SWTOR titles guide

A list and guide of all the titles currently available in SWTOR and their methods of acquisition. Updated for patch 3.3

Last updated: June 30, 2015

Class missions and planetary quests

Class Quests – Imperial

Title Class Level Acquisition
Agent [name] Agent 4 Acquired after you had an undercover meeting with Nem’ro the Hutt
Cipher Agent [name] Agent 16 Received after completing the class quest in Dromund kass to receive your personal spaceship
[name] Double Agent Agent 32 Received upon completion of the class quest – The Master Stratagem in ACT I
[name], Master Conspirator Agent 50 Received upon completion of the agent class quest ACT III
[name], Sith Intelligence Commander Agent 60 Received for completing Yavin story missions
[name], Hired Gun Bounty Hunter 4 Acquired when you bring the head of Huttsbane to Nem’ro the Hutt
Baroness [name] Bounty Hunter 31 Acquired via class quest Kingmaker for a Day in Alderaan if your character is female and chose to marry Lord Raffid
[name], Knight of Alderaan Bounty Hunter 31 Acquired via class quest Kingmaker for a Day in Alderaan if your character is male and you chose Lord Raffid as the head of the Household. Females can also get this title if they choose the “something less formal” option.
Homewrecker [name] Bounty Hunter 31 Acquired via class quest Kingmaker for a Day in Alderaan if you accept House Rist’s offer to go back and kill everyone
[name], Grand Champion of the Great Hunt Bounty Hunter 32 Rewarded for completing the Great Hunt at end of ACT I class quest
[name], Republic’s Most Wanted Bounty Hunter 40 Obtained by entering ACT III as a Bounty Hunter
[name], the Relentless Bounty Hunter 50 Obtained by completing ACT III as Bounty Hunter
[name], Above the Law Bounty Hunter 60 Received for completing Yavin story missions
Apprentice [name] Inquisitor 8 Received when you finish the class quest in Korriban
Lord [name] Inquisitor 32 Received at end of ACT I
[name] the Forcewalker Inquisitor 40 Received at beginning of ACT II
Darth [name] Inquisitor 50 Received for completing ACT III
[name], Dark Council Elite Inquisitor 60 Received for completing Yavin story missions
Acolyte [name] Warrior 2 Received after doing a couple class stories in Korriban
Apprentice [name] Warrior 8 Received via one of the class quests in Korriban
Lord [name] Warrior 32 Received at end of ACT I
Darth [name] Warrior 50 Received for completing ACT III
[name], Empire’s Wrath Warrior 60 Received for completing Yavin story missions

Class Quests – Republic

Title Class Level Acquisition
Padawan [name] Consular 2 Received after your meeting with Yuon Par on Tython
Jedi [name] Consular 10 Obtained after completing your class quest on Tython
[name], Emissary of Teral Consular 30 Obtained by completing The Summit on Alderaan
[name] Barsen’thor Consular 32 Obtained by completing ACT I of class quest
Master [name] Consular 40 Obtained by doing the first class quest of ACT II
[name], Mender of the Rift Consular 50 Obtained by completing ACT III
[name], Master of Hidden Knowledge Consular 60 Received for completing Yavin story missions
Padawan [name] Knight 2 Received around start of the game
[name] Knight of the Republic Knight 8 Received in Tython as part of your class story
[name], Paladin of House Organa Knight   Helping House Organa repeal House Thul on Alderaan
[name], Hero of Tython Knight 32 Received after completing ACT I
The Indomitable [name] Knight 40 Received after completing ACT II
Master [name] Knight 50 Received after completing ACT III
[name], Jedi Battlemaster Knight 60 Received for completing Yavin story missions
Captain [name] Smuggler 2 Obtained in Ord Mantell near the start of the game
The Outlaw [name] Smuggler 8 Received at the end of Ord Mantell
[name], Republic Privateer Smuggler 40 Received at the start of ACT II
[name] the Butcher’s Bane Smuggler 50 You must kill Rogan the Butcher in ACT III to receive this title
[name], Immune to Prosecution Smuggler 60 Received for completing Yavin story missions
Sergeant [name] Trooper 2 Obtained at start of the game in Ord Mantell
Lieutenant [name] Trooper 8 Given after you completed class quests on Ord Mantell
Captain [name] Trooper 32 Obtained at end of ACT I, you must do Return to Duty in Tatooine to receive the title
Major [name] Trooper 40 Received at end of ACT II in mission Battle of the Gauntlet
[name], Chief Military Advisor Trooper 60 Received for completing Yavin story missions

Quests – Shared

Title Quest Level Acquisition
[name], Star Forager Seeker Droid 55 Obtained by finishing the Seeker Droid quest line and picking the Light Side choice. Can be also dug up
[name] the Dreadseed Seeker Droid 55 Obtained by finishing the Seeker Droid quest line and picking the Dark Side choice. Can be also dug up

Quests – Imperial

Title Planet/Quest Level Acquisition
[name] the Heartless Hutta 6 Agent/Bounty Hunter only. Obtained after completing Hostage Situation and Hostage Situation Cleanup given out by Foreman Rhamm in Old Muckworks
[name], Imperial Scholar Korriban 6 Warrior/Inquisition only. Earned by completing [H2]Hate Machine in Korriban
[name] the Revanite Dromund Kaas 13 Rewarded at the end of Revanite questline in Dromund Kaas
[name], Kaas City Savior Macrobinoculars 55 Rewarded for completing the Macrobinoculars quest line

Quests – Republic

Title Planet/Quest Level Acquisition
[name] the Keeper of Truth Tython 7 Consular/Knight only. Obtained by completing The Chamber of Speech in Tython.
[name] the Mantellian Ord Mantell 7 Trooper"/Smuggler only. Obtained by completing Destroy the Beacons in Ord Mantell.
[name], Black Bisector Coruscant 12 Obtained by completing Gree: Repairing Coruscant questline that starts in the Senate Building
[name], Hero of the Gorinth Canyon Balmorra 34 Obtaining by completing The Mandalorian Terror, a H4 quest picked up in Gorinth Outpost
[name], Galactic City Savior Macrobinoculars 55 Rewarded for completing the Macrobinoculars quest line


Title Planet/Quest Level Acquisition
[name], Worm Food Tatooine 25+ Die in the Sarlacc pit north of Dune Sea to get this title.

Flashpoints and Operations


Title Flashpoint Level Acquisition
[name] the Stalwart Black Talon 10+ Empire only. This title is obtained if the Light side choice to save Captain Orzik wins out during the conversation roll.
[name] the Merciless Black Talon 10+ Empire only. This title is obtained if the Dark side choice to kill Captain Orzik wins out during the conversation roll.
[name] the Uncompromising Esseles 10+ Republic only. You get this title if the Light side choice to let Ambassador Asara go with you wins the conversation roll.
[name] the Backstabber Esseles 10+ Republic only. You get this title if the Dark side choice to leave Ambassador Asara behind wins the conversation roll.
[name] the Unmasked Foundry 30+ Empire only. Earned at end of The Foundry
[name],  Rider of the Maelstrom Maelstrom Prison 30+ Republic only. Earned at end of Maelstrom Prison
[name] the Throne Breaker False Emperor 48 Earned at end of False Emperor
[name] the Deprogrammer Directive 7 47 Earned at end of Directive 7
[name], Rakghoul’s Bane Kaon Under Siege HM + Lost Island HM 50 Need to complete hardmodes of both flashpoints. Buggy and may need to ticket a CSR to receive the title.

