Amber Green on Heroic Space Missions bug

Amber Green, Live Community Coordinator, talks about the upcoming fixes for Heroic Space Missions.

These space missions have been bugged since the launch. Only one mission was resetting for me through out the week. Now I get three to reset and can only accept one cause the other two say I am not eligible for them. I figured you’d have plenty of time to fix, but how can it work on the test server and not when you launch the patch? Is it just me or are other people having this issue. I know it is about the money cause I see new cartel items, and this is what I am saying. I want these space missions so I can make in game money. I spent my cartel coins and time to equip my ships and I can’t play any of them
Heroic Space Missions – Bugged | 01.18.2013, 04:29 PM

Hi folks. I just wanted to step in and let you know that we have identified a fix for the availability issues with the Heroic Space Combat missions, and it’ll be deployed in an upcoming patch. Thanks for your understanding while we worked on a solution.

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