Colin Johanson clarifies some details on January 2013 update

Colin Johanson  answered some player questions on the forums regarding the January 2013 update.

Just ascended amulets? what about the rest of the gear? – PhilipRed.9473:

Good question!

Ascended rings will also be available for laurels as well. Back slot items will be made more widely available in the future and will likely tie into a different reward system.

(Please note, the ascended gear purchased for laurels will not have agony resistance built in, since that mechanic is currently unique to progression in the fractal dungeons. They are however statistically the same as any other ascended gear.)

We will also introduce an additional reward system (or systems) in the future to make these items more accessible to WvW players on top of the laurel system.

The remaining ascended item types will be introduced in future releases, and may or may not tie into the laurel system, TBD.

(Edited to add note about agony)

Colin Johanson

I’m sure I read somewhere that the achievement points we already have from previous dailies and monthlies will be taken into account with this update, so some of us will already have some currency to spend? – Eddie.6701

Laurels are only earned through daily and monthly achievements (starting with the feb monthly) and will not reward for previous daily/monthly achievements completed since folks didn’t know this system was coming.

We will however introduce an expanded/new reward system in the future that will reward for other types of achievements, this system will reward previous achievement points earned. (But may require bringing back into line some infinitely repeatable achievements that would bloat/break this system)

Colin Johanson

Thanks for the post and clarification! The ascended items obtainable via laurel, will they at least have the infusion slot? Or just the stats? – cesmode.4257:

You will also be able to put infusions in the ascended gear from laurels, yes!

And that concern is this: I’m worried that this entire multi-month event is just setting the stage for the first expansion, and that we’ll have to buy the expansion to get the full story. GW1 managed to introduce entire post-campaign storylines of a fairly significant size and did it entirely for free, so I sure hope GW2 isn’t drumming up this multi-month event for additional drama when they announce the first expansion. That’d be awfully disappointing.

Colin, mind putting my fears to rest, please? – critickitten.1498:

This is not a live storyline that requires you to purchase an expansion to discover the ending, no. This month is a small lead-in to kick off a storyline that will play out over the coming months.

Colin Johnson

Lastly, Martin Kerstein and Regina Buenaobra came in with some news.

Just want to step in here for a second to comment on a few speculations:

There will be no mounts, no Cantha and no dragons coming with this story arc.
Sorry if that destroyed some dreams.

Martin Kerstein

Hello, I’m here to crush your dreams.
There will be no mounts coming with the Flame and Frost story arc.
Also, to address further speculation we’ve seen about the concept art for Flame and Frost (and what it may portend): there will be no Cantha and no dragons coming with the Flame and Frost story arc, either.
Thank you.

Regina Buenaobra

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