Operations/world bosses

Title Operation Acquisition
[name] the Infernal Eternity Vault NiM Clear Nightmare EV under 2 hrs
[name] the Unyielding Karagga’s Palace NiM Clear Nightmare KP under 2 hrs
Minesweeper [name] Explosive Conflict Defuse one of the mines during a successful kill of Colonel Vorgath fight on any difficulty.
(tip, stand under the droid if you want get the mine defuse kit. The closest person to him gets it)
Warstalker [name] Explosive Conflict NiM Clear Nightmare EC under 2 hrs
[name], Red Rhombus Terror from Beyond Clear Terror from Beyond in any difficulty.
Drouk Hunter [name] Dreadtooth Defeating Dreadtooth in Section X (<10  stacks)
[name] the Resurgent Dreadtooth Defeating Dreadtooth in Section X (10 stacks)
Dread Slayer [name] Terror from Beyond 16m HM Defeat the Dreadful Entity in Terror from Beyond, a secret boss only accessible to raids that have defeated Dreadtooth on 10 stacks
[name] the Furious Golden Fury HM Kill Golden Fury in Toborro’s Courtyard on hardmode
[name] from Beyond Terror from Beyond NiM Clear Nightmare TFB in under 2 hrs
Dragonslayer [name] Scum and Villainy NiM Clear Nightmare S&V in under 2 hrs.
[name], the Eternal Warrior Scum and Villainy NiM Killing the secret boss Hateful Essence in Scum and Villainy
[name], the Fearless Dread Fortress Completing [OPS] Descent into the Dark Fortress
Epic Hero [name] Dread Palace Completing [OPS] The Palace of Fear
[name], Conqueror of the Dread Fortress Dread Fortress NiM Killing Dread Master Brontes in Nim Dread Fortress
Gatecrasher [name] Dread Fortress NiM Clear NiM Dread Fortress under 1 hr
[name], Deposer of the Dread Masters Dread Palace NiM Killing Dread Council in Nim Dread Palace
Dread Master [name] Dread Palace NiM Clear NiM Dread Palace under 1 hr
Lucky [name] Lucky, world boss in Corellia Kill Lucky the world boss in Corellia (Axial Park)
Unlucky [name] Lucky, world boss in Corellia Get killed by Lucky the world boss in Corellia (Axial Park)
[name], Unseen Assailant The Eyeless Earned it by defeating the Eyeless during Rakghoul Resurgence
[name] the Revanchist Temple of Sacrifice HM Defeat Revan Hardmode in Temple of Sacrifice
[name] of the Ruined World Colossal Monolith HM Obtained by killing Colossal Monolith in Hardmode.

PvP, Space missions & Social/alignments


Title Valor
Skirmisher [name] 10
Duelist [name] 20
Gladiator [name] 30
Centurion [name] 40
Champion [name] 50
Battlemaster [name] 60
War Hero [name] 70
Conqueror [name] 80
Warlord [name] 90
Elite Warlord [name] 100

PvP – Other

Title Acquisition
[name], Deadly Contender Participated in at least one ranked warzone in the pre-season
[name], Warzone Annihilator PvP Rating 2500+ in the pre-season
[name], S-1 Rookie Season 1 PvP 0-1149 rating
[name], S-1 Amateur Season 1 PvP 1150-1224 rating
[name], S-1 Professional Season 1 PvP 1225-1299 rating
[name], S-1 Champion Season 1 PvP 1300-1499 rating
[name], S-1 All Star Season 1 PvP 1500+ rating
[name], S-2 Professional Season 2 PvP < 1275 rating
[name], S-2 Champion Season 2 PvP 1275-1599 rating
[name], S-2 All-Star Season 2 PvP 1600+
[name] All-Galaxy “Class Name” Top 3 player per AC worldwide in Season 2
[name], Just A Little Furious Season 3 PvP Rating < 1300
[name], Fairly Furious Season 3 PvP Rating 1300-1649
[name], Fantastically Furious Season 3 PvP Rating 1650+
[name], Famously Furious Top 3 player per AC worldwide in Season 3
[name], Swashbuckler Season 4 PvP Bronze (1000-1349)
[name], the Dauntless Season 4 PvP Silver (1350-1624)
[name], the Infamous Season 4 PvP Gold (1625+)
[name], The Dread “Advanced Class” Top 3 player per AC worldwide in Season 4
The Entertaining [name] Season 5 PvP Bronze (1000-1349)
Crowd Pleaser [name] Season 5 PvP Silver (1350-1599)
Maximum Decimator [name] Season 5 PvP Gold (1600+)
[name], Champion of the “Advanced Class” Top 3 player per AC worldwide in Season 5

Space Missions

Title Acquisition
Flyboy/Flygirl [name] Acquired once you complete one space mission
[name] the Pilot Acquired from completing Syvris Evacuation (Republic) or Taspan Ambush (Empire)
[name], Hot Shot Pilot Acquired from completing The Impossible Sector (Republic) or Ascendancy Barrier (Empire)


Title Acquisition
[name] the Destructive Dark III alignment
[name] the Loathsome Dark V alignment
[name] the Honorable Light III alignment
[name] the Pure Light V alignment
Party Time [name] Social V
Big Time [name] Social X

Events, PTS, and Cartel Market


Title Acquisition
[name] the Unassailable Security Key Vendor – 250k credits
Corsair [name], the Unruly Freebooter’s Trade Union (Shadow Pack) reputation – Friend
Transporter [name], Trusted Associate Esstran Exports (Explorer Pack) reputation – Friend

