GW2 Living story Refugee Volunteer events guide

A guide to the GW2 Living story Refugee Volunteer events and achievements introduced as part of the Flame and Frost prelude patch. Updated Feb 18, 2013.


Refugee Volunteer (Jan 29)

Refugee camp changes (Feb 4)

Refuge camp changes (Feb 11)

Refuge Camp changes (Feb 18) (new)

How the Living Story content works

. Here’s some context on how it works (Bobby Stein- GW2 Lead Writer)

  • The Flame and Frost story content progresses over time. You will not see everything today, tomorrow, or even the next day.
  • Expect subtle changes at first. Maybe you’ll encounter some familiar characters. Perhaps you’ll be introduced to some new ones. You might see a new structure where there wasn’t one before.
  • The Living Story content is initially about the thrill of discovery. We’ll put some markers on your map, maybe send you a letter, or parcel out details through certain characters, but the rest is up to you.
  • As the weeks progress, you’ll notice bigger changes in the world. New events may appear. Plots will advance and characters will develop.

Refugee Volunteer (Jan 29)

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Refugee camp changes (Feb 4)

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Refugee camp changes (Feb 11)

Black Citadel and Hoelbrak

In addition to the Refuge Blacksmith and the Refuge Rancher from Feb 4, there are now two more NPCs that will talk to your briefly.One of them is the Refugee Steadholder talking about Dredge attacks and the other is Refugee Primus talking about attack by Flame Legion. The refugee camp in Black Citadel is also infested with rats.


Refugee camp changes (Feb 18)

Black Citadel and Hoelbrak

There were no additional refugee NPCs to talk to this time but both refugee coordinators in Hoelbrak and Black Citadel have some new stuff to say.

Hoelbrak Coordinator warns of dredge attacks with magic assistance.


Black Citadel Coordinator warns of Flame Legion attacks that took over all the ranches in NW corner of Diessa Plateau.


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54 replies on “GW2 Living story Refugee Volunteer events guide”

You can also assist the limping refugees and also revive some of the refugees. There’s also a steam geysers event that can occur which I think will also award you “acts” I saw the event happening around Breakneck Pass.

There are also some events that provide progress for the achievement, e.g. there is one at the second checkpoint (Breakneck Pass) where you need to kill ice elements.

I think the letter is bugged for some of us.. Relogged. Changed zones. Went into non-overflow map. Exited client and came back. Switched maps again. Nada.

Got the title ‘Volunteer’ as soon as I was done with the 75 helps, but no letter.

Correction: The letter only appears to the character who actually finished the 75. I had to switch to get it done. Once collected, the child’s drawing is account-bound and can be deposited in your bank.

I’m not 100% certain, but the dead merchant seems familiar, like he was already there. He may not be part of the event.

There is a blue dragon painted on the wall. North from Horncall Waypoint in Wayfarers Foothills
past the memento collector, after the third Fallen refugee, look at the wall on
the left side of the cliff. I don’t recall seeing this one before.

Oh and theres a “refugee coordinator” in the Black Citadel (shows up on the minimap as an orange star) who tells you that a group of soldiers (who I assume are the refugees behind him) were run out of their posts by Flame Legion, but he’s awaiting their statements.

Also the Black Citadel herald by the Asura gate says that Wayfarers is having dredge problems, though I don’t think any more events have been added there.

Hmm just read what Bobby Stein said on the GW2 forums. Looks like the mention of dredge will be a hint at some of the upcoming changes as the living story plays out.

Correction: You get the Volunteer title immediately upon completing the 75 ‘acts of assistance’. The letter with the child’s drawing isn’t a necessary component of that.

Just noticed this yesterday – in Lions Arch, on the bridge leading to the entrance to Gendarran Fields, there is a woman named Jennivere Borden. When you talk to her she asks if you’ve seen a family with three children (one newborn) among the refugees. She tells you that they were run out of their farm by marauding pirates in the Gendarran Fields and should have been travelling south with a trader, but she hasn’t seen any sign of them yet. Haven’t explored Gendarran for this family yet, but could this be a quest? Image of Jennivere:

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