GW2 Useful and Fun Consumables guide

A guide on useful and fun consumables in GW2 and their acquisition. Last updated Dec 10, 2013.


Utilities- Stealth/Invis    
Ash Legion Spy Kit Grant 10s of stealth with 60s CD Works in dungeons/fractals
Harpy Feathers Grant 3s of stealth, no CD Works in dungeons/fractals
Order of Whispers Spy Kit Grant 3s of stealth with 60s CD Works in dungeons/fractals
UtilitiesLight Source    
Effigy Fragment Grant light Does not work in dungeons/fractals
Utilities – Teleportation/jump    
Experimental Rifle Rifle with a rocket jump Does not work in dungeons/fractals
Experimental Teleportation Gun Create portal between 2 locations Does not work in dungeons/fractals
Combat – buffs/debuffs    
Depleted Power Crystal Places Bleed/vulnerability – 40s CD Does not work in dungeons/fractals
Grawl Ritual Totem Fear nearby enemies- 120s CD Does not work in dungeons/fractals
Healing Seed Pod Heal, cleanse, act as Water Field Does not work in dungeons/fractals
Medical Kit Drop heals, cleanse, swiftness/fury Does not work in dungeons/fractals
Medical Pack Drops heals and swiftness/fury Works in dungeons/fractals
Jar of Bees Put a 7s DoT on enemies Works in dungeons/fractals
Pot of Hylek Poison Grant swiftness, cast poison Works in dungeons/fractals
Rotten Drake Egg Give you 2 stacks of Might Works in dungeons/fractals
Skale Venom 10% chance to inflict weakness/vulnerability Works in dungeons/fractals
Combat – Pets/Turrets    
Fire Elemental Powder Summon an Ember pet, fire fields Works in dungeons/fractals
Ogre Pet Whistle Summons an Ogre pet Works in dungeons/fractals
Deployable Mortar Kit Summon a mortar pet that lasts for 30s Works in dungeons/fractals
Mortar Seed Turret Allow you to summon one of three seed turrets Does not work in dungeons/fractals
Combat-Improvised Weapons    
Charr Mine Planted mine that explodes and burn foes Does not work in dungeons/fractals
Miner’s Explosive Charge Planted bomb that does AoE knockdown Does not work in dungeons/fractals
Bandit’s Improvised Bomb Planted bomb that does AoE knockdown Does not work in dungeons/fractals
Fire Bomb Allow you to draw fire lines on the ground Does not work in dungeons/fractals
Golem In a Box Send out a mini golem bomb with 1600 range Works in dungeons/fractals
Wood Plank Launch enemies Does not work in dungeons/fractals
Pirate Peg Leg Launch enemies Does not work in dungeons/fractals
Dam Debris Knockdown enemies Does not work in dungeons/fractals
Shovel Knockdown enemies Works in dungeons/fractals
Spiky Fruit Knockdown enemies Works in dungeons/fractals
Hylek Blowgun Shoot out a lot of poison Works in dungeons/fractals
Jeeza’s Flamethrower Spew out fire Does not work in dungeons/fractals
Frost Gun Variety of chills/freeze skills Does not work in dungeons/fractals
Experimental Laser VL-992 Stacks vulnerability Does not work in dungeons/fractals
Ettin Gunk Place a random conditon Works in dungeons/fractals
Ascalon Tome Used to troll friends with red circles  
Fireworks Blue/Green/Red Fireworks  
Growth Tonic 50% size increase for 10 seconds  
Hylek Hue Potion Apply different hues to you  
Jar of Harpy Pheromones Places pink hearts on top of players  
Mini Moa Egg Dancing Moa that lasts for 5 seconds  
Quaggan Tonic Cute Quaggan transformation  
Potion of Jackalope Transformation Transform you into a Jackalope  
Potion of Ettin Essence Transform you into an Ettin  
Ogre Pet Tonic Transform you into an Ogre pet  
Hazmat Suit Transformation Tonic Transforms you into a golem  
Ghostly Owl Feather Transform you into an owl with 2 brawl skills  
Seraph Banner A banner that you can carry around  

A tip on using consumables: put all the consumables you frequently use on the top rows of your inventory. This way, you can make the inventory window small and have it open without blocking your view (i.e. place it on top of the mini map).




