GW2 daily achievements guide

A updated guide to the new GW2 daily achievements revamped with the February Flame and Frost The Gathering Storm patch . Included below are some tips on quickly finishing each portion of the daily.

Daily Ambient Killer – 30 Critter kills

  • A good spot for lots of critters/ambient creatures is the Godlost Swap in Queensdale. Lots of Sparkfly and Frogs to kill for your enjoyment.


Daily Aquatic Slayer – 25 Underwater kills

  • Kill stuff in water, got my done in Cursed Shores but anywhere with water and mobs works.

Daily Ascalonian Event Completer – 4 events

  • For this, I really like the NW corner of Diessa Plateau. It has two event chains nearby (Meatoberfest and Dredge Assault), and events from the Living Story also occurs here. In addition, there is a group event with a Champions Plains Wurm just west of Village of Butcherblock as well.


Daily Ascalonian Killer – 40 Ascalonians killed

  • Both storymode and explorable Ascalonian Catacombs have Ascalonians you can kill. You can do storymode Ascalonian Catacombs and knock out the Story Dungeon Completer in one go.
  • Additionally, areas such as the Ascalon City Ruins in Plains of Ashford or the Monument Grounds/Shattered Paradise in Blazeridge Steppes have lots of soloable Ascalonian mobs for the achievement.


Daily Ascalonian Veteran Killer – 3 Veterans killed

  • There is a really good location in Plains of Ashford near the new waypoint introduced last patch that has 3-4 Ascalonian veterans you can kill for this achievement.


Daily Champion Slayer – 1 Champion killed

  • Lots of places to do this one but if you are doing the Kessex Hill event chain (see under Daily Events) then there is a guaranteed champion at the 3rd even down south (Kill the Harathi Overlord). Sometimes if there are enough people at the bridge event and the event scales up, there will be champion at that event as well.
  • Additionally, if you are doing the Frozen Maw chain for Shiverpeak events, the Champion Shaman at the end also works for this achievement.

Daily Condition Applier – 50 conditions applied

  • This one should be easy – stack Bleeds, weakness, confusion etc on the mobs. It is like the achievement to kill x number of mobs.

Daily Condition Remover – 20 conditions removed

  • Have condition removal skills equipped and remove conditions as you encounter them.

Daily Costume Brawl Champion – Champion once

  • This one can be pretty easy to complete, especially if you have boxing gloves or Scepter of Thorn from the Halloween event.
  • You need to land 25 hits on other players to become a champion. The white cross track your hits on other players and the little icon with the crown tells you how many times you became a champion.


  • One interesting trick a guildie uses is to purchase the Pirate Captain’s Outfit (700 gems)which give you a cannon as one of the sword skills. Next, you purchase the Boxing Gloves (300 gems) and place the cannon down as a bait. A lot of players will see the cannon and activate it. This will flag them for costume brawl and you can quickly switch to your boxing gloves and knock them senseless.

Daily Crafter – make 10 items

  • Easy achievement, just refine 10 items.

Daily Dodger – Dodge 15 attacks

  • Skills with evade counts for this achievement as well.
  • Flame Legion Igniter mobs outside Citadel of Flame in Fireheart Rise (you can find some on the bridge) – if you dodge their flamethrower attack, it counts for something like 6-7 dodges. Run around in a circle around them a few laps and you should get your daily dodger done fast.


  • Ice wurms in Frostgorge sound south of Honor of the Waves dungeon entrance – they have a rock attack that can be dodged very easily. Dodge as soon as you see the rock is in the air if you stand close to them.


  • Young Karka in Southsun Cove – wait for first attack and then dodge towards them for 3-4 dodges in one go.

Daily Dungeon Completer – Complete 1 dungeon

  • A quick Citadel of Flame Path 1 run will do or any dungeons really. Path 1 is fast.

Daily EventsComplete 5 events

  • Kryta: Kessex Hills. There are 3-4 events part of the Battle of Fort Salma event chain, They are fast events with a quick respawn timer. Events that are part of the chain occur at locations 1-3 in a sequential manner so just WP over there and see which events are going on.


