Amber Green explains Heroic Space Combat dailies

With patch 1.6.3, heroic space combat missions received some fixes but several players were still not aware on how the daily worked. Amber Green, Live Community Coordinator, took on the forums to explain it.

Space combat missions still bugged??!!?? | 01.29.2013, 08:36 PM

We’ve investigated your reports and wanted to let you know that Space Combat Missions are working as designed. However, the patch notes for 1.6.3 were not fully correct, and we understand that this may have caused some confusion. These have now been updated for clarification, and we apologize for the mistake.

With Patch 1.6.3, all Space Combat Daily Missions were moved to be available 12 hours later. They will now reset each day at 6AM CST (4AM PST/7AM EST/12PM GMT/1PM CET/11PM AEDT), rather than at 6PM CST the day before. This includes the new missions, of which there are 6, and they are available as follows:

  • Tuesday – Far Cradle Strike (Imp) / Regnant Station (Rep)
  • Wednesday – Kabal Station Defense (Imp) / Ardis Outpost Fortification (Rep)
  • Thursday – Kanz Minefield (Imp) / New Covar Ice Field (Rep)
  • Friday – Duma Strike (Imp) / Baros Ambush (Rep)
  • Saturday – Lorta Escort (Imp) / Hypori Escort (Rep)
  • Sunday – Cha Raaba Assault (Imp) / Thanium Disruption (Rep)
  • Sunday – Operation Foe Smasher (Imp) / Operation Clean Sweep (Rep)

For balance, we have decided to move one of the Sunday unlocks to Monday in a future patch.
Additionally, we have confirmed that there is a bug with the Republic mission Regnant Station, and it does reward too few credits. This has been added to the Known Issues list and will also be addressed in an upcoming patch.

Jan 30, 2013 , 10:54 AM | #12

To give a bit more clarification, the when picked up, the Heroic Space Combat missions work as follows:

1. The mission for the day is available at 6AM CST (4AM PST/7AM EST/12PM GMT/1PM CET/11PM AEDT)
2. That mission is then available at 6AM CST (4AM PST/7AM EST/12PM GMT/1PM CET/11PM AEDT) the following day.
3. If you did not do the mission from the previous day, it will no longer be in your mission log, meaning these are not missions that can be collected and then complete them on the last day of the week. They cycle daily rather than “reset” weekly.

Hopefully this clears up any further confusion.

With regards to reports of inaccuracies in the schedule and the reported bug above, we are investigating and will report when there’s more information to relay.
Thanks for your feedback!

  • Gole

    Amber Green has since corrected her own confusion.
    If you did not do the mission from the previous day, it will no longer be available from the mission terminal but will still be in your mission log if you have picked it up, meaning they can be collected daily and then complete on a later day.

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