Ash Legion Spy Kit

  • Works in dungeons/fractals
  • Purchased from Kyta Sharptracker (karma vendor) in Plains of Ashford for 28 karma
  • Grant you 10 seconds of stealth with 60s cooldown. Has a 0.5s cast time and require you to stay still. The item is inside a box you have to click first to get the skill.


Harpy Feathers

  • Works in dungeons/fractals
  • Purchased from Forager Hitkiti after you complete the event Defend the skritt thieves while they steal harpy eggs. This event is on a 15-20 minute timer. When you complete the event, Forager Hitkiti becomes a vendor for a few minutes and you can purchase Harpy Feathers from him for 40 copper.
  • Grant you stealth for 3 seconds and has no cooldown. You can move while using it.


Order of Whispers Spy Kit

  • Works in dungeons/fractals
  • Purchased from Agent Rexx in Caldeon forest for 16 copper after you have completed the escort event – Escort Agent Rexx as he delivers supplies to Warden Spy Alarin
  • Using the spy kit replaces your hotbar with 1 skill that grant you 3 seconds of stealth and 3.5 seconds of Confusion to a nearby enemy.  Has 60s cooldown but you can move while using it.
  • Check Agent Rexx in two locations – 1) Check near Warden Spy Alarin (top arrow) 2) If he is not near Alarin, wait at the Morgan’s Spiral (bottom arrow) as that is where the event starts.


Light Source

Effigy Fragment

  • Does not work in dungeons/fractals
  • Act as light source. This make dark room jumping puzzles a breeze (i.e. Weyandt’s Revenge). Has two skils: Torch Strike and Throw Torch. Torch is consumed if either these skills are used.
  • Sold by Grathzion the Dauntless in Fireheart Rise for 1 silver 4 copper  (near entrance to Citadel of Flame) after you do the event Track down and kill the effigies in Amduat Point with Grathzion.



Experimental Rifle

  • Does not work in dungeons/fractals
  • This is a rifle that grant you with two abilities: 1) Shadow Bullet 2) Shadow Leap. Shadow Leap is what makes this rifle useful as it allow you to target a ground 900 range (or less) away and jump to it like the Engineer rocket jump. Upon landing, you are also stealthed for a second or two. You can use this rifle to do vertical jumps but you need to position the landing such that there isn’t any obstacles along the path as otherwise the rifle explodes and knock you back. There is a 30s cd on using Shadow Leap.
  • Purchased for 1 silver 28 copper from Agent Livilla in Malchor’s Leap after successfully completing two events: 1) Destroy the chicken coop and the undead eggs inside and 2) Fight the Inquest Ornithologist. Note that if you fail the first event, the second event won’t occur and a different chain of events occur instead (Defeat the swarm of Risen chickens)


Experimental Teleportation Gun –Level 10 to use

  • Does not work in dungeons/fractals
  • Purchased from Danka in Timberline Falls for 32 copper. This gun, when used, will launch you from your current location to another location about 600-700 range away on the same vertical plane and create a portal between two locations that lasts about 5 seconds. It has a 30s cooldown. Useful for jumping between large gaps in jumping puzzles as long the two locations are level with each other.


Combat Applications

Buffs and debuffs

Depleted Power Crystal

  • Does not work in dungeons/fractals
  • This is a consumable that put 6 stacks of Bleed + 5 stacks of Vulnerability on a foe. There is a 40s CD on use.
  • Sold by PM-632z for 16 copper in Caledon Forest (Hanto Trading Post) after you do the chain of events that unlock the vendor.
  • The chain of events start just north of Mabon Market with 1) Collect Data Cores from tracking devices for Apprentice Vee 2) Find the escaped experiments and bring them back to Zaxis 3) Guard the mossheart carrying Widd’s Research and 4) Protect the M.A.D from skritt while Dekkti works.
  • Event 3 requires manual activation so you may need to head down to Mabon Market and talk to Widd to trigger the escort event.


