SWTOR Cartel Market pack items list

A list of items associated with each Cartel Market packs. Cartel Market packs are organized into shipments, with each shipments usually containing around 4 packs (not including the cheap pack). Updated: Sept 2, 2015

Shipment One – Cartel packs

Shipment Two – Contraband Packs

Shipment Three – Bounty packs

Shipment Four – Starfighter packs

Nightlife packs

Shipment Five – Stronghold Packs

Shipment Six – Shadow Packs

Shipment Seven – Explorer Packs

Shipment One

Crime Lord’s Cartel Pack/Black Market Cartel Pack

Note that some of the super rare items are not available in the Black Market Cartel Pack (cheap pack).

See images of all the items in this pack here.

Category Name
Armor Covert Torso Energy Armor
Armor Elegant Loungewear Top
Elegant Loungewear Bottoms
Elegant Loungewear Cap
Armor Mask of Nihilus
Armor Spymaster’s Boots
Spymaster’s Chestguard
Spymaster’s Gloves
Spymaster’s Helmet
Spymaster’s Leggings
Armor Trailblazer’s Boots
Trailblazer’s Gloves
Trailblazer’s Helmet
Trailblazer’s Jacket
Trailblazer’s Pants
Color Crystal Pink-Purple
Color Crystal White
Pet Golden Skinned Vrblet
Pet Green Backed Vrblet
Pet Fire-Bellied Vrblet
Pet Golden Lizardbat
Pet Mountain Lizardbat
Pet Low Atmosphere Miniprobe
Pet Red-backed Gizka
Pet Ruddyscale Kowakian Monkeylizard
Pet Slate-Mouse Horranth
Speeder Lhosan Manta
Speeder Longspur Elite
Speeder Overlord’s Command Throne
Speeder Rendili Nightshade
Speeder Ubrikki Crimson Claw
Speeder Ubrikki Sand Devil
Weapon Black Nebula Heavy Blaster
Weapon Devastator’s Double Bladed Lightsaber
Weapon Hyperstorm Heavy Cannon
Weapon Max-Tac Precision Sniper Rifle
Weapon Rangehunter EE-1 Carbine Rifle
Weapon Tythonian Force-Master’s Lightsaber
Title The Cartel Collector
Title The Crime Lord
Unsorted Emote: Intimidate
Unsorted Emote: Menace
Unsorted Glowing Eyes – Red
Unsorted Glowing Eyes – Golden
Unsorted Credit Boom
Unsorted Imperial Banner
Unsorted Republic Banner
Unsorted Darth Malgus Holostatue
Unsorted Satele Shan Holostatue
Unsorted Ball Toss

Blockade Runner’s  Cartel Pack

See images of all the items in this pack here.

Category Name
Armor Phantom Boots
Phantom Chestguard
Phantom Gloves
Phantom Helmet
Phantom Lower Robe
Armor Preceptor’s Boots
Preceptor’s Circlet
Preceptor’s Gloves
Preceptor’s Lower Robe
Preceptor’s Vestments
Armor Revan’s Chest Plate
Revan’s Mask
Revan’s Robes
Armor Stylish Dancer’s Bottoms
Stylish Dancer’s Cap
Stylish Dancer’s Top
Color Crystal Cyan-Blue
Pet Mottled Blurrg
Pet Speckled Blurrg
Pet Lurker Blurrg
Pet Tundra Nekarr Cat
Pet Micro-Patroller Droid
Pet Micro-Defender Droid
Pet Micro-Aggressor Droid
Pet Green Spotted Gizka
Speeder Diplomat’s Mediation Hoverchair
Speeder Dominator’s Command Throne
Speeder Longspur STAP Royal
Weapon DLA-13 Heavy Blaster Rifle
Weapon Rangehunter Blaster Pistol
Weapon Tac-HUD Heavy Sniper Rifle
Weapon Thunderburst Dual- Cannon
Weapon Ziost Guardian’s Lightsaber
Weapon Warmaster’s Double Bladed Lightsaber
Title The Blockade Runner
Unsorted C2-N2 Customization: Target Dummy
Unsorted 2V-R8 Customization: Target Dummy
Unsorted Dueling Banner
Unsorted Emote: Superflex
Unsorted Emote: Bop
Unsorted Remote Control Starship

Skip Tracer’s Cartel Pack

See images of all the items in this pack here.

Category Name
Armor Conservator’s Leg Plates
Conservator’s Boots
Conservator’s Gloves
Conservator’s Helmet
Conservator’s Robe
Armor Despot’s Boots
Despot’s Chest Plate
Despot’s Gloves
Despot’s Helmet
Despot’s Leggings
Armor Fancy Reveler’s Bottoms
Fancy Reveler’s Hatwear
Fancy Reveler’s Top
Color Crystal Orange Red
Pet Desert Nekarr Cat
Pet Blue Speckled Gizka
Pet Flamehair Kowakian Monkey-Lizard
Pet Killik Drone Larva
Pet Model Liberator Starfighter
Pet Model Redeemer Starfighter
Pet Model Supremacy Starfighter
Pet Model Dominion Starfighter
Pet Black Womp Weasel
Pet Brown Womp Weasel
Pet White Womp Weasel
Pet Sub-zero Mini Probe
Speeder Ambassador’s Hoverchair
Speeder Longspur Pacer
Title The Skip Tracer
Unsorted Emote: Backflip
Unsorted Emote: Flourish
Unsorted Mood: Angered
Unsorted Mood: Disdained
Unsorted Mood: Enraged
Unsorted Mood: Ecstatic
Unsorted Mood: Fearful
Unsorted Disguise: Holo-Shrub

Space Pirate’s Cartel Pack

See images of all the items in this pack here.

Category Name
Auxiliary Armor Classic Forward Recon Belt
Classic Forward Recon Bracers
Forward Recon Belt
Forward Recon Bracers
Auxiliary Armor Classic Conservator’s Belt
Classic Conservator’s Bracers
Conservator’s Belt
Conservator’s Bracers
Auxiliary Armor Classic Contractor’s Belt
Classic Contractor’s Wristguard
Contractor’s Belt
Contractor’s Wristguard
Auxiliary Armor Covert Wrist Energy Armor
Covert Waist Energy Armor
Auxiliary Armor Classic Despot’s Belt
Classic Despot’s Bracers
Despot’s Belt
Despot’s Bracers
Auxiliary Armor Classic Phantom Belt
Classic Phantom Wristguard
Phantom Belt
Phantom Wristguard
Auxiliary Armor Classic Preceptor’s Belt
Classic Preceptor’s Wristguard
Classic Preceptor’s Belt
Classic Preceptor’s Wristguard
Auxiliary Armor Classic Spymaster’s Belt
Classic Spymaster’s Wristguard
Spymaster’s Belt
Spymaster’s Wristguard
Auxiliary Armor Classic Trailblazer’s Belt
Classic Trailblazer’s Wrist Guards
Trailblazer’s Belt
Trailblazer’s Wrist Guards
Armor Classic Contractor’s Boots
Classic Contractor’s Chestguard
Classic Contractor’s Gloves
Classic Contractor’s Helmet
Classic Contractor’s Leg Plates
Armor Contractor’s Boots
Contractor’s Chestguard
Contractor’s Gloves
Contractor’s Helmet
Contractor’s Leg Plates
Armor Classic Forward Recon Boots
Classic Forward Recon Chest Plate
Classic Forward Recon Gloves
Classic Forward Recon Helmet
Classic Forward Recon Leg Plates
Armor Forward Recon Boots
Forward Recon Chest Plate
Forward Recon Gloves
Forward Recon Helmet
Forward Recon Leg Plates
Armor Reveler’s Fine Cap
Reveler’s Fine Top
Reveler’s Fine Bottoms
Color Crystal Lime-Green
Pet Forest Lizardbat
Pet Shadow Nekarr Cat
Pet Killik Assassin Larva
Pet Killik Queen Larva
Pet Model Terminus Destroyer
Pet Model Thranta Corvette
Pet Mossy Mouse Horranth
Pet Sablefur Kowakian Monkey-Lizard
Pet Toxic Environment Miniprobe
Pet Lunar Wriggler
Pet Stellar Wriggler
Speeder Longspur STAP Executive
Speeder Shadow Hand’s Command Throne
Speeder Ubrikki Crimson Skull
Speeder Ubrikki Talon
Speeder Watchman’s Mediation Hoverchair
Title The Space Pirate
Weapon Eliminator’s Dual-Edge Vibrosword
Weapon Gladiator’s Striker Techblade
Unsorted Mood: Pained
Unsorted Mood: Sly
Unsorted Mood: Snide
Unsorted Mood: Terrified
Unsorted 2V-R8 Customization: Butler
Unsorted 2V-R8 Customization: Butler

Shipment Two

Regulator and Enforcer’s Contraband Packs

See images of all the items in this pack here.

Category Name
Armor (Head) Blue Efficiency Scanner
Armor (Head) Rascal’s Toothpick
Armor (Boots) Covert Energy Boots
Armor Carth Onasi’s Jacket
Carth Onasi’s Boots
Carth Onasi’s Pants
Carth Onasi’s Bracers
Armor Darth Malak’s Chestguard
Darth Malak’s Boots
Dath Malak’s Jaw Casing
Darth Malak’s Leggings
Darth Malak’s Wristguards
Armor Genteel Dress Top
Genteel Dress Gloves
Genteel Dress Bottoms
Genteel Dress Shoes
Genteel Dress Bracers
Genteel Dress Sash
Armor Organa Loyalist Headgear
Organa Loyalist Upper Body Armor
Organa Loyalist Lower Body Armor
Organa Loyalist Auxiliary Armor
Armor Organa Statesman’s Upper Body Armor
Organa Statesman’s Lower Body Armor
Organa Statesman’s Auxiliary Armor
Armor Recovered Hero Chestplate
Recovered Hero Boots
Recovered Hero Gauntlets
Recovered Hero Greaves
Recovered Hero Belt
Recovered Hero Armguards
Armor Relaxed Jumpsuit Jacket
Relaxed Jumpsuit Boots
Relaxed Jumpsuit Gloves
Relaxed Jumpsuit Pants
Relaxed Jumpsuit Belt
Armor Rist Stateman’s Cap
Rist Stateman’s Upper Body Armor
Rist Stateman’s Lower Body Armor
Rist Stateman’s Auxiliary Armor
Armor The Last Handmaiden’s Tunic
The Last Handmaiden’s Boots
The Last Handmaiden’s Leggings
The Last Handmaiden’s Bracers
Color Crystal Derelict-Purple Color Crystal
Color Crystal Black-White Color Crystal
Speeder Aratech Nethian
Speeder Cartel Luxury Skiff
Speeder Cartel Recreational Skiff
Speeder Orlean Fortune Hunter
Weapon Balmorran Hand Cannon Aurek
Weapon Balmorran Hand Cannon Besh
Weapon Cathar Honor Sword
Weapon Corellian Bunker Buster Aurek
Weapon Corellian Bunker Buster Grek
Weapon Mantellian Peacemaker Aureak
Weapon Over-tuned Conqueror’s Lightsaber
Weapon Over-tuned Conqueror’s Saberstaff
Weapon Tarisian Head Hunter Aurek
Weapon Volatile Conqueror’s Lightsaber
Pet GS-1 Sentry Droid
Pet Model X-70 Phantom
Pet SP-RO Power Droid
Pet Sublime Blurrg
Pet Venomcrest Lylek
Unsorted Kolto Tank
Unsorted Emote: Boo-Hoo
Unsorted Emote: Boogie
Unsorted Emote: Swing
Unsorted Emote: Point and Laugh
Unsorted Emote: Kloo
Unsorted Emote: Xantha
Unsorted Jawagram: Awesome
Unsorted Jawagram: May the Force be with you!
Unsorted Jawagram: Good Job!
Unsorted Jawagram: Nice Try!
Unsorted Jawagram: Party On!
Unsorted Mood: Furious
Unsorted Title: Enforcer
Unsorted Title: Contraband Collector
Unsorted Title: Regulator
Unsorted Reputation: Banned Holovid
Unsorted Reputation: Prohibited Medical Supplies
Unsorted Reputation: Confiscated Artwork
Unsorted Cartel Market Certificate

Vice Commandant’s Contraband Pack

See images of all the items in this pack here.

