SWTOR Relics of the Gree event guide

A comprehensive guide to the SWTOR Relics of the Gree event. This is a recurring event that has being adjusted to level 65 and scheduled to return for one week from Jan 12 to Jan 19, 2016.

How do I get there?

First, go to the news terminal on the fleet, it should be around any of the four marked locations Watching the new broadcast will give you a new quest – The Gree Experiment/Gree Research Initiative, which asks you to head to Ilum western shelf and talk to the Gree Herald Droid.

  • Level 50+ characters can participate in the event. You will be downscaled to L52 for the event if you are L65.


Go to Ilum, take speeder to the western shelf.


Gaining Reputation

Reputation are earned by doing these daily missions or killing world bosses. All of the daily missions reward you with items that you can use to gain Reputation. Note that Reputation ranks are not cumulative (i.e. to reach the Newcomer rank, you need 2500 rep for Outsider and 5000 rep for Newcomer for a total of 7500 rep).

  • Gree Memory Chip (green) = 270 Reputation (180 for F2P players)
  • Gree Data Core (blue) = 630 Reputation (420 for F2P players)
  • Ancient Gree Artifact (purple) = 1440 Reputation (960 for F2P players)
Rank Reputation required
(per rank)
Reputation Required (cumulative) Weeks to Reach
Weeks to Reach (12600/week) Weeks to Reach (12672/week) Legacy Title
Outsider 2500 2500 0 0 0  
Newcomer 5000 7500 0 0 0 Gree Research Assistant
Friend 7500 15000 1 1 1  
Hero 10000 25000 2 1 1 Honored Silver Acute
Champion 15000 40000 3 3 3  
Legend 30000 70000 5 5 5 Perfect Gold Bisector

The trick for maximal reputation gain per week is to get close to the 12000 weekly reputation cap as possible and then consume a purple reputation item to go over. The maximum reputation gain without any reputation bonus is 11970/week or 11979/week with 10% guild reputation bonus.


You can go over the 12k weekly cap as long you use the last item <12k. The reputation gain over 12k are not lost.

Here is a handy chart you can use to see how much reputation and Gray Helix components you can gain. F2P players earn 50% less reputation.



Starter Missions

These missions are available to pick up at the western Ice shelf as soon as you arrive on Ilum.

Note that the Empire and Republic missions are identical except in names.


[Heroic] Primary Testing/Primary Studies

Details Show

[Daily] Confirmation Bias/Experimental Bounds

Details Show

[Daily] External Variables/Unexpected Variables

Details Show

[Daily] Supplemental Research/Catalysis

Details Show

[PvP] Charging the Pylon

Details Show

[PvP] Data Retrieval/Data Recollection

Details Show

Gray Secant Missions

These missions are only available once you reach the Newcomer standing with the Gree Enclave. That is 2500 to reach Outsider rank and another 5000 to reach Newcomer rank for a total of 7500 rep. Once you reach Newcomer rank, purchase the Gray Secant authorization from the reputation vendor next to the mission terminal.

Tip: To get enough reputation for newcomer, you can either do the above missions on many alts (3 character’s worth of dailies should enough or farm the world bosses on Ilum since each give 630 reputation).

Now go back to the mission terminal on Ilum western ice shelf and pick up another two missions


Head to Gray Secant in the north section of the Western Ice Shelf. (Take the teleporter at the mission terminal). There are two entrances, one for the Imperials (left) and one for the Republic (right) so don’t zone into the wrong one.


Inside the Gray Secant, there is another droid who will offer you another quest called Ancient Gree Relays.This droid is located on the left for Empire players, on the right for Republic players.


[Daily] Advanced Analysis/Advanced Testing

Details Show

Ancient Gree Relays – One Time Quest

Details Show

Unity Examination/Unity Assessment – One Time Quest

Details Show

World Bosses

All of these world bosses drop Gree Data Core, which give 630 rep. There is also an area quest called [AREA] Combat Specimen to kill these three world bosses. The 3rd boss, Xenoanalyst II, is inside the Gray Secant, which is only accessible if you have Newcomer standing or higher. Surgok’k and Gravak’k both have respawn timers of 2 hrs.

The first two world bosses are designed for a 8-24 ops group with the standard 2 tank, 2 healer, rest all DPS setup. They drop 2x Outlander (208)  pieces in addition to the Gree Data Core. Xenoanalyst II, which is technically an operation boss inside a closed instance, has both storymode/hardmode versions to fit raid sizes of 8 or 16 accordingly.

[Area] Combat Specimen, to kill the 3 bosses do not reward anything other than 11k credits and a title called Combat Specimen [name]



  • 4 million HP
  • Put a stacking debuff on the tank that increase damage taken (i.e. tank swap)
  • Angry Spittle – puts a DoT on the entire raid that needs to be cleansed or AoE healed through.
  • Queens’s Summon – summon 3 elite adds



  • 4 million HP
  • Does an attack called Rage Pound and Rage Flip that will stun the tank and knock them back (tank swap)
  • After Rage Flip, he does an AoE on the raid and drop red circles on the circles that you need to avoid
  • Boss cleaves so do not stand in front of him.


Xenoanalyst II

  • Weekly lockout, boss inside the Gray Secant (separate lockout for storymode/hardmode). Must be newcomer standing or higher to access it.
  • There is no bolster inside the operation instance so you need to be L65 and with 208/216 gear for storymode/hardmode preferably.
  • Drops (storymode): 1 Unassembled random Defiant MK-X piece (216), 12 Common Data Crystals, 8 Glowing Crystals. 4 Gray Helix Components, 1 Ancient Gree Artifact (1440 rep) on 8m. Drops 2x Defiant Pieces and 6 Gray Helix Components on 16m.
  • Drops (hardmode): 1 Unassembled Exarch piece (220), 12 Glowing Data Crystals, 8 Radiant Data Crystals,  6 Gray Helix Components, 1 Ancient Gree Artifact (1440 rep) on 8m. Drops 2x Unassembled random Exarch pieces and 8 Grey Helix components on 16m along with 4 random assembled Exarch pieces.
  • Has a complex mechanic which is detailed in this guide.


Lore Objects/Codex Entries

Fray Landing Memorial

While not related to the Gree event, this lore object has special significance to the revamped Ilum. On the very south end of the Western Ice Shelf, where the Republic base used to be, one can find a lore object called Fray Landing Memorial. This lore object is perhaps a reference to the Ilum back in the early days (patch 1.1, late Jan, 2012) where Empire players were able to push themselves into the Republic base and killing Republic players repeatedly due to the faction imbalance in the early days favoring Empire . This caused an emergency patch shortly after patch 1.1.


To get to this memorial. players can get to the abandoned Republic base in the south via  tunnel on the south end of the contested area.


Gray Secant

This lore object was mentioned earlier in the missions section but just incase you missed it. When doing [Daily] Advanced Testing/Advanced Analysis, you will encounter this object at the north end of the Gray Secant near the Core Testing Unit droids.


Tonvarr Pirates

On the NW camp of the Tonvarr pirates for the External Variables daily, you can find a Tonvarr Datastore that will give you the codex entries for Tonvarr Pirates.

swtor-tonvarr-datastore-codex-entryswtor-tonvarr-datastore-codex-entry-2 swtor-tonvarr-pirates-codex-entry

Gravak’k and Surgok’k

Codex entry for defeating these two world bosses on Ilum.


Xenoanalyst II (regular and hardmode)

Two separate codex entries, one for defeating Xenoanalyst II on storymode and another for hardmode.



Pets obtain from questing

L1-L Defender

  • Chance to drop from the Ancient Gree Destroyer/Defender, the bonus boss for [PvP] Data Retrieval/Data Recollection
  • Ancient Gree Defender apparently have 100% chance to drop this pet and spawns in the same location as Ancient Gree Destroyer and shares a spawn timer (7 minutes).
  • Requires Friend standing with the Gree Conclave


L1-L Scout

  • Mission reward from Ancient Gree Relay
  • Requires Friend standing with the Gree Conclave


Gree Reputation Vendor

The Gree vendor will be sticking around after the event ends!



