GW2 Lost Orrian Jewelry Box guide

A guide to the new Lost Orrian Jewelry box that was introduced with the Flame and Frost Prelude patch on Jan 28, 2013. These new boxes can be found on various karma vendors around Orr (Straits of Devastation, Malchor’s Leap, Cursed Shores)


Cursed Shores – karma vendors are marked on the map. Or alternatively, you can just go to the karma merchant near the Arah gates.



  • 4550 karma



1) Liquid Karma (note that karma boosters etc work on those )

  • Drop of Liquid Karma – 400 karma/each
  • Taste of Liquid Karma – 1700 karma/each
  • Vial of Liquid Karma – 2500 karma/each
  • Swigs of Liquid Karma – 3000 karma/each

2) Obsidian Shard (<1/5 chance)

3) Lodestones (low chance)

4) Mini – Risen Priest of Balthazar – account bound and cannot be used in the mystic forge


5) Potions –Soulbound perm elemental transformation (endless tonics)

Hard Potion – Earth Elemental


Cold Potion – Ice Elemental


Charged Potion – Air Elemental


Warm Potion – Fire Elemental


6) Unidentified object – trash that sells <1 silver each

  • kaas

    So its not an exploit?

  • geoff0011

    Got the mini on my first round of boxes. Shame you cant sell those. :/

  • frox

    110k karma later.. got around 90 silver worth of trophies.. great

  • Pessimissed

    So basically Gambling Karma for Lodestones?

  • Hedge

    500k karmas worth of boxes, and I earned in total 10g (lodestones), a minipet, potion, 27 shards and a lot of junk. I liked that, even though I spent all of my karma, the boxes never felt like they were a waste of karma.

  • HowellQ

    Is the tonic the Exotic (endless) or Rare (1 use) version? Or maybe both drop from them?

  • Fallon

    There is also a Warm Tonic (Fire Elemental) – is it an exotic tonic/endless. I got it from these chest. 🙂 Thanks Dulfy! You’re awesome!

    • HowellQ

      Oh, that’s cool. Know what I’ll spend karma on with my ele 🙂

    • ty, got a pic perhaps? 🙂

      • Vixxi

        I got lucky, minipet and Warm Potion out of 100k worth of karma spent 🙂

      • Vixxi

        This is the potion in inventory.

  • Fallon

    Just 1 thing, in-case anyone is curious; If you have 4 of this new mini pet, he cannot go in the forge. He does not light up with other exotic minis/dust/ectos or 4 of this particular mini.

    • Thanks, added that in 🙂

  • Dunno if it’s because im an asura but charged elemental is really small 🙂

    • looks about the right size for an air elemental, thanks 🙂

  • bromi

    Worth noting i think that vials they drop are subject to karma boost as all other daily/dungeon vials are. So when you go to gamble with large amount you probably want to get this boost.
    As you can recursively drink them and buy more boxes.

    Imho i got near 300k karma worth from 100k start of buying.

  • Zbynek Jaros

    Cold Potion elemental

  • PlasticBlue

    Seems you can also get exotics from those boxes: (about 15 seconds in)

  • PlasticBlue

    Nevermind my previous post. I’m sick so I can’t seem to tell the difference between a minipet and exotic armor -_-

  • 190k karma (+ using all additional karma vials until I was at 0 karma) got me 1 onyx lodestone, 1 molten lodestone, 10 obsidian shards, and 1.6 gold in selling unidentifiable trophy items to the merchant. I opened up over 80 boxes, and it resulted in a profit of about 4.4 gold.

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  • neb

    did you check the karma rewarded for the items yourself? just the wiki lists them differently

    • Ah I had vial of liquid karma listed wrong. That should be 2500 karma. Drop should be 400. Oops

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  • Pachaman

    After 250k karma spent….

  • Alex

    Lmao you guys I randomly bought ONE SINGLE ORRIAN BOX just RANDOMLY when I first discovered orr and got the risen pet XDDDD from my first box lmao!

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