Category Name
Armor (Head) Red Efficiency Scanner
Armor (Head) Rascal’s Toothpick
Armor (Gloves) Covert Energy Gloves
Armor Bastila Shan’s Tunic
Bastila Shan’s Boots
Bastila Shan’s Leggings
Bastila Shan’s Bracers
Bastila Shan’s Gloves
Bastila Shan’s Belt
Armor Jolee Bindo’sTunic
Jolee Bindo’s Boots
Jolee Bindo’s Leggings
Jolee Bindo’s Bracers
Armor Matriarchal Lower Body Armor
Matriarchal Upper Body Armor
Matriarchal Auxiliary Body Armor
Armor Red Blade’s Lower Body Armor
Red Blade’s Upper Body Armor
Red Blade’s  Auxiliary Body Armor
Red Blade’s Helmet
Armor Relaxed Uniform Shirt
Relaxed Uniform Boots
Relaxed Uniform Gloves
Relaxed Uniform Pants
Relaxed Uniform Belt
Armor Restored Triumvirate Body Armor
Restored Triumvirate Helmet
Restored Triumvirate Boots
Restored Triumvirate Gauntlets
Restored Triumvirate Leg Plates
Restored Triumvirate Belt
Armor Thana Vesh’s Upper Body Armor
Thana Vesh’s Lower Body Armor
Thana Vesh’s Auxiliary Body Armor
Armor Thul Statesman Auxiliary Armor
Thul Statesman Upper Body Armor
Thul Statesman Lower Body Armor
Armor Troublemaker Upper Body Armor
Troublemaker Lower Body Armor
Troublemaker Auxiliary Body Armor
Color Crystal Silver-Blue Color Crystal
Color Crystal Black-White Color Crystal
Speeder Cartel Decadent Skiff
Speeder Cartel Hedonist Skiff
Speeder Czerka Desert Special
Speeder Gurian Lighting
Weapon Balmorran Hand Cannon Besh
Weapon Corellian Bunker Buster Besh
Weapon Energized Conqueror’s Lightsaber
Weapon Energized Conqueror’s Saberstaff
Weapon Mantellian Peacemaker Besh
Weapon Mantellian Peacemaker Grek
Weapon Tarisian Head Hunter Besh
Weapon Tarisian Head Hunter Grek
Weapon Volatile Conqueror’s Saberstaff
Pet BL-N3 Power Droid
Pet Bloodhusk Lylek
Pet Model XS Freighter
Unsorted Revan Holostatue
Unsorted Holoprojector Disguise
Unsorted Music Therapy Probe
Unsorted Emote: Beach Party
Unsorted Emote: Boo-Hoo
Unsorted Emote: Fist Pump
Unsorted Emote: Groove
Unsorted Emote: Kloo
Unsorted Emote: Xantha
Unsorted Jawagram: Awesome
Unsorted Jawagram: May the Force be with you!
Unsorted Jawagram: Good Job!
Unsorted Jawagram: Nice Try!
Unsorted Jawagram: Party On!
Unsorted Mood: Goofy
Unsorted Title: Vice Commandant
Unsorted Title: Contraband Collector
Unsorted Reputation: Banned Holovid
Unsorted Reputation: Prohibited Medical Supplies
Unsorted Reputation: Confiscated Artwork
Unsorted Cartel Market Certificate

Archon’s Contraband Pack

See images of all the items in this pack here.

Category Name
Armor (Head) Green Efficiency Scanner
Armor (Head) Rascal’s Toothpick
Armor (Belt) Covert Waist Energy Armor
Armor (Bracers) Covert Wrist Energy Armor
Armor Calo Nord’s Jacket
Calo Nord’s Boots
Calo Nord’s Gloves
Calo Nord’s Headgear
Calo Nord’s Pants
Calo Nord’s Belt
Armor Mantellian Separatist Body Armor
Mantellian Separatist Boots
Mantellian Separatist Gauntlets
Mantellian Separatist Helmet
Mantellian Separatist Leg Plates
Mantellian Separatist Belt
Mantellian Separatist Bracers
Armor Relaxed Vestments Chestwraps
Relaxed Vestments Boots
Relaxed Vestments Handwraps
Relaxed Vestments Leggings
Relaxed Vestments Belt
Relaxed Vestments Wristwraps
Armor Rotworm Home Gloves
Rotworm Home Cleats
Rotworm Home Belt
Rotworm Home Pants
Rotworm Home Shoulder Pads
Rotworm Home Helmet
Armor Rotworm Away Gloves
Rotworm Away Cleats
Rotworm Away Belt
Rotworm Away Pants
Rotworm Away Shoulder Pads
Rotworm Away Helmet
Armor Frogdog Home Gloves
Frogdog Home Cleats
Frogdog Home Belt
Frogdog Home Pants
Frogdog Home Shoulder Pads
Frogdog Home Helmet
Armor Frogdog Away Shoulder Pads
Frogdog Away Cleats
Frogdog Away Gloves
Frogdog Away Helmets
Frogdog Away Pants
Frogdog Away Belts
Armor Ulgo Statesman’s Coat
Ulgo Statesman’s Boots
Ulgo Statesman’s Gloves
Ulgo Statesman’s Trousers
Ulgo Statesman’s Sash
Ulgo Statesman’s Cuffs
Armor Ulgo Loyalist Chestguard
Ulgo Loyalist Boots
Ulgo Loyalist Gauntlets
Ulgo Loyalist Helmet
Ulgo Loyalist Greaves
Ulgo Loyalist Utility Belt
Ulgo Loyalist Bracers
Armor Regal Apparel Tiara
Regal Apparel Blouse
Regal Apparel Boots
Regal Apparel Miniskirt
Regal Apparel Sash
Regal Apparel Cuffs
Color Crystal Mint-Green Color Crystal
Color Crystal Black-White Color Crystal
Speeder Aratech Lux
Speeder Aratech Blue
Speeder Aratech Basic
Speeder Praxon Echo
Speeder Adno Mantis
Speeder Rendili Solar
Weapon Primordial Assault Cannon
Weapon Derelict Saberstaff
Weapon Primordial Blaster
Weapon Primordial Blaster Rifle
Weapon Derelict Lightsaber
Weapon Primordial Sniper Rifle
Pet Ebon-wing Flutterplume
Pet Striated Wriggler
Pet Nefarious Blurrg
Pet CH-R1 Power Droid
Pet Slateshard Lylek
Pet Model B28 Extinction-Class Bomber
Dye Module Medium Orange and Medium Blue
Dye Module Pale Red and Pale Brown
Dye Module Dark Yellow and Medium Yellow
Dye Module Dark Purple and Light Purple
Dye Module Medium Brown and Medium Green
Dye Module Pale Blue and Pale Gray
Emotes Emote: Boo-Hoo
Emotes Emote: Woohoo
Emotes Emote: Jig
Unsorted Portable Relaxation Unit
Unsorted Mood: Very Creppy
Unsorted Encrypted Datacube 74-C
Unsorted Encrypted Datacube 93-E
Unsorted Encrypted Datacube 58-P
Unsorted Encrypted Datacube 68-B
Unsorted Reuseable Jawagram: Awesome
Unsorted Reuseable Jawagram: May the Force be with you!
Unsorted Reuseable Jawagram: Party On!
Unsorted Title: Archon
Unsorted Title: Contraband Collector
Unsorted Reputation: Banned Holovid
Unsorted Reputation: Prohibited Medical Supplies
Unsorted Reputation: Confiscated Artwork
Unsorted Cartel Market Certificate

Supreme Mogul’s Contraband Pack

See images of all the items in this pack here.

Category Name
Armor Black Efficiency Scanner
Armor Alde Statesman’s Coat
Alde Statesman’s Boots
Alde Statesman’s Gloves
Alde Statesman’s Trousers
Alde Statesman’s Sash
Alde Statesman’s Cuffs
Armor Panteer Loyalist Chestguard
Panteer Loyalist Boots
Panteer Loyalist Gauntlets
Panteer Loyalist Helmet
Panteer Loyalist Greaves
Panteer Loyalist Utility Belt
Panteer Loyalist Bracers
Armor Diabolist Robes
Diabolist Boots
Diabolist Gloves
Diabolist Lower Robes
Diabolist Sash
Diabolist Bracers
Armor Adept Scout Jacket
Adept Scout Boots
Adept Scout Gloves
Adept Scout Earpiece
Adept Scout Pants
Adept Scout Utility Belt
Adept Scout Bracers
Armor Relnex’s Robes
Relnex’s Boots
Relnex’s Pants
Relnex’s Belt
Relnex’s Bracers
Armor Imperial Home/Away Shoulder Pads
Imperial Home/Away Cleats
Imperial Home/Away Gloves
Imperial Home/Away Helmet
Imperial Home/Away Pants
Imperial Home/Away Belt
Armor Republic Home/Away Shoulder Pads
Republic Home/Away Cleats
Republic Home/Away Gloves
Republic Home/Away Helmet
Republic Home/Away Pants
Republic Home/Away Belt
Armor Mira’s Jacket
Mira’s Combat Boots
Mira’s Gauntlet
Mira’s Headband
Mira’s Pants
Mira’s Utility Belt
Color Crystal Copper Color Crystal
Color Crystal Black-White Color Crystal
Speeder Gurian Tornado
Speeder Aratech Ghost
Speeder Aratech Red Spirit
Speeder Aratech Techno
Speeder Adno Locust
Speeder Adno Saberwasp
Speeder Lhosan Razor
Pet Recreational Isotope-5 Droid
Pet Refurbished Isotope-5 Droid
Pet Miniature Isotope-5 Droid
Pet Model VX-5 Ricker
Pet Model ML-39 Brute Patrol Ship
Pet ST-N3 Power Droid
Pet Paradise Flutterplume
Pet Iridescent Lizardbat
Weapon Primordial Assault Cannon Besh
Weapon Primordial Blaster Besh
Weapon Violatile Derelict Saberstaff
Weapon Primordial Rifle Besh
Weapon Primordial Sniper Rifle Besh
Weapon Volatile Derelict Lightsaber
Dye Module Deep Purple and Medium Pink
Dye Module Medium Red and Medium Green Dye
Dye Module Medium Orange and Light Green Dye
Dye Module Pale Blue and Medium Purple Dye
Dye Module Medium Orange and Pale Yellow Dye
Dye Module Dark Red and Pale Red Dye
Emotes Stylish Dance
Emotes Restless
Emotes Slow Clap
Unsorted Pocket Sarlaac
Unsorted Reuseable Jawagram: Good Job
Unsorted Reuseable Jawagram: Nice Try
Unsorted Encrypted Datacube 78-R
Unsorted Encrypted Datacube 97-O
Unsorted Encrypted Datacube 89-G
Unsorted Encrypted Datacube 99-F
Unsorted Reputation: Banned Holovid
Unsorted Reputation: Prohibited Medical Supplies
Unsorted Reputation: Confiscated Artwork
Unsorted Cartel Market Certificate

Shipment Three

Contractor’s/Freelancer’s Bounty Pack

Note that some of the super rare items are not available in the Contractor’s Bounty Pack (cheap pack).

See images of all the items in this pack here.

Category Name
Armor Ceremonial Headdress
Armor Concealed Bodysuit Upper Body Armor Concealed Bodysuit Auxiliary Body Armor Concealed Bodysuit Lower Body Armor
Armor Darth Sion’s Shinguards
Darth Sion’s Vambrace
Darth Sion’s Leggings
Darth Sion’s Sash
Armor Dynamic Vandal Hat
Dynamic Vandal Duster
Dynamic Vandal Pants
Dynamic Vandal Belt
Dynamic Vandal Gloves
Dynamic Vandal Boots
Armor Energetic Combatant Headgear
Energetic Combatant Chestguard
Energetic Combatant Lower Robes
Energetic Combatant Utility Belt
Energetic Combatant Gloves
Energetic Combatant Boots
Armor Frogdog Practice Jersey
Armor Mandalore the Preserver’s Helmet
Mandalore the Preserver’s Chest Plate
Mandalore the Preserver’s Leg Plates
Mandalore the Preserver’s Belt
Mandalore the Preserver’s Gloves
Mandalore the Preserver’s Boots
Armor Minimalist Gladiator Chestguard
Armor Potent Combatant Headgear
Potent Combatant Chestguard
Potent Combatant Lower Robes
Potent Combatant Utility Belt
Potent Combatant Gloves
Potent Combatant Boots
Armor Rotworm Practice Jersey
Armor RV-03 Speedsuit Upper Body Armor
RV-03 Speedsuit Auxiliary Body Armor
RV-03 Speedsuit Lower Body Armor
Armor Sacramental Headdress
Armor Series 505 Cybernetic Torso
Series 505 Cybernetic Feet
Series 505 Cybernetic Hand
Series 505 Cybernetic Cerebrum
Series 505 Cybernetic Leg
Series 505 Cybernetic Support Belt
Armor Unfettered Trench Coat
Armor Voltaic Vandal Hat
Voltaic Vandal Duster
Voltaic Vandal Pants
Voltaic Vandal Belt
Voltaic Vandal Gloves
Voltaic Vandal Boots
Color Crystal Blood Red
Color Crystal Hot Orange
Pet E2-M3 Astromech Droid
Pet Chocolate Lobel
Pet Jungle Lisk
Pet Model D5-Mantisk
Pet Model Defender
Pet Rock Lisk
Pet Skill-faced Lobel
Pet Swamp Lisk
Vehicle Gurian Emerald
Vehicle Hyrotti Racer
Vehicle Meirm Badingo
Vehicle Meirm Bullfrog
Vehicle Meirm Dark Wolf
Vehicle Morlinger Aggressor
Vehicle Orlean Patrior
Vehicle Woodland Varactyl
Weapon AD-11 Heavy Blaster
Weapon CD-33 Blaster Rifle
Weapon JM-27 Assault Cannon
Weapon MR-36 Sniper Rifle
Weapon Vicious Assailant Dualsaber
Weapon Vicious Assailant Saber
Title Bounty Collector
Title Freelancer
Dye Module Dark Purple and Black
Dye Module Deep Gray and Black
Dye Module Light Gray and Deep Blue
Emotes Emote: Chair 1
Emotes Emote: Chair 2
Emotes Emote: Chicken
Emotes Emote: Heel Click
Emotes Emote: The Droid
Unsorted Credit Boom
Unsorted Credit Explosion
Unsorted Cartel Market Certificate
Unsorted Travel Records
Unsorted Underworld Intel
Unsorted Rare Munitions

Pursuer’s Bounty Pack

See images of all the items in this pack here.