Gree Data Core – Requires Newcomer standing – 50k credits


Miniature Gray Secant – Requires Legend standing – 50k credits


Gree Digitizer Cube – Hero Standing – 6 Gray Helix Components

Gray Helix Weapons

All of the weapons are Bind on legacy and requires Champion reputation with the Gree. These weapons requires Gray Helix Components to purchase, which are obtained from [Heroic] Primary Testing (1/day), Unity Extermination (one time quest to kill Xenoanalyst II aboard the Gray Secant), Ancient Gree Relay (one time quest to travel to various planets) and as drops from Xenoanalyst II (4 on storymode, 6 on hardmode). Note that these Gray Helix components are bound on legacy so they can be traded between alts to acquire the weapons faster.

All weapons requires level 10 to use. Offhand weapons costs 8 Gray Helix Components

Gray Helix Autocannon – 24 Gray Helix Components


Gray Helix Blaster – 18 Gray Helix Components


Gray Helix Blaster Rifle – 24 Gray Helix Components


Gray Helix Lightsaber – 18 Gray Helix Components


Gray Helix Sabrestaff – 24 Gray Helix Components


Gray Helix Sniper Rifle – 24 Gray Helix Components


Blue Scalene Armor

  • Requires Friend with the Gree, bound to Legacy
  • Level 10 to use



Red Scalene Armor

  • Requires Friend with the Gree, bound to Legacy
  • Level 10 to use.



White Scalene Armor

  • Requires Champion with the Gree, bound to Legacy
  • Level 10 to use.



Blue Sphere Mount

  • Requires Legend standing with the Gree, Bind on Legacy
  • Costs 48 Gray Helix Components


Cyan Sphere Mount

  • Requires Champion standing with the Gree, Bind on Legacy
  • Costs 48 Gray Helix Components or 16 Gray Helix Components and 36 Snow Covered Parcel


Red Sphere Mount

  • Rare drop from Xenoanalyst II Hardmode (pic provided by Tzarene)




Decoration Reputation Requirements Cost
Art: White Scalene Outsider 2 Helix Components
Art: Orange Vortex Newcomer 6 Helix Components
Gree Light (Blue) Newcomer 2 Helix Components
Gree Light (Orange) Newcomer 2 Helix Components
Gree Wall Panel Friend 8 Helix Components
Art: Red Bisector Hero 10 Helix Components
Gree Light Pillar (Blue) Champion 4 Helix Components
Gree Light Pillar (Orange) Champion 4 Helix Components
Gree Pillar Champion 14 Helix Components
Gree Data Terminal Legend 4 Helix Components
Gree Ambassador Legend 10 Helix Components


General Achievements

Meta Achievement: Gray Perpendicular

  • Reward: Legacy Title – Gray Perpendicular, 50 achievement points
  • Kill Gravak’k and Surgok’k 10 times, kill 1000 droids, and kill 25 creatures with Mini Gray Secant in 5 planets.
Required sub-achievements
  • Advanced: Slugging the Slug (35 pts)
  • Advanced: Whomping the Wampa (35 pts)
  • But They Don’t Like Droids (85 pts)
  • Junior Research Project (50 pts)

Advanced: Whomping the Wampa (25 pts)

  • You will need to kill Gravak’k, the world boss on Ilum, 10 times.
  • Doing so will also reward you with Achievement Whomping the Wampa (10 pts), which is rewarded for killing Gravak’k once.

Advanced: Slugging the Slug (25 pts)

  • You will need to kill Surgok’k the world boss on Ilum, 10 times.
  • Doing so will also reward you with Achievement Slugging the Slug (10 pts), which is rewarded for killing Surgok’k once.

But They Don’t Like Droids (50 pts)

  • You will need to kill 1000 droids on Ilum. They can be found mostly north of the zone and inside the Gray Secant itself.
  • Doing so will alos reward you with achievements They Don’t Like Droids (10 pts) and They Build Lots of Droids (25 pts), which are rewarded for killing 50 and 250 droids respectively.

Junior Research Project (50 pts)

  • You will need to purchase Miniature Gray Secant from the Gree reputation vendor on Western Ice Shelf, which requires Legend standing and 50k credits.
  • You can do this achievement regardless if the Gree event is active or not, so if the planets are getting a bit crowded, do it another time.
  • You will need to travel to 5 planets and kill specific creatures while having your Miniature Gray Secant out (you will need to re-summon it upon arrival to every planet).
  • Planets like Tatooine and Quesh are fairly easy to complete while planets like Alderaan and Balmorra can be extremely time consuming as the creatures you need are scattered all over.

1) Bormu – Balmorra


  • Bormus are mostly located in Markaran Plains on the west side of Balmorra. This place is the best place to farm them for the achievement as there are 10+ Bormus in close proximity with a respawn timer of 4.5 minutes. Other Bormu locations are also listed for convenience.

2) Womp Rats – Tatooine


  • For the Womp rats at the Imperial speeder in Mos Ila, you will need to kill them before the guards get them.
  • For other Womp rats, it is best to not attack them first but rather run into them and let them aggro you. This is because Womp rats tend to spawn friends to help them but they won’t do that if you kill them in one hit.
  • Numbers inside circles indicate the number of womp rats you can find in that particular location.

3) Lraida – Alderaan


  • There are two types of Lraida, regular ones and Bolraida.
  • Lraidas are scattered all over Alderaan but you may have the best result in Alsakan Lowlands. Respawn timer for these Lraidas is around 4.5 minutes.
  • A map of Alderaan is provided for reference for those who are unsure of the various sub-zone connections in Alderaan.


4) Lobels – Quesh


  • Lobels are literally everywhere on Quesh, which makes this planet very easy to complete. Lobels come in singles and in packs of 4-5 (packs seems to be more prominent in north part of the map).
  • Numbers inside circles indicate the number of lobels you can find in that particular location.

5) Acklay – Belsavis


  • There are two really good spots for Acklays – high concentration north of High Security Section outside/inside the Republic Detention Compound (accessible by all) and another spot in Maximum Security Section where you can find several elite and a champion Acklay.
  • Numbers inside circles indicate the number of acklays you can find in that particular location.

PvP Achievements

Meta Achievement: Blue Octagon (Republic only)

  • Reward: Legacy Title – Blue Octagon, 25 achievement points
  • Kill 50 players with the Gree Orb explosion and kill 100 players of the opposite faction in Western Ice Shelf
Required sub-achievements
  • Energy Bomb (25 pts)
  • Line Bisector (25 pts)
  • Remember Fray! (10 pts)
  • In Memory of the Fallen (25 pts)

Meta Achievement: Red Octagon (Empire only)

  • Reward: Legacy Title – Red Octagon, 25 achievement points
  • Kill 50 players with the Gree Orb explosion and kill 100 players of the opposite faction in Western Ice Shelf
Required sub-achievements
  • Energy Bomb (25 pts)
  • Line Bisector (25 pts)
  • Ice Cold Revenge (10 pts)
  • Echoes of Victory (25 pts)

Energy Bomb (25 pts)

  • Defeat 10 players with the Gree Energy Orb explosion in the Western Ice Shelf on Ilum.
  • The Gree Energy Orb is obtained during the daily PvP quest Charging the Pylon and explodes when it is deposited onto the pylon, if the player carrying it is killed, or if the orb expires.

Line Bisector (25 pts)

  • Defeat 50 players carrying the Gree orb in the Western Ice Shelf on Ilum.

Remember Fray! (10 pts)

  • Kill 10 Imperial players in the Western Ice Shelf as a Republic player while the Bolster is active.

In Memory of the Fallen (25 pts)

  • Kill 100 Imperial players in the Western Ice Shelf as a Republic player while the Bolster is active.

