Robert Hrouda discusses some of the reasons for rez-rushing remove

Robert Hrouda, content/dungeon designer at ArenaNet, went on the forums today to explain the reasons for rez rushing removal and dungeon changes.

I tend to let the discussion threads drive themselves, so that we here at Anet can watch them and what the players say without directly influencing what goes on in here. We do read this thread though, and I actively browse it when I get moments to do as such.

One of the things I’d like to address is the question of “Why would you do only half the update?” implying that phase 1 and phase 2 should have been rolled out together and made into one huge update some time further down the line.

The main reason is because res-rushing was a problem to the entertainment and longevity of dungeons, and was never an intended mechanic for players to be able to do. Our explorable dungeons were billed from the start to be harder content that required teamwork and would test your character prowess. Res rushing meant that players didn’t need to be coordinating with each other or have character/class mastery – they could just throw themselves at content until they eventually completed it, incurring armor repair costs and having a negative experience as a result.

I PUG dungeons quite frequently, and I often saw people not helping downed players, and not even trying to res people. They would just die and run back while the rest of the team held Agro, and this would cycle between players until the boss finally died.
People really didn’t have to learn boss mechanics or communicate with each other to figure things out. That was the inherent problem with res rushing and why it had to be removed.

Res rushing had to be resolved. Dungeons can be completed without res rushing, so we know the content isn’t impossible. It’s hard, and we’re watching carefully to identify places that may still be unfair. Anti res-rushing was going to be an update no matter what, independent of any other actions we wanted to do with dungeons. It only became a “Phase 1” when we decided we wanted to tell players about upcoming boss changes to dungeons, which we are calling “Phase 2.”

The boss and monster re-designs/improvements are something we have wanted to do since launch, and we want to include the community in the process. There’s room to improve, and we want to make things better. We are looking at each dungeon individually and doing what we can to make things more interactive and entertaining while staying true to our promise that dungeons will be tougher content that requires coordination

Robert Hrouda

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