Gaile Gray clarifies Arenanet stance on Dual/multi Boxing

Players had some concerns about the legality of Dual/Multi boxing and Gaile Gray took on the forums to elaborate.

On October 14, 2012, CC Eva posted some information regarding dual/multiboxing that was incorrect.

Hi everyone.

Multiboxing is not allowed in Guild Wars 2 and you can help us stopping them by correctly reporting via the in-game reporting tools. Thanks for your collaboration!


Gaile Gray took to the forums today to clarify.

To be honest, CC Eva’s information was not accurate. I thought that the post in question had been edited, but if it was quoted by someone before it was edited, then that explains why the misinformation has continued to be a matter of concern.

We do not prohibit dual-boxing or multi-boxing, as long as the player is actively playing on each account.

Sticky Post about Third-Party Programs is here.

Gaile Gray

Thank you for pointing out that post from last September. I’m afraid that the information provided was not accurate and I have edited the post to reflect our stance. Edited post.

Players were not convinced.

As of Jan 23rd Multiboxing is not allowed in any form. Doesn’t matter if you’re at the computer. You may be able to play multiple accounts, but not at the same time by one person. Using a wireless keyboard on multiple computers is the same as using illegal third party software. Other games may allow multiboxing, GW2 does NOT. – yocto.1782:

This is not accurate. Please provide a source for this information “as of January 23rd.” If you are citing, as you did in another posts, the September post by one of the moderators, that simply was not accurate. I have edited that post to include the proper information.

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