GW2 Laurel Merchant items

GW2 Laurel merchant and new items introduced with the Flame and Frost update.


Lion’s Arch, just outside the WvW gates. Also located in major cities.



The laurel merchant have several tabs.

Misc Tab

  • Chauncey von Snuffles III and Goedulf are both minipets
  • 10 Mystic Binding Agent – Used in conjunctions with silvers, fragments, shards, cores, and lodestones in the Mystic Forge (It replaces the Bottle of Elonian Wine in functionality and save you some dust and crystals when promoting silvers –> fragments, fragments –> shards, and shards –> cores).
  • Class gear – contains rare or exotic piece of level 70-80 class gear.(Ranger box gave 1 Rare Rifle and 1 Rare Medium Leather shoulder piece, Warrior box gave 2 rares, 1 helm and 1 warhorn. None of the skins are unique).
  • Harvesting tools – highly efficient at gathering resources and uncovering rare components
  • Crafting bags – Heavy version contains tier 6 crafting materials. Large version contain tier 5 crafting mats etc.


Ascended Amulets

  • New utility infusions – Glided Infusion – +20% gold from monsters, Magical Infusion- +20% Magic Find, Experience Infusion –+20% experience from kills, Karmic Infusion – +15% karma
  • See this guide on a detailed stat breakdown of the new ascended amulets


Ascended rings


WvW items


One time account purchases

  • One-time account purchases that contain everything you’ll need to get your feet wet in each of the eight crafting disciplines.
  • Each kit will feature a small amount of common crafting mats and fine crafting materials, enough to get you to ~ 50 in that crafting discipline.


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25 replies on “GW2 Laurel Merchant items”

A month’s worth of dailies for amulets is really disappointing…means those of us with alts are going to have to wait AGES to get all our characters properly geared (unless we want to buy + upgrade triforges)

Yeah, you can get over 40 Laurels if you play for the whole month, so it wont take that long, as you only need 30. It would take maybe 2.5 months to get an amulet and two rings, and seeing as dailies take no time at all, and after doing a month of dailies, the monthly should be done, I don’t know why you are complaining.

So… basically, we’re all stuck doing fractals everyday for Rings. Then using gold to build TriForges too. Is it me or did the gear grind just get worse, not better?

When one considers in the dev’s eye’s, a month of daily’s in WvW or PvE is equal to 10 daily’s in Fractals, you’d feel the pressure to “have” to do Fractals. I feel like Anet’s bastard child for preferring WvW and hating JP’s and Dungeons.

I can understand that. As someone that only plays WvW, I feel like we’ve been neglected a lot. I really am looking forward to their upcoming WvW progression updates and assorted WvW things. I hope they can deliver and deliver soon. People may spend hours doing dungeons or PvE, but spending hours doing WvW is just as arduous and down and gritty work as anything else. We should be able to get progression, ascended items, and other such things through that game mode.

“Ranger box gave 1 Rare Rifle and 1 Rare Medium Leather shoulder piece”. Is this information correct? Rangers can’t use Rifles so why would it give one in the Ranger Gear Box?

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