  • Ascalon: NW corner of Diessa Plateau has two event chains nearby (Meatoberfest and Dredge Assault), and events from the Living Story also occurs here. In addition, there is a group event with a Champions Plains Wurm just west of Village of Butcherblock as well.


  • Shiverpeaks:  Frozen Maw event chain in Wayfarer Foothills: 6-7 events can be done in a few minutes with a chest in the end that give out rares. .Event chain repeat every 25 minutes and start in Krennak’s Homestead Waypoint.


  • Maguuma Jungle:  There is a place in Sparkfly Fens that is really nice for events as there are two event chains right next to each other. The event chain Assault on Fort Cadence occurs in the north and ends with [Group Event] Sink the Ash Horizon which you can easily solo by attacking the ship from land. Down in the south, there is Protecting Zintl Holy Grounds event chain which have a series of events.


Daily Event Mentor – 5 sidekicked events completed

  • Sidekicked just means completing event in zones under your character level (i.e. scaled down). Doing events in pretty much every zone that is below your character level works for this.

Daily Feast – 25 food eaten

  • Go on the Trading Post and search for pie, then buy 25 pies that cost like 2-3 coppers.Don’t try search via consumables –> food, that filter is broken.


Daily Fractal Runner – 1 Fractals Completed

  • Just do a fractal

Daily Gatherer – Gather 20 items

  • Self explanatory, go to Cursed Shores/Malchor’s Leap to do your daily Orichalcum run for the best bang for the buck! Use if you are unsure where the orichalcum ores are located.

Daily Group Events – 2 group events

  • Kryta: 2a and 3 of the 3-4 events in Kessex Hills event chain are group events so this one should be fairly easy to complete.
  • Shiverpeaks: If you are doing the Frozen maw event chain in Wayfarer Foothills, the last event is also a group event.
  • Maguuma Jungle: Sink the Ash Horizon in Assault on Fort Cadence is a group event that is easily soloable.
  • Ascalon: There is a group event with a Champions Plains Wurm just west of Village of Butcherblock in NW Diessa Plateau


Daily HealerRevive 10 allies (players or NPCs)

  • The field north of Nebo Terrace in Gendarran Fields is a good spot to rez NPCs as there are a lot of dead NPCs in the field and most of die quickly to the skelks after being rezzed


  • An old favorite is the Thaumanova Reactor in NW corner of Metrica Province. There are a lot of dead asura NPCs to revive and lots of different mobs to kill for daily kill variety.


Daily Karma Spender – Spend 750 Karma

  • Your best returns for this is probably to buy the Lost Orrian Jewelery box off the Orr Karma vendors if you have over 4500 karma. These boxes give you some karma back and chance to lodestones.

Daily Keg Brawl Fumble Forcer  – Caused 5 fumbles

  • Keg Brawl is located on the west end of Hoelbrak. There is a NPC there with a two crossed flags icon that you can talk to get started.
  • You must cause 5 fumbles. Fumble occurs when you steal the keg from someone (via #2 skill) but you are far enough that the keg is not directly passed to you but drops on the ground instead.

Daily Keg Brawl Scorer  – 3 scores

  • You must score 3 times for this achievement to count. To score, you must bring  a keg to the NPC on your side. Do this 3 times to complete the achievement.

Daily Keg Brawl Stealer – 5 steals

  • For the steal to count, the keg must not land on the ground during the transfer from the enemy player to you. The best way to do this is stand inside the enemy player with the keg and press 2. This will transfer the keg directly to you unless they are in the middle of throwing it (in which case it is a fumble). If you are too far from the enemy keg carrier when this happens he will throw the keg in the air when you disarm them and this won’t count.

Daily Keg Brawl Victor – 1 win

  • The team that scores 11 points first wins.

