GW2 New Orr temple exotics

A list of the new GW2 Orr temple exotics with the Flame and Frost Prelude patch. Note that all these new exotics cost 42k karma each and must be unlocked by completing the temple event.

Each temple has 4 new exotics, accessory, backpiece, amulet, and ring.


Temple of Balthazar – Straits of Devastation

  • Cavalier’s Spineguard, Cavalier’s Ring, Cavalier’s Field Guide, Cavalier’s Amulet


Temple of Dwayna – Malchor’s Leap

  • Book of the Rabid Deeds, Rabid Amulet, Rabid Spineguard, Rabid Ring


Temple of Lyssa – Malchor’s Leap

  • Magi’s Field Guide, Magi’s Amulet, Magi’s Spineguard, Magi’s Ring


Temple of Melandru – Cursed Shores

  • Wayfarer’s Field Guide, Wayfarer’s Amulet, Wayfarer’s Spineguard, Wayfarer’s Ring


Temple of Grenth – Cursed Shores

  • Soldier’s Field Guide, Soldier’s Amulet, Soldier’s Spineguard, Soldier’s Ring


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20 replies on “GW2 New Orr temple exotics”

Apparently these are part of the loot tables too, I picked up the “Book of Rabid Deeds” as a chest drop in fractals (lvl 3) last night.

trinkets are not always earrings, for example you can have a charr landmine as a trinket from a karma vendor, or several other items that aren’t earrings as well.

got that “Wayfarer’s Spineguard” in Sorrow’s Embrace before update, i was surprised never seen exotic spineguard in 1k hours ingame:P

Finally we don’t have to spend gold on the exotic versions of these equips, but unfortunately these are all the useless prefixes.

It’s too bad there are no Berserker or Knights, just an oversight that the two most popular types are left out?

Probably because they are easy to get. You can craft them for pretty cheap or buy them easily. These other stats are harder to get or are not craftable.

you can craft berserker’s trinkets with ruby orbs and knight’s with emerald orbs in jewelcrafting. They’re on the trading post as well

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