Ice Cold Revenge (10 pts)

  • Kill 10 Republic players in the Western Ice Shelf as an Imperial player while the Bolster is active.

Echoes of Victory (25 pts)

  • Kill 100 Republic players in the Western Ice Shelf as an Imperial player while the Bolster is active.

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      • It looks super sized might be a previewing glitch at least I hope it is and it’s normal sized.

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      The tron armors are on the vendor next to the one Dulfy has with the weapons. 2 sets, buy for cash if you have lvl 2 rep and lvl 5 rep for the 2nd set.

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      -I’m probably going to hell for that one…

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    Is the [PvP] Data Retrieval quest able to be solo’d?

    • yes but I do not recommended as there is a high chance to get ganked

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            • MrD

              I got 9 on the first day (dalies up to ship, WB, Galaxy droid hunt, and then Xenoanalyst)

      • Hachiman

        Nope, Gray Helix Components are bound, so you cant send them betwen Alts.

    • darthjeff81

      This is a repeating event. You also need a very high reputation with the gree to get the weapons

    • Guy’ver

      The Operation Boss inside the ship is the main source of helixes. From Story mode 8 he drops 4 and 16 man drops 6. In HM he drops 6 for 8 man and drops 8 helixes for 16 man.

      This is an Op boss and has the same lockout as other operations. So you will only be able to kill this boss twice a week (once story and once HM).

      Also, the one time quest to kill him gives you two helixes.

      Doing this on my main I ended up with 15 helixes on the first day. A guildy that did both HM and SM on 16 man ended up with 20 on the second day.

      Beyond that, only the heroic daily drops a helix.

    • IslaRose

      You have to achieve champion status to buy the weapons, and it’s worth noting that the Xenoanalyst drops multiple grey helixes. I’m not entirely sure of how many, but within two days I had 21 on my sage.

  • Cradossk

    Any info about the 3rd world boss?

  • Gordon

    Dulfy, have you determined the reputation levels, how the rep boost factors into weekly rep cap, or how to get on the ship? As far as the ship, it looked like republic had it ‘controlled’ when I was there earlier, but not sure how they did that…

  • Matt

    Is there really only 1 Gray Helix Component reward per day? If this lasts 14 days, that’s only 14 components, which kind of screws over the people who only have 1 Level 50. I’d think they would have given you at least 2 components per day…

    • JJA

      They’re bound anyway, so doesnt matter how many 50’s you have

    • Daniel

      The description for them says they are primarily acquired from killing “Zenoanalyst II” aboard the Gray Secant, but to get on board you need to get to Newcomer, which may take 2-3 days of doing the Dailies.

    • Xenoanalysist II HM gives 6 and SM gives 4 (not sure about this one anymore).

      The quest for Xeno also gives you some.

  • Telden

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    • Hachiman

      You will only get flaged for PVP, if you enter the central area of the Western Shelf. So its safe to do the Heroic and Daily missions.

    • thisorthatkid

      Only the contested area is PVP. But if you attack a flagged player of the opposite faction, you’ll be flagged.

      • Telanis

        You have to be flagged to attack a player of the opposite faction.

        • ivak

          Or a flagged enemy may just run into your AOE.

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    • Joe

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        • Rantiss

          Same. I don’t know how long it’s been since last kill, but I’ve been in a raid group near an hour and no spawn yet. Plus, while waiting, dulfy updated the site to say “over” an hour spawn time on the WB’s

    • Rantiss

      Just downed them both,Appeared to be about a 2 hour respawn timer

      • Cran

        Agree on this, we camped it yesterday after a kill, and it seems to be 2 hours relatively precisely. Don’t know what they thought when they programmed THAT…

  • Joe

    Location of the first 2 world bosses:

    Gravak’k at -2438,23
    Surgok’k at -1627,-786

    Both have around 2M HP each.

    • kalzeth

      What do they drop?

      • Joe

        Each one drops 2x black hole gear, one level 50 purple gear item, and you may be given a Gree Data Core which grants you 630 rep.

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    • Yes, only running till 24th I think?

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    Completed the faction requirement running 3 50’s through all the missions in the area. Buy the pass to unlock access to the ship. After the unlock the mission terminal will have 2 new missions. One is for cores and droid on the ship and the other is for the op boss 8-16 man at the back. There is a door for Imp (Left) and Rep (Right) with a champ guard so other factions don’t enter. There is also a droid inside that has a gathering quest to talk with droids on 6 planets ( Dromund Kaas, Tatooine, Alderaan, Quesh, Hoth, and Voss. Each droid is guarded by 4 golds for the level of that planet.

    • Michael

      Has anyone else had trouble locating the droid on Tatooine? I get there and there’s nothing pointing the way to where it is.

      • Manno

        Dune Sea area – not shown on taxi

      • Guest

        Its in the dune sea – not shown on taxi

    • Manno

      Droid Mission – The Ancient Gree Relays – You can use you speeder to drive up to the droid to click on them and run away from combat if needed. Rewards – 2 Gray Helix Components – L1-L Scout pet (brown and green lighted) – and 1 Ancient Gree Trophy (purple rep item)

      Operation Mission – Unite Examination – Defeat Xenoanalyst II – 8-16 man op group needed to enter area in the back. Separate Rep and Imp entrances.

      • Sifr

        Is “Ancient Gree Relays” repeatable or a one time thing? I notice you said it gave a pet is why I was wondering.

        • Mannoxi

          Not sure if that’s just first turn in… have to wait until tomorrow. Working on completing this on all 3 now in case its daily

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            • Mannoxi

              Nothing about Daily or Repeatable on the mission description.

              • Emidas

                I’m gonna assume it’s one-time-only, given that it gives a pet.

        • IslaRose

          One time only, but you can complete it on all of your alts. Considering it rewards a purple, 1440 trophy, it’s worth doing.

    • Mannoxi

      The Ancient Gree Relays – you can click on the droids from speeder and run away if needed. Rewards for turning them in – 2 Gray Helix components – 1 L1-L Scout (droid pet) and one purple reputation trophy that gave me 1440 rep.

      • Mannoxi

        Here was the other screen shot

      • Sam Darkmon

        Do I need any specific reptation ranks to get “The Ancient Gree Relays”? Or is it available when you have no reputation rank at all?

        • You can’t get it unless you have Newcomer standing. This mission has a write up under Missions section

    • Narazu

      Can you look in your reputation list and tell us what the reputation requirement for the next level past Newcomer, “Friend”? Thanks!

      • Mannoxi

        Newcommer to friend is 7500 – looks like I will be capped at 4500/7500 in Newcommer since its for locked for the rest of this week. Guess I can store rewards for next weeks unlock.

        • Narazu

          Ah so reputation is reset to 0 once you attain the next rank? Good to know, thanks!

    • kalzeth

      The tatooine one for pubs (at least) is in the N cave entrance that leads to the dune sea. The hoth one is in the starship graveyard, relatively close to the imp base there.

      • kalzeth

        Alderaan is just north of House Alde

  • Hulmank

    The droid on Tatooine is located at -587, -1460 (x,y) it will not show up on your map until you reach the zone it is in (at least it didnt for me)

  • revi
  • Hey Dulfy, i just got into the grey Secant and got 2 new missions, Unity Assesment and daily Advanced Testing. once i got inside Advanced Testing was an easy quest and Unity Assesment requires 8-16 man ops here are some pics of the two new missions

  • Ramrod

    Are the rep rewards (data cores and memory chips) tradeable between players or your other toons?

    • Mannoxi

      No, they are bound to that character only

      • Ramrod

        Is reputation separate for each toon are is it legacy wide?

        • Sifr

          Legacy Wide.