Cartel Market

Title Acquisition
[name] the Winter Warrior Life Day Cartel Market –300 CC
[name] the Cartel Collector Crime Lord/Black Market Cartel pack
[name] the Crime Lord Crime Lord’s Cartel pack
[name] the Blockade Runner Blockade Runner Cartel Pack
[name] the Skip Tracer Skip Tracer Cartel Pack
[name] the Space Pirate Space Pirate Cartel Pack
[name], Enforcer Enforcer’s Contraband pack
Regulator [name] Regulator’s Contraband Pack
[name], Contraband Collector Regulator/Enforcer’s Contraband pack
Vice Commandant [name] Vice Commandant’s Contraband Pack
Archon [name] Archon’s Contraband Pack
[name], Well Connected Supreme Mogul’s Contraband Pack
[name], Bounty Collector Bounty Packs
[name], Freelancer Freelancer’s Bounty Packs
[name], Contractor Contractor’s Bounty Packs
[name], Pursuer Pursuer’s Bounty Packs
[name], Tracker Tracker’s Bounty Packs
[name] the Opportunist Opportunist’s Bounty Packs
[name], Starfighter’s Collector Starfighter Packs
[name] the Dogfighter Dogfighter’s Starfighter Packs
[name], Galactic Ace Galactic Ace’s Starfighter Packs
[name], Space Jockey Space Jockey’s Starfighter Packs
[name] the Hotshot Hotshot’s Starfighter Packs
[name], Star Cluster High Roller Star Cluster’s Nightlife Packs
[name], Club Vertica High Roller Club Vertica’s Nightlife Packs
Galactic Warden [name] Stronghold Packs
Gatekeeper [name] Gatekeeper’s Stronghold Pack
Constable [name] Constable’s Stronghold Pack
Seneschal [name] Seneschal’s Stronghold Pack
[name], Architect Architect’s Stronghold Pack
[name] the Shadow Collector Shadow Packs
[name], Shadow Pilgrim Pilgrim’s Shadow Pack
[name], Shadow Acolyte Acolyte’s Shadow Pack
[name], Shadow’s Apprentice Apprentice’s Shadow Pack
[name], Shadow’s Master Master’s Shadow Pack
[name], the Galactic Wanderer Explorer Packs
[name], Deep Core Explorer Deep Core Explorer Pack
[name], Mid Rim Explorer Mid Rim Explorer Pack
[name], Outer Rim Explorer Outer Rim Explorer Pack

Public Test Server

These titles are rewarded to characters on the live server for doing activities on the PTS. These titles might be one time exclusive and not obtainable in later PTS versions.

Title Acquisition
[name] the First Line of Defense Obtained by characters who reach level 10 with a new character on the Public Test Server (PTS)
[name] the Cutting Edge Obtained by characters who finish ACT I  with a new character on the Public Test Server (PTS)
name], Strike Team Specialist Introduced on the PTS with patch 1.3, you must complete 4 flashpoints OR operations using the group finder in one day or complete 8 flashpoints/operations using the group finder within 7 days.
[name], Strike Team Commander Introduced on the PTS with patch 1.3, you must complete 4 flashpoints AND  operations using the group finder in one day or complete 8 flashpoints/operations using the group finder within 7 days.


These were acquired during live events that might be one time exclusive or recurring.

Title Acquisition
Containment Officer [name] Acquired for completing all 9 codex entries during the Rakghoul event back in April 2012
[name], Capable Sentient Acquired during the Grand Acquisitions Race back in August 2012 for siding with the Chevins
[name], Imperial Loyalist Acquired during the Grand Acquisitions Race back in August 2012 for siding with the Imperials (Empire only title)
[name], SIS Freelancer Acquired during the Grand Acquisitions Race back in August 2012 for siding with the Republic (Republic only title)
Combat Specimen [name] Acquired during the Relics of the Gree event for completing [AREA] Combat Specimen
[name], The Rakghoul Nightmare Acquired by completing rakghoul events in Alderaan, Tatooine, and Corellia

Seniority/Pre-order (One time)

Titles granted for subscribers

Title Acquisition
[name], Founder Awarded to active subscribers by March 19, 2012. No longer available.
[name], Scourge of the Hutts Rise of the Hutt Cartel Pre-order, ended on April 9, 2013
[name]. Revan’s Heir KOTOR 10 years anniversary (can be still brought on GTN)
[name] The Risen Rewarded to subscribers who already purchased Rise of the Hutt Cartel before September 12, 2013.
Test Pilot [name] Rewarded to Subscribers and preferred players on Dec 3,2013 and Jan 14, 2014.
[name] the First Galactic Starfighter Rewarded to Subscribers on Dec 3, 2013.
[name] the Intrepid Given to subscribers who subscribe by May 11, 2014.
[name] the Illustrious Given to all players  as part of Strongholds early access

Legacy Titles

Legacy Titles were introduced with Patch 1.7. These are shown under your name and can either display your legacy name or one of the legacy titles introduced with the patch. 


Reputation Titles

Reputation Legacy Title
Voss – Friend Honored Voss-Friend
Voss – Legend The Chosen of Voss
Gree – Newcomer Gree Research Assistant
Gree- Hero Honored Silver Acute
Gree – Legend Perfect Gold Bisector
Fleet – Hero Hero of Deep Space
Fleet- Legend Hyperspace Legend
Section X – Hero Hero of Section X
Section X – Legend The Section Guardian
Contrabrand Resale Corp – Friend Discerning Customer
Contrabrand Resale Corp – Legend Contraband Connoisseur
Galactic Solutions Industries – Hero GSI Preferred Contractor
Galactic Solutions Industries – Legend GSI Most Vauled Partner
Makeb Imperial Forces – Friend Imperial Infiltrator*
Makeb Imperial Forces – Legend Terror of Makeb*
Citizens of Makeb – Friend Honorary Protector*
Citizens of Makeb – Legend Guardian of Makeb*
Bounty Broker Association – Friend For Hire
Bounty Broker Association – Legend The Professional
Ordnance Acquisition Corps/The Adjudicators – Friend Czerka Investigator
Ordnance Acquisition Corps/The Adjudicators – Legend Titan of Industry
Bounty Supply Company – Friend Licensed to Hunt
Bounty Supply Company – Legend Armed and Dangerous
Dread Executioners – Friend The Fearless
Dread Executioners – Legend Dread Executioner*
Strike Team Oricon – Friend The Fearless
Strike Team Oricon – Legend Dread War Veteran*
Imperial Forward Command – Friend Drive Yards Demolisher*
Imperial Forward Command – Legend Imperial Forward Commander*
Republic First Fleet – Friend Defender of Kuat*
Republic First Fleet – Legend Honorary Admiral
THORN – Newcomer First Responder
THORN – Hero THORN Specialist
THORN – Legend The Neutralizer
Interplanetary Component Exchange – Friend Troubleshooter
Interplanetary Component Exchange – Legend Fixer
Binary Star Realty – Friend Landowner
Binary Star Realty – Legend Magnate
Freebooter’s Trade Union – Friend The Plunderer
Freebooter’s Trade Union – Legend Freebooter
People of Rishi – Friend Raider of the Cove
People of Rishi – Legend The Notorious Pirate
Coalition Forces on Yavin 4 – Friend The Unifier
Coalition Forces on Yavin 4 – Legend Revansbane
Esstran Exports – Friend Importer
Esstran Exports – Legend Purveyor of Fine Goods

*These titles are faction specific and won’t appear on your legacy toons on the other faction.

