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Robert Hrouda on post patch dungeon bugs

Robert Hrouda, Content/dungeon designer for Arenanet, went on the forums today to elaborate on some of the proposed fixes for dungeon bugs encounter due to the removal of rez rushing in the recent patch.

Grawl Fractal

Just did Grawl Fractal, and it was IMPOSSIBLE. The lava debuff you get at the final boss won’t go away, not even when you die, so others can’t res you, not even when you ‘retry from checkpoint’, and not even when you return to dessa’s lab! We had to quit the entire fractals because my entire party had the Lava debuff… Also my armor was entirly destroyed…Riselight.3695

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. We are able to reproduce this if players die in the pools of lava during the final shaman boss fight, and I am working on a solution for this.
Did you notice this happening anywhere other than the pools of lava in the final fight?

Robert Hrouda

Citadel of Flame Path 3

While I generally like the no-rez while in combat mechanic, final boss fight in CoF Path 3 needs to be revised. The way it is now, when you die in the lava, your allies have no way to rez you because you’re ticking for 12k damage every second.- jubskie.3152

I’ll look into this for the next patch. As it stands right now this situation can be mitigated through proper dodge and stability, so it’s not blocking any content and not an emergency issue.

I think my solution for this will be to teleport dead players who die in the lava to the edge of the lava so that other players can revive them, but they won’t be in complete safety from the boss.

Robert Hrouda

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