        • Fearcher

          legacy wide

  • magesty

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  • Vicious

    I found another quest inside Grey Secant. {The Ancient Gree Relays}. You have to find hidden Gree droids on Coruscant, Tatooine, Alderaan, Quesh, Hoth, and Voss…

  • Emidas

    Killing the 3rd world boss gives you 4 weapon components and a purple rep trophy. In addition, the quest to kill him – Unity Assessment – gives you 2 more components, and 1 purple rep trophy. This is for the Storymode lockout.

    • Cool thanks for the info 🙂

      • Emidas


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    Are the reputation trophies bound?

    • Kingnile

      Yes they are, but Reputation is added to all characters on a single server.

      • Kris

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    World boss timer is NOT one hour. I’ve been standing around like an idiot for longer than that. Edit: Looks like two hours, we got it down. Edit2: Definitely 2 hours, came back again and it spawned right on time.

    • 2 hours? Ty 🙂

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  • Jinxblog

    Xenoanalyst II:
    On 16-man Story Mode drops: 2 Black Hole piece, 6 Black Hole Commendations, 6 Gray Helix Components, 2 Ancient Gree Artifact (1440 rep)

    • Hmm he drops 2 Ancient Gree Artifact on 16m?

      • Mugen

        Yeah, can confirm the 6 helix components and 2 large rep increases (still sitting in my bags as I’m already capped on rep for the week) from 16 man story. We did it with 14 and 4-5 healers easily.

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    What is the lvl req. for wearing those armors/weapons? lvl 50?

  • Palla Umbra

    Not sure where you’d want to put this info up but you can get into the Southern area of Ilum where the Pub base used to be. Can get there through a tunnel just South of the Gree Hyper Dome. There will be a few Ancient Gree Destroyers lurking around the area that can drop the mini pet and count towards the bonus mission. Coolest part though is that there’s a lore object in the remains of the Pub base. The lore and amount of dead bodies around the place seemed like a nod at the base camping wayyyy back in the beginning Ilum PvP. Was pretty cool to find 🙂

    • Vermouth

      Just checked that area and didn’t find any Destroyers, do you happen to know a few coordinates.

      • Sentai Sa’teph

        GO thruoughthe tunnel and follow the path to the right. Stay on the road down the south-western side. One is in a valley there.

    • Kurgan Nazzir

      Can we reach this location without getting PvP-flagged?

      • No, it is all pvp zone, even inside the base

        • Kurgan Nazzir

          Well that sucks. Thanks for the info.

    • yerp

      how many destroyers are in the south? only found 1

      • I only found one as well. I marked it. Look under the PvP daily spoiler for the map

        • Gingervitis

          I have found them at -2127,882; -1869,914; -1942,561 so far

          • Gingervitis

            Found 2 more at -1987,959 and -2287,574

          • thanks, I will check them out

          • Hmm I check all the coordinates but didn’t see any of them. They must have a long respawn or random spawns

            • Gingervitis

              I’m thinking there is just one up at a time at one the possible locations because I’ve seen them in the same places a few times

  • Keleset

    We just killed all three world bosses and got a Title Codex Entry titled “The Contraband Collector”. Unfortunately this seems bugged, because none of us got titles.

    • I also got this codex entry under my titles as well.

  • Budje

    hi Dulfy, you might want to add to your gree enclave reputation chart that you get reputation just for starting the quest(one time), also the bigger droid in the pvp area gives reputation for the bonus mission.
    Both 270 if I’m not mistaking.

    • Ah left that one out, will add it in thanks 🙂

  • Ryan

    There’s a lore object inside a tent outside the entrance to Gravak’k that gives you a codex emtry for the Tonvarr Pirates.

  • Adam Romigh

    There’s a codex entry for the Tonvarr pirates in a hut in the NW pirate camp.

    • Lakes

      Dulfy already got that one covered 🙂

      Any special way to trigger Ancient Defender instead of Destroyer?

  • Hampus Jensen

    Found a lore object you do not have listed. The item is a “Tonvarr Datastore” and it’s found inside the house/tent in the north-western Tonvarr camp (-2334, -944). Gives the lore entry “Tonvarr Pirates” under Organizations.

  • Jaeger

    Anyone know the lvl requirement for the scalene armor? As in can I ship that to a lowbie alt in my legacy?

    • Level 45 or higher to wear

  • Sentai

    I don’t know if it’s in here anywhere Dulfy, but if u do the Xenoanalyst in 16 man mode – the story mode reward is 6 Helix’s – not 4.

    • Yup it is under world boss section

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  • angrygnome

    Has Bioware Changed the Reputation requirement for the Grey Helix items in this mornings Patch? Or made it at least purchasable but not equipable? I am at work at the moment and not able to log in. Putting in rewards in an event and then making it completely unattainable by the end of the event is completely wrong to me. I can kind of see where they were going with the idea, since it is a repeatable event, but to do the dangle a carrot trick is completely uncalled for. They could easily change the weapons out at the next event. I have limited time gaming and it will be hard enough for me to get the items for the weapons, but to not be able to get the item because of a mechanic restriction…. seriously?
    Bioware here is a carrot for you, my money dangling on the line$$$!

    • Okamakiri

      According to BW, the vendors will be sticking around after the event is over:


      This means that if you stockpile enough reputation items prior to the end of the event (using multiple characters to complete dailies every day), then you can continue gaining rep for weeks after the end of event, and then purchase the weapons.

    • I don’t think there were any changes. I am 1 Gray Helix component short of buying the lightsaber so I am test it out tomorrow after the daily set. The other rep items (i.e. the pet or armor) cannot be purchased until you are at that rep rank.

  • Sharkolomew

    Dulfy, can you adjust the info for F2P players as well?

    • What needs adjusting? The only thing that changes is the amount of weeks it takes to certain standings with the Gree. All other things are the same I think

      • Sharkolomew

        And that chart

      • Kurgan Nazzir

        Hey, Dulfy, non-subs get less rep from the items. The green ones (memory chips) give 180 rep for preferred players. I don’t know the others because I’ve only done the solo stuff and I don’t know if free players get even less because the 180 is not 50% of 270 (if my maths is correct) and subs are supposed to get 50% more points.

        • ah, if you know the numbers for blue and purple let me know and I will update it 🙂

        • Kage

          The correct math:
          180 + 50% = 180 + (180 /2) = 180 + 90 = 270

          Ok, so now the other way:
          270 * (2/3) = 180
          630 * (2/3) = 420
          1440 * (2/3) = 960

          • Kurgan Nazzir

            Yeah, I was doing the wrong calculation because of something else I’ve had been doing the past couple of months and it didn’t even dawn on me so thanks for the correction.

          • thanks for this! 🙂

            • Kage

              No problem.

    • Okay, I updated the values and chart for F2p players, enjoy! 😀

  • Gingervitis

    Does the L1-L Defender pet not drop off the Ancient Gree Destroyer until you have friend status? I’ve killed almost 10 of them and haven’t seen it drop yet. I suppose I could be just unlucky.

    • Try the Ancient Gree Defender. I was told that the Defender drops it 100% of the time and spawns in the same location as the Destroyer.

  • SpoeMeister

    I’m drooling over the White Scalene Armor… At least 4 weeks of grinding will be worth it… How fast can you get 12500 reputation a week? is it doable if you only play 2-3 days a week, with an estimate of 5 hours a day, so 15 hours total?

    • ya it is doable. Just make sure you kill some world bosses or Xenoanalyst in addition to the dailies

      • SpoeMeister

        OK, I’ll definitely try and do that.

  • John’e

    FTP isn’t 50% less, Subscriber is 50% more. FTP is actually 33% or a third less. 180 = 2/3 or 1/3 less than 270.

  • Pingback: SWTOR – The Gree World Event… In a nutshell | Zergadins – OGC()

  • Flotalon

    So where can i gett mission fpr Ancient Gree Relays? i am standing in front of the
    Vonogarusa-K located on the Old Galactic Market.but i cant do anything? So what i have to do?

