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SWTOR Unusual eggs Orokeet locations and hatching guide

A comprehensive guide to finding unusual eggs in SWTOR and hatching these and mysterious eggs to obtain the Orokeet and Orosquab pets.


Alderaan- Unusual eggs (both factions)

There are three locations for unusual eggs in Alderaan. Glarus Valley, Kaamos Territory, and Alsakan Lowlands. Glarus Valley is the easiest to reach but requires the usage of MGGS, which costs 10k credits. Kaamos Territory is slightly harder as one of the nests require some tricky jumps. Alsakan Lowlands is probably the hardest to reach due to difficult jumps that can kill you if done incorrectly.

In each location, there are two nests that are near each other. The unusual egg have a chance to spawn in either nest within a given location and it is usually on a 3-5 hr respawn timer.

Alderaan – Glarus Valley/Castle Panteer

Very easy to reach but requires the usage of MGGS. MGGS can be purchased from Lain-Ricie in Juran Mountains of Alderaan for 10k credits.


Go to west end of Glarus Valley, where Castle Panteer is located. Instead of entering the castle, take a left and go to the back side of Castle Panteer.


Now, there are two nests here, both require the usage of MGGS. This area is surrounded by level 31 mobs, something to note if you are low level.

Look at the minimap to see where to stand. Here you can grapple directly to the first nest (just right click the magnetic stabilizer thingie if you are within range). For the second nest, you need to head in the other direction.


Here, you will need to move a bit into the debris field, where you will find the second grapple point.


Once you grapple up there, you will need to walk along the beam nearby to find the second nest.


Alderaan – Kaamos Territory

Two nests here, one is easier to reach than the others. You will need to head to Kaamos Territory in the north and go to this cave located on the map. Beware that there are many cave structures nearby so make sure the cave it is called Anzaada Cavern.



Go through the cave and exit it. Keep following the path and until you arrive here. From here, you can take two paths, the left path will take you to the nest that is right above the cave exit and it is fairly easy to reach.


The right path will take you a nest right above the cave entrance, and it is a bit harder to reach. It is best to check on the nest 1 (above cave exit) as you can just jump down and continue on the path for nest 2 if the egg is not there.


Alderaan – Alsakan Lowlands

This location has no mobs nearby but it is a bit harder to reach for low level characters due to the diffcult jumps involved that can take off a quite bit of your health and kill you if you are not careful.  Republic players may find this place easier to reach than imperials.

Head to the Alsakan Lowlands on the southern portion of Alderaan. For Imperials, the nearest quick travel location is probably Outpost Talarn Thranta, the rest you will need to foot it.


Once you get there, you will see a broken bridge. You want to go around and head to the northern broken section. From there, you can drop down onto the big wooden log.


Now from the big wooden log, you can access both nests. The egg, if it is there, will be in one of the two nests (usually on a 3 hr spawn). With these jumps, you have to be super careful to and drop down carefully. While in midair, you can still move your character to direct the direction of the jump.

If you need to restart or access the other nest, using /stuck is a great way to get back to the wood log to start it over.

Balmorra- Unusual eggs (Empire)

Balmorra location is fairly easy to reach. Head to Markaran Plains on the west side of Balmorra.


Once you are there, look for some rocks near the lake to climb over (you will be entering a heroic area with a world boss nearby). Both nests are right beside each other for easy access.


Taris- Unusual eggs (Republic)

Head to Tularan Marsh area of Taris. Here you will find a pipe on the ground.


Run up the pipe, keep going right and follow the big slabs of rock until you see a gap between two slabs.This jump can be tricky so make sure you are on your speeder when you make the jump.


Once you make it across the gap, keep going until you reach the wall. The nests are in the grassy area.


Hatching (Tatooine)

This hatching is applicable to both the Unusual Egg and the Mysterious that is dropped from hardmode Lost Island bosses.

1. Water Access Panel

You need to get some water first to counter the heat from the machine that you will need to incubate the egg. Look for these vaporizers all around Tatooine, especially in the Jundland area (take the Taxi from the main town to the 1st, 2nd stop etc and then just look for clickable vaporizer).


Once you find a clickable vaporizer, you will get a buff that lasts for 25 minutes and protects you from extreme heat.

2. Incubation

Head to this area of the Dune Sea on the very west end of Tatooine. There you will find a solar panel to incubate the egg.


All you need to do is to stand under the solar panel with the egg inside your inventory. You will get a message that your egg is showing some sign of life. Continue to stand under there (for maybe about 30 seconds) and eventually the egg will hatch!


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11 replies on “SWTOR Unusual eggs Orokeet locations and hatching guide”

You can hatch 2 eggs at once (eg. mysterious and unusual). Don’t try to get more of the same egg in inventory, as birds are bop.

I am having a problem getting the egg to hatch on Tatooine. I have the water from the evaporator and when I stand under the heat source, I get the message “Your egg is showing signs of life”, then about 15 or 20 seconds later, I get the message about exhaustion, turn back now. Anyone else having this problem?

Was able to find a Water Access Panel in the Dune Sea as well (much close to the solar panels).
There’s one at -2307, -1047 Dune Sea, possibly more.

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