on 1 run.

  • Konoha the Wiper

    If you still have cartel coins and haven’t used them on yourself can you email me them please

  • Celery/inzi

    Hey Dulfy,

    I just noticed that I wasn’t crossed off the original T-shirt list. I had talked to you in GW2 about not being able to PM you on swtor forums, so emailed you my address and info.. Let me know if I should email you again or if I missed out. <3 Celery/inzi

    • Hey they sent the the t-shirts 2-3 weeks ago, did you not receive it?

  • cammack

    Anyone else not receive there shirt yet?

    • Kurgan Nazzir

      I still haven’t received mine. Might be time for someone to contact Jinx.

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