Category Name
Armor Atton Rand’s Jacket
Atton Rand’s Boots
Atton Rand’s Gloves
Atton Rand’s Pants
Atton Rand’s Belt
Atton Rand’s Cuffs
Armor Cassus Fett’s Body Armor
Cassus Fett’s Boots
Cassus Fett’s Gauntlets
Cassus Fett’s Helmet
Cassus Fett’s Greaves
Cassus Fett’s Wristguards
Armor Dynamic Sleuth Body Armor
Dynamic Sleuth Boots
Dynamic Sleuth Gloves
Dynamic Sleuth Mask
Dynamic Sleuth Pants
Dynamic Sleuth Belt
Armor Elegant Dress Top
Elegant Dress Shoes
Elegant Dress Gloves
Elegant Dress Tiara
Elegant Dress Bottom
Elegant Dress Sash
Elegant Dress Cuffs
Armor Energetic Champion Chestguard
Energetic Champion Pants
Energetic Champion Utility Belt
Energetic Champion Gloves
Energetic Champion Boots
Armor Imperial Practice Jersey
Armor Luxurious Dress Top
Luxurious Dress Shoes
Luxurious Dress Gloves
Luxurious Dress Tiara
Luxurious Dress Bottom
Luxurious Dress Sash
Luxurious Dress Cuffs
Armor Potent Champion Chestguard
Potent Champion Pants
Potent Champion Utility Belt
Potent Champion Gloves
Potent Champion Boots
Armor Republic Practice Jersey
Armor Series 512 Cybernetic Torso
Series 512 Cybernetic Feet
Series 512 Cybernetic Hand
Series 512 Cybernetic Cerebrum
Series 512 Cybernetic Leg
Series 512 Cybernetic Support Belt
Armor Trophy Hunter’s Mask
Armor Vintage Brawler Battle Harness
Vintage Brawler Boots
Vintage Brawler Gauntlets
Vintage Brawler Greaves
Vintage Brawler Belt
Vintage Brawler Bracers
Armor Voltaic Sleuth Body Armor
Voltaic Sleuth Boots
Voltaic Sleuth Gloves
Voltaic Sleuth Mask
Voltaic Sleuth Pants
Voltaic Sleuth Belt
Color Crystal Blue Core
Color Crystal Hot Orange
Pet D5-2D Astromech Droid
Pet Flamecrest Exoboar
Pet Greenback Exoboar
Pet Hoarfrost Exoboar
Pet Poison Lobel
Pet Model Harrower Battle Cruiser
Pet Savannah Nekarr Cat
Vehicle Adno Windscorpion
Vehicle Gurian Blasterbolt
Vehicle Ikas Falchion
Vehicle Morlinger Raptor
Vehicle Rark Marathon
Vehicle Rark Sprinter
Vehicle Rark Vaulter
Vehicle Grassland Varactyl
Weapon AD-12 Heavy Blaster
Weapon CD-34 Blaster Rifle
Weapon JM-28 Assault Cannon
Weapon MR-37 Sniper Rifle
Weapon Vigorous Battler Dualsaber
Weapon Vigorous Battler Saber
Title Bounty Collector
Title Pursuer
Dye Module Black and Deep Green
Dye Module White and Deep Blue
Dye Module Dark Green and Medium Brown
Emotes Emote: Chair 3
Emotes Emote: Chair 4
Emotes Emote: What Up
Emotes Emote: Spike
Emotes Emote: Victory Wave
Unsorted Credit Boom
Unsorted Credit Explosion
Unsorted Cartel Market Certificate
Unsorted Travel Records
Unsorted Underworld Intel
Unsorted Rare Munitions

Tracker’s Bounty Pack

See images of all the items in this pack here.

Category Name
Armor Series 808 Cybernetic Torso
Series 808 Cybernetic Feet
Series 808 Cybernetic Hand
Series 808 Cybernetic Cerebrum
Series 808 Cybernetic Leg
Series 808 Cybernetic Support Belt
Armor Charged Interrogator Chestguard
Charged Interrogator Boots
Charged Interrogator Hands
Charged Interrogator Headgear
Charged Interrogator Lower Robes
Charged Interrogator Belt
Charged Interrogator Bracers
Armor Overloaded Interrogator Chestguard
Overloaded Interrogator Boots
Overloaded Interrogator Hands
Overloaded Interrogator Headgear
Overloaded Interrogator Lower Robes
Overloaded Interrogator Belt
Overloaded Interrogator Bracers
Armor Galvanized Infantry Chestplate
Galvanized Infantry Boots
Galvanized Infantry Gloves
Galvanized Infantry Helmet
Galvanized Infantry Greaves
Galvanized Infantry Belt
Armor Energized Infantry Chestplate
Energized Infantry Boots
Energized Infantry Gloves
Energized Infantry Helmet
Energized Infantry Greaves
Energized Infantry Belt
Armor Expert Fighter Battle Harness
Expert Fighter Boots
Expert Fighter Gauntlets
Expert Fighter Greaves
Expert Fighter Belt
Expert Fighter Bracers
Armor Hutt Cartel Corporate Shirt
Armor Exchange Corporate Shirt
Armor Exquisite Dancer Top
Exquisite Dancer Boots
Exquisite Dancer Gloves
Exquisite Dancer Cap
Exquisite Dancer Bottoms
Exquisite Dancer Belt
Exquisite Dancer Wristwraps
Armor Magnificent Dancer Top
Magnificent Dancer Boots
Magnificent Dancer Gloves
Magnificent Dancer Cap
Magnificent Dancer Bottoms
Magnificent Dancer Belt
Magnificent Dancer Wristwraps
Armor Cyborg Construct AM-7
Armor Cyborg Construct RH-6
Armor Exquisite Formal Jacket
Exquisite Formal Tuxedo Boots
Exquisite Formal Gloves
Exquisite Formal Pants
Exquisite Formal Belt
Exquisite Formal Cuffs
Armor Visas Marr’s Robe
Visas Marr’s Boots
Visas Marr’s Gloves
Visas Marr’s Veil
Visas Marr’s Lower Robes
Visas Marr’s Sash
Visas Marr’s Wristwraps
Armor Marka Ragnos’s Robes
Marka Ragnos’s Boots
Marka Ragnos’s Gauntlets
Marka Ragnos’s Crown
Marka Ragnos’s Lower Robes
Marka Ragnos’s Belt
Color Crystal Charred Orange
Color Crystal Hot Orange
Pet Green-Back Raptor
Pet Verdant Raptor
Pet D3-S5 Astromech Droid
Pet Splotched Gizka
Pet Rusty Vrblet
Pet Model Ebon Hawk
Vehicle Morlinger Nighthawk
Vehicle Amzab Renegade
Vehicle Amzab Glory
Vehicle Amzab Breeze
Vehicle Gurian Royale
Vehicle Longspur Ranger
Vehicle Longspur Outrider
Vehicle Coastal Varactyl
Vehicle Flatland Zeldrate
Weapon JM-29 Assault Cannon
Weapon AD-13 Heavy Blaster
Weapon Unrelenting Aggressor Dualsaber
Weapon CD-35 Blaster Rifle
Weapon MR-38 Sniper Rifle
Weapon Unrelenting Aggressor Lightsaber
Title Bounty Collector
Title Tracker
Dye Module Deep Green and Black
Dye Module Black and Deep Orange
Dye Module Light Gray and Dark Purple
Emotes Emote: Air Punch
Emotes Emote: Head Bob
Emotes Emote: Boxing
Toy Meditation Chamber
Unsorted Credit Boom
Unsorted Credit Explosion
Unsorted Cartel Market Certificate
Unsorted Travel Records
Unsorted Underworld Intel
Unsorted Rare Munitions

Opportunist’s Bounty Pack

See images of all the items in this pack here.

Category Name
Armor Stylish Dress Top
Stylish Dress Shoes
Stylish Dress Gloves
Stylish Dress Bottom
Stylish Dress Sash
Stylish Dress Cuffs
Armor Stately Dress Top
Stately Dress Shoes
Stately Dress Gloves
Stately Dress Bottom
Stately Dress Sash
Stately Dress Cuffs
Armor Formal Tuxedo Jacket
Formal Tuxedo Boots
Formal Tuxedo Gloves
Formal Tuxedo Pants
Formal Tuxedo Belt
Formal Tuxedo Cuffs
Armor Charged Peacemaker Upper Robes
Charged Peacemaker Boots
Charged Peacemaker Gloves
Charged Peacemaker Headgear
Charged Peacemaker Lower Robes
Charged Peacemaker Belt
Charged Peacemaker Bracers
Armor Overloaded Peacemaker Upper Robes
Overloaded Peacemaker Boots
Overloaded Peacemaker Gloves
Overloaded Peacemaker Headgear
Overloaded Peacemaker Lower Robes
Overloaded Peacemaker Belt
Overloaded Peacemaker Bracers
Armor Galvanized Manhunter Chestguard
Galvanized Manhunter Boots
Galvanized Manhunter Gloves
Galvanized Manhunter Helmet
Galvanized Manhunter Greaves
Galvanized Manhunter Belt
Galvanized Manhunter Bracers
Armor Energized Manhunter Chestguard
Energized Manhunter Boots
Energized Manhunter Gloves
Energized Manhunter Helmet
Energized Manhunter Greaves
Energized Manhunter Belt
Energized Manhunter Bracers
Armor Sensuous Dress Top
Sensuous Dress Shoes
Sensuous Dress Gloves
Sensuous Dress Bottom
Armor Ulic Qel-Droma’s Lamellar Armor
Ulic Qel-Droma’s Boots
Ulic Qel-Droma’s Gloves
Ulic Qel-Droma’s Pants
Ulic Qel-Droma’s Belt
Ulic Qel-Droma’s Bracers
Armor Series 917 Cybernetic Torso
Series 917 Cybernetic Feet
Series 917 Cybernetic Hand
Series 917 Cybernetic Cerebrum
Series 917 Cybernetic Leg
Series 917 Cybernetic Support Belt
Armor Balmorran Arms Corporate Shirt
Armor Czerka Corporate Shirt
Color Crystal Yellow Blue
Color Crystal Hot Orange
Pet Verdant Gizka
Pet D6-S7 Astromech Droid
Pet Cobalt Vrake
Pet Striped Vrake
Pet Frosted Vrake
Pet Model Sandcrawler
Pet Striped Blurrg
Vehicle Morlinger Imperator
Vehicle Lhosan Nexu
Vehicle Rendili Shadow
Vehicle Gurian Rose
Vehicle Irradiated Varactyl
Vehicle Wetland Dewback
Vehicle Ikas Spear
Vehicle Ikas Flamethrower
Vehicle Ikas Shark
Weapon JM-30 Assault Cannon
Weapon AD-14 Heavy Blaster
Weapon CD-36 Blaster Rifle
Weapon MR-39 Sniper Rifle
Weapon Pitiless Raider Lightsaber
Weapon Pitiless Raider Dualsaber
Title Bounty Collector
Title Opportunist
Dye Module Deep Brown and Black
Dye Module White and Dark Green
Dye Module Dark Purple and White
Emotes Emote: Funky
Emotes Emote: PBJ Time
Emotes Emote: Toe Touch
Emotes Emote: Nod Off
Toy Camping
Unsorted Credit Boom
Unsorted Credit Explosion
Unsorted Cartel Market Certificate
Unsorted Travel Records
Unsorted Underworld Intel
Unsorted Rare Munitions

Shipment Four

Dogfighter/Wingman’s Starfighter Pack

Note that some of the super rare items are not available in the Wingman’s Starfigher Pack (cheap pack).

See images of all the items in this pack here.

Category Name
Armor Polar Exploration Jacket
Polar Exploration Boots
Polar Exploration Gloves
Polar Exploration Goggles
Polar Exploration Leggings
Polar Exploration Belt
Polar Exploration Bracers
Armor Badlands Explorer Jacket
Badlands Explorer Boots
Badlands Explorer Gloves
Badlands Explorer Headgear
Badlands Explorer Leggings
Badlands Explorer Belt
Badlands Explorer Wristbands
Armor Mountain Explorer Jacket
Mountain Explorer Boots
Mountain Explorer Gloves
Mountain Explorer Headgear
Mountain Explorer Leggings
Mountain Explorer Belt
Mountain Explorer Wristbands
Armor Dramatic Extrovert’s Robe
Dramatic Extrovert’s Boots
Dramatic Extrovert’s Gauntlets
Dramatic Extrovert’s Headgear
Dramatic Extrovert’s Greaves
Dramatic Extrovert’s Belt
Dramatic Extrovert’s Bracers
Armor Show-Off’s Casual Vest
Show-Off’s Casual Boots
Show-Off’s Casual Gloves
Show-Off’s Casual Pants
Show-Off’s Casual Belt
Armor Jori Daragon’s Tunic
Jori Daragon’s Footwraps
Jori Daragon’s Gauntlets
Jori Daragon’s Loincloth
Jori Daragon’s Belt
Jori Daragon’s Bracers
Armor Frenzied Zealot Body Armor
Frenzied Zealot Boots
Frenzied Zealot Gauntlets
Frenzied Zealot Helmet
Frenzied Zealot Greaves
Frenzied Zealot Belt
Frenzied Zealot Bracers
Armor Battleworn Triumvirate Body Armor
Battleworn Triumvirate Boots
Battleworn Triumvirate Gauntlets
Battleworn Triumvirate Helmet
Battleworn Triumvirate Leggings
Battleworn Triumvirate Belt
Armor Series 212 Cybernetic Torso
Series 212 Cybernetic Feet
Series 212 Cybernetic Hands
Series 212 Cybernetic Skull
Series 212 Cybernetic Legs
Series 212 Cybernetic Support Belt
Armor Gav Daragon’s Tunic
Gav Daragon’s Boots
Gav Daragon’s  Gauntlets
Gav Daragon’s Pants
Gav Daragon’s Belt
Gav Daragon’s Bracers
Pet Model GSS-5C Dustmaker
Pet Model Blue Hutt Barge
Vehicle Kalakar Strike Fighter Simulator
Vehicle Irakie Renegade
Vehicle Sky Cruiser
Vehicle Meirm Hyacinth
Vehicle Korrealis Duke SE
Vehicle Firmament Tauntaun
Weapon Interstellar Regulator’s Blaster Aurek
Weapon Interstellar Regulator’s Assault Cannon Aurek
Weapon Interstellar Regulator’s Blaster Rifle Aurek
Weapon Interstellar Regulator’s Sniper Rifle Aurek
Weapon Fearless Retaliator Lightsaber
Weapon Fearless Retaliator Saberstaff
Title Starfighter’s Collector
Title Dogfighter
Dye Module Dark Purple and Pale Brown Dye Module
Dye Module Primary Black Dye Module
Emotes Recline
Emotes Dejarik
Mood Crying
Toy Starfighter Battle Camera
Customization Blizz Customization 6
Galactic Starfighter FI-02 Imperial Strike Fighter Paint Job
Galactic Starfighter FR-03 Republic Strike Fighter Paint Job
Galactic Starfighter Republic’s Brown-Light Tan Color Module
Galactic Starfighter Imperial’s Crimson-Red Color Module
Galactic Starfighter Imperial’s Black Light Blue Gas Canister
Galactic Starfighter Republic Black Yellow Gas Canister
Galactic Starfighter Imperial’s White Engine Reactant
Galactic Starfighter Republic’s White Engine Reactant
Galactic Starfighter K-52 Demolisher
Galactic Starfighter K-52 Strongarm
Unsorted Credit Boom
Unsorted Credit Explosion
Unsorted Cartel Market Certificate
Unsorted Active Sensor Modulator
Unsorted Modified Power Converter
Unsorted Prototype Flight Computer

Galactic Ace’s Starfighter Pack

See images of all the items in this pack here.