Daily Kills – Kill 50 stuff

  • Kill 50 mobs/players

Daily Kill Variety – 13 different types of enemies killed

  • In NE corner of Gendarran Fields there is an arena type of event to kill a variety of animals which is more than enough to finish off the daily kill variety


  • Thaumanova Reactor in NW corner of Metrica Province works well for this, see Daily Healer for map of the location.

Daily Krytan Event Completer – Complete 4 events

  • That Kessex Hills event chain with the centaurs is perfect for this! The chain usually contain 3 events but the cooldown timer between repeats is fairly short (<5 minutes).


Daily Krytan Killer – 40 kills

  • Kessex Hill event chain works perfect for this, see above.

Daily Laurel Vendor

  • There is a laurel vendor right outside the WvW portals in Lion’s Arch. This one is pretty much a freebie.

Daily Leveler – Gain 1 level

  • Fastest way is probably to make a new level 1 character. You will be level 2 when you finish the personal story.

Daily Maguuman Event Completer –4 events

  • There is a place in Sparkfly Fens that is really nice for events as there are two event chains right next to each other
    • The event chain Assault on Fort Cadence occurs in the north and ends with [Group Event] Sink the Ash Horizon which you can easily solo by attacking the ship from land.
    • Down in the south, there is Protecting Zintl Holy Grounds event chain which have a series of events.


Daily Maguuman Slayer – Kill 40 things in Maguuma Jungle

  • Metrica Province, Caledon Forest, Sparkfly Fens, Mount Maelstrom, Brisband Wildlands.
  • If you do the two event chains in Sparkfly Fens, you can rake up those 40 kills relatively quickly.

Daily Maguuman Veteran Killer – kill 4 veterans

  • Just south of the Twilight Arbor entrance in NW corner of Caledon Forest are a bunch of Veteran Mosshearts with fast respawn (<1 min once killed). You can get this daily done over there relatively quick and painless.


Daily Mists Caravan Disruptor5 kills

  • Best bet is to gather near an enemy’s supply camp and kill all the dolyak caravans that comes out.

Daily Mists Invasion Defender10 kills

  • Kill 10 players in WvW

Daily Mystic Forgesmith – 5 uses

  • Throw in some random items into the forge or buy green runes/sigils off the TP (they are like 20 cooper each) and combine them in the mystic forge.

Daily Recycler – 10 items salvaged

  • Buy cheapies off the trading post to salvage if you need.

Daily Shiverpeak Events  – 4 events completed

  • If you do the Frozen Maw chain, you can get this daily done fairly quick and get a chest with a rare in the end as well.The chain starts in Krennak’s Homstead Waypoint and starts every 25 minutes.


Daily Shiverpeak Killer – 40 kills

  • By doing the Frozen maw event chain, you should get this one done pretty quickly.

Daily Shiverpeak Veteran Killer – 3 kills

  • Claw of Jormag event in Frostgorge Sound has a lot of veterans that can finish this achievement rather quickly.
  • If the Claw of Jormag event is not up, you can go north of Earthshake waypoint. There are lots of veterans here ( Veteran Pinesoul. Veteran Wolf, Veteran Icebrood Wolf, Veteran Icebrood Seer to just name a few).


  • In addition, in the cave just east of Solitude Waypoint in NE Wayfarer Foothills, one can find a cave with 3 Veteran Cave Spiders which is perfect for this achievement.


Daily Skill Interruptor – 15 skills interrupted

  • Best mobs to interrupt their skills are mobs with a slow attack that is very well telegraphed. Ettins in Kessex Hills is perfect for this as they have a long charge up attack that you can interrupt easily – knockbacks, knockdowns, pulls, stuns, daze etc.


Daily Skill Point Accumulator –  3 skill points earned

  • If you have a character they have not completed world completion, have them do the skill challenges all over the map. Do 3 of them for the daily.

Daily Personal Story Completer – 1 personal story completed.

  • Make a level 1 character and do the starter tutorial. It is quick and easy. Delete the character afterwards so you can do this daily next time or the Daily Leveler.

