SWTOR Space Pirate’s Cartel Pack items

A list and images of the new items released with SWTOR Space Pirate’s Cartel pack arrived with update 1.7. Updated as more information becomes available.


Classic armor sets for old armor from previous cartel packs

  • Class Conservator
  • Classic Despot
  • Classic Phantom
  • Classic Preceptor
  • Classic Spymaster
  • Classic Trailblazer

New armor

  • Contractor (7 pc set)
  • Classic Contractor (7 pc set)
  • Forward Recon (7 set)
  • Classic Forward Recon (7 set)
  • Reveler’s Fine Outfit (3 set)
  • Revan Gloves & Sash
  • Forward Recon belt & bracers
  • Conservator belt & bracers
  • Covert Wrist Energy Armor and Covert Waist Energy Armor
  • Contractor belt & bracers
  • Despot belt & bracers
  • Phantom belt & bracers
  • Preceptor belt & bracers
  • Spymaster belt & bracers
  • Trailblazer belt & bracers

Color Crystal

  • Lime Green
  • White


  • Forest Lizardbat
  • Shadow Nekarr Cat
  • Killik Assassin Larva
  • Killik Queen Larva
  • Model Terminus Destroyer
  • Model Thranta Corvette
  • Mossy Mouse Horranth
  • Sablefur Kowakian Monkey-Lizard
  • Lunar Wriggler
  • Stellar Wriggler
  • Toxic Environment Miniprobe


  • Longspur STAP Executive
  • Shadow Hand’s Command Throne
  • Ubrikki Crimson Skull
  • Ubrikki Talon
  • Watchman’s Mediation Hoverchair


  • Eliminator’s Dual-Edge Vibrosword
  • Gladiator’s Striker Techblade

Titles, emotes, and other misc items

  • Title: The Space Pirate
  • 2V-R8 Butler Customization
  • C2-N2 Butler Customization
  • Mood: Pained
  • Mood: Sly
  • Mood: Snide
  • Mood: Terrified

Classic armor sets for old armor from previous cartel packs

Classic Conservator (7-set)


Classic Despot (7-set)


Classic Phantom (7 set)


Class Preceptor


Classic Spymaster (7 pc set)


Classic Trailblazer (7 pc set)


New Armor

Contractor – 7 pc set


Classic Contractor – 7 pc set


Forward Recon – 7 set


Classic Forward Recon – 7 Set


Reveler’s Fine Outfit – 3 pc set


Revan’s Sash and Gloves


Forward Recon belt & bracers Classic (left), Regular (right)


Conservator belt & bracers Classic (left), Regular (right)


Contractor belt & bracers Classic (left), Regular (right)


Covert Wrist Energy Armor and Covert Waist Energy Armor

  • These are invisible so they don’t show up!

Despot belt & bracers Classic (left), Regular (right)


Phantom belt & bracers Classic (left), Regular (right)


Preceptor belt & bracers Classic (left), Regular (right)


Spymaster belt & bracers Classic (left), Regular (right)


Trailblazer belt & bracers Classic (left), Regular (right)


Color Crystal






Longspur STAP Executive


Shadow Hand’s Command Throne – Images provided by Vaader


Ubrikki Crimson Skull – Modeled by Clortoma – thanks!


Ubrikki Talon– Pics provided by Grimbain


Watchman’s Mediation Hoverchair – modeled by Geolgorth



Eliminator’s Dual-Edge Vibrosword


Gladiator’s Striker Techblade



Forest Lizardbat


Shadow Nekarr Cat


Killik Assassin Larva – Pics submitted by Kaberro


Killik Queen Larva


Model Terminus Destroyer – Can be used in conjunction with a pet


Model Thranta Corvette – Can be used in conjunction with a pet


Mossy Mouse Horranth


Sablefur Kowakian Monkey-Lizard


Lunar Wriggler – Pics provided by Grimbain


Stellar Wriggler


Toxic Environmental Miniprobe – Pics provided by Grimbain



2V-R8 Butler Customization (Bind on Equip but currently not able to sold via GTN)


C2-N2 Butler Customization (Bind on Equip but currently not able to sold via GTN) – Images courtesy of Dubsy


Mood: Pained – submitted by Cookie


Mood: Sly – submitted by Sandor


Mood: Snide – submitted by Cookie


Mood: Terrified – submitted by Vriff


  • stpfp

    Stll no new mounts, just altered versions of old ones….

    • v1sper

      Won’t be totally new stuff till the next round of cartel packs. As stated in a previous developer blog, they release packs in “deliveries” of 4 different packs spread over a certain timeframe which have generally the same items, but reskinned.

      • JJA

        Yeh but many of the mounts in these packs were just reskins of ones that existed in the game before it went F2P (The lhosan, STAP, ubrikki’s etc). The only truely new mounts we got from packs were the chair & throne mounts.

  • Garb’age

    With some of the items being boxed up within the pack, it seems the lootlist for these packs would be about 50 different items. Pretty comparable in size to the original Crime Lords pack, and much better and with more variation than the Skip Tracers pack, which had just over 30 different items on the lootlist, too many of them being pets and emotes.

    Again, some things are generally boxed up, like chest + gloves combining to an “upper armor” box, so I only count the box, not the seperate chest + gloves since you get those two together.

  • Enalis

    Lunar Wriggler, Snide Mood, New invisible bracers, new belts for despot, spymaster, and frontline recon sets, new lounge wear(Pink) and the lime green crystal color.