Grawl Ritual Totem

  • Does not work in dungeons/fractals
  • Grant you the Skull Fear skill, which inflict fear on nearby enemies with 2 minutes cooldown.
  • Purchased from Explorer Kindleblight near Refuge Sanctum Waypoint in Blazeridge Steppes for 80 copper.If the vendor is not available at the top arrow, you will need to do the Kill the grawl shamans to disrupt the summoning ritual to unlock the vendor (bottom arrow).


Healing Seed Pod

  • Does not work in dungeons/fractals
  • Allow you to put down a Healing Seed Pod, which casts the Healing Seed skill for a few seconds. Has a 15s cooldown.  Cure conditions, grant regeneration, and act as a water combo field.
  • Purchased from Denton the Durable in Gendarran Fields for 40 copper at the location indicated by the arrow. If he is not there, travel along the path to Traveler’s Dale and see if you can run into him as part of the escort event: Help Denton and Chief Cherpa safely transport their supplies through the swamp.


Medical Kit

  • Does not work in dungeons/fractals
  • Replaces your hotbar with 5 skills, first 3 are Drop Bandage (15s CD), 4th ability is Drop Antidote, and 5th ability is Drop Stim Brew which give you 10s of Swiftness and Fury (20s CD). Kit is not consumed when you utilize these skills and you can drop the kit on the ground for other players to pick up.
  • Purchased from Ash Legion Spy at north portion of Iron Marshes for 16 copper. (Firewatch Encampment Waypoint). If the waypoint is contested, you may need to do an event nearby to unlock the merchant.


Medical Pack

  • Works in dungeons/fractals
  • Purchased from Lionguard Haral in Snowden Drifts (NE corner) for 77 karma.
  • Has only two abilities and cannot be dropped on the ground to trade to other players. 1) Drop Bandages (12s CD) 2) Drop Stimulant –10s of Swiftness and Fury (20s CD).


Jar of Bees

  • Works in dungeons/fractals.
  • Sold by Fiona Hastings in Queensdale after completing Defend the beehives from hungry bears.
  • Thrown on mobs to put a small DoT on them that lasts for 7 seconds and deals small amount of damage.


Pot of Hylek Poison –Level 10 to use

  • Works in dungeons/fractals.
  • Replaces your hotbar with two abilities, one granting swiftness for 9 seconds (with 15s CD) and another poison the area within 150 of you with 4.75 seconds of poison (8 seconds CD). Swiftness come in handy if you don’t want to swap out a weapon/utility for the swiftness buff.
  • Purchased from Urais for 32 copper in SE corner of Timberline Falls after you have defended/capture the camp from the kraits.


Rotten Drake Egg

  • Works in dungeons/fractals.
  • This egg when used, give you an option to Eat it, which give you 2 stacks of Might that lasts for 15s. You cannot go over 2 stacks of Might.
  • Purchased from Fisherman Travis in NW corner of Queensdale for 14 karma


Skale Venom

  • Works in dungeons/fractals.
  • Purchased from Rexavian Redfoot in SE corner of Iron Marshes for 16 copper after completing a chain of two events: 1) Patrol the wall with Rexavian Redfoot and the Garbage Legion 2) Stop the skelk from throwing cursed wall chunks onto shore.
  • It lasts 10 minutes and have a 10% chance to inflict weakness and vulnerability for 5s when you hit a foe.
  • Check two locations for Rexavian – white arrow is usually the event chain starter area while red arrow is usually the event chain end area.