Category Name
Armor Ironclad Soldier Chestplate
Ironclad Soldier Boots
Ironclad Soldier Gloves
Ironclad Soldier Helmet
Ironclad Soldier Greaves
Ironclad Soldier Belt
Ironclad Soldier Bracers
Armor Arkan’s Cloak
Arkan’s Boots
Arkan’s Pants
Arkan’s Belt
Armor Forest Scout Jacket
Forest Scout Boots
Forest Scout Gloves
Forest Scout Helmet
Forest Scout Pants
Forest Scout Belt
Forest Scout Bracers
Armor Timberland Scout Jacket
Timberland Scout Boots
Timberland Scout Gloves
Timberland Scout Helmet
Timberland Scout Pants
Timberland Scout Belt
Timberland Scout Bracers
Armor Jungle Ambusher’s Jacket
Jungle Ambusher’s Boots
Jungle Ambusher’s Gloves
Jungle Ambusher’s Helmet
Jungle Ambusher’s Pants
Jungle Ambusher’s Belt
Jungle Ambusher’s Wristguard
Armor Marshland Ambusher’s Jacket
Marshland Ambusher’s Boots
Marshland Ambusher’s Gloves
Marshland Ambusher’s Helmet
Marshland Ambusher’s Pants
Marshland Ambusher’s Belt
Marshland Ambusher’s Wristguard
Armor Ambitious Warrior Chestguard
Ambitious Warrior Boots
Ambitious Warrior Handwraps
Ambitious Warrior Pants
Ambitious Warrior Belt
Ambitious Warrior Wristguard
Armor Zayne Carrick’s Jacket
Zayne Carrick’s Boots
Zayne Carrick’s Gloves
Zayne Carrick’s Pants
Zayne Carrick’s Belt
Armor Naga Sadow’s Tunic
Naga Sadow’s Boots
Naga Sadow’s Gauntlets
Naga Sadow’s Crown
Naga Sadow’s Lower Robes
Naga Sadow’s Belt
Naga Sadow’s Bracers
Armor Exposed Extrovert Robes
Exposed Extrovert Boots
Exposed Extrovert Gauntlets
Exposed Extrovert Greaves
Exposed Extrovert Belt
Armor Casual Combatant Vest
Casual Combatant Boots
Casual Combatant Gloves
Casual Combatant Pants
Casual Combatant Belt
Casual Combatant Bracers
Armor Series 510 Cybernetic Torso
Series 510 Cybernetic Feet
Series 510 Cybernetic Hands
Series 510 Cybernetic Skull
Series 510 Cybernetic Legs
Series 510 Cybernetic Support Belt
Pet Model F-T6 Rycer
Pet Mini-Mogul OR-1
Vehicle Corellian Stardrive Flash
Vehicle Adno Firewasp
Vehicle Droid Sidecar
Vehicle Rark K-1A
Vehicle Korrealis Duke
Vehicle Firmament Tauntaun
Weapon Interstellar Regulator’s Blaster Besh
Weapon Interstellar Regulator’s Assault Cannon Besh
Weapon Interstellar Regulator’s Blaster Rifle Besh
Weapon Interstellar Regulator’s Sniper Rifle Besh
Weapon Unconquered Defender Lightsaber
Weapon Unconquered Defender Saberstaff
Title Starfighter’s Collector
Title Galactic Ace
Dye Module Pale Purple and Medium Gray Dye Module
Dye Module Secondary Black Dye Module
Emotes Starslide
Emotes Lepi Hop
Emotes Chair5
Emotes Holo Hoop
Mood Cobalt Durasteel
Toy Pushups
Customization Khem Val Customization 15
Galactic Starfighter SR-02 Republic Scout Paint Job
Galactic Starfighter SI-02 Imperial Scout Paint Job
Galactic Starfighter Republic’s Orange-White Color Module
Galactic Starfighter Imperial’s Turquoise-Grey Color Module
Galactic Starfighter Republic’s Black Purple Gas Canister
Galactic Starfighter Imperial’s Purple Gas Canister
Galactic Starfighter Republic Purple Engine Reactant
Galactic Starfighter Imperial’s Blue Core Engine Reactant
Unsorted Credit Boom
Unsorted Credit Explosion
Unsorted Cartel Market Certificate
Unsorted Active Sensor Modulator
Unsorted Modified Power Converter
Unsorted Prototype Flight Computer

Space Jockey’s Starfighter Pack

See images of all the items in this pack here.

Category Name
Armor Ancient InfernaLChestplate
Ancient Infernal Boots
Ancient Infernal Greaves
Ancient Infernal Belt
Ancient Infernal Bracers
Armor Berserker Chestguard
Berserker Boots
Berserker Gloves
Berserker Headgear
Berserker Leggings
Berserker Belt
Armor Series 901 Cybernetic Torso
Series 901 Cybernetic Feet
Series 901 Cybernetic Hands
Series 901 Cybernetic Skull
Series 901 Cybernetic Legs
Series 901 Cybernetic Support Belt
Armor Daring Rogue’s Jacket
Daring Rogue’s Boots
Daring Rogue’s Gloves
Daring Rogue’s Pants
Daring Rogue’s Belt
Daring Rogue’s Bracers
Armor Dashing Hero’s Chestplate
Dashing Hero’s Boots
Dashing Hero’s Gauntlets
Dashing Hero’s Greaves
Dashing Hero’s Belt
Dashing Hero’s Bracers
Armor Interceptor Chestplate
Interceptor Boots
Interceptor Hands
Interceptor Helmet
Interceptor Greaves
Interceptor Belt
Interceptor Bracers
Armor J-34 Biocontainment Chestguard
J-34 Biocontainment Boots
J-34 Biocontainment Gloves
J-34 Biocontainment Helmet
J-34 Biocontainment Leggings
J-34 Biocontainment Belt
J-34 Biocontainment Bracers
Armor K-23 Hazmat Chestguard
K-23 Hazmat Boots
K-23 Hazmat Gloves
K-23 Hazmat Helmet
K-23 Hazmat Leggings
K-23 Hazmat Belt
K-23 Hazmat Bracers
Armor Mission Vao’s Jacket
Mission Vao’s Boots
Mission Vao’s Gloves
Mission Vao’s Leggings
Mission Vao’s Belt
Armor Scout Trooper Chestplate
Scout Trooper Boots
Scout Trooper Gloves
Scout Trooper Helmet
Scout Trooper Greaves
Scout Trooper Belt
Scout Trooper Bracers
Armor Scrublander’s Jacket
Scrublander’s Boots
Scrublander’s Gloves
Scrublander’s Helmet
Scrublander’s Pants
Scrublander’s Belt
Scrublander’s Wristbands
Armor Wastelander’s Jacket
Wastelander’s Boots
Wastelander’s Gloves
Wastelander’s Helmet
Wastelander’s Pants
Wastelander’s Belt
Wastelander’s Wristbands
Armor Saul Karath’s Jacket
Saul Karath’s Boots
Saul Karath’s Gloves
Saul Karath’s Hat
Saul Karath’s Pants
Saul Karath’s Belt
Pet Model SGS-41B Comet Breaker
Pet Model Red Hutt Barge
Vehicle Korrealis Count
Vehicle Meirm Badger
Vehicle Meirm Iguana
Vehicle Razalon FC-1
Vehicle Tion SY 3
Vehicle Armored Grassland Varactyl
Vehicle Forest Assault Tauntaun
Weapon Interstellar Regulator’s Blaster Cresh
Weapon Interstellar Regulator’s Assault Cannon Cresh
Weapon Interstellar Regulator’s Blaster Rifle Cresh
Weapon Interstellar Regulator’s Sniper Rifle Cresh
Weapon Indomitable Vanquisher’s Lightsaber
Weapon Indomitable Vanquisher’s Saberstaff
Title Starfighter’s Collector
Title Space Jockey
Dye Module Medium Yellow and Deep Gray Dye Module
Dye Module Primary White Dye Module
Emotes Double Holo Hoop
Emotes Bound
Emotes Fresh
Emotes Waltz
Mood Pout
Toy Mime
Customization T7 Customization 7
Galactic Starfighter Imperial’s Red Engine Reactant
Galactic Starfighter Republic’s Purple Engine Reactant
Galactic Starfighter Republic’s Purple Gas Canister
Galactic Starfighter Imperial’s Mint Green Gas Canister
Galactic Starfighter G1-04 Imperial Gunship Paint Job
Galactic Starfighter GR-04 Republic Gunship Paint Job
Galactic Starfighter Republic’s Medium Green-Green Color Module
Galactic Starfighter Imperial’s Crimson-Orange Color Module
Unsorted Credit Boom
Unsorted Credit Explosion
Unsorted Cartel Market Certificate
Unsorted Active Sensor Modulator
Unsorted Modified Power Converter
Unsorted Prototype Flight Computer

Hotshot’s Starfighter Pack

See images of all the items in this pack here

Category Name
Armor Mandalorian Hunter Chestguard
Mandalorian Hunter Boots
Mandalorian Hunter Gauntlets
Mandalorian Hunter Helmet
Mandalorian Hunter Greaves
Mandalorian Hunter Belt
Mandalorian Hunter Wristguards
Armor Skilled Hunter Chestguard
Skilled Hunter Boots
Skilled Hunter Gauntlets
Skilled Hunter Leggings
Skilled Hunter Belt
Skilled Hunter Wristwraps
Armor Able Hunter Chestguard
Able Hunter Boots
Able Hunter Gauntlets
Able Hunter Leggings
Able Hunter Belt
Able Hunter Wristwraps
Armor Underwater Adventurer Rebreather
Underwater Adventurer Boots
Underwater Adventurer Gloves
Underwater Adventurer Leggings
Underwater Adventurer Weight Belt
Underwater Adventurer Mask
Armor Underwater Explorer Rebreather
Underwater Explorer Boots
Underwater Explorer Gloves
Underwater Explorer Leggings
Underwater Explorer Weight Belt
Underwater Explorer Mask
Armor Canderous Ordo’s Vest
Canderous Ordo’s Boots
Canderous Ordo’s Gloves
Canderous Ordo’s Pants
Canderous Ordo’s Belt
Armor Series 858 Cybernetic Torso
Series 858 Cybernetic Feet
Series 858 Cybernetic Hands
Series 858 Cybernetic Skull
Series 858 Cybernetic Legs
Series 858 Cybernetic Support Belt
Armor Juhani’s Chestguard
Juhani’s Boots
Juhani’s Gloves
Juhani’s Leggings
Juhani’s Belt
Juhani’s Bracers
Armor Unburdened Champion Robes
Unburdened Champion Boots
Unburdened Champion Gauntlets
Unburdened Champion Greaves
Unburdened Champion Belt
Unburdened Champion Bracers
Armor Casual Vandal Jacket
Casual Vandal Boots
Casual Vandal Gloves
Casual Vandal Pants
Casual Vandal Bel
Armor Sogan Sur’s Chestguard
Sogan Sur’s Boots
Sogan Sur’s Gauntlets
Sogan Sur’s Helmet
Sogan Sur’s Greaves
Sogan Sur’s Belt
Pet Model FT-8 Star Guard
Pet Mini-Mogul PU-1
Vehicle Korrealis Countness
Vehicle Desler DA-5
Vehicle Ikas XK-7
Vehicle Rendili SF-3
Vehicle Highland Dewback
Vehicle Ghorfa Bantha
Vehicle Forest Assault Tauntaun
Weapon Interstellar Regulator’s Blaster Dorn
Weapon Interstellar Regulator’s Assault Cannon Dorn
Weapon Interstellar Regulator’s Blaster Rifle Dorn
Weapon Interstellar Regulator’s Sniper Rifle Dorn
Weapon Indomitable Avenger’s Lightsaber
Weapon Indomitable Avenger’s Saberstaff
Title Starfighter’s Collector
Title Hotshot
Dye Module Light Yellow and Deep Pink Dye Module
Dye Module Secondary White Dye Module
Emotes Smuggler Shuffle
Emotes Romance Shuffle
Emotes Dud
Emotes Chair 6
Mood Jawa Face
Toy Warm Hands
Customization Bowdaar Customization 8
Galactic Starfighter Republic’s Mint Green Engine Reactant
Galactic Starfighter Imperial’s Light Blue Engine Reactant
Galactic Starfighter Republic’s Black Orange Gas Canister
Galactic Starfighter Imperial’s Black Yellow Gas Canister
Galactic Starfighter BR-04 Republic Bomber Paint Job
Galactic Starfighter BI-04 Imperial Bomber Paint Job
Galactic Starfighter Republic’s Yellow-Grey Color Module
Galactic Starfighter Imperial’s Dark Blue-Cream Color Module
Unsorted Credit Boom
Unsorted Credit Explosion
Unsorted Cartel Market Certificate
Unsorted Active Sensor Modulator
Unsorted Modified Power Converter
Unsorted Prototype Flight Computer