    • The starter NPC is inside the Gray Secant

  • Aldalok

    If you’re leveling using the “gearbox” method I’ve figured out other combinations to attain 11,970 a week. You can use 19blue like mentioned above but the equivalent can be attained from 21green+10blue or 7purple+3blue. They all work and add up to 11,970 😀

    • Cool thank you! I will add those in 🙂

  • Pingback: Relics of the Gree: World Event Guide | Star Wars: The Old Republic()

  • Ondřej Surý

    Hi, you have error there. F2P earn base level (e.g. 100%) and subscriber earn 50% more (e.g. 150%), which is not same as F2P earning 50% less.

  • Birki

    is it possible to do dailes with a lvl 10 alt?

    • No, level 45+ only

  • Adras

    The L1L Defender pet also drops from Xeno. Got it the other night in 16m HM.

  • Elebhra

    Here is an image made by me showing all possible trophies combinations to reach 11970 rep.

    • thanks for this, just saw it 🙂

    • She Said She Was Level 18

      Can we get a version of this showing rep trophies if you’re in a guild with max reputation bonus such that each rep trophy is worth 10% more?

  • Donutking

    Tyvm Dulfy, for the charts on gaining reputation. They’ve been indispensable like your blog 🙂

  • getawife

    hey dulfy, your mission reward graphic is missing the “*needs friend standing” annotation on the unity missions. thanks for your enitre site!

  • zzz

    After one week I’m bored of this new dailys event. I hope there will be new quests in the second week of the event.

  • Keffeine

    Bad news: Champion takes 15k. Probably have to redo those spreadsheets guys.

  • Yittlic @ BC


  • Sancho

    Just reached the Hero rank. Champion requires 15k of reputation instead of 12,5k. Guess, it will be 20 or 25 for legend.

  • Guest

    Champion requires 15k appareantly.

  • Riekan

    Just got Hero this morning, Champ requires 15k Rep.

  • Hrogath

    Great article as usual! For the rep levels it turns out that Hero to Champion is in fact 15k, not 12.5k as assumed. Stands to reason that Champion to Legend will then by maybe 20k, for a total of 60k.

  • Herzog

    You need 15000 rep for champion not 12500.

    • Sinnol


  • Nex

    I just reach the rep cap again this week and you just get to Hero(one level behind champ) so im wondering if by the end of the event(FEB 26) you’ll be able to buy atleast one legacy weapon or if we have to wait for the event to return????

    • Vendor will remain after the event so you will have time to reach champion to purchase the weapon

  • Culmarc

    champion need 15000 not 12500

    • yes should be updated now

  • Kint

    For calculation purposes: 7 greens = 3 blues; 16 blues = 7 purples.

    • Kint

      Oh, and 16 greens = 3 purples.

  • Pexalottle

    6 purples, 4 blues and 3 greens gets you to 11970 rep.

  • I’d like to confirm that the L1-L Defender pet also drops from Xenoanalyst II. I got mine from a 16-man HM run. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a good screen shot tool ready. =(

    • Cool thanks for the info 🙂

      • qmc

        8-man Xeno HM

  • fd

    If anybody owns some of the blaster weapons – it would be nice to have a (youtube) clip oder a soundfile how they sound.

    • No one owns the weapons yet as they requires Champion standing. There should be some people with it next tuesday

  • iceberg265

    Any info on when this event will come back? I was thinking it would be like every month or two, but a couple of my guildies are certain that it will only be a yearly thing…I really don’t want to wait a year to get my legacy lightsaber…

  • Apatheist

    Any news on how many points it takes to get legend? I’m assuming either 20k or 25k myself.

    • No one knows yet as the furthest anyone got so far is Hero and can see the requirements for champion, We will know by next tuesday I guess as some players will be able to reach champion by then.

      • Apatheist

        You mean farthest anyone got is hero? I have the second title myself.

        • Oh ya hero is what i meant. Oops

  • Nahte

    Just found out that the “The Gree Experiment” quest on the fleet is repeatable

  • Hrogath

    Champion to Legend takes 30k rep, I just unlocked Champion on the PTS (yay for double weekly cap, once on normal and once on PTS). The total rep required is then 70k.

  • Malagarr

    Legend takes 30000 to get all the way I found out through the pts was able to use my unused trophies there.

  • Malagarr POTF War-machine

    Malagarr POTF War_machine

    Legend takes 30000 to get all the way I found out through the pts was able to use my unused trophies there.


  • Stephen S. Bowman

    Dulfy either i over read your pet section or it does not mention the Defender pet which will replace the destroyer guy for the PVP bonus quest sometimes can’t tell how often he spawns got this around 4:12p.m. eastern U.S. today

    • Stephen S. Bowman

      nevermind i found it in your guide i over read it

  • Cul

    last rank 30k reputation

  • Inquist

    Legendary is 30K on the PTS

  • Sorry if this has been asked already, but does anyone know when this event will return? Champion status needs to be achieved, been waiting too long for a BtL sabre,.. Now if they could only add a BtL Focus/Shield/Gen for the events return!

  • Dedley

    Do the new gree weapons keep the same color graphic regardless of the color of the crystal you install?

    • Keeps the same color graphic I think. Anyways we will know next tuesday 🙂

  • Fiera

    It takes 30,000 reputation to go from Hero to Legend. Just hit Legend on the PTS. Also took screenshots of the lightsaber changing with color crystal choice. The blade changes color, but the hilt remains blue.

    • Fiera

      Another screenshot with a different lightsaber crystal. The blade is definitely longer.

      • Oh awesome, ty for those 😉

    • Fiera

      My mistake, I mean Champion to Legend

  • Scott

    I cleared the Xenoanalyst II boss on hard mode last night and the L1-L Defender pet dropped from it (someone else won the roll, sadly).

    • qmc

      I can also confirm this. I got one off of Xeno HM 8-man

  • DarthChoda

    Is there anyway to obtain Rep after event ….I will be like 1-2 k short??

  • Aetherian

    I’m not sure if anyone has posted this, but I just discovered that the news stand quest is a daily that give a free green rep token. Finding this out the last day of the event, priceless.

    • Ancaglon

      It wasn’t repeatable this time around.

      Still, I got 13410 reputation last week (Newcomer, and most of the way to Friend), and I have 15 purple, 60 blue and 47 green reputation items saved up for use over the coming weeks — and 24 components on each of 4 characters — that is enough to reach Legend and then some.

  • Jym

    Is the event still live right now or did the reset kill it?

    • is over

    • enderandrew

      The devs posted in the forums last night that the event would end even without maintenance. But I haven’t checked yet.

    • Jym

      I wish I would have realized getting 11970+1440 even week would let you hit Champion early. I tried to max my overage but the margin was tight. Only 230 leftover points. Unless my math or understanding is off. Was a fun event.

  • Avé

    Event returns after todays downtime!

  • Drewdrew

    Sorry someone already asked this, but now that we are Legend, do we just sell or gree rep to the vendor or does anyone know if Bioware expects to allow you to use it for something else?

    • Some people are selling them, I would keep them stored just in case.

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  • Sunforce

    What is the commendation reward for these dailies?
    All the guides mention daily commendations, but those don’t exist, it would be nice if that could be updated 🙂

  • Migy

    How long would it take to be friend of the gree? If u are doing all the dailies and pvp quests for example? 🙂

    • J

      Some elementary arithmetic says 1 week. As soon as the second week starts and your weekly limit resets.

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  • Zav’esa

    According to my calculations, you can hit Hero in 2 weeks and Champion in 3.
    10% Guild bonus gives you 297 rep pts for green, 693 for blue and 1584 for purple rep item.
    By consuming 38 green+1blue or 3 green+16 blue you hit 11979, then one purple gives you 13563 pts per week.
    Still takes 6 weeks for Legend though…

    • Kai’dera

      Or just 1 week with 6 chars…

      • urinidiot

        Except that rep caps are part of your legacy, so its not like you can grind it out.

