GW2 Fractal of the Mists FOTM guide

GW2 Fractal of the Mists FOTM guide with a focus on tips and tricks for surviving high level fractals.


The Basics

How much agony resist do I need?

Agony is only associated with the end boss of each fractal starting at L10. The bosses and trash before them do not have any agony attacks (exception is Cliffside as the first boss is actually the final boss).

Here is a list of bosses with their agony attacks

Fractal Boss Agony attack description
Aquatic Ruins Giant Jellyfish Players receive agony when the boss consumes them. This isn’t lethal as downed players can quickly rally by attacking the low health jellyfish adds nearby.
Cliffside Legendary Archdiviner Red circles on the ground and white AoEs when the boss gets to <50% when you fight him a second time. Both can be dodged. The white AoE requires timing on the dodges based on the cues(see Cliffside Fractal)
Snowblind Son of Svanir Shaman Red circles on the ground when the boss ports up. 100% avoidable, see Snowblind fractal for safe spot to stand in.
Swampland Mossman & Bloomhunger
  • Mossman throws axes with agony that can be dodged or reflected (put up reflect stuff when Mossman comes out of stealth)
  • Bloomhunger’s attacks (red circles on the ground) will inflict agony on you if you stand in them. Don’t stand in water as the red circles are harder to see. Can be blocked by reflection shields etc
Underground Facility Dredge Powersuit & Ice elemental
  • Dredge Powersuit has a  AoE stomps with a roomwide agony that can be avoided by dodging twice in a row or use special class specific skills (watch for the stability icon on the Powersuit as it will appear shortly before the agony stomp).
  • Ice elemental have red circles with agony that can be avoided and seems all of his AoEs have agony with them. Just max range him.
Urban Battlegrounds Captain Ashym He has a proximity based fire AoE that causes agony to all nearby foes (this wipe out all the charrs) at 50% HP (preceded by a frontal pull) and then casts rain of fireballs that inflict agony on anyone standing in them. Just circle strafe.
Volcanic Fractal Legendary Grawl Shaman Agony is applied to the arrow he shoots at random group members. This can be either dodged or blocked with projectile reflections. This arrow will often miss as you are constantly moving anyways during this fight.
Uncategorized Raving Asura The asura will shoot a chain of arcing lighting balls at random players. Each of these balls inflicts agony so you will need to dodge towards the boss to avoid them all. This agony attack can also be reflected or have someone kite the asura around the pillars while the rest of the group kill the golems.

The general rule for FOTM Agony Resist (AR) is (Fractal level – 5). This means that you do not need any agony resist for Fractals 1-9 but starting at L10 you will want 5 AR to survive Jade Maw’s agony. Jade Maw’s agony is the only one that is really worrisome as you cannot avoid it and it affects the entire party at the same time. For most other bosses, either the agony is completely avoidable or it only affects certain party members.

The maximum amount of AR you can get is 30, (20 from 2x Infused Rings, 10 from Infused Backpiece).

At Fractal Level 40, you will want 40-5 = 35 AR, which is currently unobtainable. There are a number of tricks people use to get past Jade Maw’s agony. These tricks will be discussed in the Jade Maw fractal section.

Loot and Rewards

Fractal Chests

At end of every fractal is a chest, which contains a number of Fractal Relics depending on the level of the fractal. The chest will also contain random armor/weapons, some of them could be rares/exotics.The chest at the end of Solid Ocean fractal (Jade Maw), which occurs on every even level, contain more relics than other chests and have a much higher chance to drop rares/exotics and cores (i.e. Charged cores, Molten cores).

Fractal level Fractal Relics Jade Maw Fractal Relics
1-5 5 15
6-10 6 20
11-15 7 25
16-20 8 30
21-25 9 35
26-30 10 40
31-35 11 45
36-40 12 50
41-45 13 55
46-50 14 60
51-55 15 60
56-60 15 60
61-65 15 60
66-70 15 60
71-75 15 60
76-80 15 60

Daily Chests

Daily chests can be obtained from Jade Maw starting at Fractal L2. These chests are rewarded once per day per tier and resets at the daily reset time (7 PM EST). This means that if you are Fractal Level 40, you can get 5 daily chests (one for 1-9, one for 10-19, one for 20-29, one for 30-39, and one for 40).

Tier Fractal Level range Fractal relics/daily chest
0 1-9 20
1 10-19 25
2 20-29 30
3 30-39 35
4 40-49 40
5 50-59 45
6 60-69 50
7 70-79 55
8 80 60

Each daily chest will drop a fixed amount of Fractal Relics and one Pristine Fractal Relic (for daily chest at L10+). In addition, each daily chest starting at Tier 1 have a low chance to drop an ascended ring and Tier 2+ chests have a very small chance to drop fractal weapons. Starting at L26, daily chests will drop only Infused version of the ascended rings. Higher tier daily chests have a much higher chance to drop fractal weapons (level 50 daily chests reported to have a ~ 3/4 chance to drop fractal weapons)

Groupwide projectile reflect/absorb skills

Group wide projectile reflect/absorb skills help a lot in fractals. Make sure to have them slotted in for fractals. The only fractals reflects won’t really help you are the Aquatic Ruins fractal and the Jade Maw fractal. Their use on specific fractals is discussed below.


