SWTOR Patch 1.6.3 Cartel Market update

A list of the new items introduced with the Cartel Market 1.6.3 update on Jan 23, 2013. There are 3 new oufits, a new mount, and a new bundle for preferred access players.

Czerka CR-17 Incendia Speeder – 1800 CC

This new speeder is adaptive and offers exception protection against being knocked off (still get knocked off easily in Section X). Level 10 and Speeder Piloting I to use (included in the package)



Malevolent Interrogator Armor Set – 1440 CC

  • Robe, Lower robe, gloves, shoes, sash, bracers (6 piece set)



Sanctified Caretaker Armor Set – 1440 CC

  • Robe, Lower robe, gloves, shoes, sash, bracers (6 piece set)



Sand People Pillager Armor Set – 1440 CC

  • Chest, legs, gloves, shoes, helm, bracers, belt (7 piece set)



Preferred Access Bundle – 972 CC

  • Unlock: Inventory Module
  • Unlock: Crew Skill Slot
  • Legacy Perk: Improved Speeder Piloting I
  • Customization Control: Display Titles
  • Customization Control: Display Legacy Name
  • Customization Control: Unify Colors
  • Requires level 10 to use
  • Selinda

    Boring choices for the armour, but the speeder looks great.

  • Jason

    aw crap, now I HAVE to buy that mount. Damn you Bioware.

    edit: because it’s awesome, not because of the increased knockoff resistance, I already have that with 2 other speeders on every character.

  • old_benn

    Well, I guess it wouldn’t be SWTOR armor if it didn’t have weird, obnoxious shoulder protrusions. Are SWTOR artists worried that their arms are going to get cleaved off? I guess Sandpeople are only worried about their left arms getting cleaved off.

  • Sarigar

    Character creation armour for Sith Inquisitor and Jedi Consular, thank you Bioware.!

    • Tyler Stewart

      yeah, cool, but really where is the trooper and Bounty Hunter armor, we have been royally screwed over. Think about it, the jedi and sith got some armor, the smuggler and agent got some, but then they go and give the jedi and sith more armor, now i understand there is two jedi classes, but the devs didnt even finish getting all the base classes armor before going back and do more armor. also i hope the trooper and bounty hunter armor isnt exactly the same as the char. screen, because the Bh there sucks and the trooper armor is great, but i can get the same thing around lvl 30ish so that armor is just useful for a little over half the game. the other armor sets havent been in the game before, that s why so many high lvl republic players have the valiant body armor, or sith have the raider armor, its cool armor that hasnt been seen except the raider is similar to athiss loot for a jug if i remember correctly. So i pray to god the final two sets of armor needed are different like the valiant jedi body armor….

      • Sarigar

        Follow this progression and see if you can guess what comes next in the sequence:

        Jedi Knight adaptive armour
        Sith Warrior adaptive armour
        Imperial Agent and Smuggler character creation armour
        Sith Inquisitor and Jedi Consular character creation armour

        Nobody’s gotten “royally screwed over”. They’re doing all the character creation armour as adaptive sets, and rolling them out every couple of weeks. Worst case, we wait another month for Trooper/BH (IF they do the actual Knight/Warrior armours next). Best case, the next pair of adaptive armour sets are Trooper/BH.

  • MalignKarma

    Yet another pile of reskins of existing gear. WOOHOO!


  • Garrus

    Crappy look of armours I notice that since the market has opened there has never been a complete Bounty Hunter look just Jedi and Sith crap

    • Sarigar

      It’s all but certain that the next round of armours will include the Bounty Hunter and trooper character creation armour; they’re the only sets left.

  • Cpt.Badger

    Pay2Win crap with the speeder.

    • Jason

      It’s not Pay2Win, you could get that extra knock off reduction from the CE/DD speeder or the buddy speeder previously, or you could get the tank from end game and not get knocked off at all.

      At least do a LITTLE research before whining.

    • Tyler Stewart

      you cant use the spdr in combat, there isnt any weapons on it is there, knock off protection is just incase you pull aggro on accident

  • iceberg265

    Speeder is pretty cool, but its overpriced. If it was like a quarter of the price I would be all over it.

    • AbnerDoon

      Honestly that is an okay price for buy to own. Instead of gambling with the packs and hoping the luck is with you. It should be around $15-$17 vs 2 to 3 million credits on the rare pack mounts.

      I wonder if they are testing the waters with this one? The majority of the mounts sold have been /meh. This is really the first I have seen that competes with the rares.

    • CBNuttree

      If it was a quarter of the price, EVERYONE would be all over it.

  • Aelix

    Now that’s the kind of speeder I’ve love to use in a speeder racing mini-game. Shame about the price but I guess they’re thinking of WoW’s and still testing out what they should be charging.

  • DarthGummiBear

    The speeder would be a lot nicer if it didn’t look like it was owned by Ronald McDonald.

  • davezero

    GRRRRRRR…… Again no Trooper/BH stuff. Screw you Bioware……

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  • f

    @ BioWare: boooooring armor!

  • mouseno4

    Good to see you still playing Kristina.

  • AshlaBoga

    The Sand People stuff is sort of lame, it’s just a green-ish version of the Social III Tatooine gear.

    • Tyler Stewart

      Couldnt agree more, th devs could have but in the trooper/BH armor in instead of that crap.

  • Ainarien

    I don’t mind that they’ve added the consular/inquisitor armour per se – some people may have been looking forward to it, and I hope they enjoy it – but I would have liked it if they’d done a bit of work on the sets to make them a bit nicer, a bit more special. Also, the boots on the Sanctified Caretaker set have the same texture bug as the Omenbringer Boots (which is not surprising given that the sets are identical apart from hood up/down, but I honestly expected the devs to fix this issue now that real money’s involved).

  • Cookie

    Amazing, yes, another Sand People Set, don’t we have two of them already? As for the Sith gear they make, none of it even makes me feel like I am playing a Sith. Instead I contentiously find myself frustrated by the overly colourful armour with parts from vacuum-cleaners and what appears to be the controller of an Atari. Where’s the Black? Where’s the Darth Maul inspired armour or a Black Hooded Robe without sparkles and hoses so we can actually feel like we’re Sith warriors, not red/black troopers.

  • TwistedDM

    Speeder looks awesome and I am very, very tempted, but the thing holding me back is that for the price it should be an account-wide unlock. People are comparing the price point to WoW’s mounts, but at least if I pay for a mount in WoW I can use it on ALL my characters, present and future… 1800 cc per character for this one is pushing it.

    • lunathyk

      Ye, and change this 1800 cc price for real money and it will say that you will pay more money for mount than for new expansion set. This is really weird. Lower price for CC or lower price of CC for mount and items.

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  • Frae

    Sucks not being rich and playing this game. It feels like any new cool item is for real money now. Yeah I get my creds every month, but it’ll take me months to get anything cool. Wish I could earn some cool new mounts and gear by paying my monthly sub and raiding and pvping. Yeah some are spotted on the AH, but I don’t have the time to farm up millions of credits. This game hates us poor casual players lol. Oh well guess in time I can get cool things too. Still cool to see the picks you post Dulf. Still love the website and all the work you do 🙂

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