Daily Puzzle Jumper – 1 Puzzle completed

  • Quickest and probably the safest jumping puzzle is probably the one in NE corner of Lion’s Arch – Urmaug’s Secret.

Daily Puzzle Discoverer – 3 Puzzles Discovered

  • Unlike the above achievement, you don’t need to complete a jumping puzzle, but rather discover it. The quickest way to do this is to run to the entrace of Urmaug’s Secret in Lion’s Arch. The trigger point for the achievement is where I am standing in the screenshot. Now guest to two other servers and do the same to get the achievement done.


Daily Story Dungeon Completer – 1 story dungeon completed

  • May want to do Ascalonian Catacombs for this since this daily is on the same day as Daily Ascalonian killer. Hard achievement to get since most people don’t run storymodes.

Daily Veteran Slayer – kill 5 veteran mobs

  • Very easy achievement to do, just go to the event area in Kessex Hills (see Daily events) and almost all of the events in that chain have veterans. You can get this done before you even finish up an event.
  • The area to the right of Solitude Waypoint (NE corner of Wayfarer Foothills) also have 3 veteran Cave Spiders with a quick respawn (see Daily Shiverpeaks Veteran Killer)
  • Area of south of Twilight Arbor in Caledon Forest – kill mosshearts. (see Daily Maguuman Veteran Killer)

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

61 replies on “GW2 daily achievements guide”

You have to complete all five dailies in order to get the reward, is it going to be patches before the February update?

The extended dailies should have helped making it easier and more satisfying…

My favorite place to do the events is the Hylek island area in Sparkfly. Three events spawn at the edges of the island, and the Ash Horizon event is nearby (you can easily see if the ship is up even when you’re not in range of the event). Fort Cadence is right beside the Ash Horizon, and usually has either an event to re-take it/protect it or a 2-event chain to escort an Asura into the ruins. There are also periodically events to protect the entrances to the central Hylek area. If all else fails, you can port down near Tequatl to escort quaggan, kill krait at the lab, or clear out Chokevine Gorge. If you’re bored of your usual spot, this can help spice it up!

The best place for events is in Wayfarer Foothills: The Frozen Maw. If you’re there from the start to end, you get 6 events completions in under 13 minutes. Krennak’s Homestead Waypoint.

I don’t know what time of the hour it starts, but it seems to repeat itself approximately every 25 minutes or so.

Strange, my reply to your answer disappeared, but here’s what I wrote: I don’t know what time on the hour it starts, but it repeats itself approximately every 25 minutes or so.

I prefer southern portion of Wayfarer Foothills for events – there are two chains in grawl caves (3+2 events) and several nearby events on quick timer. 3-event grawl chain waits for players because first part is bring items to npc, 2-event chain also waits for players to kick it off by talking to npc, so if you are on underpopulated server theese 5 events are always available.

It’s actually 7 events in the chain – the grawl attack on the homestead, escorting Brogan to the lake, destroying the totem, killing the 3 svanir shaman, killing the 3 elite guard, destroying the 3 portals, and killing the champion svanir shaman. It’s just getting credit for both the shaman and the guards is a bit tricky, particularly since the recent updates have made the event chain WAY more popular than it used to be (difficult to get credit for the events even if you tag and get xp for killing things that are part of them, I think math for crediting folks with kills is somewhat borked).

I generally use WvW for daily events if I need them. Even if your server is doing badly and you’re on your own, it’s easy to just kill dolyaks, or sentries, or destroy quaggan camps. Taking a single supply camp tends to net 3 events instantly, including the dolyaks.

I got the veteran daily done last night real easy by killing the Oakhearts in Wayfarer Foothills. I was there anyway doing the living story and they have a decently fast respawn timer.

For veteran slayer, I just went south of Twilight Arbor and killed 5 mosshearts in a few minutes. Very quick and easy to do.

The best place I’ve found for Veteran mobs is the cave to the right of Solitude Waypoint (northeast waypoint in Wayfarer Foothills). There are 3 or so Veteran spiders spread out that respawn quickly.