Achievement Titles

Title Achievement Category Description
Imperial Squad Leader* For the Empire! Companions –> General Reached max affection with all imperial class companions
Republic Squad Leader* For the Republic Companions –> General Reached max affection with all Republic class companions
Meatbag Meatbags Flashpoint –> General Kill assassin droids 25 times in False Emperor and Foundry
Master Craftsman Master Craftsman Legacy –> Advancement –> Advanced Crew Skills Reach 450 on all crew skills
The Benefactor Benefactor Legacy –> Advancement –> Legacy Reach Legacy level 10
The Dedicated Dedicated Legacy –> Advancement –> Legacy Reach Legacy level 20
The Prolific Prolific Legacy –> Advancement –> Legacy Reach Legacy level 30
The Historic Historic Legacy –> Advancement –> Legacy Reach Legacy level 40
The Living Legend Living Legend Legacy –> Advancement –> Legacy Reach Legacy level 50
Wealthy Exorbitantly Wealthy Legacy –> Advancement –> Currency Earned 10 million credits
Imperial Diehard* Dedicated to the Empire Legacy –> Level –> General Reached L55 with a character from each Imperial class
Republic Diehard* Republic Devotee Legacy –> Level –> General Reached L55 with a character from each Republic class
Gearhead Gearhead Legacy –> Possessions –> Vehicles Acquire all vehicles belonging to a list of families
Sharp Dresser Sharp Dresser Legacy –> Possessions Acquired all the listed gear sets
The Beastmaster Galactic Beastmaster Location –> General –> Exploration Completed all of the listed bestiary achievements
The Loremaster Galactic Loremaster Location –> General –> Exploration Completed all of the listed lore achievements
Galactic Explorer Explorer of the Galaxy Location –> General –> Exploration Completed all of the listed exploration achievements
Datacron Master Galactic Datacron Master Location –> General –> Exploration Completed all of the listed datacron achievements
Galactic Hero Galactic Hero Location –> General –> Heroic Missions Completed all listed heroic mission achievements
Big Game Hunter Big Game Hunter Location –> General –> World Bosses Defeated all heroic world bosses on all planets through Chapter 3.
Manhunter I am Death Incarnate PvP –> General –> Total Kills Defeat 50k other players in combat
Republic Ace* Republic Aviator Space –> General –> Republic Complete all Republic space missions (no hardmodes)
Imperial Ace* Imperial Aviator Space –> General –> Empire Complete all Imperial space missions (no hardmodes)
Blue Octagon* Blue Octagon Events –> Relics of the Gree–> Player vs Player Killing players in Gree event (Republic)
Red Octagon* Red Octagon Events –> Relics of the Gree–> Player vs Player Killing players in Gree event (Empire)
Gray Perpendicular Gray Perpendicular Events –> Relics of the Gree –> General Complete a set of Gree achievements.
Life Day Celebrant Jolly Parcel Peddler Events –> General –> Life Day Find 1 Snow-covered parcels during Life Day event
A Special Snowflake To All A Good Night! Events –> General –> Life Day Find 100 Snow-covered parcels during Life Day event
Wanted: Dead or Alive Wanted: Dead or Alive Events –> Bounty Contract Week –> General Complete a set of Bounty Contract week achievements
Death Mark in Seven systems Fully Authorized Events –> Bounty Contract Week –> General Complete a set of Bounty Contract week achievements
Cartel Security Greet the Overwatch Events –> Bounty Contract Week –> General Complete a set of Bounty Contract week achievements
Party Crasher Hidden   Kill 100 players with their Party Jawa out.
Loremaster of Oricon Loremaster of Oricon Dailies –> Oricon – Exploration Find all lore objects in Oricon
Scare Bear Give in to your anger Dailies –> Oricon –> PvP Kill 1500 players in Oricon
Judged Dread I am the Law Dailies –> Oricon –> PvP Complete all PvP achievements on Oricon
Master of Dread Mastering the Dread Dailies –> Oricon –> Daily Bosses Complete all boss achievements on Oricon
The Space Magnate Elite: Space Magnate Galactic Starfighter –>General –> Requisition Earned 1000 Requisition in a single match 250 times while playing Galactic Starfighter across your legacy
Wing Commander The Gang’s All Here Galactic Starfighter –> Crew –> Misc Acquired all Galactic Starfighter crew members
Reinforcement Specialist Elite: MVP Reinforcer Galactic Starfighter –> MVP –> Assist MVP Earn 250 assist MVPs (most assists earned in a match) while playing Galactic Starfighter across your legacy
The Devastator Elite: MVP Devasator Galactic Starfighter –> MVP –> Damage MVP Earn 250 damage MVPs (most damage dealt in a match) while playing Galactic Starfighter across your legacy
The Most Valuable Elite: MVP Veteran Galactic Starfighter –> MVP –> Total MVP Earn 500 MVPs while playing Galactic Starfighter across your legacy
Medalist Heavy Medalist Galactic Starfighter –> Medals –> Total Medals Earned 1000 medals while playing Galactic Starfighter across your legacy
Fleet Admiral Fleet Admiral Galactic Starfighter –. Matches Played –> General Played 1000 matches of Galactic Starfighter across your legacy
Space Ace All Too Easy Galactic Starfighter –. Matches Played –> Wins Total Won 500 matches while playing Galactic Starfighter across your legacy
Lord of the Raklings Lord of the Raklings Events –> Rakghoul Resurgence –> Pets Complete all rakling achievements
Cure for the Plague The Light at the End of the Tunnel Events –> Rakghoul Resurgence –> General Complete all combat achievements for the plague-infested tunnels
Rakghoul Ravager Tunnel Vision Events –> Rakghoul Resurgence –> Beasts Kill 1000 rakghouls in the infested tunnels
Bringer of War Bringer of War Flashpoint –> Tython/Korriban Complete Forged Alliances PT1 on both factions
The Unlucky Quality Assurance Events –> General –> Nar Shaddaa Nightlife Blew up a Smuggler’s Luck or Kingpin’s Bounty slot machine
Industrious Builder Industrial Builder: Master Strongholds –> Strongholds –> Crafting Prefabs Craft 50 Industrial Prefabs
Renowned Innovator Synthetic Innovator: Master Strongholds –> Strongholds –> Crafting Prefabs Craft 50 Synthetic Prefabs
The Master Artisan Universal Artisan: Master Strongholds –> Strongholds –> Crafting Prefabs Craft 50 Universal Prefabs
The Galaxy Conquerer The Galaxy Conquerer Strongholds –> Conquests –> Conquer Planets Complete every Conquerer achievement
Conqueror of Taris Conqueror of Taris Strongholds –> Conquests –> Conquer Planets  
Conqueror of Balmorra Conqueror of Balmorra Strongholds –> Conquests –> Conquer Planets  
Conqueror of Nar Shaddaa Conqueror of Nar Shaddaa Strongholds –> Conquests –> Conquer Planets  
Conqueror of Tatooine Conqueror of Tatooine Strongholds –> Conquests –> Conquer Planets  
Conqueror of Alderaan Conqueror of Alderaan Strongholds –> Conquests –> Conquer Planets  
Conqueror of Quesh Conqueror of Quesh Strongholds –> Conquests –> Conquer Planets  
Conqueror of Hoth Conqueror of Hoth Strongholds –> Conquests –> Conquer Planets  
Conqueror of Voss Conqueror of Voss Strongholds –> Conquests –> Conquer Planets  
Conqueror of Belsavis Conqueror of Belsavis Strongholds –> Conquests –> Conquer Planets  
Conqueror of Corellia Conqueror of Corellia Strongholds –> Conquests –> Conquer Planets  
Conqueror of Ilum Conqueror of Ilum Strongholds –> Conquests –> Conquer Planets  
Conqueror of Makeb Conqueror of Makeb Strongholds –> Conquests –> Conquer Planets  
Conqueror of Black Hole Conqueror of Black Hole Strongholds –> Conquests –> Conquer Planets  
Conqueror of Oricon Conqueror of Oricon Strongholds –> Conquests –> Conquer Planets  
Conqueror of CZ-198 Conqueror of CZ-198 Strongholds –> Conquests –> Conquer Planets  
Conqueror of Section X Conqueror of Section X Strongholds –> Conquests –> Conquer Planets  
The Unstoppable Force The Unstoppable Force Strongholds –> Conquests –>Crafting War Supplies Craft 50 Invasion Force
Dark Project Mastermind Dark Project Mastermind Strongholds –> Conquests –>Crafting War Supplies Craft 50 Dark Projects
All Natural Certified Organic Flashpoints –> Depths of Manaan –> Normal Mode Broke 500 Unrefined Kolto barrels
Honored Air Breather Manaan, Manaan Flashpoints –> Depths of Manaan –> Normal Mode Complete all achievements relating to the Depths of Manaan flashpoint
Forger of Alliances Forger of Alliances Flashpoints –> Legacy of the Rakata –> Story Missions Complete the Forged Alliances story as both factions
Imperial Legend* Imperial Mastermind Legacy –> Level –> General Reach level 60 with a character from each imperial class
Republic Legend* Republic Prodigy Legacy –> Level –> General Reach level 60 with a character from each Republic class
The Wolf of Rishi Three Not So Little Grophets Location –> Rishi –> Exploration Find and defeat all of the lost grophets of Rishi
Incredible Smell Discoverer Smell of the Sea Location –> Rishi –> Exploration Obtain a deep sea phermone in Rishi
Lord of the Oceans X Marks the Spot Location –> Rishi –> Exploration Getting the Rishi Datacron
Lance Breaker Broken Lance Location –> Yavin –> General Defeated all Lance Squadron units on Yavin 4.
Combat Master Hunter’s Moon Location –> Yavin –> General Complete all Combat achievements on Yavin 4
Master of Yavin 4 The Shadow and the Light Location –> Yavin –> Missions Completed all missions on Yavin 4.
Legend in the Making Makings of a Legend Location –> Yavin –> PvP Complete all PvP achievements on Yavin
Speaker of the Dead Speaker of the Dead Location –> Yavin –> Exploration Talk to all 4 Sith Spirits on Yavin
Grave Robber Talisman Collector Location –> Yavin –> Exploration Collect all 5 Talismans on Yavin
Ancient Threat Ancient Threat No More Location –> Yavin –> Exploration Defeat the Ancient Threat on Yavin
Master of the Beyond Master of the Beyond Location –> Yavin –> Exploration Complete all Ancient Threat achievement
Surveillance Smasher Network Outrage Location –> Ziost –> Daily Bosses Defeat all four of the Orbital Recon Droids on Ziost.
Aegis of Ziost Defeated Aegis Squadron Location –> Ziost –> Daily Bosses Defeated the Aegis Squadron on Ziost