Pets & Turrets

Fire Elemental Powder

  • Works in dungeons/fractals.
  • Purchased from Jhalles Colagrip for 1 silver 4 copper after completing the chain of events in Fuller Cistern (SE corner of Fireheart Rise). 1) Protect Brakkurn and Jhalles while they repair machinery to keep the legions’ supply line running 2) Defeat the monstrous tar elemental.
  • First, check the location indicated by the arrow. If Jhales is not there, run around and see the event chain started elsewhere.
  • This summons an Ember pet, which summon lava fields as part of its attack that you can use as fire combo fields. The pet lasts 5 minutes or until killed. There is a couple minutes cooldown on reuse if the pet is killed early.
  • Ember pet can be used in conjunction with the Ogre Pet Whistle and it is slightly more powerful than the Ogre Pet Whistle. This only works if you summon the Ember pet first.


Ogre Pet Whistle –  Level 59 to use

  • Works in dungeons/fractals.
  • Purchased from Gortho, Son of Malik in Iron Marshes (NW corner, Gladefall Run)  for 1 silver 4 copper. First, check to see if the vendor is at the location in Gladefall Run. If he isn’t there, go to Ebbing Heart Run and there will be an escort event to escort him to Gladefall Run. If he sells Ogre Pet tonic, wait until the Gladefall Run town gets attacked by Flame Legion via an event, after which he will start selling Ogre Pet Whistle.
  • Each pet last 5 minutes, or until killed. You get a random ranger pet each time you use the pet whistle (5 different pets). There is cooldown on reuse if the pet is killed early.


Deployable Mortar Kit

  • Works in dungeons/fractals.
  • This is a mortar you can deploy that lasts for around 30 seconds and will shoot mortars (AoE attack that hits for ~ 1k) at enemies within range. There is a 120s CD on the deployment of the mortar. The description for this kit is a bit erroneous as you cannot actually control the mortar.
  • Purchased for 1 silver 4 copper from Legionnaire Virgrol Brashmar in Fireheart Rise only after you do the chain of events that captures Noxious Castrum: 1) Protect Virgrol while he sets up mortars near Noxious Castrum 2) Protect Duvarre while she breaches the defenses at Noxious Castrum 3) Defeat the shamans before all the portals are opened and the ritual completes 4) Defeat the Flame high shaman.


Mortar Seed Turret

  • Does not work in dungeons/fractals
  • Consumable that replaces your hotbar and give you a choice to plant 1) Blue Mortar 2) Red Mortar 3) Yellow Mortar. Only one Mortar Seed Turret can be up at anyone time.
  • Purchased from Captain Bren at the NW corner of Caledon Forest for 16 copper.You will need to do an event to either defend or capture Falias Thorp to unlock him as a vendor.


Improvised Weapons

Charr Mine

  • Does not work in dungeons/fractals
  • Replaces your hotbar with an Incendiary Mine that explodes and burn foes that cross over it. Only one can be planted at a time and has a 10s cooldown.
  • Sold by Kona Timberrend in SE Diessa Plateau for 42 karma.


Miner’s Explosive Charge

  • Does not work in dungeons/fractals
  • Replaces your hotbar with a bomb you can set on the ground that explodes after 10 seconds and causes AoE knockdown + damage.
  • Sold by Seraph Soldier Dianna in SW Kessex Hills

gw2-miner's-explosive charge

Bandit’s Improvised Bomb

  • Does not work in dungeons/fractals
  • Replaces your hotbar with a bomb you can set on the ground that explodes after 10 seconds and causes AoE knockdown + damage.
  • Sold by a bandit vendor in Queensdale after you defeated the Champion bandit.


Fire Bomb

  • Does not work in dungeons/fractals
  • Replaces your hotbar with a Molachev Cocktail that you can throw on the ground to draw a fire line that lasts for 20-30 seconds and burn enemies crossing it.
  • Sold by Gon Rageshot for 35 karma in NW corner of Diessa Plateau


Golem in a Box

  • Works in dungeons/fractals.
  • Spawn a mini golem bomb  that can glide to an enemy within 1600 range and explode on impact, dealing a small amount of damage. It has a 20s CD.
  • Purchased from Krewe Apprentice in SE corner of Metrica Province for 8 copper after completing the event: Defend the golem generators from the Inquest.


