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SWTOR Skip Tracer’s Cartel Pack and other Cartel Market items

List and images of the items part of new Skip Tracer’s Cartel Pack introduced in the Jan 8 patch on the cartel market.


Items new to Cartel Market (not part of Skip Tracer’s Cartel pack)

Old outfits with new appearences

Skip Tracer’s Cartel Pack items

New Items not part of the Skip Tracer Cartel Pack

Clandestine Officer Armor set – 1440 CC


Interstellar Privateer Armor set – 1440 CC


Additional Character Slot – 600 CC


  • Server character slot allow a new character to be created on each server.
  • Subscribers begins with 12 Character Slot per server.
  • Preferred Status players beging with 6 Character Slots per server.
  • Free to Play players begin with 2 character slots per server.
  • This item will allow preferred stats players to activate an inactive character on a server.
  • Players may have their base character slots and up to ten extra character slots. For example, a subscriber with 12 character slots may increase their character slots up to 22. You can still have 350 characters overall (source)

Newcomer Bundle – 405 CC


  • This bundle contain items that require level 10
  • This bundle contain a Quick Travel pass, Czerka Cruiser Speeder, 5 Minor XP Boosts, Legacy Perk – Improved Speeder Piloting I.

Old outfits with new appearances

Dev responses on the appearance changes

All right folks, I talked to our developers and got some clarification:

  • The Revan outfit was adjusted to look more like Revan’s armor in the game.
  • The Spymaster and the Phantom outfits were both adjusted to look more like their advertised appearance in the Cartel Market, after we received more than a few remarks about this dissimilarity. This is to ensure that customers receive the advertised appearance.
  • The Stylish Dancer Outfit (white) is in the Blockade Runner pack, but it was mistakenly used on the Skip Tracer pack art. The Fancy Reveler Outfit is red and included in the Skip Tracer pack. The artwork for the Skip Tracer pack will be updated to show the appropriate outfit in a future patch.

We apologize for any inconvenience. In the future, we will ensure that all assets are in alignment on the Cartel Market. The final products are meant to look like the advertised art.

Joveth Gonzalez

Hey, guys —
We care a lot about the fact that you care about the appearances of your characters. In fact, the Mod system is my baby, largely because it allows players to customize their appearance to your liking. We have another, similar, one of my babies coming in the near future, which will allow even greater customization (you guys may have seen me hinted about it in recent interviews). Short form: this is real important to me, and we’re not happy that we’ve created a situation that makes people unhappy. We didn’t think through the ramifications of the bugfix that we’ve made, and we’re acutely aware of the financial angle (cartel coins as well as in-game credits on the GTN) involved.

We are still discussing potential fixes to the issue — and there will be fixes — but there are ramifications to all fixes. Players should keep in mind that previously, we had players who were upset in the other direction. We have a couple of directions that we can go, but we need to explore a couple of things, and regardless, it is not a fix that can happen instantaneously. I do think we can get something in a patch very soon.

We are pretty sure we can avoid a solution that forces players to spend additional cartel coins, and I’m not interested in letting a situation linger that leaves the player’s faith in what we are offering on the cartel market in a reduced state. It is incredibly important to me, and the rest of the SW:TOR team, that players have a high degree of confidence in the market as a whole, and how we deal with issues like this. This has been a learning experience for us, and won’t happen again.
In short: we’ll fix this. Give us a little time to do so.

Damion Schubert

New appearance for the Phantom outfit (from Blockade Runner cartel pack)


swtor-phantom-set (1)swtor-phantom-set-2swtor-phantom-set-3



New appearance for Revan outfit (from Blockade Runner Patch 1.6 cartel pack)





New appearance for Spymaster outfit (from Crime Lord cartel pack)





New Appearance for Trailblazer outfit (from Crime Lord Cartel Pack)


New Appearance for Preceptor’s Outfit (from Blockade Runner Cartel Pack)





Skip Tracer Cartel Pack Items


Orange red color crystals (image provided by Casmarra)


Mount: Longspur Pacer (image provided by Cathor & Caligo))


Mount: Ambassador’s Meditation Hoverchair (images provided by James Arndt)


Pet: Desert Nekarr Cat


Pet: Sub-zero mini probe


Pet: Blue Speckled Gizka


Pet: Killik Drone Larva (image provided by Cathor & Caligo)


Pet: White Womp Weasel (image provided by Cathor)


Pet: Brown Womp Weasel (images provided by Caligo)


Pet: Black Womp Weasel (image provided by RommelESP)