Aquatic Ruins fractal – Jellyfish Beast                                                                                                                                                  (top)

Dolphin Path: When doing the dolphin path, take off all your gear. You gear won’t really help you survive against the kraits if you get nailed and you take gear damage if you die to the kraits. As long one person makes it to the Giant Jellyfish, they can suicide and everyone spawn at the checkpoint near the Giant Jellyfish.

  • If you don’t know where to go, hug the right wall and follow the icon on the map. Also, be sure to hug the floor to avoid aggroing from as many kraits as possible.
  • Decoys (skill #2) is really useful before the kraits aggro on you. Try spawn them on non-aggroed kraits before your swim path.

Deep Path: When doing this path, press down ctrl key and it will show you the luminous plants nearby. Go from plant to plant and don’t rush it. The only danger in this path are kraits who will immobilize you midway between the plants and cause you  to die in between.

Jellyfish Beast: Jellyfish dies a lot quicker if you pull him into one of the electric cages. When he consumes someone, he will inflict agony on them and gain buffs (he can get up to 25 stacks of Might and gain Regeneration). Mesmers can use Arcane Thievery coupled with Signet of Inspiration to steal the 25 stacks of Might and pass it onto nearby party members.

  • You can prevent the agony attack by using any sink skill before he eats someone (cast right when the jellyfish starts his upward spin) – this will interrupt the attack animation and bypass the stacks of defiant (thanks Vena & Strifey)
  • Guardians, Mesmers, and Elementalists all have skills that can sink/anchor the jellyfish boss to interrupt the agony attack.
  • Fight actually goes faster with 0 AR because he stops the agony attack as soon the person receiving the agony is downed.


Cliffside Fractal – Legendary Archdiviner                                                                                                                                              (top)

Stun at 30 stacks: You can avoid the stun at 30 stacks by pressing 3 on the hammer when you get near to 30 stacks.

  • You can also dodge roll at the transition between 29-30 stacks to avoid the stun (whitept on reddit)

Wind/exploiding fireballs platforms Using stability here can prevent you from getting knocked off the platforms.

Chest Seal: Chest seal is a bit difficult because of all the Veteran Cultists near the seal. If you have enough DPS, you can pull the Veteran Cultists out and kill them away from the seal if you can beat the respawns. Otherwise, stack to the left side of the seal (there is a spot where the fire circles don’t exist near the wall) and kill cultists as they come at your group. Whoever has the hammer can hit the seal without having to move.



Arm Seals: Unorganized groups can get stuck here for ages. The trick here as follows

  • Support warrior traited into warhorn to convert conditions into boons can convert the stacks of vulnerability into boons (rion.3528)
  • Kill one cultist on the near seal and hit it
  • Entire group move to the far seal, mark the cultist you do not want to kill and kill the unmarked cultist. Hit the seal and group run back to the near seal.
  • Kill the remaining cultist on the near seal, this will respawn a group of cultists. Now entire group moves in to the corridors and pull the group of cultists to there to charge up the hammer. Have one person pick up the charged hammer to hit the far seal and another person grab it after to hit the near seal (a warrior with Endure Pain works well for the near seal). Repeat this until both seals are dead.
  • Make sure the person running to the far seal can make it there without getting downed (i.e. don’t have too many stacks).
  • Do not kill the marked cultist until both seals are destroyed.


Legendary Archdiviner: The trick to dodge the “white” agony AoE from the final version of the Legendary Archdiviner once he gets to below 50% is to look at his buff icons. If you see a protection like icon on him, dodge immediately as the agony AOE will hit right after.

  • He also does a pull (send out black tendrils) before he does the Whitewash. Pull is limited to 5 targets and can be blocked by minions/clones. If you get pulled in, dodge right after to avoid the agony whitewash (thanks Vena).
  • Another cue is that right before the whitewash agony attack, the boss will slam down his hammer like a warrior drop their banner on the ground. (whitept on reddit)
  • Aegis will block this agony attack, which also seem to be LOS (Line of Sight) dependent (braziers and pedestals don’t work, use walls) and have a max number of targets (spam clones and minions to eat the agony attack). (Vena).
  • When the boss is doing the agony attack, he reflects projectiles, just something to keep in mind if you have burst DPS.


Snowblind Fractal                                                                                                                                                                                          (top)

Ice Wall: Ice Wall progress bar is based on how long the fire is lit and therefore there are a couple of tricks to prolong the survival of your group at this phase.