Nightlife Packs

Star Cluster’s Nightlife Pack

See images of all the items in this pack here

Category Name
Armor Enhanced Assailant’s Chestguard
Enhanced Assailant’s Boots
Enhanced Assailant’s Gauntlets
Enhanced Assailant’s Helmet
Enhanced Assailant’s Greaves
Enhanced Assailant’s Belt
Enhanced Assailant’s Wristguards
Armor Ceremonial Mystic’s Robes
Ceremonial Mystic’s Boots
Ceremonial Mystic’s Gloves
Ceremonial Mystic’s Mask
Ceremonial Mystic’s Lower Robes
Ceremonial Mystic’s Belt
Ceremonial Mystic’s Wristwraps
Armor Nimble Brawler’s Chestguard
Nimble Brawler’s Boots
Nimble Brawler’s Gauntlets
Nimble Brawler’s Eyeguard
Nimble Brawler’s Greaves
Nimble Brawler’s Belts
Nimble Brawler’s Wristguards
Armor Revered Seer’s Tunic
Revered Seer’s Boots
Revered Seer’s Gloves
Revered Seer’s Helmet
Revered Seer’s Lower Robes
Revered Seer’s Belt
Revered Seer’s Bracers
Armor Tulak Hord’s Chestguard
Tulak Hord’s Boots
Tulak Hord’s Gauntlets
Tulak Hord’s Helmet
Tulak Hord’s Greaves
Tulak Hord’s Belt
Tulak Hord’s Bracers
Armor Xoxaan’s Robes
Xoxaan’s Footwraps
Xoxaan’s Handguards
Xoxaan’s Lower Robes
Xoxaan’s Sash
Xoxaan’s Wristwraps
Armor Euphoric Corellian Tunic
Euphoric Corellian Boots
Euphoric Corellian Gloves
Euphoric Corellian Pants
Euphoric Corellian Belt
Euphoric Corellian Bracers
Armor Ajunta Pall’s Tunic
Ajunta Pall’s Boots
Ajunta Pall’s Gloves
Ajunta Pall’s Mask
Ajunta Pall’s Pants
Ajunta Pall’s Belt
Ajunta Pall’s Bracers
Armor Mandalore the Ultimate’s Chestguard
Mandalore the Ultimate’s Boots
Mandalore the Ultimate’s Gauntlets
Mandalore the Ultimate’s Helmet
Mandalore the Ultimate’s Greaves
Mandalore the Ultimate’s Belt
Pet Masked Lobel
Pet Model Formal Balloon
Pet Model FT-7B Clarion
Pet Model B-5 Decimus
Vehicle Corellian Stardrive Stealth
Vehicle Vectron TM-22 Volo
Vehicle Irakie Vulture
Vehicle Ikas XK-9
Vehicle Tropical Orobird
Vehicle Dathomir Rancor
Weapon EL-34 Rotary Plasma Cannon
Weapon Exquisite Champion’s Lightsaber
Weapon Exqusite Champion’s Dualsaber
Weapon BL-28 Blaster
Weapon BL-28 Blaster Rifle
Weapon BL-28 Sniper Rifle
Title Star Cluster High Roller
Dye Module Dark Orange and Light Brown Dye Module
Dye Module Light Brown and Pale Gray Dye Module
Dye Module Primary Dark Gray Dye Module
Emotes Hip Dip
Emotes Crazy Talk
Emotes Dodge
Toy Credit Flip
Color Crystal Pink Magenta
Customization C2-N2 Customization – Crimson
Customization Advanced Recon HK Customization
Galactic Starfighter Imperial’s Light Red Engine Reactant
Galactic Starfighter Republic’s Hot Orange Engine Reactant
Galactic Starfighter Imperial’s Orange Gas Canister
Galactic Starfighter Republic’s Blue Gas Canister
Galactic Starfighter BI-04 Imperial Bomber Paint Job
Galactic Starfighter BR-06 Republic Bomber Paint Job
Galactic Starfighter Imperial’s Crimson-Gray Color Module
Galactic Starfighter Republic’s Red-Orange Color Module

Club Vertica Nightlife Pack

See images of all the items in this pack here

Category Name
Armor Agile Reconnaissance’s Jacket
Agile Reconnaissance’s Boots
Agile Reconnaissance’s Gloves
Agile Reconnaissance’s Mask
Agile Reconnaissance’s Pants
Agile Reconnaissance’s Belt
Agile Reconnaissance’s Bracers
Armor Karness Muur’s Robe
Karness Muur’s Boots
Karness Muur’s Gloves
Karness Muur’s Lower Robes
Karness Muur’s Belt
Karness Muur’s Bracers
Armor Mandalorian Clansman’s Chestplate
Mandalorian Clansman’s Boots
Mandalorian Clansman’s Gauntlets
Mandalorian Clansman’s Helmet
Mandalorian Clansman’s Greaves
Mandalorian Clansman’s Belt
Mandalorian Clansman’s Bracers
Armor Remulus Drepya’s Cloak
Remulus Drepya’s Boots
Remulus Drepya’s Handguards
Remulus Drepya’s Pants
Remulus Drepya’s Belt
Remulus Drepya’s Bracers
Armor Rohlan Dyre’s Chestguard
Rohlan Dyre’s Boots
Rohlan Dyre’s Gauntlets
Rohlan Dyre’s Helmet
Rohlan Dyre’s Greaves
Rohlan Dyre’s Belt
Armor Ventilated Triumvirate Body Armor
Ventilated Triumvirate Boots
Ventilated Triumvirate Gauntlets
Ventilated Triumvirate Helmet
Ventilated Triumvirate Belt
Ventilated Triumvirate Leggings
Armor Shrewd Rascal’s Jackets
Shrewd Rascal’s Boots
Shrewd Rascal’s Gloves
Shrewd Rascal’s Hat
Shrewd Rascal’s Pants
Shrewd Rascal’s Belt
Shrewd Rascal’s Bracers
Armor Temple Guardian’s Robes
Temple Guardian’s Boots
Temple Guardian’s Gauntlets
Temple Guardian’s Helmet
Temple Guardian’s Greaves
Temple Guardian’s Belt
Temple Guardian’s Wristguards
Armor Unbreakable Veteran’s Body Armor
Unbreakable Veteran’s Boots
Unbreakable Veteran’s Gauntlets
Unbreakable Veteran’s Helmet
Unbreakable Veteran’s Leggings
Unbreakable Veteran’s Belt
Unbreakable Veteran’s Wristguards
Pet Hooded Blurrg
Pet Model Experimental Sandcrawler
Pet Model FT-2 Quell
Pet Model Sledgehammer
Vehicle Tion SY-4
Vehicle Vectron JM-13 Torrens
Vehicle ST-7 Recon Walker
Vehicle Adno A-R6
Vehicle Droid Officer Transport
Vehicle Marsh Raptor
Weapon SL-34 Rotary Plasma Cannon
Weapon Etched Dueler’s  Lightsaber
Weapon Etched Dueler’s  Dualsaber
Weapon WL-29 Blaster
Weapon WL-29 Blaster Rifle
Weapon WL-29 Sniper Rifle
Title Star Cluster High Roller
Dye Module Dark Brown and Light Orange Dye Module
Dye Module Dark Blue and Pale Brown Dye Module
Dye Module Deep Grey and Pale Brown Dye Module
Emotes Faint
Emotes Out of Breath
Emotes Tihaar Dance
Toy Cube Roll
Color Crystal Yellow Core
Customization 2V-R8 Customization – Crimson
Galactic Starfighter Imperial’s Black Orange Gas Canister
Galactic Starfighter Republic’s Black Light Blue Gas Canister
Galactic Starfighter Republic’s Orange Engine Reactant
Galactic Starfighter Imperial’s Cyan Engine Reactant
Galactic Starfighter FI-05 Imperial Strike Fighter Paint Job
Galactic Starfighter FR-05 Republic Strike Fighter Paint Job
Galactic Starfighter Republic’s Light Orange – Yellow Color Module
Galactic Starfighter Imperial’s Dark Green-Green Color Module

Shipment Five

Builder/Gatekeeper’s Stronghold Pack

See images of all the items in this pack here

Category Name
Armor Malak’s Shadow Chestguard
Malak’s Shadow Boots
Malak’s Shadow Jaw Casing
Malek’s Shadow Greaves
Malak’s Shadow Wristguards
Armor Mantellian Privateer Jacket
Mantellian Privateer Boots
Mantellian Privateer Gloves
Mantellian Privateer Headgear
Mantellian Privateer Pants
Mantellian Privateer Belts
Armor Reaver’s Chestguard
Reaver’s Boots
Reaver’s Gauntlets
Reaver’s Headgear
Reaver’s Greaves
Reaver’s Belt
Reaver’s Wristguards
Armor Advanced Slicer Jacket
Advanced Slicer Boots
Advanced Slicer Gloves
Advanced Slicer Hat
Advanced Slicer Pants
Advanced Slicer Belt
Advanced Slicer Wristguards
Armor Satele Shan’s Tunic
Satele Shan’s Boots
Satele Shan’s Gloves
Satele Shan’s Leggings
Satele Shan’s Belt
Armor Exar Kun’s Chestguard
Exar Kun’s Boots
Exar Kun’s Gauntlets
Exar Kun’s Greaves
Exar Kun’s Belt
Exar Kun’s Wristguards
Armor Series 614 Cybernetic Torso
Series 614 Cybernetic Feet
Series 614 Cybernetic Hands
Series 614 Cybernetic Skull
Series 614 Cybernetic Legs
Series 614 Cybernetic Support Belt
Pet Model SGS-S1 Condor
Pet Imperial LE-34 Miniprobe
Pet Carbonite-Frozen Kowakian Monkey
Vehicle Hyrotti YH-99
Vehicle Tirsa Victor
Vehicle Tobus Cruiser
Vehicle Canyon Bantha
Vehicle Fawn Orobird
Vehicle Irakie Hawk
Vehicle Walkhar Auspice
Weapon Antique Socorro Blaster Aurek
Weapon Antique Socorro Blaster Rifle Aurek
Weapon Antique Socorro Sniper Rifle Aurek
Weapon Antique Socorro Lightsaber Aurek
Weapon Antique Socorro Saberstaff Aurek
Weapon Antique Socorro Assault Cannon Aurek
Title Galactic Warden
Title Gatekeeper
Stronghold Label Vacation Retreat
Dye Module White and Medium Gray Dye Module
Dye Module Black and Medium Orange Dye Module
Emotes Whats Up 2
Emotes Clawbird Kick
Toy Vending Machine
Color Crystal Gold Core
Color Crystal Blue Outline
Customization Ashara Zavros Customization 4
Decorations Arrangement: Executive’s Lounge
Decorations Arrangement: Underworld Bar
Decorations Banner: House Rist
Decorations Carbonite Bounty (Slicer)
Decorations Corporate Lobby Rug
Decorations Czerka Ceiling Light
Decorations Czerka Coffe Table
Decorations Czerka Corner Office Desk
Decorations Executive’s Loveseat
Decorations Flag: House Rist
Decorations Grand Statue of the Emperor
Decorations Gree Sphere Lamp
Decorations Holographic Tree (Blue)
Decorations Holo Sign: Bith Musician
Decorations Imperial Voss Embassy Sign
Decorations Jukebox: Underworld Classics
Decorations Justicar Propaganda: Every Blaster Counts
Decorations Kolto Barrel
Decorations Office Chair
Decorations Oriconian Standing Torch
Decorations Planter: Oriconian Stalk
Decorations Republic Voss Embassy Sign
Decorations Selkath Chair
Decorations Selkath Console
Decorations Selkath Couch
Decorations Selkath Kolto Tank
Decorations Small Statue of Ancient Horror
Decorations Starship: Republic Striker
Decorations Statue of the Spearman
Decorations Tuk’ata Research Table

Constable’s Stronghold Pack

See images of all the items in this pack here

Category Name
Armor Atris’ Boots
Atris’ Lower Robes
Atris’ Sash
Atris’ Robes
Armor Series 615 Cybernetic Torso
Series 615 Cybernetic Feet
Series 615 Cybernetic Hands
Series 615 Cybernetic Skull
Series 615 Cybernetic Legs
Series 615 Cybernetic Support Belt
Armor Enhanced Surveillance Jacket
Enhanced Surveillance Boots
Enhanced Surveillance Gloves
Enhanced Surveillance Hat
Enhanced Surveillance Pants
Enhanced Surveillance Belt
Enhanced Surveillance Wristguards
Armor Fortified Defender Boots
Fortified Defender Gauntlets
Fortified Defender Greaves
Fortified Defender Belt
Fortified Defender Armguards
Fortified Defender Chestplate
Armor Intimidator Chestguard
Intimidator Boots
Intimidator Gauntlets
Intimidator Greaves
Intimidator Belt
Intimidator Wristguards
Armor Kreia’s Robes
Kreia’s Boots
Kreia’s Gloves
Kreia’s Hood
Kreia’s Lower Robes
Kreia’s Sash
Armor Noble Attendant Boots
Noble Attendant Gloves
Noble Attendant Leggings
Noble Attendant  Belt
Noble Attendant Sash
Noble Attendant Tunic
Pet Cartel MJ-52 Miniprobe
Pet Model B-4D Legion
Vehicle Amzab ZB-7
Vehicle Dune Sea Bantha
Vehicle Morlinger NG-9
Vehicle Onxy Orobird
Vehicle Tirsa Contender
Vehicle Tobus Balmorra Cruiser
Vehicle Walkhar
Weapon Antique Socorro Blaster Besh
Weapon Antique Socorro Blaster Rifle Besh
Weapon Antique Socorro Sniper Rifle Besh
Weapon Antique Socorro Lightsaber Besh
Weapon Antique Socorro Saberstaff Besh
Weapon Antique Socorro Assault Cannon Besh
Title Galactic Warden
Title Constable
Stronghold Label Smuggler’s Haven
Dye Module Black and Light Brown Dye Module
Dye Module Black and Medium Gray Dye Module
Emotes Cheer 2
Emotes Punch Dance
Toy Rapid Repair Drones
Color Crystal Pink Core
Color Crystal Gold Core
Customization Tanno Vic Customization 2
Decorations Arrangement: Tribal Camp
Decorations Banner: House Alde
Decorations Computer Terminal
Decorations CZK Sandcrawler
Decorations Diagnostic Monitor (Medical)
Decorations Decorous Hotel Rug
Decorations Desk Computer
Decorations Droid Engineer’s Workbench
Decorations Engraved Reliquary
Decorations Executive’s Couch
Decorations Flag: House Alde
Decorations Gigantic Crystal (Cyan)
Decorations Holo Sign: Falcon
Decorations Holo Sign: Lounging Dancer
Decorations Imperial Voss Embassy Sign
Decorations Jukebox: Core World Classics
Decorations Landscape: Gold Plated Hutt
Decorations Minefield Marker
Decorations Networked Lamp (Orange)
Decorations Painting: Abstract Lines
Decorations Planetary Sign
Decorations Planter: Voss Shrub
Decorations Reliquary Vase
Decorations Sensor Console: X1-74
Decorations Server Monitor
Decorations Ship Wall Locker
Decorations Slicer’s Planning Table
Decorations Slot Machine: Smuggler’s Gambit
Decorations Starship: Imperial Striker
Decorations Temple Chandelier
Decorations Tribal Chest