Pet: Model Liberator Starfighter (images provided by Hawkaye)

  • Can be used concurrently with a ground pet


Pet: Model Redeemer Starfighter (images provided by Spice-Aholic)

  • Can be used concurrently with a ground pet


Pet: Model Supremacy Starfighter (images provided by Mitth’ian’provo)

  • Can be used concurrently with a ground pet


Pet: Model Dominion Starfighter

  • Can be used concurrently with a ground pet


Pet: Flamehair Kowakian Monkey-lizard (image provided by Ayy’oola)


Outfit: Despot’s Set


Outfit: Fancy Reveler set – female only (helmet, top, legs)


Outfit: Conservator set


Emote: Backflip (image provided by Casmarra)

See video below for Flourish as it includes backflip.


Emote: Flourish

Note: The flourish animation differs based on the weapon being used. The trooper, for example, has a drill animation with flourish.

Flourish: Assassin/Shadow, Bounty Hunter, and Marauder/Sentinel


Flourish: Scoundrel


Mood: Angered (images provided by Caligo)


Mood Enraged (images provided by Caligo)


Mood: Disdained (images provided by Caligo)


Mood: Ecstatic (Modeled by Mitth’ian’provo & Airsucker)


Mood: Fearful (images provided Airsucker)


Disguise: Holo-Shrub (image provided by LVIII)

swtor-holo-shrub disguiseswtor-holo-shrub disguise-2

Title: The Skip Tracer


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

159 replies on “SWTOR Skip Tracer’s Cartel Pack and other Cartel Market items”

I am buying additional character slots when I run out of space for alts! Clandestine officer set reminds me of look of the Watcher 2?

Looks like a bunch of graphical updates to previous Cartel Pack armors. Phantom, Spymaster, Trailblazer, Preceptor and Revan armor sets have all been changed from what I’ve seen. Sure to leave some people unhappy that liked the old looks. Phantom was a great look for my agent as it appeared yesterday, now it appears like a force user robes.

I don’t understand why they’d change the appearance of old items. I built an awesome outfit around the phantom chest that cost me almost 5M creds total and now it looks like pure shit because of the change.
Anyway, great work, Dulfy. As always.

They’ve actually corrected themselves in the post you linked above: The changes are permanent to reflect the images shown on the previews of the different packs. A lot of folks were pretty upset that they weren’t getting what they paid for.

Can you get items from previous packs in the new pack as well? Say a chance at Revan’s Mask still? Or is it these exclusives alongside the basic Cartel Packs (I’m not sure how these work as they continue on).

“Server character slot allow a new character to be created on each server”

Does this mean if I buy a character slot, I have 13 slots on every server? Or do I have to pick a server to unlock a slot on?

According to bioware (which doesn’t always mean anything) yes.
folks! Here to clear things up a bit, the patch note is meant to let
folks know that the standard character slot restrictions are now being
enforced. In ADDITION to this, you may now purchase additional character
slots to your heart’s content. There is a limit, but it is very, very
high and you will probably not reach it. So, if you are a subscriber and
want to go beyond your 12 slots, by all means!

Joveth Gonzalez | Online Community Manager

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A bit more info 🙂
Mood: Angered

Mount: Longspur Pacer

Pet: Killik Drone Larva

Pet: Brown Womp Weasel

And they ruined my ninja/agent look with the phantom chestpiece update 🙁

No problem 🙂 Was wondering how to send them to you.. but could not find a quicker way than just throwing them in the comments 🙂

Np 🙂 hate it when they are low res ^^ Btw the gloves are featured on the pictures of the conservertors robe, it was just the closeup of the gloves that is missing.

The chest and legs are the outlaw set from the initial Cartel market items, 1200 CC on the market as a 5 piece set. Not sure what the head piece is.

Oh, and can I say, they’ve totally ruined that Phantom chest piece. That used to be a cool stealth operative type piece.

I liked having some basic looking armor pieces. The flak vest is too bulky, and makes it look too much like a lot of the armor already in the game. Plus…butt flap.

Now I’m actually interested in the spymaster set. Who wants to pay money for armor that has no layers? This new look is a vast improvement.

I agree, it’s a clear updated for each armor, more detailed, less “simple” but people will always like the stuff they can’t have :).

There are craftable very simplistic armorpieces just not totally black… .

I LOL’d. Seriously, it’s hideous now. What person in their right mind, women especially, wants a pouch strapped to their chest? What exactly are we gonna be keeping in that thing?

