Colin Johanson responds to player concerns about loot drops and DR

Colin Johanson went on the forums today to respond to a number of threads with concerns about perceived loot drop nerf.

Fractal Chest Loot Stealth Nerf?

I’ve also been asking around since the patch hit and 95% of the people I’ve talked to agree that ANET stealth nerfed fractal chest loot. I guess the other 5% are on the graceful side of RNG. Everyone claiming RNG or whatever is just trolling. Sadly its happened and it was not covered in the patch notes. Just look at the LFG site. It used to be dominated by fractal LFGs, now they are few and far between.- ObliviousFool.3427

No changes were made to loot in fractals what so ever, they will be covered in release notes if changes of that nature are made.

Colin Johanson

One thing worth checking is what effective fractal level your party is playing at, though nothing about loot rewards in fractals changed, we did change the system allowing what levels of fractal you could play with others which means you might simply be qualifying for much lower fractal levels (and thus loot).

The “level” of loot dropped for a player is the min of fractal scale and reward level. The reward level will still be displayed in the UI as a higher number than the fractal scale which might be cause for confusion, reward wise you’re still earning items based on the actual fractal scale you’re playing in. We display your personal rank because the players are awarded extra karma if there personal rank is over the current fractal scale.

You can add a second person to your list of people getting items, in my two fractal runs since the January release I’ve got an exotic and three rares. So there ya go!

Colin Johanson

RNG not that random?

I was chatting with a buddy and he said something interesting. Maybe those that are blessed by the rng , that 1% of players, are not random. Is it possible to gain positive rng because you , let’s say , payed extra ? Deluxe edition , heavy gem shopper etc etc? This is a a quite frightening thought but more so because of it is actually possible – andreibianu.8051

There is no such thing as player or account specific random loot rolls/odds. It’s the same for everyone, only magic find can alter your chances.

Colin Johanson

That is correct yes, there is absolutely no account or character specific data used in loot rolls what so ever, can debunk that theory. The only thing you can do to alter a specific characters chances is magic find which is a stat visible on your character from gear/food, for loot drops specifically.

That being said, we’re trying to offset some of that random chance by implementing systems like our new laurel system (and other additions down the road) to help give players more opportunities to earn specific rewards as well over time. This gives the capacity for those exciting “jackpot” moments of getting a big reward, while also helping provide a more clear long term timeline when you can earn the same reward for those who don’t hit the moment-to-moment jackpot since for those who are extremely unlucky, it can be very frustrating.

Colin Johanson

DR Bug?

Ever since the patch all I read now in guild chat, on the forums, map chat, and in dungeon groups is people talking about DR bug and how they are not getting any loot. It’s getting annoying actually, mainly because the real reason is for some reason ANET stealth nerfed loot drops. Apparently they do not want people to play this game anymore – Vik Flagge.8324

Other than adjustments to Orr rewards (as covered in the release notes) the only change made in this patch to over-all loot was allowing high level characters who are playing in lower level zones the opportunity to earn top level gear to provide greater rewards. (as also covered in the release notes)

There are no “stealth nerfs”, any changes will be covered directly in the release notes, of which there are none.

Colin Johanson

Share your data about perceived strange drop behaviour

Just wanted to give a quick update on this topic. We’ve completed verifying every update from the november release, and there were zero changes to anything what so ever that would have negatively affected loot in any way/shape/form. We can officially confirm this as an X-files level conspiracy at this point.

We’re in the midst of evaluating every loot table in the game and running massive random roll evaluations table by table, as well as evaluating every system game wide that causes a player to qualify for items to determine if any issues exist in those systems from launch.

Will update again when we have another round of concrete information.

Colin Johanson

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