If you have two or more mesmers, you can have a mesmer put a portal at the last bonfire on the ramp  and escort a meatshield (i.e. Guardian or Warrior with Endure Pain) to the bonfire. Once they lit the fire, have them portal back to safety. This trick only really work well if you have two mesmers (or more) in the group as otherwise the cooldown on portal is too long to be really effective.

  • The svanir mobs won’t arrive at the bonfire right away so if someone with Ash Legion Spy Kit (sold by Kyra Sharptracker for 28 karma in Plains of Ashford near Black Citadel) can run down and lit the fire.You can use the skill 2 with the torch to lit fire without being detected (whitept on reddit)
  • The alternative used by most groups is to simply kite the svanir mobs and have one person lit the fire. People tend to get downed rather quickly and wipe. If your group have enough DPS, you can try to kill the svanir mobs to lessen the incoming damage.
  • Projectile reflects (i.e. Mesmer Feedback and Guardian’s Wall of Reflection) do not work on the barrage from the svanir mobs (i.e. the red circle) so you will need to dodge them as they tend to one shot players.
  • Once the ice wall is down, the svanir mob stop respawning so you just clear them out if you need to rez someone (eyebrow89 on reddit)

Ice Elemental: Many groups wipe here as the ice elementals here are just nasty and can down you pretty quick. Here are some tips that may help your group out

  • Mark a bonfire location as a personal waypoint on the minimap (alt + left click). This will serve as gathering points for group members when they get dispersed. Stay together as a group on the same bonfire but don’t stack on top of each other as the ice elementals have a circle attack that you will all need to avoid.
  • When you get ported to random locations (occurs when the Elemental Source is at 75%, 50% and 25%), do not cut through the middle. Instead, take a long way around and run behind the tents. This will ensure that you don’t aggro every ice elemental onto your group.
  • Also, when you get ported and partially blinded, zooming in fully make it easier to see where the unlit campfires are. Zoom back in once the visibility returns to normal  (zertak-tul on reddit).
  • At high level fractals, you can no longer ignore the Ice elementals that are aggroed onto your group as they dish out some impressive damage. Kill the ones that are aggroed onto your group but don’t touch the ones not aggroed.
  • If you have skills that can pull mobs together (i..e Guardian’s Binding Blade or Mesmer’s Temporal Curtain), use them pull the ice elementals together so group members can drop AoEs on them to make them die faster. The quicker these ice elementals die, the less damage you will take and the faster you can get back to damaging the Elemental Source.

Running to the Son of Svanir Shaman: This should be fairly obvious but make sure you clean your frostbite debuff before running to the boss or you will have to run back to get it cleaned off.

  • At high levels, there are svanir patrols near the wall so don’t just hug the wall and think it is safe. If you see a patrol approaching the wall, stop and wait for them to turn back. If you get downed by these patrols (they can hit very hard), your group members have to go back to rez you and putting themselves at risk.

Son of the Svanir Shaman: Ice walls go up as soon as you aggro the shaman so make sure you run in with everyone else or there is a chance you can get trapped between the ice wall.

  • There is a safe spot near the wall where you can stand and not get hit by the agony circles.gw2-snowblind-fractal-safespot
  • All of Shaman’s attack applies a stacking debuff, upon reaching 10 stacks you will be froze in place. Not avoiding his ice breath is the quickest way to get those stacks.

Swampland Fractal – Mossman or Bloomhunger                                                                                                                                  (top)

This fractal quickly became one of the fastest fractals, especially in groups with a mesmer.

Wisps: If you don’t like the wisp locations, you can pick up a wisp and drop it immediately to reset it. This is helpful sometimes when you get one of the wisp in the area with endless spawn of skelks.

  • If there is a wall blocking your path, see if there is a tree nearby that allow you to jump on top of its branches and hop over the wall.


  • Load up your utilities with condition removals and watch the ground. There is a wire trap near the clefts  and there are many bear traps scattered throughout.


  • Mossman can get deadly at at high levels as you won’t be able to survive his agony if he hit you with it.
  • Mesmers can drop a portal near the clefts and another one near the other end of the map where the wisps are. Put a personal waypoint (alt + left click) on the minimap so your group members know where you will place the portals.


Mossman: The trick to Mossman’s fight is to not stand still. Just kite him and watch out when he disappears. If you see him reappear next to you, dodge immediately. Mossman loves to throw his axe right after he pops out of stealth so it is a good time to pop your projectile reflects etc as the axe hit has an agony component to it.

Bloomhunger: The trick to Bloomhunger is to not stand in the water. Bloomhunger’s agony filled red AoE circles can be easily dodged but they are invisible in water. You can also use projectile reflects such as Mesmer’s Temporal Curtain (if spec’ed into focus) or Guardian’s Wall of Reflection to block those agony attacks.gw2-bloomhunger

  • If you stack in melee range, the only attack that can hit you is the agony attack. For his agony attack, just get behind Bloomhunger’s body and dodge if you are in a red circle (Strifey)
  • Guardian’s wall of reflection can reflect 3 of Bloomhunger’s shockwave attack for 15k damage (Strifey)
  • Storm spirit is the one that grant retaliation to Bloomhunger. Kill it and all the other spirits can be ignored (Strifey).