*These titles are faction specific and won’t appear on your legacy toons on the other faction

Beta Titles

These titles existed in beta but were removed on the live version of the game for unknown reasons.


Title Acquisition
Friendly [name] Social I
[name] the Outgoing Social II
[name] the Coordinator Social III
[name] the Socialite Social IV
[name] the Guide Social V
[name] the Extrovert Social VI
[name] the Charismatic Social VII
[name] the Leader Social VIII


Title Acquisition
[name] the Respectable Light I
[name] the Upstanding Light II
[name] the Benevolent Light V
[name] the Vicious Dark I
[name] the Sinister Dark II
[name] the Malevolent Dark V

Advanced class titles

These titles were given when you picked an advanced class

Title Advanced Class Title Advanced Class
Guardian [name] Guardian Juggernaut [name] Juggernaut
Sentinel [name] Sentinel Marauder [name] Marauder
Shadow [name] Shadow Assassin [name] Assassin
Sage [name] Sage Sorcerer [name] Sorcerer
Scoundrel [name] Scoundrel Operative [name] Operative
Gunslinger [name] Gunslinger Sniper [name] Sniper
Commando [name] Commando Powertech [name] Powertech
Vanguard [name] Vanguard Mercenary [name] Mercenary

Class Titles

These titles were rewarded during certain parts of class missions.

Title Class Acquisition
[name] of the Jedi Council Consular End of Act III
[name] Council Military Advisor Consular End of Act III
General [name] Knight Dark side title for Jedi Knight, replaced by Master due to player choice
[name] the Hand of Jadus Agent Previously obtainable at end of ACT I
[name] the Emperor’s Wrath Warrior Original title for Warrior, replaced by Darth due to player choice

Mission titles

Title Faction Acquisition
[name], Madalorian Bane Pub Ravaged Reconstruction Heroic quest chain on Taris
[name], Scourge of the Underworld Pub Nar’Shaddaa
[name], Shadow Hunter Pub Earned  by dealing with the saboteur at the Hutt data center on Nar Shaddaa.
[name], SIS Operative Pub Tatooine
[name], Venom Drinker Pub Obtained by defending the Republic’s Adrenal Processing Factory from Imperial assault on Quesh
[name], Ice Wars Veteran Pub Earned by defeating the pirates on the frigid wastes of Hoth and dealing with the Null Cannon
[name], Master of the Burning Way Pub Earned by stopping the Esh-kha from releasing the World Razer on the prison world of Belsavis.
[name], Ambassador of the Republic Pub Earned by helping win the favor of the Voss for the Republic.
[name]. Liberator of Corellia Pub Earned by defeating Darth Decimus
[name], Conqueror of Balmorra Imp Rewarded at end of Balmorra bonus series
[name]. Primeval Explorer Imp Obtained by confronting the Imprisoned One at the Czerka laboratory in the Dune Sea on Tatooine.
[name]. Champion of House Thul Imp Alderaan
[name]. Scorcher of Worlds Imp Taris bonus series
[name]. the Venomous Imp Quesh
[name]. of the Bane Brigade Imp Obtained by bringing back the legend of the Bane Brigade and trapping the Republic on Hoth.
Jailbreaker [name]. Imp Earned by freeing the Dread Masters from the depths of the prison planet of Belsavis.
[name]., Ambassador of the Empire Imp Voss
[name]. Conqueror of Corellia Imp Corellia


Title Acquisition
Warzone Hero [name] Unknown

  • Joen93

    Awesome, just what I needed. Thanks !

  • Broll

    You should add notes next to the ones that are no longer available. Founder and all 4 PTS titles are no longer available (thought PTS ones may come back, the last several test periods they have specifically said they were not available)

    I’m kind of annoyed that my Warrior can’t get the Emperor’s Wrath title. I would use that one over Darth. Oh well.

    • thanks, I added some notes 🙂

    • Kwich

      I can confirm that playing a lvl 10 char and finishing chapter 2 still granted the titels last time PTS were online!

      But still have not tried the GF titels


    • blubb

      it’s just too spoilery, that title

  • Mitch

    I’ve been running Kaon and LI HMs for the weekly for months and I’ve never heard of the Rakghoul’s Bane title.

