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SWTOR Crime Lord and Black Market Cartel Pack items

A list of items that are part of the SWTOR Crime Lord and Black Market Cartel packs along with their screenshots.

Note that some of the super rare items are not available in the Black Market Cartel Pack (cheap pack).

Category Name
Armor Covert Torso Energy Armor
Armor Elegant Loungewear Top
Elegant Loungewear Bottoms
Elegant Loungewear Cap
Armor Mask of Nihilus
Armor Spymaster’s Boots
Spymaster’s Chestguard
Spymaster’s Gloves
Spymaster’s Helmet
Spymaster’s Leggings
Armor Trailblazer’s Boots
Trailblazer’s Gloves
Trailblazer’s Helmet
Trailblazer’s Jacket
Trailblazer’s Pants
Color Crystal Pink-Purple
Color Crystal White
Pet Golden Skinned Vrblet
Pet Green Backed Vrblet
Pet Fire-Bellied Vrblet
Pet Golden Lizardbat
Pet Mountain Lizardbat
Pet Low Atmosphere Miniprobe
Pet Red-backed Gizka
Pet Ruddyscale Kowakian Monkeylizard
Pet Slate-Mouse Horranth
Speeder Lhosan Manta
Speeder Longspur Elite
Speeder Overlord’s Command Throne
Speeder Rendili Nightshade
Speeder Ubrikki Crimson Claw
Speeder Ubrikki Sand Devil
Weapon Black Nebula Heavy Blaster
Weapon Devastator’s Double Bladed Lightsaber
Weapon Hyperstorm Heavy Cannon
Weapon Max-Tac Precision Sniper Rifle
Weapon Rangehunter EE-1 Carbine Rifle
Weapon Tythonian Force-Master’s Lightsaber
Title The Cartel Collector
Title The Crime Lord
Unsorted Emote: Intimidate
Unsorted Emote: Menace
Unsorted Glowing Eyes – Red
Unsorted Glowing Eyes – Golden
Unsorted Credit Boom
Unsorted Imperial Banner
Unsorted Republic Banner
Unsorted Darth Malgus Holostatue
Unsorted Satele Shan Holostatue
Unsorted Ball Toss

Covert Torso Energy Armor

This armor is the equivalent sexy armor for males. When worn by male characters, it will display the torso. On females it display the top garb.


Mask of Nihilus

Moddable orange helm, fairly rare drop from the Crime Lord Cartel Packs


Elegant Loungewear (3 piece)

New set of bikini orange moddable armor for females only. 3-piece set including cap, top, and bottoms  Can be obtained in Black Market Cartel Packs as well.


Spymaster (5 piece)

Orange adaptive social armor (5 piece). There are two appearances, the classic (top) and new (bottom).



Trailblazer (5 piece)

Orange adaptive social armor (5 piece). There are two appearances, the new version is shown.


Pink-Purple Color Crystal (4 stats)

+41 stats (power, crit, endurance, and expertise), level 10 to use.


White Color Crystal (4 stats)

+41 stats (power, crit, endurance, and expertise), level 10 to use. Very rare drop.

whitecrystal whitecrystal2

Pet: Golden-skinned Vrblet


Pet: Green-backed Vrblet


Pet: Fire-bellied Vrblet


Pet: Golden Lizardbat


Pet: Mountain Lizardbat


Pet: Low-atmosphere Miniprobe


Red-Backed Gizka


Ruddyscale Kowakian Monkeylizard


Pet: Slate Mouse Horranth


Lhosan Manta


Longspur Elite


Overlord’s Command Throne


Rendili Nightshade


Ubrikki Crimson Claw


Ubrikki Sand Devil


Black Nebula Heavy Blaster (Blaster Pistol)


Devastator’s Double-Bladed Lightsaber

The lightsaber glows in the middle.


Hyperstorm Heavy Cannon


Max-Tac Precision Sniper Rifle


Rangehunter EE-1 Carbine Rifle (Blaster Rifle)

Color crystal changes the color of the beam.


Tythonian Force-Master’s Lightsaber

Glowing effect at the base matches the color of the crystal in the saber


Title: Cartel Collector


Title: The Crime Lord


Emote: Intimidate

Allow the usage of /intimidate


Emote: Menace


<Glowing Eyes – Golden

These are items that you can click  that give you a buff for 1m (with 3 min CD timer). It makes your eyes glow with the specified color from a distance.


<Glowing Eyes – Red

These are items that you can click  that give you a buff for 1m (with 3 min CD timer). It makes your eyes glow with the specified color from a distance.


Credit Boom

Give you anywhere from 45-80 k credits.

Imperial Banner

Large holographic banners you can place by clicking the item in your inventory – 1m cooldown and lasts for 20 seconds.


Republic Banner


Darth Malgus Holostatue

Trainer for Empire characters, can be summoned but the trainer function not accessible to Republic characters.


Satele Shan Holostatue

Same function as Darth Malgus but only allow Republic characters to train.

sateleshan2sateleshanholo (1)

Ball Toss


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12 replies on “SWTOR Crime Lord and Black Market Cartel Pack items”

Ack! The RNG gods are not kind to my wife with this pack. A crap load of Ubrikki, a few pieces of Elegant slutware, and the rest was all pets. Not a single weapon, and only two crappy pink crystals. I think we’ll just stay away from SWTOR lottery.

What is the armor being shown in the screenshot of the character using the Rangehunter EE-1 Carbine Rifle? He’s obviously wearing the Mask of Nihilus, but I’d like to copy that getup.

Anyone else get an items that was a crafting material that was no longer in game and didnt show up in the stash?

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