Underground Facility Fractal – Dredge Fractal                                                                                                                                       (top)

Dredge Fractal is fairly annoying due to its high difficulty compared to other fractals. Ash Legion Spy Kit (sold by Kyra Sharptracker for 28 karma in Plains of Ashford near Black Citadel) is very useful in this fractal.You can also purchase Order of Whispers Spy Kit from Agent Rexx near Morgan’s Spiral in Caledon Forst for 16 copper. It grant you 3 seconds of invisibility and allow you to move.

Control Panel: On high levels, it is almost impossible to survive while standing on the pressure plates. Therefore, it is usually best to just die on the press plate as the weight of your corpse will activate the pressure plate. The alternative would be to use Ash Legion Spy kit. It is highly recommended that the person activating the control panel uses Ash Legion spy kits as well.

Bombs: It takes 7 bombs to blast the door open. The first dredge group at the bombs respawn (about 5 of them), and all the rest can be cleared and do not respawn until 2 bombs explode. You can clear out all the dredge except the 5 that respawns and then plant 3 bombs (this will only spawn 1 large group as opposed to 2). Clear out the respawns while waiting for the bombs to respawn. Once the bombs respawn, plant all 4 bombs at the door with your party and just run in to deaggro the two large groups (thanks Strifey for the strat)

  • Thief can solo this part using stealth. They will need to use Hide in Shadows, pick up a bomb, drop Shadow Refuge, plant the bomb and run back (50% speed when stealthed trait helps for this).
  • Another trick to this without thief is to have 2 people assigned as bomb runners while everyone else keep aggro on the dredge – laharl.8435

Mining Cannons: There are 3 mining cannons so just have 3 players with spy kits grab them while the other 2 group members stay away. You can use the mining cannons while being invis.

Rabsovich: You need to pull him out away from the dredge APC. You can pull him to a corner of the room or out into the hallway. Doing it this way avoid the adds that respawns near the APC. Once Rabsovich is dead, you can stand on the wheel of the APC to avoid the melee attacks from the dredge mobs. Doing it this way won’t avoid their ranged attacks but do lessen the incoming damage your group will take.

Ice Elemental: You can either kite the ice elemental in a circle or kite him back and forth between two buckets. Have stuns, fear etc ready for when the Ice elemental sit down to heal as these can interrupt his heal if they haver the superheated debuff. Once the ice elemental is dragged right below the molten bucket, have an immobilize ready to root him in place.

  • It is preferable that the person doing the buckets don’t attack the boss at all as sometimes the boss can go up the ramp to chase the bucket person.
  • Ice elemental’s agony is associated with his AoEs and his red circles. Stay ranged at all times if possible.
  • Thief with infiltrator’s Arrow works great as the bucket person as they can move from bucket to bucket relatively quick.


Dredge Powersuit: Dredge mining suit’s cluster bombs can be reflected back to him for massive damage (Mesmer’s Feedback/Temporal Curtain or Guardian’s Wall of Reflection)

  • Agony is associated with the Dredge Powersuit’s AoE stomp. This agony is roomwide and can be avoided if you dodge twice in a row. Powersuit has a stability buff icon shortly before he does this agony stomp, allowing you to time the dodges.
  • In addition, some class specific skills like Mesmer’s Blurred Frenzy, Guardian’s Shield of Wrath, and Elementalist’s Arcane Shield can be used to block this agony attack entirely (or anything that blocks 3 attacks – thanks BaconCatTheGreasy!)

Urban Battlegrounds Fractal – Ascalon Fractal                                                                                                                                     (top)

Out of Cluck achievement: There are 8 chickens you need to kill to get this achievement.


Route to gate: Hug the left wall and run to the gate as this will allow you to skip most of the trash mobs. Near the end of the 2nd red arrow is a group of mobs that you will need to kill before you can get to Siegemaster Dulfy. For this group of trash mobs, make sure that the Charr army is with you and the person with the Charr army isn’t staying in the far back. Most groups wipe here because the Charr army is chilling in the back.

  • When dealing with Ascalonian warriors, make sure to dodge their initial charge (blue swiftness icon) or block them using something like Guardian’s Line of Warding (rion.3528)


Siegemaster Dulfy: Kill the burning oil at the top ASAP. The arrowcarts, ballistia, and Dulfy are mostly harmless

Courtyard: . Do not rush into the courtyard. If you do so, the Charr army will rush in to kill the siege equipment inside the red circle and they will get massacred by all the mobs.  Instead, have everyone stay at the gate to the courtyard and pull mobs to the gate. Some mobs doesn’t like to be pulled so uses your skills that pull mobs towards you (i.e. Mesmer’s Temporal Curtain, Guardian’s Wall of Reflection).