    • Me neither, but apparently you can get it by putting in a ticket

      • vfm

        haha, they can expect a flow of tickets now.

  • Loore @ The harbinger.

    Female Bountyhunters can get the Knight of Alderaan title.

  • Zenithan

    Warzone Hero was gotten in beta by turning in the first warzone win quest from the PvP terminal around level 10 – if I remember correctly.

  • vfm

    Space pirate cartel pack? Is this the thing tested on pts now?

  • iceberg265

    Awesome list. Hate ‘pub’ though…

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  • Lew

    Shame they took so many out after beta, great list tho!

  • Vmaster

    I loved wearing the title the Scholar during pvp. Good times.

  • Scott Clark

    I never knew I was supposed to have a “Shadow” title, been a Shadow Consular since beta.

    • Telanis

      You aren’t, it was a Beta-only title.

  • Major

    Developer told me that Rakghoul’s Bane was story made Kaon only.

  • AshlaBoga

    I got “the Deprogrammer” at level 48. I think maybe that should be updated.

    • Thanks, I updated them with the lowest recommended level for the flashpoints on the group finder 🙂

  • Essenia

    Hi Dulfy I contacted cs regarding the title Ragkhoul’s Bane since I have done KuS and LI HM multiple times. They told me they could not reward me the title since my character was not eligible. It seems there is another requirement to get this title though they did not share with me what this was.

    • Telanis

      That’s all I had to do.

  • Delnova

    U can get Ragkhoul bane if u complete Kaon and u where not getting the debuff from the mobs that will explode. If u get hit by the debuff than u can not get the title.

  • Anon

    Does anyone know if the PTS were current for the last session of the PTS (2.0 PTS)

  • Kipp

    I saw a “Best of the Republic” title. Looked like a legacy title probably from the new hutt cartel set.

  • Gurluas

    Dying to Lucky in the Corellia Zoo gives you Unlucky, killing Lucky gives you Lucky.

    • Ya it is under Operations/world bosses

  • Harry

    thanks so much, the layout makes it alot less confusing to read compared to other websites.

  • AshlaBoga

    Paladin of House Organa HAS BEEN RESTORED TO GAME!!!

    • thanks, updated 🙂

  • Qi’lavi

    There is a legacy title “Party Crasher” . It’s for a hidden achivement – Kill 100 players with their Party Jawas out

    • Added, ty 🙂

    • Jezebella

      If you actually have a Party Jawa the achievement is not hidden its called “The Party’s Over”, but when I looked for it on a newer account it wasnt there.

  • Haggardbr

    I wish they would bring back the “SIS Operative” title back. :/

  • Archer

    is the Cutting Edge still available?

  • Vin

    “Worm Food” by getting eaten in the Sarlacc Pit

  • AshlaBoga

    “Scare Bear”
    Given for defeating 1500 players on Oricon. You’ll get this as part of the requirements for getting “Judged Dread.”

  • Authias

    Star Forager and Dreadseed can be obtained as a drop from digging with the seeker droid. It is a bind on legacy token that will grant the title to the character that consumes it.
    Don’t know if that has already been mentioned already.

  • Rafaello

    I’d just like to put in that while the title Revan’s Heir was only available for a very short time (1 day), it IS BoE, and you can find many of them on the GTN for a moderate price.

    • thanks, added a note

  • Seg

    You may want to add that Rakgoul’s Bane just needs to have Kaon completed whether it be story or hard mode as I have earned t from both. Though I was in the turret both times when the ark waves arrived and had not died during that attack so not sure if that had any relevance but it may.

  • Víla

    missing The Contractor title from CM

  • Airikey SH

    I got the title “Fixer” but have no idea how I got it….anybody know?

    • It is from THORN reputation

      • Amorata

        I don’t see it listed in the legacy tab. How do you get it?

        • Rayven

          Fixer comes from achieving Legend on Interplanetary Component Exchange, in other words buying a lot of Starfighter series cartel packs.

  • Indigestible

    Can’t find legacy title “Defender of Kuat” in the list. Didn’t get it from REP and can’t figure the achievement I got it from. Did I simply oversee it?

    • It is probably from the republic kuat reputation title. They somehow made it both factions (likely a bug)

      • Indigestible

        Absolutely right, just logged in on republic side and there it is. “Defender of Kuat” the equivalent to “Drive Yard Demolisher”. And here as well both titles appear, the republic and the imperial one. Thx Dulfy.

  • Martin Gustavsson

    I got 2 titles that i don remmember were i got them, on the imperial side as a bounty hunter,
    First responder and Master of dread

  • PocketFox

    “Paladin of House Organa” isn’t Jedi Knight only; I have it on my Consular. It’s probably also available to Troopers and Smugglers, since it’s related to the conflict between Organa and Thul, rather than class quests.

    • DancingHare

      Indeed, my Trooper has it.

  • Aezur

    Is that still possible to get “Warzone Annihilator” title or it was only pre 2.0?

  • Jaelyn

    What about “Bringer of War” legacy title? I don’t see it on here though I may have missed it, but I can’t seem to find any achievement granting it. Then again the SWTOR achievement window is confusing to me. Help ! Lol

  • Yerp

    Missing defender of kuat, honorary admiral, drive yards demolisher, imperial forward commander, kuat battle marshal, rakghoul ravager, cure for the plague, lord of the raklings, unseen assailant, bringer of war, conqueror of the dread fortress and pvp season 1 titles

    • Yerp

      Forgot first responder, thorn specialist & the neutralizer

    • Looking to update it today, ty for the list 🙂

      • Chris Coreas

        I was using this list to look up my titles. The only one i could not find here was “Starfighter’s Collector”.

        P.S. I greatly appreciate all this hard work! 🙂

        • It is in there now 🙂

          • Chris Coreas

            That hard work I tells ya!

  • Updated for patch 2.7, enjoy!

  • AbsolutGrndZer0

    Still think it’s so stupid that the General title was removed… since SPOILER Satele specifically tells the Dark Knight that they will NOT be made a Master Jedi, they don’t deserve it… then the head of the Republic Forces reminds you that you are still the General of the Jedi. Stupid players that can’t own their decisions… “Waaaa you are punishing me for making dark side choices… waaaaaa” Um yeah… you’re a Jedi… you go dark, The Council punishes you… I want my General title! /endrantthatwonteverchangeanything

    • Simon

      tbh I’m a light Jedi, grey at worst, and I always hoped I’d get a General title.. having read this, it makes total sense that dark siders should get and use that one. What’s the point in choices without consequences?

      • AbsolutGrndZer0

        Yeah, but in beta I heard people whining about how they were punished for making dark side choices by not being able to obtain the “Master” title. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, so Bioware caved and boom. All Jedi (Knight and Consular) get the Master title regardless of what the story might say, and the General title was removed.