        • Urza

          Sure you can. Farm the Destroyer in the South half of Illum. It has 5(?) respawn points and a fixed respawn timer. Just need to drive around to the different spawns, find it, kill it, and collect stacks upon stacks of Gree Memory Chips (green.) Sure the event will be over by the time you spend them all, but you can certain grind out the rep even after the event is over.

      • Schmee

        Or 6 weeks, because the weekly reputation cap is

  • Cornboyz

    I have noticed alot of little fixes in the last couple of patches regarding the Relics of the Gree event. Do you have any information on when it will be returning?

    • Sometime this month but no specific dates at the moment.

  • John Eh

    It is here till Jan 1st.

  • Oriondis

    Is this only doable for 50+ or could a level 30 join in the fun to build rep before life day is over?

    • 50+ unfortunately.

  • mike

    its possible to get champion in 2 weeks with one character, you just need to save up your reputation items untill the maximum of 12k rep resets, and you also need to kill xeno hm and sm, so its not impossible to get champion in 2 weeks.

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  • Chris Jackson

    When do you think they will bring this event back?

  • Aleksey314

    Same question, when will the event return? Or how often did it happen in past? I covet the Gree saber : – )

    • Switish

      The past two events have roughly been around Christmas/ December time…So I think we have a while to wait

      • Seg

        The last event was December the one before that was in July. So it will probably be returning soon (hopefully). Tbh this is probably the best event they got atm Rakghoul Resurgence was a bust and Bounty Week can only be enjoyed for so long. So I hope this returns soon.

  • Voltzorn

    *coughs* you may want to update the page, since they added legacy offhands to the gree vendor and since the Helix components are now bound to legacy. It would also be helpful if you would include the price of all of the items in your guide.

  • Xakthul

    The event itself is returning in a couple weeks…

  • Hiroshi Perez

    Hello Dulfy; I got a question on how many characters : main or alts, does it require to get to Champion rank on this event??

    • Ancaglon

      One level 55 can, if they do a lot of the Klorslug and Wampa world boss kills in addition to the daily & weekly missions, gather enough reputation items to get to Champion, although of course it will require using up the items each week to hit the cap.

      • Hiroshi Perez

        thanks for information

    • ZapTheSheep

      I played 5 characters this past week that are 55 and earned enough Rep tokens to surpass Champion. I didn’t even play every day; I think I logged in 5 out of the 7 days of the event. I just need to log in tonight and next Tuesday to pop all those tokens.

      • Hiroshi Perez

        thanks for info

  • Al’arra

    “Note that these Gray Helix components are not tradeable and bound to your character. So that cannot be traded between alts to acquire the weapons faster.”

    This info is no longer valid, as Gray Helix components can be mailed to your alts, that is to say, they are bound to legacy.

  • Michael Ponder

    Do you have to be 55 to take part in Gree.

    • Sciclex

      I believe you can be any level to “take part” in the Gree event, although to pick up any missions you must be at least 50, but may be only 55.

      • Ancaglon

        50+ to be able to do the missions, and I believe you get Bolstered (as in a WZ) on the Western Ice Shelf if you are 50-55.

  • ace

    Are the missions available only during gree event week?

    • Ancaglon

      Yes. But the reputation items can be stockpiled and used over successive weeks if you hit the cap.

      • ace

        Thx for the info

    • Vodorlo

      Should note that while the missions are only during the Gree event, the dropbox and vendors stay, should you forget to turn in a mission.

  • Forumchibi .

    Do the world bosses give rep for every kill, or only one per week?

    • Vodorlo

      Every kill, though Xeno has a lockout, can only do him once every sm/hm

      • Forumchibi .

        Doubt I’ll be able to get into the raid instance even once anyway, LOL. Thank you for confirming the other ones though, I may need them. 😉

        • Vodorlo


        • Rafaello

          Yeah, I got a ton of rep last time by going on massive WB groups.

  • mrrabbit

    No classic commendations…what’s the point for someone who doesn’t want or doesn’t need basic commendations? It’s almost as if some will feel they have been “not invited”…

    • Vodorlo

      Basic is a higher tier then Classic. If you don’t want basic, you either are crazy or you don’t have Rothc. I’m betting on the latter. So, in a way, you are “not invited”. Simply buy the expansion with real money from Bioware, and welcome to the party!

      • Mike

        Classic comms provide the set bonus and basics do not. Many specs benefit from the set bonus of a 146 classic set armoring more than they do with a 186 non-set bonus. This is especially true for dps and heals because they do not benefit from the armor rating increase of higher armorings. For example if you read the sentinel class guide it will say in it that the set bonus will always increase your dps more than the additional strength.

        • Vodorlo

          The set bonus for Classic and Arkanian and up are different, though. And Classic set bonus doesn’t stack with Arkanian, so it’s a good alternative, yes, until you get Arkanian tokens.

  • Malachi

    WARNING: Gray Helix Lightsaber is crooked in-game as well as in the picture Dulfy has listed. I only noticed this when I used it on my Guardian since they carry their sabers in an upward motion. The saber comes up crooked from the hilt several degrees off. It can be quite maddening to stare at a crooked saber for hours.
    The saving grace is that it is also the longest saber in-game. It is about an in-game foot longer than other sabers which looks pretty awesome!

    • Sweet’scar

      I think u’re the one who made a thread in the official forums, and thanks for the warning. I can’t believe (well I can) they haven’t fixed that… damn u BW… Gree even is my fave, has a very good mood, the gear, weapons, the pvp ganking… yet this bug is very irking…

  • Jidaiderriphan

    Gree Helix Components are Bind To Legacy now, think they’ve been for a while actually.

  • Mike

    A few typos that may cause some confusion:

    1. The date, that was a year ago the Gree event came back on July 22nd 2014

    2. “The maximum reputation gain without any reputation bonus is 11970/week or 11979/week with 10% guild reputation bonus.” What you want to say is “The maximum reputation gain without going over the 12000/week cap without any reputation bonus is 11970/week or 11979/week with 10% guild reputation bonus.

    3.You say that the f2p players get 50% less reputation above the chart for where to find the rep items for f2p players, but the rep items give 2/3rds (or 66.67% in percentage form).

  • Jason

    Remember the Fray.

  • Meg

    Just a tip for those who want the White Scalene Armor, but don’t have the reputation level…buy a white/white dye module and the blue scalene armor. Looks exactly the same.

  • Savag

    One question guys … what is the minimun level for the gree event, now with the boost ?? … level 20 ?? 45 ?? … thanks

    • SpideyBry


      • DRILLBIT12

        No, it’s level 45, that’s how it’s been, I was doing it all last, and some where 45-49

        • SpideyBry

          Prior to 3.0, I’m pretty sure you only got bolstered in that area of Ilum if you were level 50 or higher. I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with this in 3.x.

  • Radu

    50+ as i remember

  • Mike

    it says that it is bound to legacy then turns around and says that it is bound to your character and cant be traded between alts

    “All of the weapons are Bind on legacy and requires Champion reputation with the Gree…. Note that these Gray Helix components are not tradeable and bound to your character. So that cannot be traded between alts to acquire the weapons faster.”

    Also while the main hand weapons require champion rep the offhands require only hero rep

    • HungSolo

      It only says that when your installing armor/mods/enhan you then can tranfer to other characters. I use Gree/Legacy between my Sorc/sage and Vanquard/BountyHunter. Actually thats the only gear I use now even use the gear BW gave us for my companions to save on having to gear everyone individually.

    • Avalon

      No… it says that the weapons are Bind on Legacy, and that the things required to purchase the weapons (Grey Helix Components) are bind to character.

  • Marl

    Is it possible that the One Time Objectives are daily missions?

    I have completed some more times

    • SpideyBry

      The one time objectives are not repeatable but each of your characters can do the one time missions. Maybe you did it on different characters?

  • Astyra

    Not that this question hasn’t been asked 1,000 times already, but will we be seeing the return of this event before this year’s over? I know the devs are probably preoccupied with Shadow of Revan but I would really like to see Relics of the Gree sometime within the last few months of 2014.