Skills with evade count for daily dodger. IE a thief’s underwater skill Shadow Assault. find an enemy with a multi-hit attack and spam evade skills.

daily dodger : i am doing it with young karkas in no time …approach them and wait for the first attack …then dodge towards them you 3 or 4 dodges in one go

Another good place for farming the Daily Healer is in Frostgorge Sound if you have a character that can survive the Lv.70-80 environment. The “Help the castaways return to shore” event respawns fairly quickly, and it’s a good quest for the Daily Aquatic Slayer too if both come up on the same day.

Veterans can easily be farmed on World Vs World as well, just take out the solitary guards at enemy sentry points for quick kills, and capture the point for an Event too.

A good place for healer that I use is in Diessa Plataeu: Town of Nageling. If the giant is up, there will be dead NPCs, so go crazy and dodge the giants attack.

Judging by several of the categories that have come up over the last few daily resets (Keg Brawl Victor on the Tuesday reset, Condition Remover yesterday) which are not on the above list anywhere, I think it’s very likely there isn’t any sort of predictable pattern to which set of achievements you’ll see on any given day, and we may not have even seen the full possible range quite yet.

Noticed last night that when running dungeons it counts towards the zone slayer daily.
~ Running SE p1 got the Daily Shiverpeak killer.

No, you can kill every mob in any map that belongs to Ascalon for that achievement (except critters ofc).

daily dodger is really easy right now in Super Adventure Box. just dodge the frogs boss’ waves you get multiple at once

waited 10 mins for vet to spawn after killed one at (Just south of the Twilight Arbor entrance in NW corner of Caledon Forest) and nothing, would of been better to go to mini dungeon – DULFY!!!!

For condition remover, in the area where Shatterer spawns is there are Noxious Plants the apply 4-5 conditions at a time. As a Mesmer use Null Field to remove all conditions every second. Pretty easy to get all 20 conditions off in about 4 or 5 ticks. I know other classes have bulk condition removers as well.

Hi Dulfy, new daily achievement (especially WvW) are missing in your guide since the new June updates.
Tips : Daily achievement have a 14 days countdown. I can give you the different lists if you want for your guide.

The easiest way I found to complete “Daily Group Events – 2 group events” is to do any of the world boss events. I prefer the easy boss encounters like Worm, Modniir Ulgoth, Fire Elemental, the last phase of Frozen Maw, and so forth. I would ignore more time consuming boss events like Lyssa, Dwayna, Fire Shaman, and Claw of Jormag.

The easiest locatation for “Daily Aquatic Slayer – 25 Underwater kills” is Jeztar Falls Waypoint in Metrica Province. There are a lot of low level Inquest mobs on fast respawns. Should be easy for anyone. If this location is busy then Sperrins Waypoint in Caledon Forrest is a nice alternative. Actually there are several underwater locations in Caledon Forrest. Any of them should be easy enough.

… i wish there was one of those for the monthly achievement – i am struggling with the monthly champion one.

alot of people are soing the same thing as you
goto queensdale and farm champions there with a ton of other people

No idea what class you have to be to solo the group Sink the Ash Horizon but as an 80 necro with all 5 pets up it is impossible between the ship launching dead fish bombs and the undeads crawling all over the spot.

tried it with my ranger and longbow but i just get the “out of range” message …
From the spot on your map btw.

Absolutely best spot for daily ambient killer is doubtlessly the WvW borderland where you start at the bottom right corner. The way from the waypoint to the camp to the right is more than enough for daily. Between the two camps (the left and right one) there are approximately 70-80 ambients. It also works perfect for weapon master achievements, as ambients counts towards it.

There are SEVERAL better places.
The quantity is the only thing you identify as a factor of making it the “absolute best location”. The distance between one mabient creature and the next is a factor as well if we are attempting to find the ABSOLUTE best place. I have three places (just off the top of my head without looking) that would give a palyer a substantially faster completion of the “Ambient Killer” daily. Another factor is that loading time into WvW can be a waste of tiem compared to being in a zone that already yields other dailys.