Seneschal’s Stronghold Pack

See images of all the items in this pack here

Category Name
Armor Vrook Lamar’s Tunic
Vrook Lamar’s Boots
Vrook Lamar’s Gloves
Vrook Lamar’s Pants
Vrook Lamar’s Belt
Vrook Lamar’s Bracers
Armor Series 616 Cybernetic Torso
Series 616 Cybernetic Feet
Series 616 Cybernetic Hands
Series 616 Cybernetic Skull
Series 616 Cybernetic Legs
Series 616 Cybernetic Support Belt
Armor Feral Visionary Tunic
Feral Visionary Boots
Feral Visionary Gloves
Feral Visionary Pants
Feral Visionary Belt
Feral Visionary Wristguards
Feral Visionary Headgear
Armor Mandalore the Indomitable’s Chestguard
Mandalore the Indomitable’s Boots
Mandalore the Indomitable’s Gauntlets
Mandalore the Indomitable’s Helmet
Mandalore the Indomitable’s Greaves
Mandalore the Indomitable’s Belt
Armor Relaxed Tracksuit Jacket
Relaxed Tracksuit Boots
Relaxed Tracksuit Gloves
Relaxed Tracksuit Pants
Relaxed Tracksuit Belt
Armor Resolute Protector Chestguard
Resolute Protector Boots
Resolute Protector Gauntlets
Resolute Protector Headgear
Resolute Protector Greaves
Resolute Protector Belt
Resolute Protector Wristguards
Armor Subversive Jacket
Subversive Boots
Subversive Gloves
Subversive Pants
Subversive Belt
Subversive Bracers
Pet Czerka EW-94 Probe
Pet Model Spearpoint
Vehicle Ikas XK-13
Vehicle Rark K-21X
Vehicle Tirsa Paramount
Vehicle Tobus Alderaan Cruiser
Vehicle Caravan Uxibeast
Vehicle Walkhar Prophecy
Weapon Antique Socorro Blaster Cresh
Weapon Antique Socorro Blaster Rifle Cresh
Weapon Antique Socorro Sniper Rifle Cresh
Weapon Antique Socorro Lightsaber Cresh
Weapon Antique Socorro Saberstaff Cresh
Weapon Antique Socorro Assault Cannon Cresh
Title Galactic Warden
Title Seneschal
Stronghold Label Market Cantina
Dye Module Pale Blue and Pale Pink Dye Module
Dye Module Medium Green and Deep Purple Dye Module
Emotes Handstand Heel Click
Emotes Thrash
Toy One Handed Handstand
Color Crystal Sea Green
Color Crystal Gold Core
Customization Nadia Grell Customization 9
Decorations Altar of Skulls
Decorations Arrangement: Tribal Campfire
Decorations Banner: House Thul
Decorations Battle-Worn Imperial Placard
Decorations Battle-Worn Republic Placard
Decorations Cage of Tormented
Decorations Computer Station (Emergency)
Decorations Flag: House Thul
Decorations Fountain of Blood and Fire
Decorations Hunter’s Planning Table
Decorations Industrial Fire Pit
Decorations Jukebox: Stellar Hits
Decorations Market Kiosk: Neon Lights
Decorations Massive Anti-Air Turret
Decorations Merchant Stall
Decorations Metropolitan Bench
Decorations Oriconian Lantern
Decorations Planter: Blood Razor Fern
Decorations Round Patterned Rug (Gold)
Decorations Shackled Crystal Sconce
Decorations Small Holo Table
Decorations Starship: Republic Gunship
Decorations Statue of Revan
Decorations Statue of the Throned Sith
Decorations Topiary Tree (Hedge)
Decorations Tribal Blade Totem
Decorations Underworld Light (Orange)
Decorations Voss-Ka Street Lamp

Architect’s Stronghold Pack

See images of all the items in this pack here

Category Name
Armor Balanced Combatant’s Pauldrons
Balanced Combatant’s Shinguards
Balanced Combatant’s Vambraces
Balanced Combatant’s Leggings
Balanced Combatant’s Sash
Armor Ceremonial Tunic
Ceremonial Boots
Ceremonial Gloves
Ceremonial Headgear
Ceremonial Pants
Ceremonial Belt
Ceremonial Wristguards
Armor Series 617 Cybernetic Torso
Series 617 Cybernetic Feet
Series 617 Cybernetic Hands
Series 617 Cybernetic Skull
Series 617 Cybernetic Legs
Series 617 Cybernetic Support Belt
Armor Dathomir Shaman’s Robe
Dathomir Shaman’s Boots
Dathomir Shaman’s Gloves
Dathomir Shaman’s Hood
Dathomir Shaman’s Pants
Dathomir Shaman’s Sash
Armor Jarael’s Tunic
Jarael’s Boots
Jarael’s Gloves
Jarael’s Pants
Jarael’s Waist Pack
Jarael’s Bracer
Armor Savage Hunter Chestguard
Savage Hunter Boots
Savage Hunter Gauntlets
Savage Hunter Greaves
Savage Hunter Belt
Savage Hunter Wristguards
Savage Hunter Headgear
Armor Spectre’s Chestguard
Spectre’s Boots
Spectre’s Gloves
Spectre’s Helmet
Spectre’s Lower Robe
Spectre’s Belt
Spectre’s Wristguards
Pet Model FT-3C Imperium
Pet Mini-Mech CM-12
Vehicle Ikas XK-4
Vehicle Amzab ZB-8
Vehicle Tirsa Pinnacle
Vehicle Tobus Prowler
Vehicle Expedition Uxibeast
Vehicle Walkhar Omen
Weapon Antique Socorro Blaster Dorn
Weapon Antique Socorro Blaster Rifle Dorn
Weapon Antique Socorro Sniper Rifle Dorn
Weapon Antique Socorro Lightsaber Dorn
Weapon Antique Socorro Saberstaff Dorn
Weapon Antique Socorro Assault Cannon Dorn
Title Galactic Warden
Title Architect
Stronghold Label Trade Emporium
Dye Module Dark Red and Pale Brown
Dye Module Light Gray and Pale Pink
Emotes Celebrate
Emotes Belt Check
Toy Feign Death
Color Crystal Purple Outline
Color Crystal Gold Core
Customization Sergeant Rusk Customization 1
Decorations Anti-Personnel Defense Turret
Decorations Arrangement: Café Table
Decorations Banner: House Ulgo
Decorations Carbonite Bounty (Hutt)
Decorations Corellian Rug
Decorations Electroblade Rack
Decorations Emergency Ceiling Light (Red)
Decorations Equipment Locker: Sleek
Decorations Flag House Ulgo
Decorations Fountain: Sculptural
Decorations Holo Sign: Cantina Dancer
Decorations Holo Sign: Champagne Glasses
Decorations Holographic Tree (Green)
Decorations Jukebox: Soothing Melodies
Decorations Krayt Dragon Skeleton
Decorations Merchant Stall: Armor
Decorations Metropolitan Bench
Decorations Networked Security Monitor
Decorations Octagonal Computer Station
Decorations Office Divider
Decorations Planetary Holo Map (Ilum)
Decorations Planter: Glowing Spores
Decorations Planter: Large Mushroom
Decorations Potted Plant: Luminescent Mushrooms (Blue)
Decorations Security Camera
Decorations Segmented Lights (Purple)
Decorations Starship: Imperial Gunship
Decorations Statue of the Serene Pilgrim

Shipment Six

Initiate’s/Pilgrim’s Shadow Pack

See images of all the items in this pack here

Category Name
Armor Eidolon Chestguard
Eidolon Boots
Eidolon Gloves
Eidolon Headgear
Eidolon Greaves
Eidolon Belt
Eidolon Wristguards
Armor Lana Beniko’s Tunic
Lana Beniko’s Boots
Lana Beniko’s Gloves
Lana Beniko’s Pants
Lana Beniko’s Belt
Lana Beniko’s Bracers
Armor Nefarious Bandit’s Breatplate
Nefarious Bandit’s Boots
Nefarious Bandit’s Gloves
Nefarious Bandit’s Helmet
Nefarious Bandit’s Greaves
Nefarious Bandit’s Belt
Nefarious Bandit’s Bracers
Armor Revan Reborn Breastplate
Revan Reborn Boots
Revan Reborn Gauntlets
Revan Reborn Helmet
Revan Reborn Greaves
Revan Reborn Belt
Revan Reborn Bracers
Armor Silent Ghost’s Breastplate
Silent Ghost’s Boots
Silent Ghost’s Gloves
Silent Ghost’s Helmet
Silent Ghost’s Greaves
Silent Ghost’s Belt
Silent Ghost’s Bracers
Armor Stalker’s Breastplate
Stalker’s Boots
Stalker’s Gloves
Stalker’s Helmet
Stalker’s Greaves
Stalker’s Belt
Stalker’s Bracers
Armor Theron Shan’s Jacket
Theron Shan’s Boots
Theron Shan’s Gloves
Theron Shan’s Pants
Theron Shan’s Belt
Theron Shan’s Bracers
Armor Ventilated Scalene Chestguard
Ventilated Scalene Boots
Ventilated Scalene Gloves
Ventilated Scalene Headgear
Ventilated Scalene Greaves
Ventilated Scalene Belt
Ventilated Scalene Wristguards
Pet Coastal Thranta
Pet Model SGS-41B Comet Breaker
Pet Bog Skarkla
Vehicle Amzab ZB-12
Vehicle Skybreeze Cutter
Vehicle Czerka Commuter
Vehicle Plateshadow Devourer
Vehicle Joko TZ-8
Vehicle Lergo LS-4
Vehicle Jewelled Orobird
Weapon Desolator’s Starforged Dualsaber
Weapon Desolator’s Starforged Lightsaber
Weapon DS-8 Starforged Sniper Rifle
Weapon RH-32 Starforged Assault Cannon
Weapon RK-4 Starforged Blaster
Weapon YV-23 Starforged Blaster Rifle
Title Shadow Collector
Title Shadow’s Pilgrim
Stronghold Label Pirate’s Roost
Dye Module Black and Medium Brown
Dye Module Light Blue and Deep Green
Emotes Bottle Break
Emotes Traditional Dance
Toy Mind Trap
Color Crystal Black-Pink
Color Crystal Purple-Black
Customization Akaavi Spar Customization 9
Customization Scorpio Customization 1
Decorations Holo Sign: Pirate Grog
Decorations Imperial Medic
Decorations Republic Medic
Decorations Massassi Ceiling Light
Decorations Rishi Lamppost
Decorations Rishi Villager
Decorations Rishi Wall Banner
Decorations Yavin Floor Lamp
Decorations Yavin Head Sculpture
Decorations Yavin Temple Niche
Decorations Yavin Tree Plot
Decorations Tree of Paradise

Acolyte’s Shadow Pack

See images of all the items in this pack here

Category Name
Armor Blade Savant Chestguard
Blade Savant Boots
Blade Savant Gloves
Blade Savant Headgear
Blade Savant Greaves
Blade Savant Belt
Blade Savant Wristguards
Armor Fearsome Harbinger Chestguard
Fearsome Harbinger Boots
Fearsome Harbinger Gloves
Fearsome Harbinger Headgear
Fearsome Harbinger Greaves
Fearsome Harbinger Belt
Fearsome Harbinger Wristguards
Armor Formal Militant’s Jacket
Formal Militant’s Boots
Formal Militant’s Gloves
Formal Militant’s Hat
Formal Militant’s Pants
Formal Militant’s Belt
Formal Militant’s Wristguards
Armor Nomad Breastplate
Nomad Boots
Nomad Gloves
Nomad Helmet
Nomad Greaves
Nomad Belt
Nomad Bracers
Armor Revanite Pursuer’s Breastplate
Revanite Pursuer’s Boots
Revanite Pursuer’s Gloves
Revanite Pursuer’s Helmet
Revanite Pursuer’s Greaves
Revanite Pursuer’s Belt
Revanite Pursuer’s Bracers
Armor Shae Vizla’s Chestguard
Shae Vizla’s Boots
Shae Vizla’s Gloves
Shae Vizla’s Helmet
Shae Vizla’s Greaves
Shae Vizla’s Belt
Pet Model GSS-4Y Jurgoran
Pet Sabertooth Skarkla
Vehicle Acrid Chemilizard
Vehicle Talon Cutter
Vehicle Czerka Enforcer
Vehicle Glacial Icetromper
Vehicle Joko TZ-11
Vehicle Lergo Provocateur
Vehicle Razalon FC-3
Vehicle Savanna Vorantikus
Weapon Betrayer’s Starforged Dualsaber
Weapon Betrayer’s Starforged Lightsaber
Weapon DS-9 Starforged Sniper Rifle
Weapon RH-33 Starforged Assault Cannon
Weapon RK-5 Starforged Blaster
Weapon YV-24 Starforged Blaster Rifle
Title Shadow Collector
Title Shadow’s Acolyte
Stronghold Label Lair of Shadows
Dye Module Medium Brown and Pale Yellow
Dye Module White and Light Purple
Emotes No Bones Dance
Emotes Punt
Toy One Man Band
Color Crystal Black-Pink
Color Crystal White-Blue-Purple
Customization Qyzen Fess Customization 6
Customization Vector Hyllus Customization 9
Decorations Contraband Slot Machine
Decorations Destitute Smuggler
Decorations Holo Sign: The Drunken Droid
Decorations Massassi Water Reserve
Decorations Planter: Rishi Tree (Blue)
Decorations Potted Plant: Yavin Jungle Fern
Decorations Rakata Mystic
Decorations Rishi Merchant Stall
Decorations Rishi Tribal Banner
Decorations Statue of Naga Sadow
Decorations Trandosian Mercenary

