GW2 Flame and Frost patch new legendary weapon effects

A gallery of the new GW2 legendary weapons effects introduced with the Frost and Flame Prelude patch.

The Dreamer – Shortbow

  • The Dreamer: Updated the projectile effect.
  • The Dreamer (shortbow) now shoot unicorns (second pic taken from qalice on reddit)


Quip – Pistol

  • Added visual-effects polish and footfalls
  • Pictures by Captain Gadget and Roch



The Predator – Rifle

  • Added visual-effects polish and footfalls; updated projectile and hit effects to match the weapon’s look.
  • Picture by Pwnzerchreck


Eternity – Greatsword

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Sunrise effects to play on the Twilight version of the sword.
  • Picture by Frea


The Moot – Mace

  • Added visual-effects polish and footfalls.
  • Big effect when the weapon is drawn out , there is a slight glow around the user’s when the weapon is unsheathed. Footprints are very noticeable but do not last long.
  • Modeled by Dani


Kamohoali’i Kotaki – Spear

  • Added visual-effects polish.

Frenzy – Harpoon Gun

  • Added visual-effects polish.

Kraitkin – Trident

  • Added visual-effects polish.
  • Kraitkin have two appearences, one during daytime (left) and one during nighttime


Howler – Warhorn

  • Added visual-effects polish and footfalls.


By Dulfy

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24 replies on “GW2 Flame and Frost patch new legendary weapon effects”

I loved the Dreamer prior sadly I do not know what to do with my mats since I was working for a while to make it…the rainbow arrows I loved the unicorns as arrows are a bit much for me.

I did love the unicorn bow design but now it is way too fluffy.

It always shot unicorns followed by rainbows, it’s just much more noticeable now since they scaled up the image by like 20 times…. if you look at a video of the old version and pause it to inspect the arrows you’ll notice the unicorns

In my very humble opinion I think nearly all legendaries are ugly. Could be a matter of just taste, but I feel that there are design factors that just fail. Squared greatswords? Daggers that look like torches? And lots of weapons that are just… “alice in wonderland” style o.O flowers? ponys? rainbows? toy pistol? musical instrument focus? jeez even the scepter looks like sweet cotton! Am I alone with this feeling? Or is there a common sense that Anet should put some effort in designing the “hardest stuff to get” in a style that fits GW2 and not AIW?! It’s not fancy effects that will change it… if something it makes it worse…

the point of it is its fun. I love the freakin unicorns and the disco scepter. Ever hear of comedic relief? you must be so much fun at parties

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