The reason i bother to give this explanation is that I have made a game/challenge out of dailys: Time-Trial dailys. Going to WvW slows your progress SUBSTANTIALLY, and there are only 2/3 other dailys that you can brag in that zone, and they are the 3 longest in duration to obtain.

Here we have an anti-intellectual mess that needs to be sorted out. You said you knew three (3) better places for daily ambient (not “mabient”, I thought such a smart kid like you would know that) killer, and you couldn’t even list one of them. Besides that, I’m normally getting 7-10 of my 12 dailies in just EotM (PvP dailies and daily camp capturer/caravan disruptor is impossible to get). If you have a slow computer and don’t have time for the dailies, don’t do them then. Instead, I actually suggest you to visit a doctor.

This guide works for the achievements, but seems in many ways obsolete. This is how I get mine:

Ambient killer – Borderland where you start in SW corner. Done without even leaving the
safe zone.

Aquatic slayer – Lake Delavan in Queensdale or Underwater Fractal

Ascalonian Killer – Either in AC story (Combined with Story Dungeon Completer) or
in Plains of Ashford Wrecking Yard/Gunbreach Hills (Combined with 2/4
Ascalonian Event Completer)

Champ/Vet slayer – EotM without a doubt, combined with any daily WvW achievement,
except for Camp capper/Caravan disruptor. All sentries/bells/reactors/keep
areas have veterans, and all towers/special objectives will have a champ each.

Condition Applier – Automatic progress with the other achieves

Condition Remover – Skyhammer farm. Stand at the aggro spots, take as many
condis as poss and jump. Upon death you conditions are removed. Can be combined
with Daily Dodger, PvP Matches played, PvP Player kills and in some cases PvP
daily captures

Daily Dodger – Dodge through the aggro at Skyhammer farm 2-5 times, depending
on the number of players. See above.

Daily Events/Group Event Completer – EotM here as well. Every single sentry
capture is counted as an event, and every champ related flip is a group event.

Daily Feast – Buy Rice in Bulk from the master chef. Costs 49 karma and
contains 25 pieces of Rice Balls, which is all you need. The Rice Balls are also
stackable in collections if you don’t want to visit the merchant the next time.

Daily Gatherer – Can be done within any area of the map. Thus, this will be
done with the least of effort if you already have the Watchwork Sprocket
Generator, Candy Corn node and Quartz Crystal Formation inside your home
instance. Those will grant 45% of the daily and replenish themselves every day.
If you also have the gathering/mining/harvesting node, this number will reach
90% without even leaving the instance.

Karma Spender – 3x Fine Salvage kits from the Tier 1 NPC at Memorial Quadrant
inside Black Citadel (the other tiers require confirmation for purchase). If
you already have the Copper-Fed Salvage-o-Matic, the Lost Orrian Jewelry Box is
my best bet as well.

Daily Kill Variety – EotM + Ojon’s Lumbermill towards the lodge in Queensdale

Daily Laurel Vendor – EotM, just a few steps from spawn point.

Leveler – Easy one for me with 10 characters. Otherwise, yet again: EotM, or
PvP reward track in Battle of Kyhlo farm.

Puzzle Jumper – Southsun Cove. The one close to the asura gate is incredibly
easy and quick to complete.

Recycler – An almost guaranteed bonus after finishing WvW Invasion Defender in

Daily Reviver – Thaumanova Reactor in Metrica Province

Shiverpeaks Killer – Borelias Forest/Grawlenfjord (SE) in Wayfarer Foothills.
Grawl in cave, grawl food sack event, the grawl boss in the cave, stampeding minotaur
event, Sons of Svanir slaying at Heart of the Bear, grawl thief disruption, and
the ice block event at Hostra’s Refuge are all events counting against this

Skill Point accumulator – EotM. 10 champion bags should hopefully do it, along
with the XP gained from killing them and completing the events.

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