Bioware looking into animal mounts and barbershop for cartel market

In the Cartel Suggestion forum, Developer Nathan Emmott responded to threads about barbershop and animal mounts for the cartel market. Details are below.

Underworld Surgeon / Barber Shop | 02.07.2013, 04:21 PM

I love the idea of a barber shop feature; we’ve kicked the idea around a great deal internally. I especially love the idea of being able to add scars to your character as you level (or maybe even change your human to a cyborg because he took too much battle damage!).

Animal Mounts in the Cartel market | 02.07.2013, 02:18 PM

Howdy everyone!
I wanted to pop in here and let everyone know that we are very much reading y’all’s suggestions (and the ensuing debates ). I figured the Animal Mounts discussion would be a good one to jump in and let you know that creature mounts are something we have wanted for quite some time now. Now, obviously I can’t tell you anything concrete yet – mostly because there isn’t anything concrete yet – but I can tell you that Hoth doesn’t feel right without being able to ride a tauntaun.

  • Paweł Kasperek

    yeah! animal mounts from thranta to tauntaun! and what was that lizard that Kenobi rode in episode III?

    • Sarigar

      A varactyl, which can be found ingame on Taris and Belsavis.

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