Wood Plank

  • Does not work in dungeons/fractals
  • #2 skill knocks enemy into the air but can be only used once.
  • Sold by Slim Mikhart at Ojon’s Lumbermill in Queensdale for 24 copper.


Pirate Peg Leg

  • Works in dungeons/fractals.
  • It has two skills: 1) Plank Swing which is a sideway smack and 2) Plank Buster which launch enemies and can be only used once.
  • Sold by Agent Cotts (heart vendor) for 28 karma on the east side of Bloodtide Coast (Moriarity’s Hold)


Dam Debris

  • Does not work in dungeons/fractals
  • Replaces your hotbar with a throwable rock (900 range) that causes knockdowns to enemies hit by it (bosses have the defiant buff that can counter this knockdown)
  • Elementalists can cast Meteor with it, causing AoE knockdown to enemies.
  • Sold by Foreman Flannum in NW corner of Queensdale for 14 karma.



  • Works in dungeons/fractals.
  • A shovel with a basic attack and a knockdown ability with a 10s cooldown. Shovel will break after a bit of use.
  • Purchased from Lakoon’ta on the SE corner of Brisban Wildlands for 40 copper. She will appear after you rescue some skritts from a nearby event called – Rescue Kidnapped skritt from the Nightmare Court.


Spiky Fruit

  • Works in dungeons/fractals.
  • Knockdowns an enemy. Works well against the Icebrood boss in Crucible of Eternity.
  • Sold by Warden Etain in Village of Astorea of Caledon Forest  for 16 copper.


Hylek Blowgun

  • Works in dungeons/fractals.
  • Replaces your hotbar with 3 skills: 1) Poison Dart 2) Dart Volley 3) Poison Cloud. This is really hiandy if you need to apply poison while in combat without having to swap weapons.
  • Purchased from Ni-tlacua Hunter in Sparkfly Fen for 96 copper.


Jezza’s Flamethrower

  • Does not work in dungeons/fractals
  • The damage it deals is quite weak but it is fun to use nonetheless. Has two buttons – Flame Jet and Red Button.
  • Sold by Cogl in Sparkfly Fens for 96 copper after you complete the group event: Sink the Ash Horizon


Frost Gun

  • Does not work in dungeons/fractals
  • Sold by Researcher Bamm in Junction Haven in Gendarran Fields for 40 copper after you have completed his events.
  • Has 5 skills and 10 charge. Using each skill consumes a charge.
  • Skill 1) Frost Jet 2) Rifle Butt 3) Frozen Escape 4) Shard Volley 5) Deep Freeze


Experimental Laser Weapon Variant VL-992

  • Does not work in dungeons/fractals
  • Sold by Agent Raia in Straits of Devastation for 1 silver 28 copper after you have completed her events.
  • Has only one channeled skill which deals a small amount of damage and stacks vulnerability.


Ettin Gunk

  • Works in dungeons/fractals.
  • Sold by Orson in Lornar’s Pass for 1 silver 20 copper after you have completed his event chain: 1) Give Orson components for his ettin-proof suit 2) Free Venpa and help her reach safety 3) Help Venpa finish the Ettin Proof Suit Mark II 4) Destroy Venpa’s malfunctioning Ettin Crusher
  • Has 900 range and inflicts a random condition on your enemy.



Ascalon Tome

  • This tome does a fairly mediocre AoE damage but does draw a red circle on the ground, perfect to troll your friends.
  • Purchased from Historian Cerin for 80 copper after doing the chain of events: 1) Collect artifacts from Serenity Temple for Cerin 2) Protect Cerin while he investigates Serenity Temple and 3) Defeat the angry spirit of Kendrick Redstaff



  • Purchased from Pyromaster Zarrt in Rata Sum for 32 copper. (On your map, select for Tyria (Depths) and look for the Research Waypoint, the vendor is right beside the WP).
  • Comes with 3 skills – Blue Fireworks, Green Fireworks, and Red Fireworks


Growth Tonic

  • Purchased from Chieftain Seegor for 3 silver 4 copper in Blazeridge Steppes (NE corner) after completing the event: Harvest earth elemental lodestones for Seegor’s brew (L47). The tonic increase your size by about 50% for ~ 10 seconds or so.
  • Check two locations, if the event has already started, Chieftain Seegor will be at the top arrow. Otherwise, he will be chilling at the location on the bottom arrow.