Oh man, for a second I was excited, thinking that Republic was going to have access to the Imperial Dancer’s style legs. Then I used my eyes and actually read what you wrote.

I really hate BioWare! Why this change on the phantom chest? I don’t get it. Are only idiots employed at BioWare?

Ohh btw the gloves are featured on these pictures.. its just the closeup I’m not allowed to upload for some reason ^^

Noted and will do 🙂 thanks.

I’m currently playing on my laptop, with all settings in very high, resolution is 1920×1080 and in Fullscreen (windowed mode), prevents me from having the stupid loadscreen every time i tap out ^^
On my desktop i play with two screens so I’m used to loving the Fullscreen (windowed) option.

I can maybe get a better closeup of the facial expressions if ya want me to try?

For some reason the gloves did not get posted and cant upload them now =/

well here is a nother mood:

Mood: Disdained

Does anyone have screenies of the *shudder* updated Preceptor’s Robe? I’m not at home, so I need to prepare myself for my Guardian’s new look.

Phantom chest was one of the few pieces that looked scify. Now the changed it to middleearth-style. Fail. But now I know, BioWare Designer hate the Star Wars sytle, so the design only fantasy style armor. And now they start to rip all scifi style out of the game. They want Star Wars fans to hate The Old Republic. I think they tried to get a job a Blizzard but have been refused, and this is their revenge to the whole world.

I don’t care the ads. I use the preview of the game when i buy something. Thos ad-images i dont care, it’s not ingame grafics of the engine!

When items are found within a cartel pack and not previewable directly on the cartel market, the only thing you can go by is the artwork for the pack. Advertising them as looking one way and then providing a version that is much simpler than advertised is illegal.

There was a very long thread on the official forums saying the same thing and the developers took note, hence the change.

I expect you’ll see the original version pop up soon since so many people seem to like it. I personally just purchased the spymaster chest and helm because the new look is so much improved.

Not Illegal. Advertisements do not have to match actual merchandise. If they specifically send YOU (under your real name) an offer, not an advertisement, of a specific item and changed the item after you agreed THAT is illegal.

Rejoice!! They introduced the armor from the character creation screens for IA and Smuggler!! Here BW, take my damned money!!

I’m really glad that in the IA Officer’s Pants, they’ve introduced adaptive mostly plain dark pants. Going to be an expensive time gathering them from the GTN for all my characters I want that look for.

The “Unlock” icon for your toolbars is no longer a Lock. You actually have to hover over the new “Triangle” to see if it’s locked or not. Why are they making changes like this? I’d like to see fewer changes like this and more time spent on offering something in the Cartel boxes that’s not a simple reskin. Where is all the money going anyway?

There is a thread on reddit with the top comment answering this question. BW claims that this is a bug, the emblem has merely been changed. HOT TIP: By using the tooltip when hovering over the unlock button you can see whether or not it is locked or not.

Also, FYI: Flourish looks different depending on the character type. My Trooper spins his rifle like he’s in a drill competition. Much better looking than the Smuggler video posted, imo.

No worries! I don’t have a program to record it on this machine or I’d have sent you a video to add. And thank you for the site, I use it regularly but first time commenting here. Appreciate your efforts.

Flamehair Kowakian Monkey-lizard is another pet available in the latest box, I was thinking the Cat would be the rare considering the Tundra last pack but it might be this guy.

New Phantom chest look makes me VERY happy I did not trade entire Spymaster set for it. F’ugly is all I can say

Dulfy, do you know or can you give me any idea of what the drop rate is on the Ambassador’s Mount? I’m thinking about trying to get it before they discontinue this pack. Any help is appreciated.


Yeah, unfortunately my server has a lower population than most and I haven’t seen this item on the GTN in over 2.5 months. I regret not buying it when I saw it before, but I had other priorities at the time (not realizing what I was doing).

Dang now I wish I didn’t sell all those ugly Revan leggings. I have 2 or 3 toons with Phantom tops and spymaster bottoms as they looked nice and evil. I hope I am not going home to be sad as it was pricey to get them dolled up.

I guess we have to take it as gospel now that they have another 2 armor sets from the character select screen. Happy to see them but sad that this is how we have to obtain them.

Also both the Model Liberator and Model Supremacy Starfighter pets can be used in combination with ANY other pet (ie. you can have a normal pet + 1 of the starfighter pets out together).

We already had the Agent armour, though? Hoodlum’s, there’s a purple-coloured drop for the low 20s (got one off the Taris WB, pub-side), and I know that particular version shown up top – with the officer’s braid and pocketed sash – has been available because I have it on my IA currently… or is there some detail I’m missing?