Captain Ashym: Captain Ashym have 3 phases, most of the time you only get to see the first 2 phases unless your group’s DPS is low.

  • Phase 1: Sword and Shield until 50-60% HP. The Charr army usually won’t fight him until he is 80-90% in HP. Entire Charr army dies from agony at end of this phase
  • At the end of P1, right before he does the proximity based agony attack, he does a frontal conal attack with his axe, sends out 3 trails of black lines in front of him and pulls in people who get hit. Ashym will then reach for the sky and blast his agony AoE. Look for the pull and dodge as soon the soon the pull is over/he starts the reach for the sky animation (thanks Jzl)
  • Phase 2: Staff with meteor fireball shower. You can get multiple agony hits if you are not careful. Circle strafe and move away from the area that is raining with fireballs.(he is apparently interruptible during phase 2 and you can stop him from casting the agony filled meteor shower – thanks Vena)
  • Phase 3: Flame Greatsword that hits hard but you can reflect his attacks and deal massive damage to him.
  • Phase 3 only triggers if someone goes in melee range of Ashym (Strifey).
  • Warriors with rez banner can rez the Charr army past phase 1 but they don’t last long in phase 2.
  • For phase 1 you can safely melee the boss but for phase 2 and 3 stay at max range.
  • The squire is annoying but can be ignored to focus all the DPS on the boss.The longer the fight takes, the more chance someone will get hit by agony from the fireballs.

Volcanic Fractal – Grawl fractal                                                                                                                                                                (top)

Grawl Guards:The grawl guards in the lower fractals are fairly laughable and do not pose much of a threat. At higher levels, however, they are much more dangerous. There is a hill to your right at the entrance that everyone climbs (the same hill where those lava balls spawns from later in the fractal). It is nicknamed Grawl Hill. From the Grawl Hill, you can pull one group a time and use it to LOS their ranged attacks.



Champion Grawl Shaman: The rocks that spawn to disable the grawl shaman’s shield appear very infrequently in higher fractals. One person should be assigned to handle the rocks while the rest of the group slot in pulls, knockdowns, knockbacks, fear, etc for the veteran grawls.

Legendary Grawl Shaman:  The boss itself is very easy but the lava elementals he spawns is that wipes most groups.

  • The boss’s agony attack is an arrow attack that can be easily avoided. In addition, projectile reflects also work to block it. Mesmer’s Illusionary Warden is especially handy as the boss loves to shoot at it instead of other party members.
  • At 75, 50 and 25%, the boss shields himself and spawn lava elementals. Priority is getting the shields down with the fastest attack (Mesmer GS autoattack is great for this) as the boss heals if he makes it to a villager while shielded.These lava elementals hurt and they love to immobilize you. Projectile reflects work on them. Focus on grouping them up so you can AoE them down quick. Handling the lava elementals properly makes all the difference. If someone is downed before the shield/lava elemental phase, stop DPS on the boss and get them up first.gw2-volcanic-fractal-imbued-shaman
  • One trick that you can utilize is to have everyone huddle near one corner of the island and have guardian place Line of Warding and other projectile reflect spells (Chix)
  • If you go down when the lava elementals are present, target the one with the lowest health and mark it for your party to kill. This is often safer than trying to get group members to rez you (Courageous Mithos.8745)
  • While DPSing the boss, make sure you run on the outer edge of the island (more time to react to the agony arrow) and keep the boss at the center at all times to maximize the distance between him and any of the villager (Chix)

Uncategorized Fractal – Asura fractal                                                                                                                                                   (top)

Harpies are a pain on this level. They throw a big ball on your that knock you down the platforms starting at Level 10. Use your reflects here – Guardian’s Wall of Reflection works amazing here. Mesmer using Focus can summon Illusionary Warden on the harpies and melee next to the warden. Anyone near the warden will be protected from the balls.Thief’s Smoke Screen also works great here.

Rabbit, Bandit: Flame Shaman, Ettin: That is the kill order everyone uses for these 4. The rabbit may seem harmless but it can one shot someone if they are within melee range.

Staircase: If you like to troll your friends while they are doing this, you can put down a reflect wall at the bottom of the staircase (i.e. Guardian’s Wall of Reflection or Temporal Curtain from Mesmer if traited). This will cause the electric pulses to move up and chase the person doing the staircase. You can dodge the electric pulses.

  • Only one or two people need to make it to the top. There are three switches that immobilize you after you activate it but you can remove the immobilize using a condition remover. 