Apprentice’s Shadow Pack

See images of all the items in this pack here

Category Name
Armor Dark Seeker Jacket
Dark Seeker Boots
Dark Seeker Gloves
Dark Seeker Mask
Dark Seeker Pants
Dark Seeker Belt
Dark Seeker Bracers
Armor Frontline Veteran’s Breastplate
Frontline Veteran’s Boots
Frontline Veteran’s Gauntlets
Frontline Veteran’s Helmet
Frontline Veteran’s Greaves
Frontline Veteran’s Belt
Frontline Veteran’s Bracers
Armor Martial Pilgrim Chestguard
Martial Pilgrim Boots
Martial Pilgrim Gloves
Martial Pilgrim Circlet
Martial Pilgrim Pants
Martial Pilgrim Belt
Martial Pilgrim Wristguards
Armor Revealing Bodysuit Jacket
Revealing Bodysuit Boots
Revealing Bodysuit Gloves
Revealing Bodysuit Pants
Revealing Bodysuit Belt
Revealing Bodysuit Wristguards
Armor Revanite Vindicator’s Breastplate
Revanite Vindicator’s Boots
Revanite Vindicator’s Gauntlets
Revanite Vindicator’s Helmet
Revanite Vindicator’s Greaves
Revanite Vindicator’s Belt
Revanite Vindicator’s Bracers
Pet Mesa Ginx
Pet Model Rampart Mark Four
Vehicle Armored Boreal Ice Tromper
Vehicle Joko TZ-4
Vehicle Lergo Enforcer
Vehicle Patchwork Devourer
Vehicle Razalon FC-6
Vehicle Tempest Cutter
Vehicle Tion SY-5
Weapon Redeemer’s Starforged Dualsaber
Weapon Redeemer’s Starforged Lightsaber
Weapon DS-10 Starforged Sniper Rifle
Weapon RH-34 Starforged Assault Cannon
Weapon RK-6 Starforged Blaster
Weapon YV-25 Starforged Blaster Rifle
Title Shadow Collector
Title Shadow’s Acolyte
Stronghold Label Chamber of Deception
Dye Module Medium Red and Dark Gray
Dye Module Medium Purple and Deep Blue
Emotes Sinister
Emotes Mind Prison Spin
Toy Massage Bot
Color Crystal Black-Pink
Color Crystal Pink-Red
Customization Malavai Quinn Customization 9
Customization Xalek Customization 3
Decorations Field Communication Post
Decorations Holo-Sign: Ship Port (Orange)
Decorations Imperial Grenadier
Decorations Massassi Cages
Decorations Potted Plant: Yavin Fungus
Decorations Potted Plant: Yavin Octogave Plant
Decorations Revanite Zealot
Decorations Rishi Hut
Decorations Togruta Citizen (female)
Decorations Tree: Rishi Palm
Decorations Yavin Combat Arena
Decorations Yavin Temple Fountain

Master’s Shadow Pack

See images of all the items in this pack here

Category Name
Armor B-100 Cybernetic Breastplate
B-100 Cybernetic Boots
B-100 Cybernetic Gauntlets
B-100 Cybernetic Helmet
B-100 Cybernetic Greaves
B-100 Cybernetic Belt
B-100 Cybernetic Bracers
Armor Ceremonial Guard Breastplate
Ceremonial Guard Boots
Ceremonial Guard Gauntlets
Ceremonial Guard Helmet
Ceremonial Guard Greaves
Ceremonial Guard Belt
Ceremonial Guard Bracers
Armor Fearless Hunter’s Breastplate
Fearless Hunter’s Boots
Fearless Hunter’s Gauntlets
Fearless Hunter’s Helmet
Fearless Hunter’s Greaves
Fearless Hunter’s Belt
Fearless Hunter’s Bracers
Armor Powered Exoguard Breastplate
Powered Exoguard Boots
Powered Exoguard Gauntlets
Powered Exoguard Helmet
Powered Exoguard Greaves
Powered Exoguard Belt
Powered Exoguard Bracers
Armor Revanite Avenger Breastplate
Revanite Avenger Boots
Revanite Avenger Gauntlets
Revanite Avenger Helmet
Revanite Avenger Greaves
Revanite Avenger Belt
Revanite Avenger Bracers
Armor Tranquil Mystic’s Breastplate
Tranquil Mystic’s Boots
Tranquil Mystic’s Gauntlets
Tranquil Mystic’s Helmet
Tranquil Mystic’s Greaves
Tranquil Mystic’s Belt
Tranquil Mystic’s Bracers
Pet Prairie Ginx
Pet Model S-SC4 Bloodmark
Pet Arctic Thranta
Vehicle Amzab ZB-4
Vehicle Scarred Chemilizard
Vehicle Gale Cutter
Vehicle Joko TZ-2
Vehicle Lergo Agitator
Vehicle MSM JT-2 Jetpack
Vehicle Tion SY-6
Vehicle Marshwood Vorantikus
Weapon Prophet’s Starforged Dualsaber
Weapon Prophet’s Starforged Lightsaber
Weapon DS-11 Starforged Sniper Rifle
Weapon RH-35 Starforged Assault Cannon
Weapon RK-7 Starforged Blaster
Weapon YV-26 Starforged Blaster Rifle
Title Shadow Collector
Title Shadow’s Master
Stronghold Label Chamber of Truth
Dye Module Dark Green and Light Yellow
Dye Module Black and Deep Purple
Emotes Angry Dance
Emotes Worthy
Toy Soa
Color Crystal Black-Pink
Color Crystal Pink-Yellow
Customization M1-4x Customization 3
Customization Lord Scourge Customization 9
Decorations Celebration Tent
Decorations Flag: Rishi
Decorations Gand Mercenary
Decorations Holo Sign: Ship Port (Blue)
Decorations Kubaz Citizen (Male)
Decorations Potted Plant: Yavin Cave Fern
Decorations Republic Data Storage Unit
Decorations Rishi Ceiling Light
Decorations Rishi Pirate Cannon
Decorations Rishi Totem
Decorations Rodian Citizen (Male)
Decorations Yavin Warrior with Spear

Shipment Seven

Deep Core/Core Worlds Explorer Pack

See images of all the items in this pack here

Category Name
Armor Rugged Infantry Breastplate
Rugged Infantry Boots
Rugged Infantry Gauntlets
Rugged Infantry Helmet
Rugged Infantry Pants
Rugged Infantry Belt
Rugged Infantry Bracers
Armor B-200 Cybernetic Breastplate
B-200 Cybernetic Boots
B-200 Cybernetic Gauntlets
B-200 Cybernetic Helmet
B-200 Cybernetic Greaves
B-200 Cybernetic Belt
Armor Tund Sorcerer Upper Robe
Tund Sorcerer Boots
Tund Sorcerer Gloves
Tund Sorcerer Headgear
Tund Sorcerer Lower Robe
Tund Sorcerer Belt
Tund Sorcerer Bracers
Armor Elegant Duelist Jacket
Elegant Duelist Boots
Elegant Duelist Gloves
Elegant Duelist Pants
Elegant Duelist Belt
Elegant Duelist Bracers
Armor Dark Legionnaire Boots
Dark Legionnaire Gauntlets
Dark Legionnaire Helmets
Dark Legionnaire Greaves
Dark Legionnaire Belt
Dark Legionnaire Bracers
Dark Legionnaire Breastplate
Armor Underworld Instigator’s Breastplate
Underworld Instigator’s Boots
Underworld Instigator’s Gauntlets
Underworld Instigator’s Greaves
Underworld Instigator’s Belt
Underworld Instigator’s Bracers
Pet Painted Akk Dog
Pet Terentatek Hatchling
Vehicle Hyrotti YH-12
Vehicle Koensayr Monocycle
Vehicle Meirm Skink
Vehicle Minas Iris
Vehicle Morlinger NG-6
Vehicle Ubrikki BR-47
Vehicle Armored Coastal Varactyl
Vehicle Twilight Vrake
Weapon Serenity’s Unsealed Saberstaff
Weapon Serenity’s Unsealed Lightsaber
Weapon PW-12 Plasma Core Sniper Rifle
Weapon GT-23 Plasma Assault Cannon
Weapon GR-4 ST Blaster
Weapon VL-25 XT Plasma Core Rifle
Title Galactic Wanderer
Title Deep Core Explorer
Dye Module Light Brown and Dark Brown
Dye Module White and Dark Orange
Emotes Yippee
Emotes Battle Plan
Toy HY-G9 Vanity Chamber
Color Crystal Blue-Cyan-Indigo
Color Crystal Green Empeth
Customization Scorpio Customization 2
Customization Vette Customization 10
Decorations Arrangement: Throne of Enlightenment
Decorations Banner: Jedi Temple
Decorations Commemorative Statue of Satele Shan
Decorations Jedi Library
Decorations Jedi Small Council Table
Decorations Kel Dor Jedi Master
Decorations Meditation Chamber
Decorations Meditative Padawan (Female)
Decorations Temple Bed
Decorations Temple Ceiling Light
Decorations Temple Chair (Basic)
Decorations Temple Chair (Ornate)
Decorations Temple Clock
Decorations Temple Sconce

Mid Rim’s  Explorer Pack

See images of all the items in this pack here

Category Name
Armor Dynamic Brawler’s Chestguard
Dynamic Brawler’s Boots
Dynamic Brawler’s Gauntlets
Dynamic Brawler’s Eyeguard
Dynamic Brawler’s Greaves
Dynamic Brawler’s Belt
Dynamic Brawler’s Wristguards
Armor Freedon Nadd’s Breastplate
Freedon Nadd’s Boots
Freedon Nadd’s Gauntlets
Freedon Nadd’s Helmet
Freedon Nadd’s Greaves
Freedon Nadd’s Belt
Freedon Nadd’s Bracers
Armor Squadron Leader’s Jacket
Squadron Leader’s Boots
Squadron Leader’s Gloves
Squadron Leader’s Helmet
Squadron Leader’s Pants
Squadron Leader’s Belt
Squadron Leader’s Bracers
Armor Revered Huntmaster’s Breastplate
Revered Huntmaster’s Boots
Revered Huntmaster’s Gauntlets
Revered Huntmaster’s Helmet
Revered Huntmaster’s Greaves
Revered Huntmaster’s Belt
Revered Huntmaster’s Bracers
Armor Primeval Stalker Jacket
Primeval Stalker Boots
Primeval Stalker Gloves
Primeval Stalker Mask
Primeval Stalker Pants
Primeval Stalker Belt
Primeval Stalker Bracers
Armor Energized Triumvirate Body Armor
Energized Triumvirate Boots
Energized Triumvirate Gauntlets
Energized Triumvirate Helmet
Energized Triumvirate Leggings
Energized Triumvirate Belt
Armor B-300 Cybernetic Breastplate
B-300 Cybernetic Boots
B-300 Cybernetic Gauntlets
B-300 Cybernetic Helmet
B-300 Cybernetic Greaves
B-300 Cybernetic Belt
B-300 Cybernetic Bracers
Pet Albino Bolraida
Pet Scarlet Mouse Horranth
Vehicle Lhosan LC-4
Vehicle Praxon Legacy
Vehicle Ridge Hunter Rancor
Vehicle Razalon FC-9
Vehicle Roche Widow
Vehicle Tirsa Capital
Vehicle Military Uxibeast
Vehicle Vondell Ruby
Weapon GT-28 Plasma Core Assault Cannon
Weapon GR-9 Plasma Blaster
Weapon Retribution’s Exposed Saberstaff
Weapon VL-10 ST Rifle
Weapon PW-15 XT Plasma Core Sniper Rifle
Weapon Retribution’s Exposed Lightsaber
Title Galactic Wanderer
Title Mid Rim Explorer
Dye Module Black and Deep Brown
Dye Module Medium Blue and Medium Purple
Emotes Search
Emotes Sweep
Toy Supply Pack
Color Crystal Magenta Outline
Color Crystal Green Empeth
Customization Kira Customziation 10
Customization Yunn Customization 2
Decorations Commemorative Statue of Revan
Decorations Flag: Revanite Standard
Decorations Revanite Altar
Decorations Revanite Battler
Decorations Revanite Camp Bed
Decorations Revanite Camp Chair
Decorations Revanite Camp Fire
Decorations Revanite Chandelier
Decorations Revanite Planning Tent
Decorations Revanite Vindicator
Decorations Unfortunate Yavin Explorer
Decorations Yavin Standing Obelisk
Decorations Yavin Temple Metal Banner