    • Vodorlo

      I doubt it. It would have to be re-balanced for 60, and that will take a while.

      • swtor420

        It wouldn’t HAVE to be re-balanced and they already have a decoration in game that is suppose to drop from a Gree Event enemy. So it would seem as though they would want us to farm that area sometime soon.

        • Astyra

          Yeah, thanks for the opinions guys. I bet it’ll come around sometime before May of next year, after the initial excitement of the expansion and everything has died down. But the Gree decor thing does make it seem like we will be seing the Gree again sometime soon.

          • RossT2

            They have balanced it to 60, that’s what the newest update was for among other things. The Gree event is set around February/March a week or two after the Bounty Event

    • swtor420

      Last year they ran a Life Day Event while they ran the Gree Event it started on Dec 17th. With the expansion coming out on Dec 9th, it does leave the question of… what are they going to do for the holidays this year? It would be nice to see another Life Day/Gree Event, but I really hope they re-run the Life Day Event at least. Although I’m not getting my hopes up that they will run an event that close to the expansion release… unless they run the events to give the f2p people something to do.

  • scarletguard

    Would anyone else like to additional colors for the Tron-like light on the Scalene armors? I’m voting for purple!

    Also, when will they finally make the Grey Helix Components BOL?

    • Zarts

      They already made them BOL.

  • tim

    was wondering if u was going toto update your

    Heroic quests & bonus series and their rewards both imp and pub side for 3.0

    • I think y for Heroic Missions and Bonus series missons. If got what u mean.

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  • Disqus this

    To get the conquest achievement for this do you just need the conquest points while the event is running or is there something else?

  • Cy

    is there no more ancient gree relays quest anymore? this is my first time doing Gree event but i cant seem to find it

    • It is still there, are you inside the Gray Secant? The NPC is inside it.

    • X’era

      I did the relay on an old event just fine.. but trying to pick it up with toons that didn’t exist then, and can’t get the quest from droid.. something not quite right…?

      • Ancient Gree Relays Mission is inside the Gray Secant compound,

    • Ancient Gree Relays Mission is inside the compound.

  • Shadowz Greymoon

    Just tried it, and greatly disappointed in it. I don’t pvp so it’s pointless really for those that don’t really pvp, and at lvl 60, totally worthless.

    • wileydsp

      It’s always been a pvp event. Always. Advice that’s been given through the years regarding this event is that if you don’t want to pvp don’t do the event. If you want pve content then you can do the small section of pve stuff, or wait for the pve centered events to come back around. The game needs to be balanced for all types of players…pvp or pve.

      • Shadowz Greymoon

        I was offline when they did it last time so I didnt know about it being a PVP event. So yeah my lvl 60’s can craft and give my alts stuff. So oh well, I know now and know not to look at it again..

      • DS

        I don’t know that there being PvP quests included for additional rep necessarily makes this a “PvP event”. 3 World Bosses and more than half the quests are PvE quests.

        • wileydsp

          You’re absolutely right. I should have qualified it a bit better. It’s not pvp in the sense that it’s the pvp we’re used to, but it’s definitely pvp in the sense that it’s open world and you will get hit if you’re just going about your business pve style. I could see how the poster I responded to doesn’t like it if he / she wants to be left alone.

        • Indeed A LOT of tasks are Pve Missions.

    • Arby

      Regular Gree dailies suck. Being forced into op groups to get a measly couple tokens to buy mediocre (at best) items sucks. Douchebag PVPers running into groups of mobs you’re targeting hoping you’ll accidentally target them so they and their fifteen douchebag guildies can stomp you into the dirt sucks. This is the shittiest event in TOR, absolutely not worth any effort at all. They could delete this one and bring back the original Chevin event on NS, the only event that was actually slightly fun.

      • Indeed those kinda lame as* baboons with no spine are there. Remember not to use Aoe when fighting enemy creatures or just non human controlled enemies. Indeed game needs to be balanced for all types of players like wileydsp said, but can’t really say that balancing has been made for Pvp’ers in general for ages 😀 Sure event including pvp and pve missions and being flagged is good and not good. U can skip pvp missions and not going to pvp area where u get flagged. Wish u good gaming.

        • Shadowz Greymoon

          I have avoided it this time all around. Just went back to soloing pve with new characters. A habit of mine, have two legacies on diff servers at 50, the one on Jedi Cove. has all 8 classes maxed, so I just logged out of that server and went to Shadowlands where I’m currently maxed at legacy lvl 50, and starting the stories over there. Thought about trying PVP, but have no clue in anything after I hit 60, thats when all the guild invites hit me “Hey you’re lvl 60, and we can use you to pvp, run ops, and so forth”, my reply. I have no clue where to begin, “Theirs, “Ohh well nevermind”.

  • Jacks

    Its a Pirate thing Lets do it guys swipe the decks !

    • Arby

      “swab” the decks

      • David W

        No, that’s how big of a pirate he is…he even stole the decks 😉

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  • Dulfy’s boyfriend

    I can’t seem to find the Xeno quest. Any idea where I should pick it up? I have Hero Rep and bought the authorization. Still can’t find it. Unity something its called. Help!

    • erruss

      One time from missing box right after you pick up and consume grey secant authorization(if you have hero rep you’ve likely done previously)

    • Yeah Xeno mission acquirement like Erruss said.

  • BubbleBubblePop

    for me this has always been the best ingame event.

    • Descalzo

      Absolutely! I resubbed just to take full advantage of it.

  • theOtherGuy

    Love these PVP events, I just keep dying over and over again. Love this game. Mechanics are awesome. Fuck my life, this even makes me literally want to kill myself every second.

    • theOtherGuy

      It’s great having no friends. Just dying over and over again. I come home from a shitty day at work, to have a shitty day in game. Discouraged with life on both fronts. Thanks Gree Event, my need to complete it hates you.

      • AdjeYo

        You can just y’know, not do the pvp missions? There’s only two, one grants a green reputation item and the other a blue one.

      • Yeah like AdjeYo said ask for some assist to do those missions with u 🙂 Wish u good gaming.

  • Victoria

    Does anyone know if you can get to Friend rank if you start at 0 in this single run?

    • Sue

      In a week you can reach Friend if you’re careful how you use the rep (creep up and pop a larger one just below 12k). Chart on this page shows how 🙂

      • Victoria

        But I thought you needed 15k for it 🙁

        • Victorica

          oh right stock pile them!! 🙂 Thanks!

    • Sue

      just remember there’s no real other than practical limit to stockpiling rep tokens that can be used in the weeks after the event ends

    • Sue

      Sorry 15k means week zero plus one, none of the tokens give you 3k rep so really like one week plus a day

    • EnricoDandolo

      Bit of a late reply, but I’m slated to reach Legend today (full spreadsheet here http://1drv.ms/1K313Zz) This is running the PvE dailies on three to four characters and running Xeno SM once each on six characters. In addition, I did the introductory one-time quest on about 15 lvl 50+ characters for one green token each, ran Xeno HM once, killed each of the world bosses once, and did the PvP Dailies three or four times. Reaching Friend rating only requires 15000 reputation as opposed to Legend’s 70000, so it should be very manageable with one or two characters depending on participation in PvP, WB and Xeno kills.

  • anonymous cowherd

    No repeatable solo missions grant tokens. Not a single solitary one.
    If you don’t have lots of available friends or guildies, gaining any amount of tokens is an exercise in pitiless masochism.

    • BubbleBubblePop

      well with the event going on I am having absolutely no trouble stacking my gree gray helix components. already did sm and hm xeno ops with 4 toons with random groups, there is always some group forming for the ops and it is quite easy to atleast do SM

    • Arby

      Agreed. I hate forced PUG content. Can’t get helix comps on my own? BW can stick their event somewhere fairly dark, warm and uncomfortable.