        • Ben Fuller

          This angered me so badly. Bad enough people moaned about it worse by bowed to the pressure and disregarded the LORE of the game bowing to people who couldn’t accept dark side jedi can not become masters

          • AbsolutGrndZer0

            Yep, but I bet they’d say “Hey, you can just not wear the title.” and also point out that Satele SAID you would not be promoted to Master Jedi so that covers the lore part. The title ain’t nothing but a game mechanic. But yeah, every time I am looking through my sentinel’s titles and I see “Master” there I must resist throwing my mouse through my TV, metaphorically speaking.

  • Guest

    Just seen on PTS, guy with The Unlucky legacy title, how to obtain it?

    • Blow up the slot machine in the gambling event on Nar Shaddaa

  • y2z

    My BH just got “The Relentless” and “Republic’s Most Wanted” after speaking with Master Tormen for the first time (end of Act II, beginning of Act III). Did they change it?

  • Guest

    What about Expert title? How to obtain it?

  • Terry G Roberts

    I think the Club Vertica High Roller title is missing, I have it.

  • reyn

    your group member here at makeb datacron +10 endurance (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGxtVzRqXaw) carlenx has the hutt space navigator legacy title.. but its not on your list here.. can you tell us how did he get it… thanks

    • That was a title for the Makeb reputation on the closed test server we were on. It later got renamed to something else.

      • reyn

        thanks for the info

  • Vuun

    You forgot those of the Binary Star Realty reputation. (Friend: Landowner ; Legend: Magnate)

  • KingThane

    Just saw a guild with the Dread Master(title) on almost everyone one of their members so jelly right now,here I thought clearing df/dp hm was good, now ive gotta strive for df/dp nim XD

  • onomatic

    “All Natural” … legacy title (?), how is it acquired?

    • Yorui

      break 500 kolto tanks in the Manaan flashpoint

  • yerp

    missing kuat battle marshal, forger of alliances, all natural & honored air breather

    • yerp

      oh and the illustrious

  • Yorui

    Whats the new title you get from CZ-198 in the recent update?

    • Vodorlo

      Conquering it in conquest gives you the title “Conqueror of CZ-198”

  • SpideyBry

    Regarding “the Emperor’s Wrath” title that no longer exists… I was disappointed that I didn’t get that when I finished my Sith Warrior story. I think that would be a really cool title.

    • Rondowar

      guess it counts as a mayor spoiler :/

    • Astyra

      At least for finishing the SoR story you get “Empire’s Wrath.” I like that one much better. ;P

  • Ben Fuller

    I will never understand why these titles were removed and will never forgive be for breaking lore and giving in to players constant moaning that there dark side jedi couldn’t become a master. If I was in charge I would a told them to suck it up and get over it dark side jedi do not get prompted to master. And personally I kinda prefer the general title to master.

    Makes me sad that coz some people’s childish moaning a decent title hot removed and lore was broken. Wish bw would at least bring it back as a cartel market title to purchase it

    • AbsolutGrndZer0

      Yeah, when i got my Sentinel to 50 and finished my class story, I was like hey where is my General title… wait… Master? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!?!?!

  • reyn

    you forgot to put this. got this from old cm pack contractor’s bounty pack

  • exxarkuns

    when u are going to update the title with 3.0 xpac ?

  • JediJulius

    You should consider updating this for 3.0 sometime after the holidays or when you find time. Got some interesting ones this expansion

    I have for the Jedi Knight after beating Yavin IV: [Name], Jedi Battlemaster

    And I think Warriors get [Name], The Emperor’s Wrath. After Yavin IV.

    Only one I am currently sure of/in possession of is Jedi Battlemaster. I’ll look
    Around for other new titles.

    • Astyra

      You’re right about the Battlemaster one, which is really cool since I always wanted to be the Battlemaster of the Jedi while playing my sentinel. And Emperor’s Wrath is no longer obtainable, the SoR one is Empire’s Wrath, y’know, since the emperor…. Oh nvm. LOL

  • AshlaBoga

    Lots of new Legacy titles from Rishi and Yavin 4 content. Plus Stuff like “Dark Council Elite,” “Above the Law,” “Empire’s Wrath” and loads of other cool class specific titles!

    • King_thane

      Imperial Intelligence Commander for agent and Jedi Battlemaster for jediKinght.
      Still looking for trooper, councilor and smuggler.

  • Astyra

    I finished the whole Forged Alliances storyline and never got a legacy title (Bringer of War). I messaged CS about it but haven’t yet gotten a response. Anyone else had this issue?

    • AshlaBoga

      You made sure you turned in the FA: Part 3 on the opposite Faction?

      • Astyra

        Oh, I didn’t know I had to do it on an imp as well. I’ll look into that ;P

        • Astyra

          I just did some digging. The guide above and all other websites don’t mention anything about an imp, it just says to complete the story missions of Tython FP and Korriban FP. There have been so many bugs relating to achievements lately, so I’m not surprised I didn’t get it. Hopefully CS will respond soon. They DID restore my Selkath HK customization that I destroyed accidentally, and when doing so apologized that they have been slow in responding to tickets. So, we’ll just have to wait I guess. =P

          • AshlaBoga

            The guide does mention it actually.

            It’s just a tad vague.

            BOTH story missions refers to both factions. There is no bug that I’m aware of. It isn’t Tython + Korriban, it’s Pub + Imp.

            • Astyra

              Oh, thank you very much. When my sin hits 55 I’ll run the Forged storyline, er, SoR Prelude, as it’s now called, and if the title doesn’t then grant then I’ll investigate a bug. Thanks again =)

  • burrito

    an update for 3.0.2 would be nice )

  • Inofa

    Do we get “Forger of Alliances” and “Bringer of War” titles even if we do the SoR prelude? Or do we have to complete Forged Alliances without doing the preludeN

  • kuma

    Where did I pick up legacy title “The Plunderer” ?

    • Merc32

      Freebooter’s Trade Union rep.

  • Knikknak

    Is the titel “Dread Master” still avaliable?

    • Yup, timed run for nightmare DP (under 1 hr)

  • “Emperor’s Wrath” – Sith Warrior after completing Yavin IV missions

    This should be “Empire’s Wrath”, right?

    • Let me double check but I believe it is emperor’s wrath

      • Vodorlo

        Nah, it’s “The Empire’s Wrath”
        Wouldn’t make much sense to have emperor’s wrath now when you’re working against him.

        • Thanks added the change 🙂

  • Niksi

    I have a name title “The Rakghoul Nightmare” that is not listed here in titles guide, but exist in other guide 🙂

  • asasasas

    [name], The Furious
    Season 3 PvP Rating 1300-1649 <— that was changed to fairly furious

  • Nostro

    [name], Paladin of House Organa is available for every Republic Char who finished the Alderaan Planet Story. It’s not exclusive to the Jedi Knight.

  • Jer

    Lord of the Oceans is a codex title not listed.

    • Gidrea Lightsky

      How is that obtained?

      • Jer

        Through the Rishi datacron hunt. The last phase when you spawn the tentacles.

        • Gidrea Lightsky

          Thank you. I’ve never done that the proper way, It’s always been bugged.

    • Thanks, added. Also added a couple of others I missed.
      * Republic Legend
      * Imperial Legend
      * Legend in the Making
      * Master of Yavin 4

  • Merc32

    I got the “Butcher’s Bane” title on my Smuggler even though I chose to team up with him instead of kill him.