Old Tom: If you hug the wall on either side of Old Tom, you can get the Dwayna’s Tear and drop them near the consoles without aggroing the boss. Make sure to charge up the consoles before the fight as well. Do not activate the fan until Old Tom is aggroed as otherwise the fan won’t have an effect. If you run out of Tears due to poor DPS, stack and put down an AoE condition remover(i.e. Mesmer’s Null Field).gw2-asura-fractal-dwayna's-tear

  • If you do not have the DPS to kill Old Tom in one go , set up the tears, strip your armor and wipe on purpose. The tears will respawn, allowing you to get more tears to prolong the fight if your DPS is low (Wasabi_kitty on reddit)
  • Dropping a Shield of the Avenger on top of Old Tom will block his poison bolts, but Wall of Reflection and Mesmer’s Feedback do not work.
  • You can go inside Old Tom’s body and melee without getting hit by any poison bolts when Old Tom is spinning. Get inside his body for positioning before he starts spinning (Strifey)
  • Elementalist’s Swirling Winds can destroy the poison bolts from Old Tom (Chix).
  • Thief’s Smoke Screen will also block the poison bolts, really handy if you place it right on top of Old Tom (eyebrows89 on reddit)
  • Old Tom also have a bouncing lighting attack that can instant down players, this can be reflected (eyebrows89 on reddit)
  • Old Tom’s whirling attack bolts do not go through players so if you have someone really tanky, they can absorb the bolts while the rest of the group stack behind them (Aethiles @ reddit)
  • Retaliation skills – i.e. Guardian’s Symbol of Wrath or Stand Your Ground! work great against Old Tom’s bolts and damage him quite abit but this can be risky at high fractal levels (Aethiles @ reddit).

Raving Asura: His agony attack is a chain of homing lighting balls, each inflicts agony. The best way to dodge them is to dodge towards the boss since the balls are arcing.


  • You can also reflect his agony attacks or have one person kite him around the pillar near the entrance to the room. Pillars will LOS his attacks and prevent him from interfering with rest of the group (toothpicksmash on reddit)

Solid Ocean Fractal – Jade Maw                                                                                                                                                         (top)

Everything in Jade Maw fractal can be skipped up to Jade Maw. Make sure you are out of combat and/or have swiftness when you jump. You don’t want to be the last person and fail a jump.

Jade Maw is divided into 3 phases, with agony between each phase

  • Phase 1: Kill 2 tentacles
  • Phase 2: Kill Jade Colossus
  • Phase 3: Kill tentacles

Skipping the trash on Phase 1: Hug the left wall and make a couple jumps and you can get underJade Maw and attack the tentacle without having to deal with the trash mobs in the open space.


Dealing with knockback from tentacles: Blind can prevent the tentacles from doing the knockback, allowing you to grab the crystals next to them without getting swiped

Dodging Jade Maw’s Laser beam: You can easily dodge Jade Maw’s laser beam if you do not have a reflection crystal on you. Dodge as soon as the skull icon disappears from your head.

Surviving Jade Maw’s laser blast: To survive Jade Maw’s final attack when he is killed, pick up a shard and run under Jade Maw. His attack won’t be able to hit you.

Surviving agony at Fractal L40+:  Unless you have a specific group composition and perfect coordination, most groups won’t survive agony at Fractal L40+. There are a couple tricks people use to get past the agony phase.

  • Revive orb – 250 gems – everyone dies and get ported to checkpoint. When running back, have one person go first to the Jade Maw area and die. This person then use the revive orb to get back to life. Everyone else in the party can now come to the Jade Maw area and die next to the revive orb person to get rezzed. (This no longer works after Jan 28 patch)
  • Ranger pets – everyone die to agony and run back. Ranger stay back from the Jade Maw area and use Search and Rescue from a safe distance to rez people as they die again to agony while re-entering Jade Maw’ area.
  • Have one person die on purpose near the left corner of the Jade Maw area (safe from all the tentacles) in P1. Rez this person to 95% HP and leave them there. Have a one or two people kill the last tentacle in P1 to trigger the agony while rest of the group stand on top of the dead group member and rez them when the agony hits. This newly rezzed person won’t get hit by agony and can rez rest of the group. Do the same for P2->P3 agony.(agony hit a bit too hard for scale 50+ for this trick to work unfortunately)

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Maybe it goes without saying for most people, but you didn’t mention hitting the Legendary Grawl Shaman when he goes into his shield. When the shield goes up you need to first get rid of his shield before focusing on Lava Elementals.

Great guide btw!

Oh, and the Champion Rabbit in Uncategorized can indeed one shot you. Don’t melee him, luckily he goes down extremely fast.

for the cliffside under 50% agony aoe, he will always do a frontal cone pull before doing the aoe attack right after it

I don’t remember seeing a glow, but he does have a short duration animation, where he does this reach for the sky thing, and the aoe radiates out from him. But I personally find spotting the pull to be much more easier, he does a ~270 swing with his axe, sends out 3 trails of black lines in front of him, and pulls in people who get hit. He will then follow up the aoe animation said earlier. I usually dodge right after he does the pull as soon as he starts the aoe animation, it’s fairly safe. Also great guild, learned quite a few more useful tips.:)

I think Jzl is talking about the Archdiviner when he mentions the ecro-hands pull telegraph, as I’m pretty sure Ashym’s only telegraph is the glow and the first, smaller, relatively harmless blast.

