Cory Kolek on upcoming UI customization changes

Cory Kolek, a UI programmer at Bioware Austin, discusses about some of the upcoming UI changes you can expect in a future game update.

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I’m Cory Kolek, also a UI programmer here at Bioware Austin. I originally implemented the UI Customization feature, and I’m always looking for ways to improve it. I just finished adding the option to change the scale of your buffs and debuffs within the operation, party, player, and target frames. This change has recently entered testing, so look forward to it in a future Game Update!

Players had more questions for Cory Kolek

Quote: Originally Posted by jasoneth

That’s brilliant!
Any chance there’s a way of visually differentiating the HoTs and DoTs you’ve cast on the target frame (or in the raid frame) , like making them larger, different background, underline… something?
Even just physically separating buffs from debuffs (as they are on the target frame) on the raid frame would be ideal.
Raid healer here hoping for more.

Quote: Originally Posted by EATtheDEAD

Don’t know if anyone has mentioned it already or if it’s already on your list of upgrades, but I would really love if my keybinds could be saved and loaded like the Interface Editior.

I roll alts out the *** so it gets tedious to have to redo all my keybinds a billion times.

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Both of those changes aren’t as simple as they might seem. With that said though, they’re definitely on our list of improvements to be made eventually. No ETA at the moment though.

Question on Chat Bubbles was brought up

Quote: Originally Posted by Glzmo

Nice. That should come in handy, especially at high resolutions.
Since you’re a GUI guy, would you be the person to work on chat bubbles as well?

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I don’t have much else to say on the topic than what was already said in that thread.

I can get a bit more technical on the topic though. As it was said before chat bubbles were a huge performance hit on the game when we had initially implemented them in beta. We’re talking upwards of 400Mbs of video memory used on chat bubbles alone. Nameplates had the same issue. We fixed nameplates but have not had time to do the same with chat bubbles. If you played in beta and saw our initial implementation of them they weren’t very pretty or as fully featured as we’d like them to be. So, yes, we would like to implement them again, but when we do we want to do it right.

  • al

    Another idea would be to temporarily filter out names so that during RP, you only see the RP of players that you’re currently rping with? I dunno maybe that’s even worse.

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