  • Jay

    you missed 1 legacy title, “Rockcrusher”. It’s obtained by defeating 50 monoliths on Ziost.

  • burrito

    also missing:
    Transporter, trusted associate
    Winter Warrior
    Corsair, the Unruly
    Life day celebrant
    A special snowflake
    Galactic peacekeaper

    • Dru

      How do you get the Galactic Peacekeeper title?

      • burrito

        Complete Rishi story mission on Republic and Imperial characters, i guess

    • Thanks added all of them in with the update, couldn’t find Galactic peacekeaper though so not sure if that is ingame?

      • burrito

        galacic peacekeaper – Complete Rishi story mission on Republic and Imperial characters

  • thoracic Farshore

    Add name, the Unassailable — obtained from Security Key Vendors for 250,000 credits

  • Austin Cassner

    is there one for completing every class storylines or getting a 60 in every class on both factions?

    • CraigMitchell

      Imp Legend/Pub Legend

  • Ded

    Why didnt we get the titles that were included in the beta, would have added to the diversity.

  • Kodar

    Thanks again Ms D. Your hard work keeps this site the number 1 source for swtor (imho).

  • burrito

    still missing:
    Galactic peacekeaper – Complete Rishi story mission on Republic and Imperial characters
    Conscript – Cartel Market since game update 2.6.2
    outer rim explorer – latest CM pack

    • Hmm I have completed rishi story missions on imp/pub chars and don’t see that title or achievement associated with it. I will take another look. Outer Rim Explorer is already there, adding Conscript 🙂

      • burrito

        well, maybe you have to choose “open fire at revanite fleet” instead of opposite faction during the Battle of Rishi FP on both imp/rep character … ?

    • Shawn Morin

      thanks for posting that, I wanted to know how to get Galactic Peacekeeper

  • Alberto Trujillo

    Hey Dulfy is their a Immortal title for not dieying and getting to lv 50-55 ??

    • CraigMitchell

      You can always try it. Should be fairly easy with 12XP…

  • Micklanis

    Dulfy a note on Butcher’s Bane, you do not have kill Rogan to get the title. I left him alive in my play through and I still have the title.

  • I’d like to point out that you can’t get any of the titles from the small packs any more, while they cycle the old packs the old small packs with the same content though a title that the others don’t have. Have not been cycled at all, it’s only two packs but because of this it has rendered these two titles unobtainable.

    These titles are:

    Only way you can get these is if someone still has a pack lying around, otherwise these packs have not been up on the cartel market since they came out. Fortunately they stopped giving the small packs their own titles.

    • Guest

      I bought “Title: Regulator” off the GTN just now, happy that I’d found it for a reasonable price. -However-, either this is not the same “Regulator” title as was in the Regulator pack, or this list really, -really- needs to be updated. It gave me “[name], Regulator” and NOT “Regulator [name],” as I had expected from checking here.
      If I had known it was one of the titles that come after the name with a comma, I wouldn’t have bothered with it. I’m not sure why Bioware can’t just put it in the item description where exactly the title will be in regards to your name as it’s pretty annoying not to know beforehand, but that it’s apparently wrong in this list as well, which is as far as I’m aware the only one anyone’s bothered to make, falls under “pretty annoying” as well. :/

      • Yeah I thought the same, managed to get it since but it was , Regulator. 🙁

  • Timothy Howard

    The Galactic datacron master achiev is broken. I have all codex entries 1-93, and no title, or decos!

  • simurgh559

    Needs to be updated for version 4.0.2.

    • simurgh559

      4.0.3a now.

      • simurgh559

        4.6a right now.

  • Daniel Ragnå

    I want Sithspawn as a legacy title.

  • Dathka

    You have many titles here that are unobtainable. Like; Primeval Explorer, Champion of House Thul, of the Bane Brigade, etc…. Mostly the ones that are from planetary quest lines or bonus series. It seems that as of patch 2.3.2 in Sept. 2013 they were removed or “moved to a new “Lost Knowledge” category.” I just tried to get the primeval explorer title because I wanted to finish everything I could before moving on to KotFE, but it seems like this is useless now.

  • Zijyfe Duufop

    wasn’t there a “mandalorian” title?

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  • Sarigar

    ‘Regulator’ does not display as ‘Regulator (Name)’, it displays as ‘(Name), Regulator’. Found that out the hard way.

  • HollyCarp

    I noticed my Trooper now has the Colonel title. I think that’s from doing Chapter XI of KOTFE, “Disavowed,” on a Trooper character? Because during the story dialogue, Aric says the title was awarded posthumously when the character is believed to be killed during Chapter I.

  • Drago

    Some of beta titles are back in game.
    So you get now sozial 1, 2, 3, 4 …… same you get dark / light 1, 2, 3, 4 ……
    I dont know when they come ingame (maybe 4.6).
    My old toons have all the new titles (social, dark, light).

    Funny…also no info in patchnotes and no one writes something in swtor boards.

  • Pingback: Swtor How To Get Warstalker Gear | Teach Me()

  • Doot

    Should update “the Infernal” and “the Unyielding” as non-obtainable anymore since they removed EV and KP NiM.

  • simurgh559

    Should be updated for 4.7a ASAP.

  • Kaptain Karmac

    I took the liberty of updating this Titles Guide for 4.7. I take no credit for the previous work done. All I did was add stuff that was missing. You can find it here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_oCH9IY_KmPSGZrUDNnSUJhckU Comments and Suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  • Carpentergoat

    Just an FYI, the “Paladin of House Organa” title is available to all classes, not just knights, i just got it on my vanguard on 9/10/16

    • Kaptain Karmac

      Thanks for the catch! I’ll make the correction.

    • Gwyn zireael

      Yeah, you can get it for doing Alderaan quests, but I’m not sure which one/s exactly.

  • Kenneth Andreasen

    How do you get the Legacy Tiltle: Fallen Knight ?

    • Kaptain Karmac

      You need to defeat each of the Star Fortress Paladins aboard all of the Star Fortresses

      • Kenneth Andreasen

        Thank you for the answer 🙂

  • Sam Sarvour

    Is the Winter Warrior not being re-offered this year? Or is it buried in one of the CM tabs?

    • Kitty

      Can’t find it either. Guess not.

  • simurgh559

    When will this guide be updated?

  • dnhstv

    I have a legacy title “Conquerer Of The Sphere”.
    Where did it come from?

    • Brian ten Cate

      It’s from reaching Legend reputation ranking with ‘Imperial Forces on Iokath’.

    • GuestJawa86

      I know this is old, but I believe Iokath reputation.

  • Gwyn zireael

    Social and alignment titles are still able to obtain. I for sure have “Friendly”, “The Outgoing” and had all the Light Side titles on my toons.

    • Frigi

      It’s not “still”, they were added back in (around) when the DvL event started, Summer 2016. Seemingly retroactively.

  • Lo’llo

    SIS Operative Tittle is not working , i guess is a old tittle or something 🙁

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  • Illusive Man

    Would be awesome to have an update on these..

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