Yes, in addition so do the Ascalon Captain on his PBAoE flame nova, the Grawl Shaman on the arrow attack and I think the Mining suit before it’s ground pound.

Here are a few other tricks that I didn’t see mentioned and I thought I’d help out a bit:

~ Jellyfish: Agony can be stopped by any sink skill as this will interrupt the animation while bypassing the stacks of Defiant. You have to do this before he eats someone. The fight is actually easier and quicker with 0 AR because you’ll get downed and spit out immediately, allowing for the cages to deal more damage before they expire (and he loves to eat people when near said cages).

~ Archidiviner’s White Wash: He will reach skyward first and a moment later the white wash occurs, there is a very distinct but not glow-y like Kholer animation to it. He also sends out black tendrils right before he does this attack. The attack seems to only hit five total targets that means that you can actually very easily avoid the damage with pets and summonables.

~Captain Ashym: When he crouches in staff phase to use his agony, he is interrupt-able. This, again, may well be a bug because you can keep him from ever using his agony mechanic allowing the char bros to rip him to shreds in a matter of seconds. Then again, it may be a high risk/reward sort of thing because if you do not hit that sweet spot (which seems to be very, very tiny) then you’ll be downed by said agony.

I’ll assume you don’t want bugs posted so I’ll keep them away from this post as I see you didn’t post some of the very nefarious bugs in these encounters that can trivialize the whole fights, and will likely be fixed soon so they don’t really help a player learn but just cheese a fight.

Just trying to be helpful.

A few things I forgot (and wanted to make clear):

The Archiviner’s white wash is LoS dependent but the braziers and the pedestals they are on, which you’d think LoS, don’t LoS (I found this out first hand, the hard way). You can LoS it with walls if you happen to be near one. Also I don’t have a full confirmation on the # of targets issue but it is something my group has noticed when running, we’ll be standing in the open and some of us are never even be hit by the agony (we circumvent it by rotating Retreat/Rune of the Monk as Aegis does block it, and only dodge if the Aegis is lost before hand, so its easy to tell if you are hit by it or not) but the clones (Mesmer, we’ve never run a MM Necro) will all die. Its very hard to test but it seems to happen rather frequently.

The white wash attack also has a temporary reflect projectiles afteraffect to it, I don’t remember if this was mentioned. I’ve seen people shoot themselves to death on it.

Captain Ashym, we have a warrior with mace/mace camping him but the timing on the interrupt is incredibly hard to time and if the warrior misses, he’s dead/downed and getting them up is a mess unless we have a second warrior with another Banner. I don’t know if its worth the risk but it does make the fight incredibly quick if pulled off. It honestly seems easier to just save the Banner for the Staff Phase, raise the Charr, and drop an Aegis on them from Retreat or somewhere else. Best bet is to wait until he does his crouch attack a second time (after the first has wiped out the Charr) and drop the banner immediately afterwards, giving you the most up time on the resurrected Charr. (Retreat & Rune of the Monk, being incredibly useful for keeping the Charr alive.)

Great article! For Old Tom boss in the Asuran fight, having 2 focus ele’s is extremely helpful. Their 4th skill (whirlwind) can block out going projectiles. When done correctly, there should be little to no downtime.

For the Imbued Shaman end boss fight. Here are couple notes I’d like to contribute:

1) During the stage where you dps the boss. Run around on the outer perimeter of the platform. a) that will avoid hot foot. b) It will ensure that you have max distance from the boss, that will allow you to dodge the agony projectile better.

2) Keeping the boss in the center of the platform at all times, that will allot equal distance between him and all villagers, in turn give your party the most amount of time to dps the shield

3) Certain class has slower dps rates. On the shield up stage, use the fastest attack speed or the greatest spam-key to hit ratio skills. I often find that it is the difference between downing the shield on time, making the run easier, vs having the boss heal up, and taking longer time to finish the stage.

4) I’m almost certain everyone above 25 realize this but, as soon as the elemental lavas are out, if possible huddle up on 1 corner of the platform, and have your guardian (provided there is one) use line of warding to block incoming projectiles. With an elementalist, you can use whirlwind (focus4). That will give your team 6 seconds to cast anything, without being interrupted by the lava elementals.

I believe it is staff specific spell, no need for traits. And yes, it blocks incoming projectiles, and the lava can’t cross.

Hi, this is an amazing guide, but I have a question about the use of Ranger pets to finish 40+ fractals, which zone do you have to stay so the agony don’t hit you and you can send the pet to “Search and rescue”? Does the pet “jump” into another platform? Thank you!

To reach players who die in far places such as cliffs, lava and otherwise unreachable terrain, you can combo “Guard” with “Search & Rescue.” You can use this particularly in JadeMaw to reach players who die in other platforms.

