Next GW2 big content update at end of February

Jeffrey Vaughn, Content Designer for GW2, recently dropped a hint about Feburary’s content release date when responding to a player question.

I have good news and bad news.

Good news: I think I found the issue, somehow there were 2 copies of the door, which could get out of synch. (So one door thought it was closed, blocking entrance, even though the visible door was open.)

Bad news: I don’t expect the fix to go live until the next major content update, at the end of the month.

Jeffrey Vaughn

  • Pessimissed

    That’s not dropping a hint, everyone knows that there is a major content update every month. And he released no information about it what so ever.

    • yes but we didn’t know when the update would be. Could be middle or end of the month. Now we know 🙂

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