The Clandestine armour has a few small differences in styling from Master Medic and Eliminator armour; it’s almost a hybrid of the two, with the subdued colour scheme of MM and the red braid of Eliminator. The red collar pips are carried over from Hooligan’s, which is a lighter grey and does not have the full mantle across the shoulders.

There is a new sort button on both the inventory and cargo hold. Fair warning, if you sort the cargo hold and you have gaps, it will fill those gaps with items from other cargo holds.

Really not digging the change to the spymaster set. I do however like the change to the phantom chest, I just wish they would make the helmet look less like a bubble and more menacing.

I think the other packs burnt me out. The only thing I am really wanting is an orange eviscerating crystal and the backflip emote. I am glad I was lucky enough to get the hover chair for my shadow in the last pack as the new recolor is a bit bland.

How many packs before they release the bounty hunter armor from character creation?

TOR F2P is become more of a gamblers dream; spending real $$ on cosmetic upgrades.
Cosmetic upgrades btw that SHOULD BE possible to obtain through PLAYING IT AS SUBSCRIBERS!
There are also gross imbalances in pvp, that unless worked out, the game will be declared ungreebly:(

Well, i got all the cartel stuff i wanted without spending a cent on packs. Make credits, buy it on GTN, what’s the big deal?
And about pvp… Enough already. Every class has its role. You are not supposed to be duelling sorc vs mara anyway.

So I am preferred but apparently only get 6 characters despite having more…. this wording is weird

“Subscribers and Preferred Status Players who have more than the current character limits will be allowed to keep and play all characters. No new characters may be created on the account until the number of characters on the account falls under the Global Active Character Limit for the account type, even if additional character slots are purchased.”

How do the ‘moods’ work? Is it like a brief emote for your face, or like a ‘stance’ for your face that stays until you deactivate it?

Thankfully I worked today or I would have already bought packs. Just heard they did a rollback on Harbringer earlier and Cartel coins/items/packs are missing all over the place. Apparently they are still investigating the cause but that is scary as that is real money-a-bye-bye.


I find this odd:

From patch notes: “The appearance of the Phantom and Preceptor’s armor now matches the appearance seen in the Cartel Market.”

From Dulfy: “This change was unintentional and will be corrected in a future patch. Apologies for the inconvenience. – Joveth Gonzalez”

He could be saying that everything BUT the Phantom and Preceptor’s set was a mistake, but i still find it weird and inconsistent.

Does anyone actually use the mood settings? I find it quite odd to use them when it would look so out of place to be in that mood permanently. Can you seriously be ”fearful” the entire time your doing dailies? Would just look utterly ridiculous.

The sets were no doubt always intended to look like this, from the second they released them the sets looked completely different to the pictures provided in the cartel market, i highly doubt they are going to revert the changes when they now match the pictures.

If they won’t revert the changes, I hope at the very least they’ll make some new armors available that look like the old models. The old ones suited the look I was going for, the new ones don’t.

I may be wrong but I read this statement :”This change was unintentional and will be corrected in a future patch. Apologies for the inconvenience.” when people was complaining about getting phantom armor which didnt look like in promo picture on pack and now it looks correct – so i dont think they will change back to what it was because it was bugged version. But! i may be wrong.



Character Slots |
01.08.2013, 09:35 PM

Just wanted to
correct something I said earlier. The information I received earlier
was incorrect. Players may have their base character slots and up to ten
extra character slots. For example, a subscriber with 12 character
slots may increase their character slots up to 22. You can still have
350 characters overall. Apologies for the confusion.

No orange crystals in 15 packs but averaged a black or white womp ratt every other pack along with the standard junk. I did get a couple backflips, despot chest/gloves/helmet, 2x longspur pacer and the new cat. I am on the fence for keeping it. It does look better then the last cat color wise

Why Revan chestpiece don’t have cape ? That would give pretty original look – and If it is Revan armor it should have cape with it.

Yes, I agree. I would also like to see that nonsense cloth in the shape of a V going around his shoulders removed. But yes to the cape.

I would love to see a category you could click on that takes you to the different types of Cartel packs available…then one you click on the pack type you are interested in it lists the items in each. =) Thanks!

The Dominion Starfighter model pet thingy. Yes, they do make barrel rolls


Man. I am having serious troubs finding vids of all the flourish animations.
Help me Dulfy-wan Kenobi you’re my only hope!!!

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