Outer Rim’s  Explorer Pack

See images of all the items in this pack here

Category Name
Armor Darth Andeddu’s Breastplate
Darth Andeddu’s Boots
Darth Andeddu’s Mask
Darth Andeddu’s Lower Robe
Darth Andeddu’s Belt
Darth Andeddu’s Bracers
Armor B-400 Cybernetic Breastplate
B-400 Cybernetic Boots
B-400 Cybernetic Gauntlets
B-400 Cybernetic Helmet
B-400 Cybernetic Pants
B-400 Cybernetic Belt
B-400 Cybernetic Bracers
Armor Drifter Breastplate
Drifter Boots
Drifter Gauntlets
Drifter Helmet
Drifter Pants
Drifter Belt
Drifter Bracers
Armor Tactical Infantry Chestplate
Tactical Infantry Boots
Tactical Infantry Gloves
Tactical Infantry Helmet
Tactical Infantry Greaves
Tactical Infantry Belt
Armor Armored Diplomat Breastplate
Armored Diplomat Boots
Armored Diplomat Gloves
Armored Diplomat Lower Robe
Armored Diplomat Belt
Armored Diplomat Bracers
Armor Contraband Runner Jacket
Contraband Runner Boots
Contraband Runner Gloves
Contraband Runner Helmet
Contraband Runner Pants
Contraband Runner Belt
Contraband Runner Bracers
Armor Intelligence Officer Jacket
Intelligence Officer Boots
Intelligence Officer Gloves
Intelligence Officer Helmet
Intelligence Officer Pants
Intelligence Officer Belt
Intelligence Officer Bracers
Pet Waspback Gizka
Pet Virusclaw Subteroth
Vehicle Czerka Runabout
Vehicle Gurian Storm
Vehicle Hyrotti-YH-33
Vehicle Kalakar Advanced Simulator
Vehicle Landslide Assault Speeder
Vehicle Rimefrost Whitefang
Vehicle Sorosuub Perception
Vehicle Vectron Ranger
Weapon GT-40 XT Plasma Core Assault Cannon
Weapon GR-10 Plasma Core Blaster
Weapon VL-18 Plasma Rifle
Weapon PW-3 ST Sniper Rifle
Weapon Reckoning’s Exposed Saberstaff
Weapon Reckoning’s Exposed Lightsaber
Title Galactic Wanderer
Title Out Rim Explorer
Dye Module Dark Pink and Dark Gray
Dye Module Medium Purple and Dark Red
Emotes Air Drums
Emotes Air Control
Toy Sparring Droid
Color Crystal Black-Orange Striated
Color Crystal Green Empeth
Customization Guss Tuno Customization 3
Customization Lieutenant Iresso Customization 9
Decorations Bounty Ceiling Cages
Decorations Bounty Holding Cell
Decorations Bounty Table
Decorations Bounty Terminal
Decorations Commemorative Statue of Shae Vizla
Decorations Flag: Mandalorian
Decorations Juvenile Krayt Trophy
Decorations Mandalorian Elite
Decorations Mandalorian Floor Torch
Decorations Mandalorian Tracker
Decorations Mandalorian Wall Sconce
Decorations Mandalorian Weapon Rack
Decorations Pit of the Sarlacc

Wild Space’s  Explorer Pack

See images of all the items in this pack here

Category Name
Armor Armored Interrogator Breastplate
Armored Interrogator Boots
Armored Interrogator Gloves
Armored Interrogator Lower Robe
Armored Interrogator Belt
Armored Interrogator Bracers
Armor Battleworn Engineer’s Chestguard
Battleworn Engineer’s Boots
Battleworn Engineer’s Gloves
Battleworn Engineer’s Headgear
Battleworn Engineer’s Leggings
Battleworn Engineer’s Belt
Armor Havoc Squad Breastplate
Havoc Squad Boots
Havoc Squad Gauntlets
Havoc Squad Helmet
Havoc Squad Greaves
Havoc Squad Belt
Havoc Squad Bracers
Armor Lucien Draay’s Upper Robe
Lucien Draay’s Boots
Lucien Draay’s Gloves
Lucien Draay’s Lower Robe
Lucien Draay’s Belt
Lucien Draay’s Bracers
Armor Orbalisk Breastplate
Orbalisk Boots
Orbalisk Gauntlets
Orbalisk Helmet
Orbalisk Greaves
Orbalisk Belt
Orbalisk Bracers
Armor Ravager’s Robes
Ravager’s Boots
Ravager’s Gauntlets
Ravager’s Rebreather
Ravager’s Greaves
Ravager’s Belt
Ravager’s Bracers
Armor Synthetic Bio-Fiber Breastplate
Synthetic Bio-Fiber Boots
Synthetic Bio-Fiber Gauntlets
Synthetic Bio-Fiber Helmet
Synthetic Bio-Fiber Greaves
Synthetic Bio-Fiber Belt
Synthetic Bio-Fiber Bracers
Pet Stormcloud Flutterplume
Pet Majestic Varactyl
Vehicle Dasta Titan
Vehicle Desler DS-4
Vehicle Hutt Cantina Skiff
Vehicle MSM J-37 Jetpack
Vehicle Razalon FC-21
Vehicle Tion SY-7
Vehicle Cyberclaw Vorantikus
Vehicle Regal Chemilizard
Weapon GT-13 ST Assault Cannon
Weapon GR-14 XT Plasma Core Blaster
Weapon VL-22 Plasma Core Rifle
Weapon PW-8 Plasma Sniper Rifle
Weapon Vengeance’s Unsealed Lightsaber
Weapon Vengeance’s Unsealed Saberstaff
Title Galactic Wanderer
Title Wild Space Explorer
Dye Module Dark Red and Light Red
Dye Module Medium Green and Deep Blue
Emotes Pickaxe
Emotes Shovel
Toy Gree Hypergate
Color Crystal Black Red Striated
Color Crystal Green Empeth
Customization Andronikos Revel Customization 10
Customization Skadge Customization 2
Decorations Banner; Sith Empire
Decorations Commemorative Statue of Malgus
Decorations Dark Honor Guard
Decorations Dread Fate Plaque
Decorations Imperial Ceiling Light
Decorations Imperial Command Center
Decorations Imperial Security Console
Decorations Pureblood Sith Lord (Female)
Decorations Sith Bunk Bed
Decorations Sith Temple Bench
Decorations Sith Temple Chair
Decorations Sith Temple Hall Light
Decorations Sith Temple Long Table
  • classified

    On one occasion i saw a person get a crate-o-matic drop from a crime loards pack. While I understand that this is a super rair item that is not likley in the main loot pool for cartell packs it os worth mentioning that it does apear to be obtainable from packs. So far the limited information that i can get on this item indicates that it is in the 3rd loot pool for level 50 items. The person who opened the pack was talking to me about what items they were getting as they opened packs. They did not seem to know how rair the crate-o-matic was until I replayed omg yoi found a crate! You lucky basted! LOL

    • Ya that crate is fairly rare. This is the first person I seen getting them from a cartel pack. I have heard people got it from random mobs/boxes in Ilum before

  • Sera

    is the Arctic Manka Lynx really in the space pirate pack? since I think that was one of the ones mentioned to be part of those cartel coin cards whenever they come out

    • That is a really good question. The Arctic Manka Lynx is datamined along with other pets but not the other cartel coin card pet, the Lobelode rumored from Gamestop.

    • Katia

      No, The Arctic Lynx is from the Best Buy Card of 2500 cartel. It is never longer available for purchase.

      • Katia


  • Ivakall

    In the space pirate pack what is included with the
    classic trailblazer’s auxiliary gear?

    • Auxiliary gear = belts and bracers

  • TheRealCybeelf

    Which ones have the Cartel Market Certs?

    • any of the contraband packs

      • Blake

        You should put that in the actual info section……..went through 24 Cartel Crime Lord packs trying to get 4 Certificates for the Aratech Eclipse and only after going through them realized that the Crime Lord pack was before the Contraband Faction was made.

        • Sorry they should be there now.

  • iceberg265

    Is the C2N2 Customization thats being embargoed the butler one? I really want that one but I can’t justify paying a million credits for it….

    • Oops I forgot to include it but actually both droid customziations (butler and target dummy) are going away. Target dummy is from Blockade runner, Butler is from Space Pirate

      • iceberg265

        Damn I really want my droid to look like a butler but its just so many credits for something I have no real use for.

  • miska

    i realy like Gladiator’s striker tech blae but i cant use it as inquisitor….
    is there any class which can??

    • Matthew R


  • epicgamer3477

    A question tracker pack is it here or it will come

  • epicgamer3477

    I want to buy or get marka ragnos set it cool

    • Unanimous

      I dont like the Head slot item

  • Vicious

    The following Contraband Packs will no longer be available on the Cartel Market as of the dates listed:
    Regulator’s and Enforcer’s Contraband Packs: October 21st, 2013
    Vice Commandant’s Contraband Pack: November 15th, 2013
    Archon’s Contraband Pack: December 17th, 2013
    Supreme Mogul’s Contraband Pack: January 14th, 2014

    • Jimi

      people still sell them in the GTN

  • Jennifer

    Do you have pictures of the Overloaded Peacemaker Armor Set?

  • Naffnerf

    Omg. This is awesome. The best SWTOR site becomes even better…

  • Luniara

    What happened to the “Crossed arms” emote ?

    • Didn’t make it to the live servers. Maybe next pack.

  • Eric

    This is off topic but the server I am on which is Bergeron Colony has a really horrible guild. The guild is called Bane’s Shadow Legion. I was in the guild but I left because I couldn’t rp with a friend of mine. The guild leader Dezel lied and said I called his wife a bitch in which is wife doesn’t even play the game. lol

  • Trogdor

    Wow, they gave pub a color module with two similar colors. I’ll definitely try to grab that.
    Also what’s with the blank field?

    • Blank field means I don’t know what it is, there is a Republic engine reactant there too but I don’t know the color of it

  • GameOverRobby

    could anyone tell me what armor set this is

    • Trogdor

      Looks like Agent Tionese/Columi/Rakata chestpiece, with the Mask of Nihilus.

    • Eric

      It is the Rakata Enforcer, or Rakata Field Medic set with Mask of Nihilus headpiece. I am unsure which blaster that is, sorry. This armor set was only for Imperial Agents, and was removed from the game with the introduction of Rise of the Hutt Cartel.
      You can now use this armor on all classes as the Agile Reconnaissance armor, which is part of the Club Vertica Nightlife pack. To get this color you will need a Gray/Black dye module.

      • skittles tastypants

        agile reconnaissance armor, nihilus headpiece, binary start rep blaster

      • Slavazander

        Agile Reconnaissance Armor, Nihilus’ Mask, and an EE-1 Rangehunter Blaster Rifle

  • Warlord Greebo

    Comon, my loving Dulfy,

    I hath followed you across teh whole known universe and transversed it due to The Grobble. I only did so because your ways are so greebly.

    If I bird could speak, and I was that bird compared to you, I would say as far as gamers are concerned, you are the wind beneath my wings, as well as a breath of fresh Air…. you have rightly recogized; gaming sites are a dime a dozen and stale.

    It has literally gotten to the point if my “chosen” is the same as yours – IE you have a column for it, I refer EVERYONE I can – meaning they needed actual gaming help, and I referred them to THE go to site. Bioware/NCSOFT should have you on the payroll.

    You are THAT greeebly and more,

    I am not a romantic Warlord, but my real life self thinks you are most greebly IRL:)


  • Chris Ouellette

    other than GTN how can I get the white/white dye module?

  • thetechnocrat

    30 mil for a walker. honka honka expensive

  • Tearphoenix

    Has shipment 3 been embargoed now?

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  • Mark Tyrone Chia

    Xoxoon’s pieces are super expensive on Harbinger!

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  • Jaioles

    I was wondering, the embargo on packs means that they’re not gone forever, and that BW/EA can theoretically put old packs up for sale again, right? If so, is there a time frame for when old packs will cycle back onto the market?

    • Correct, no real time frame, Bioware does it kinda randomly.

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  • xZGx Fire

    Do the hypercrates cartel pack last like a month? Cause the hypercrate the Blockade one has been on last Tuesday and today nov 28 2014 Friday it is still there and I wanna by it but I cant right now? BTW the pack is in featured items.

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  • Need to include the info on the Shadow of Revan packs here?

    • writinwater

      that would be nice for reference purposes

  • MechaKaiser

    Does the items here repeatedly show up again after they’re four week period? And if so, when do they, on the same week they’re listed here, or is there a list of upcoming packs and when they’re released?

  • hk-76

    Just curious why the Cartel Packs have not been updated since November. Am I missing some info?

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  • monijatila

    < col Hiiiiiii Friends….uptil I saw the paycheck saying $8736 , I have faith that my neighbour woz actualy receiving money parttime from their computer. . there friends cousin has done this 4 only about thirteen months and by now repaid the loans on there mini mansion and got a great GMC . visit their website SEE FULL DETAIL


  • – Jules –

    2V-R8 Customization: Butler is mentioned twice at the unsorted items in the Space Pirate’s cartel pack instead of C2-N2 and 2V-R8

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  • Adam

    Wish they’d have Black Primary, Black Secondary, White Primary, White Secondary dye available again.

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  • Solidusca

    Update pls!

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  • Jonathan Hornsby

    So anyone know if those companion customization packs are account based or character based?

  • tbakke

    Any news on the new cartel market pack? When will it be released, what mounts will it contain etc..?

  • Mathew Chilton

    Last pack a year ago?

  • Chakra Kusanagi

    So… when will this page be updated?

    • Mathew Chilton

      goin on what, 3 years now? XD

  • Gourmet Dining

    Is there a very large drop rate for pets? Often I see a glut of pets on GTN. Is it worthwhile holding them for a while before selling them on GTN?

    • Jay Asher

      pets never really sell well in all honesty. And no their prices really don’t go up. Most people have 40-100 pets and never use them. At least that’s what I’ve seen.

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