Ranger Laurel box disabled

Arenanet disabled the ranger laurel box today while working on a fix. The ranger laurel box was giving out non ranger usable gear such as rifles.

Today I decided to check out what kind of things I would get out of the Ranger box. I am fine with getting stuff I don’t want to use. That’s the gamble of it. But imagine my surprise to find Berserker’s rifle of Water, an item rangers cant use. I was mildly annoyed.- Jelani.4572

Thank you for the reports, everyone; the designers are working on a fix for this issue. In the meantime, if you’re planning on buying the laurel box, we’d recommend that you wait for now. Sorry for the bug!

Jason King

In order to prevent players from encountering this bug while we work on a fix, we’ve disabled the Ranger chest from being opened for the time being. You will still be able to purchase the chest, but you will not be able to open it (and get weapons that you can’t use).

As soon as we have a fix for this bug, we will make the chest accessible again. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Jason King

  • Pessimissed

    So Laurels are basically a long way to get globs?

    • Pessimissed

      Can you get exotics from the boxes, or just rares? Because if you get what you can use, or not, it will still get you some cash.

      • You can get exotics but rares most of the time

  • are these back up yet?

    • Don’t think so yet

  • Zarja

    Still not enabled. 2/13/2012

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