Hylek Hue Potion – Level 56+ to use


Jar of Harpy Pheromones

  • Purchased from Wark in Blazeridge Steppes (NE corner) for 88 copper after you completed the chain of two events: 1) Collect 12 Harpy Glands and 2) Rescue Wark from the Infatuated harpy matriarch (L47)
  • It is an AoE you can throw on players that cause them to have hearts pop out of them for 3 minutes.


Mini Moa Egg

  • As with everything sold by the Asura, this thing sounds better than it performs. It will spawn a small moa that dances for about 5 seconds before disappearing.
  • Sold by Moa Trainer Kappa for 2 silver 16 copper in Queensdale. Look for her in in Beetletun (she will sell the eggs there) or at Kappa’s Coral. If she is at Kappa’s Coral, you will have to do the event gather the moas up and escort her to Beetletun to unlock her as a merchant. She will perform a dance with her moas at the end of the escort.


Quaggan Tonic

  • Purchased from Blubloop in SE corner of Straits of Devastation for 1 silver 28 copper after you finish the chain of events 1) Defend Blubloop against the swarm of Risen quaggans and 2) Help Blubloop reach the shore of Squall Cusps safely. Sometimes, an alternative event chain , 1) Risen Sea Captain and 2) Escort Captain Guide and her team back to Cadrigan’s Jetty is in progress and you will need to complete that first. Check location 1 for the vendor. If Blubloop is not there, check location 2 to see if the events are already in progress.
  • Transform you into a baby quaggan, cannot jump while transformed


Potion of Jackalope Transformation

  • Purchased from Linnea in Wayfarer Foothills for 1 silver 20 copper after you do her event chain which involves 1) Collect fur samples for Linnea 2) Protect Linnea while she chases the jackalope and 3) Protect Linnea as she hunts for the yeti
  • The transformation has a tendency to enhance the size of any consumable item you hold so you can use this to some hilarious effect.


Potion of Ettin Essence

  • Purchased from Researcher Bramm, the heart vendor in southmost part of Lornar’s Pass (around same area where you can purchase Ettin Gunk) for 245 karma.


Ogre Pet Tonic

  • Purchased from Gortho, Son of Malik in Iron Marshes (NW corner, Gladefall Run) for 1 silver 4 copper. First, check to see if the vendor is at the location in Gladefall Run. If he isn’t there, go to Ebbing Heart Run and there will be an escort event to escort him to Gladefall Run. He sells the Ogre Pet tonic until the Gladefall Run town gets attacked by Flame Legion via an event. After event completion he will sell the Ogre Pet Whistle instead.
  • Give you a random Ogre pet transformation for 5 minutes.


Hazmat Suit Transformation Tonic

  • Transform you into a non combat Hazmat Suit.
  • Purchased from Agent Jaren on the NW side of Blazeridge Steppes for 3 silver 20 copper after you do a small chain of events to free him from the Inquest. Check the location at the top arrow first for Agent Jaren. If he is not there, see if there is Agent Mirayla around to initiate the chain of events that make you escort her to InGenium Research facility to free Agent Jaren.


Ghostly Owl Feather

  • Purchased from Lahri in Snowden Drifts (heart vendor) for 147 karma.
  • Give you two costume brawl skills.


Seraph Banner

  • If you like carrying a banner around like a warrior, this consumable might be of interest to you. If is a plain banner that give you 1 stack of Might for 15s when you consume it. Banner can be carried around but cannot be dropped.
  • Purchased from Seraph Sergeant Duchen in NW corner of Harathi Hinterlands when you defeat her in the event – Defeat the Seraph training sergeant.


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    Amazing work Dulfy, thank you 😀

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    I know you hear it a lot but once again great job

  • Thank you very much for posting this. I know it is all listed as consumables but will we need to buy multiples of things like the pets , portal gun or drake egg?