  • Tylizzle

    For those looking for a quick reputation formula and are starting their rep from zero (and also are subbed with full guild rep bonus):

    (2277*number of toons) * number of days + (1584 * # of toons) + (297*number of toons)

    This is for PVE missions only and includes the one-time starter mission and one-time Gray Secant mission that has you planet-hopping.

    • Tylizzle

      Does not include Xeno or WBs

  • Aniny

    Is Ancient Gree Relays one-time-ever or one-time-per-event (per toon)? I thought it reset with each appearance of the event, but this seems not to be the case.

    • One time ever per toon, does not reset with event

  • Pnk

    Would love to see a Pink version of the Scalene style outfit !

    • cg_hash

      Is it not dyeable? If so, just buy a pink dye

  • Dmitriy Ilyin

    What is Ancient Gree Re-ender? I saw it in center of pvp area. Some rare spaun? What its drop?

    • Shadowofdeath

      Are you playing in English or another language? It could be a mis-translation of Defender which drops a pet

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  • Dan Murrow

    About the “trick” to go over 12000 reputation. Doesn’t matter if you do that or not, it will still take 5 weeks minimum to hit legend.

  • Typo:

    “This is a recurring event that has being adjusted to level 60 and scheduled to return for one week from May 12 to May 26.”

    • Yep.. Blows that they extended the event instead of fixing the Conquest within few hrs after bug was reported. 30mins after server came b from patching and again bad patching / maintenance timing for Eu Gmt +1 fans.

      • Secundum

        Most people are very happy that the event was extended.

        • Yep naturally are. Swtor’s dev team “new ones espesially after old founder devs got kick to butt and removed” have been simplifying the product and char lvl progression and content in general for a long time. Big simplifying started @ 3.0 and continued @ 3.2 :/ Hopefully stops soon. Wish u good gaming o/ Friendly regards: Subber since launch and gamer who appreciates non simplified a.k.a dumbed down gaming.

          • Secundum

            Most players have played allow 8 stories by now and when they want a new toon they don’t want to spend hours grinding it….Besides, your comment is irrelevant-extending an event has nothing to do with simplification.

  • Mazor

    I was super excited to buy the sphere mount for this event but then when I went to see what it looks like with my character I noticed that it clips with my head. If my body type 2 was bald, then maybe it wouldn’t clip. Honestly, very confused how bioware makes a mount that clips ur head. Clothing, I can understand. But not my poor avatar :((((((

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  • Zakuak

    Ooh I have never been around for one of these, cool. I’ll have to grind this a bit for that Red Scalene armor. Ouch that Rep system looks steep 0_o

  • crazy_racoon_slayer

    What is wrong with this event? Every time it goes on i lose whole motivation to play SWTOR, completely. Every time I promise myself: You will farm Champion. But i can’t. I subscribe almost continuously since 2012 but still Newcomer…

  • Alexander

    “Level 50+ characters can participate in the event.”

    Yeah, of course.. But if you are below 55 lvl, and your companion is not geared well (Yavin 4 armor + weapon) he deals literally zero damage. So you are on your own. And what if you are tank or healer? So 55+ will be more accurate.

    P.S. I managed to do it with my 54 lvl sorc and 52 lvl Shadow tank but it was very long and pretty hard.

  • Stefan Hurst

    Does the red mount only drop in 16m HM?

    • Alexander

      We had one drop of it on 16m HM yesterday. Couldn’t grab it tho ;(

    • Lex

      Not Only. It’s dropped in 8’HM yesterday: I saw the loot first time in real.

  • pduggie

    There are new deco and some new crytal recipies for making crystals that give you NiM buff.

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  • Vendrine

    Does Xeno drop different gear now?

  • SupRun

    Xeno dropped I think 5 or 6 220 MK-2 pieces on 16m HM today. It was more than 4 I know that for sure.
    The 2 unassembled Exarch is correct though for 16m HM.

  • David W

    OK, never did this before, so pardon the noob question. Is there solo PvE content involved here? Or is it more like groups?

    • Most can be done solo

      • David W

        Thank you

    • xxcommodusxx

      All of it can be done solo, even the PVP stuff. I’m also a PVE player and I do all of the non-PVP stuff first and then find an instance where there is nobody in the contested zone and do the PVP stuff there. Then I go find a big group of people that are doing the WB’s and join them to farm the worm and wampa over and over. If you really don’t want to join with anyone at all you can skip the WB’s but they guarantee medium reputation drops for all raid members and there is no daily limit on them but there is a 2 hour (?) respawn on them.

  • sentientomega

    Scaled to 52, that’s good, as most of mine are still 58 or thereabouts.

  • Rob Ferret

    The trouble with the Gree Missions is that they don’t all get Grey Helix Components as rewards. They really need to change it so they don’t only come from just two missions overall.

  • sentientomega

    Anyone having any trouble with the interplanetary groups of 4 elite droids (for The Ancient Gree Relays mission)? And I’m talking about experiences with classes which have no CC droid or non-strealth 60 CC, juggernaut/guardian, powertech/vanguard, assassin/shadow.

  • David W

    After the Rakghoul event and this one, I think these events just don’t suit my play style. It felt like there was too much competition for limited resources. Oh well, I don’t expect Bioware to cater to my whims here, so I’m not complaining.

    • Rob Ferret

      This is especially true as the Grey Helix Comps only drop from two missions, one being an Operation, the other a Heroic that isn’t instanced, so everyone fights to get the droids first.

      • David W

        And those are the two I thought were more effort than they were worth

        • A Guy

          Found the solo 4.0 player!!

          Then you dont understand the story behind the event. Gree want to see how we react under combat stress.

          • David W

            Actually I was in the Early Access. Played 3 months before the latency issues made it unplayable. Came back at the tail end of Revan, and played it on a Bootcamp before I spilled coffee on it, making it too weak for gaming.

            But yeah, I prefer solo play

  • Evan Karl

    Just BTW, the Gree Ambassador is 20 Grey Helix Parts, not 10

  • Emperor of the Lepi

    Need more Helix.

  • ThatGuy

    Are there two events going on this week? I read it was the Gree event, but when I logged in before the patch the Rakghoul event was active…

    • ThatGuy

      Oh, and it was on Corellia, not Tatooine as stated under Accouncements

      • Darth Ji’inx

        Originally it was planned for this week (probably on Corellia), but the announcement moved it back to Tatooine for next week. It probably triggered automatically before the patch hit the servers.

  • Darth Decimus

    An another broken event 🙂

    • Enodia

      Broken how? I haven’t noticed anything wrong on my toons, in Harbinger btw.

      • Leo

        They didn’t fix the pop achievements, bolster is gone but still required

        • dfbirdg

          Maybe the Bolster doest know that he is needed on Ilum, not on Corellia.

        • A Guy

          Lol the op bosses never bolstered. Jokes on you mate

  • pt4life

    WTB end game content… where the fuck is any new endgame group content? Jesus.. over 13 months and nothing.. not a peep not a word on anything for group content. WTF just kill yourself Bioware Austin.

  • Justin

    I totally missed the previous gree event (january 2016) anyone know when the next one is?

  • Hyperion77

    Gree event started today, May 3rd, 2016. I’m relatively new to the game… does this mean I will have to wait another 5 months to get “Friend” status with the reputation grind if it’s only here for a week? This is kind of lame.

    • Isn’t Gree every month now?

      • Hyperion77

        I really hope so… I’m only 3 weeks into the game. Did they have one last month?

    • Zabuchi25

      You can only get 12k rep from the event for the week that its up BUT you will get way more then 12k rep with doing all the dailys every day and when the event is over you can still use all the rep tokens you have left for another 12k rep

      • Hyperion77

        Yep, I realized this last night and went on 3 toons to farm the dailes. I ended up with more than enough rep. Next time, I’ll be better prepared to maximize my rep gains. Maybe for a few weeks after the event, in fact, when using multiple toons.

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