I have gotten an infused Solaria, Circle of the Sun from a level 20 daily chest. I have a screenshot to prove it.

Hey, I’ve done lvl 26 yesterday and today and both the rings I got we’re not infused. Anet probably changed it again.

(level 50 daily chests reported to have a ~ 3/4 chance to drop fractal weapons)

im doing 50+daily at 10 times.
but don’t drop weapon skin.
i have 61 pristine relric (get 36 ring, 1 weapon)
Should be fixed skin drop rate

Ele Earth Staff 3 also reflects projectiles. especially fun to watch the harpy balls bounce back to them. on the last 2 harpies before the raving asuran, if you are good at JPs, you can shield up/outrun the harpies, triggering the checkpoint before the last boss. i have personally only done this twice, and it’s fairly risky if you get stuck or knocked off. if running to checkpoint, i put up the arcane shield, then when it runs out pop ele staff 3 to jump past he harpies.

I use a combination of [Lightning Flash] + [Myst Form] + Ele Staff 3 + [Arcane Shield] to pass the light bars (i call that section guitar hero). lightning flash part way up the staircase when there is a gap in the bars, then dodge/myst form/shield your way to the top. [Lightning Flash] also helps in the swamp fractal if you are running the orb. can save a few seconds, especially when crippled.

you can also stall the Legendary Grawl Shaman on the way to civs with the Ele Signet that gives +toughness (i think). it lasts only 4 seconds, but it stops the boss in their tracks, allowing a few seconds to DPS and intercept the boss.

i am normally fire-based, but am finding earth attunement to be my best fractal’s friend.

Hello Dulfy! First I’d like to say that you make very nice guides. I
would like to suggest some “bugs” for Uncategorised (Harpies) and
Cliffside (Colossus) Fractals.

On Uncategorised Fractals there is
a small platform leading to last boss, just before Old Tom. That road
is blocked with a huge cube-stone. If you have an engineer, climb up as
far as you can on the wall. Afterwards, the engineer can use [Deploy
Heal Turret] and explode it in ~ 1,2 seconds with F1 skill, this will
port party members to top platform. You have to kill Old Tom before you
do that, but it is a nice way to save like ~ 10 minutes on harpies.

Cliffside Fractals, especially on the Legendary Archdiviner boss (last
one) gather up your group members ( 3-4) and make sure they keep on
jumping on him as he drops his hammer, a melee player can use hammer,
kill a chanter and break seal. If your group members keep on jumping on
the boss, he will keep on dropping hammer every time, after he finishes
his AoE stun ~5 seconds. That can speed up this fractals for ~ 5-10
minutes. By having to kill boss only until 75% health.

These bugs work for now and haven’t been fixed for more than 5 days, you could mention them if you want!

I was able to infuse my ascended Triforge with +5 AR, get a total of 35 AR possible… now i just wonder if my Triforge can infused…

I think you might need to update the surviving Jade Mawagony at Fractal L40+ part to L40-48, those methods are no longer valid for 50+ since the most recent patch.

Dulfy, thank you very much for this awesome guide.
I would like to translate (in french) some parts of this article to share these useful tricks to french community. I will backlink your website. Is it possible ?

We tried lv 50 today, when we ressed somebody at maw they would get new agony and go down again. We tried the 99% method but failed (as expected) and the res from “Search and Rescue” got aagony as well. I think anet fixed it and I don’t see any other way to get past the maw agony.

So, does anybody know of any tricks that currently work to do Jade Maw at scale 50+ ? None of the well know ones do work anymore…

Well there is one really slow, first y need to clear all the mobs in 2 last platforms. Then when y die to agony you all go to cliff where agony does not yet hit you. One player jumps to as close as bossible to edge to die from agony. Next rest 4 will take their positions, 2 will constantly jump to the corpse-> ress few tick and dodge down before getting downed in platform to get ressed by rest 2members. 2 will do that and 2 will ress. Can also be done with 3 ressing and 1dying but its slower. I did this those times we had nothing else to help us prevail at 43 when had only 20ar(back got broken eventually anyway so i just used some skills with only rings and made it before agony hitted 2 times, you could also keep some crap armor in your back to prevent cape getting broken) . So i can quess you can do 50-60 with 30ar minium.

just readed comments, dont know if that will work if same player will anyway get another agony stack after getting back to life while stile in agony zone, havent done fractals for a while and got left to 45 so dont know if 50+ has some different agony formulas

For the Legendary Grawl Chaman, when he shield, an elem/necro/ranger can put a AoE that chill, it makes him almost rooted so you can start to deal with the elemental, once he is unchilled you go back on him. With a Guardian that grip the elemental you can kill more than half of the elemental before the chill of the elementalist runs out.

Hey- just completed the “All out of cluck” achievement in the Urban Battlegrounds fractal. I needed to kill 10 chickens, and it seemed that the spawn locations were variable (or at least some were as posted, some were not)

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