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GW2 Game Update Notes–Jan 30, 2013

GW2 patch notes for Jan 30, 2013

Living Story:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the new Flame and Frost: Prelude content not to appear on all worlds.


  • Fixed a bug where the Risen Priestess of Lyssa’s clones were able to summon more clones.


  • Hid blank world event UI for Temple of the Silent Storm Week.

Player Vs. Player:*

  • Fixed a bug where signets would lose their passive buffs at the start of PvP matches.


  • Returned the Corrupted Short Bow to its former majesty.

  • The advanced harvesting tools sold by laurel merchants now have an appropriate level restriction.

Black Lion Trading Company Gem Store:

  • Fixed a bug where some players using the Makeover Kit were not getting the face they selected.

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