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  • HowellQ

    Don’t forget Pirates Peg Leg. Can be bought for 28 karma apiece at Agent Cotts (taskmaster in Moriarity’s Hold (Bloodtide Coast). Gives you a plank with the Plank Buster skill. Can be used in WvW.

    • Thanks, added. I don’t see much use in combat though so I filed it under Fun

      • HowellQ

        Also it should be mentioned at Dam Debris, that Elementalists can cast Meteor with it. If more mobs stand at the same place, its a nice spammable KD (=interrupt).

        • HowellQ

          Duh, I mean it is a spammable KD, but interrupts anything it hits.

          • thanks added that bit

  • dan

    Hey Dulfy, Lakoon’ta (regular merchant) at Brisban Wildlands sells shovels for 40 cooper

    Lakoon’ta ->'ta (there was no english link)

    Shovel ->

    • Thanks, added. The knockdown on 10s is a bit too long to be useful and breaks often 🙁

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    Thanks so much hunting down and sharing this info! 😀

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    Oh, I have a question. I saw a merchant once by Shatterer Area and they were selling Charzooka bundles. Was that taken out, cuz I have never seen them since.

    • hmm I will take a look into it. Havn’t seen them myself

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  • Ghost

    I think you are missing a couple of fun consumable items. I saw someone in cursed shore have a vibrant pink petaly particle effect around them that they used some potion to get, and I know there is some ascolan potion that makes you ghostly for 30 minutes. If i remember correctly, the halloween strawberries also make you kind of ghosty with like a green ghostly trail at night.

    • ya I am not sure what they are unfortunately.

    • JunWasHere

      I think the petals may have been a legendary item. Could be wrong.

      The ghostly potion was probably just one of those tonics you can get in dungeons.

  • JunWasHere

    The teleport, aka portal, gun is so useful.

    That and the Mortar are my favorites.

  • Anthony

    At Ojon’s Lumber Mill in Queensdale, there is a merchant who sells wooden planks, which can knockback enemies.

  • It seems you’ve labeled all of Iron Marches as “Iron Marshes.” Just letting you know 🙂

  • Dan

    Hey Dulfy I’ve found another item.

    “Bandit’s Improvised Bomb”: It has a large aoe knockback/down and can be spammed.

    To unlock the vendor you need to kill a champion mob on the same location(easy to solo @80)

    Item picture:
    champ picture:
    vendor picture:
    map location (Queensdale):

    Npc: (lacking map location and npc picture)

    • Dan

      Btw can’t be used on WvW

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    I think your list is missing this item.

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    Now some of these are no longer useable in WvW…

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    Hey, the Ash Legion and Whispers kit recieved their nerf with the latest patch….so the info above is now correct anymored

  • Monkey Fritz

    Great Guide!
    Some additions:
    Hazmat Suit Transformation Tonic – Is not strictly non-combat. While you can’t pick up environmental weapons off the ground, it can be used with other ‘toys’ for great fun. Ie. fireworks or teleportation gun (flying golem anyone?) but most importantly, you can use items like the med kit, or charrzooka (which CAN be purchased near shatterer spawn after a certain event ends there. Not sure which event) while transformed. I fought shadow behemoth the other day as a rocket powered Hazmat Suit. Gold medal and all.

    I’ve found a few other transforms can be used with toys, the asuran elite skill suit is one, but its limited duration makes acquiring the tonic more fun. Still something worth experimenting with.

    The charrzooka has a limited duration, or possibly hidden ammunition charges, but it has great range and fires rather quickly. It only has the first skill, fire rocket, but It is one of the most useful purchasable weapons in the game. And a recent update added burning damage to it.
    Fun to play with, and stacks vulnerability on another indefinite, droppable, weapon. Effect is broken without a target, with a target it is similar to elementalist air attunement scepter 1. Don’t cross the streams!

