GW2 Ascended amulet and utility infusions

A guide to obtaining the new ascended amulets and utility infusions introduced with the Flame and Frost Prelude patch.


  • All of the ascended amulets, rings, and infusions can be purchased from the Laurel Merchant near the WvW gates in Lion’s Arch and also at major cities (look for the laurel symbol on maps).

Ascended Amulet

  • All of these Ascended amulets cost 30 laurels each, which are obtained from the daily and monthly achievements. Keep in mind that some amulets have 4 stat combinations and there are 3 items with identical stats except difference in the type of infusion slot (offensive, defensive, utility)


Utility Infusions

These utility infusions only go on ascended amulets currently as these are the only type of ascended gear with utility infusions.

  • Glided Infusion:  +20% gold from monsters – 20 laurels
  • Magical Infusion:  +20% Magic Find – 20 laurels
  • Experience Infusion: +20% experience from kills – 10 laurels
  • Karmic Infusion:  +15% karma – 10 laurels

Defensive/Offensive Infusions

These infusions can be brought for 5 laurels off the laurel merchant but do not come with any agony resist. Defensive/offensive infusions with agony resist are only crafted or brought from the FOTM dungeon vendor.

Infusion Slot Stats Laurels
Healing Defensive +4 Healing 5
Resilient Defensive +4 Toughness 5
Vital Defensive +4 Vitality 5
Malign Offensive +4 Condition Damage 5
Mighty Offensive +4 Power 5
Precise Offensive +4 Precision 5

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35 replies on “GW2 Ascended amulet and utility infusions”

I have a question. If you put one of these infusions into a non infused Fractal Capacitor would it make it into the shiny infused version saving 250 Globs of Ectoplasm?

The infused version allow you to get +10 agony resist on a single capacitor since it has a +5 agony resist already on the item and have an additional free slot for an infusion. Having an infused capacitor isn’t the same as slotting in an infusion into the capacitor – these are different processes.

Additionally, you wouldn’t be able to put a utility infusion into a backpiece, would you? There are only offensive/defensive backpieces/rings afaik

What is the point of the quasi-Berserker prefix that trades off a bit of Precision for Vitality? They should remove these prefixes and put in the ones that matter but are unavailable, like Knight’s.

Just need some advice. Stat-wise is it better to have the Triforge Ascended Amulet or the Ascended Amulets from Laurels with the infusions?Cost being no object.

What do you guys think will be a better utility infusion, + gold or +mf? Unless you want to buy an infusion for ar, the +4 to stats is obviously not worth it… Just not sure which will be more lucrative.

Well, it is hard to say. +gold is guaranteed – if the mob drops gold, then you gain value from that infusion. +mf is well, still RNG. You may get lucky, or it may feel like a waste. Personally I would go for the gold, never really like mf much.

I’m not sure if I understood correctly.
Is that possible to add an agony resist infusion (crafted in mystic forge) to an amulet bought from a laurel merchant?

Guess none can give me a 100% sure answer until we test it in the next days but i would like to ear your opinion: are Versatile Simple Infusion compatible with amulet’s Utility infusion Slot ? If they are why in the hell sould i buy an amulet with defensive or offensive infusion slot ?

Is it tested that these amulets can not be infused in some way similar to the rings , so that they gain an inherent +5 AR ?

Yes people tried the traditional way to infuse them but that didn’t work. I think these amulets are not intended to be infused since they are obtained outside the FOTM.

I bought my amulet today and i tried to put on the verstaile infusion that we can buy with 75 fractal tokens and it worked ! So we can buy the acended amulet with an utility slot and put a 5 agony resistance in it until we get the +20% gold 🙂
Just to let you know.

Again, thanks for your hard work !

yes if you buy the versatile agony infusion from the fractal dungeon vendor, you can put it into any type of infusion slot (defensive, offensive, utility)

Thank you, this simple summary for these Laurel items was exactly what I was trying to find. Always nice when the GW2 community comes through with info when it isn’t in a straightfoward format in the game.

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