    This one is unique in all the game, so far. It does NOT replace your skills, weapons, or disable armor stats. It can be used in combat, and is great fun with my Asuran engineer when I feel like being six feet tall. 😀 It can be purchased on the TP.

  • Russian Fock

    Thank the idiots trying to ruin wvwvwv with these items,constant fear,constant stun,constant knock down.Pathetic,Glad Anet removed the use of it in wvwvw since players HAVE to find a way to abuse things.

  • I <3 Dulfy

    Golem in a Box is no longer usable in WvW.

  • Rob

    The Grawl Ritual Totem has since been changed with a 120 second cooldown

  • Aralan Simslayer

    Also there is a jackalope tonic which can be purchased from Linnea at the frustrating bunny heart in Wayfarer Foothills after the yeti event chain.

    Then there is jellyfish tonic which can be purchased from a quaggan after an event in the middle of the lake in Gendarran Fields.

    Sorry if someone else mentioned these, I didn’t read all the comments.

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  • before

    There is an “Ettin Gunk” you can buy from Orson at Ettinworks Lab poi in southern Lornar’s Pass after completing the his event chain. It’s basically a throwable chaos storm.

    Also the medical Kit can be bought at Survivors’ Encampment WP southeast of Thaumanova

  • Saika

    i miss the Jackalope Tonic:

    you can also buy such a tonic here:

  • imtrin

    Is this guide still up to date? I think there has been some changes to the pet summoning items.

  • Robbie

    Needs an update. Some of these are patched on 10th dec update.
    There are also some that state unusable in dungeons/fractals while they are

    • Only one I am aware that was patched is the spiky fruit. anything else?

  • BIllY

    now harpy-feather’s gonna get patched even faster :,(

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  • MrMew

    Harpy Feathers Have a 6 second CD now :c

  • Akemi

    30minute cooldown on fire ele powder and pet ogre whistle

    • Akemi


  • Krimrel

    Harpy feathers have now 6sec cd, change it on guide please

    • Floyd Hunter

      I literally bought 200 of these because dulfy’s page was not edited for this CD and no one I know that had recently got them told me otherwise. I was planning on using them to help me map complete, but I guess that idea is outta the picture :/

  • Txon Atana

    Great guide! Some of them I wouldn’t never imagine they existed, hehe. I have been using Mortar Seed Turret for a while, usually in events when we are outnumbered. However, now that item sux big time. Now it has a “cooldown” that doesn’t allow you to use it again within 20 mins (yes, 20 mins). I was able to use it so soon the dropped one vanished. What’s worse is the hint doesn’t mention anything about this new “cooldown” :S

    • Txon Atana

      Edit to above: “Before, I was able to use it…”

  • Drakgon

    I think Maltof cotails are missing from the list
    dredge event in lornes pass towards the south
    Create wall of fire for 30-60sec low damage but burns. A zerg can set a forest on fire with it lasts a very long time useful against army of mobs.

    • Drakgon

      never mind they are the fire bombs

  • RealDeal
    • Sandra Ferreira

      Question, about the rocks.
      Dunno if it has to do with the merchant i bought but like a month ago i was in a party for COE P1 and a guy used the rocks to bug the guy thats between the pillars, well i though it was cool and gonna try it.
      A week ago i bought a stack of rocks from the guy in kessex.
      Well i went to coe to try that and my surprise, i couldnt open the rocks -.-
      Did they fix it or it depends on wich guy you buy it from?

  • 572355

    Great site!

    A little feedback: It would be nice to know if the items are usable under water too; like most aren’t…

    Greetings and best regards!


  • kleymkah
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  • Lizaczek

    Mortar Seed Turret
    Captain Bren at the NW corner of Caledon Forest is bugged. Event just doesn’s start.
    The same turret you can buy from:
    I spend 1,5h afk waiting for captain Bren until someone told me about it ;p

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  • Halcy

    Anyone know of any potential good long range consumable (weapons)?

    To help with the ranged deprived, like thief. Best range is a sad 1050…

  • Pingback: GW2 Comprehensive Warrior PvE Guide by Element & Purple Miku - Dulfy()

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