    • lunathyk

      Actually that lime-green looks like normal green should 😉

      • OutFromUnder

        Agreed. Looks much better than the regular green. Now I’ll just have to choose between that an the cyan-blue for my Shadow alt 😛

  • dbaswell

    Don’t even mind the reskinned items. Just wish they’d remove Covert Torso armor from the later packs drop pool. Pulling at least 2 from Skip Tracer (only bought 6 packs of this one) and 3-4 from Blockade Runner (admittedly, bought a lot more of this one), has turned me off packs. I imagine there are at least two waiting for me in this round of packs as well if I choose to buy any.

  • dbaswell

    Looks like even some of the newer sets got classic versions too, and anyone with them in their inventory got the Classics in the mail. Got 4 Classic Despot pieces in the mail on my Mara. Will take a screenshot when I finish going through my character list.

  • Garrus

    More Jedi crap it looks like typical

    • Alex G

      Oh boo hoo.

  • dbaswell

    Classic Despot’s Pants, Boots, Gloves, Helm, Bracers, and Belt.

  • t

    Gay robots in new waiter sppearance…

  • as

    This blade. Looks like whatever… but not like Star Wars, Did the BioWare Item Designers just don’t get a job at Blizzard Activision to work on Diablo III…?

  • disappointed SWTOR Subscriber

    Terrible pack. Really sad to see them try to squeeze money out of their subs with these re-skins and hot glue gunned speeders. Hmm let’s take a skull and paste it onto a crappy speeder.

    • woodbear

      Guess it comes down to taste. I bought the 25x of this pack 😉

    • Okamakiri

      De gustibus non est disputandum.

    • exit

      And it’s always the same speeder. What are they thinking? Ubrikkan this, Ubrikan that.Next week Ubrikkan with fur and tigerstripes.

      Very creative – I think there is no longer a real Designer employed for this game by BioWare. Some unlearned and unskilled person is doing this crap. Before he was janitor…

      • Jason

        It’s because, as they’ve said, the cartel packs are designed in groups of 4. The next group will have completely new models.

        I personally am loving all of the armor sets contained in these packs. The Despot’s set is amazing and I really really want the helmet from that Forward recon set.

  • JJA

    Oh finally, an actual GREEN crystal as opposed to a half yellow / half green

    • Sarigar

      Nice, I like the lime green crystal! Been wanting that!

  • Mister Zoup

    I got a C2-N2 customization training dummy. Sadly I got it on an Imp toon so I have to wait to see what it looks like.

  • AbnerDoon

    I hope I get replacements in the mail for all the classics listed above. I stopped wearing a lot of that gear. If I have to get it through more packs I am going to be sad.

    I would have to agree the droid customizations look awful. As does the skull on the mount.

    I do kind of like that new helmet. Are those Bose headphones attached?

    • AbnerDoon

      I totally made out like a bandit on classic pieces. So alts/companions have plenty of orange gear for a bit.

      That and my shadow who was originally wearing a lot of the gear before change is back in black. Loving it!

  • Yawning

    Yeah… not thrilled to say the least.

  • Kip

    My god, remove the datacrons from the hover chair already. I just want something simple already.

    • Sathan

      Yes will someone please add sith office chair for Kip, and for Malgus sake bioware do not make it height adjustable we want to keep it simple!

  • GLaD

    Got Revan’s Sash in a Space Pirate cartel pack. It’s an orange belt that matches the Revan armor from past packs.

  • way to many pets

  • Wulox

    I got a classic contractor helmet in a pack, so there is classic contractor items too 🙂

  • oofalong

    I got Revan’s Gloves. I will post a pic later,

  • Dave

    Bioware does not design good looking armor or weapons for the universe. Get new artists/designers.

  • asdalmeida

    Why is the Haywire Hunter’s Blaster listed in the images above? That is the level 14 PvP pistol that can be bought at the PvP Weapon Vendor on the Imperial Fleet.

    • Oops, thanks for the heads up. I took it out

  • Weo

    Dulfy you always go above and beyond. Thanks for the effort.

  • Worth noting that there’s a Classic Contractor set as well, different from the Contractor set. Like the other classic sets, it’s far less bulky and silly looking.

    • Jason

      I have to say, this is a brilliant strategy for them. Release 2 versions of each set of armor going forward, a simplified classic set and a gussied up set. It appeases both groups of people and probably takes minimal work.

  • Kurgan Nazzir

    The Arctic Manka Lynx was originally supposed to be the exclusive pet you got if you bought a cartel coin card from Best Buy so I bet the Game Stop one (Lobelode) will be in the cash shop at some point, too. I guess I now have proof to my theory as to why they changed that answer in the FAQs a while back.

    Thanks to all for sharing the screenshots

  • Vriff

    Mood: Terrified received.

  • Cookie

    Mood: Pained and Mood: Snide

    • thank you 🙂

    • Cookie

      Mood: Sly

  • Krakadoom

    I got Revan’s Gloves in one of mine – not sure if they’re ultra-rare or not, but must be since they’re not in this list 🙂

  • Wolfbane

    Can anyone tell me why I got a ball toss in my cartel pack?

    • these cartel packs sometimes contain items from previous cartel packs. In this case, the ball toss from the first cartel pack was in your space pirate cartel pack.

  • Vriff

    Mood: Terrified It’s not in your list, but it isn’t in any of your lists, and I definitely have it and received it from the Space Pirate pack lol.

    • thanks I will add it in 🙂

  • What color Pants go with wicked cool Grey and Red Chest piece? I Know!! PUKE GREEN!!!

  • Cpt

    Also drops Advanced white haweye Color Crystal…

  • IslaRose

    Is the butler customization BoP?

    • I am not sure. I was told this customization cannot be put on the GTN so that is why we don’t see any listed.

      • Sarigar

        I saw a couple linked last night and they show as ‘Bind on Equip’ on the pop-up. The Target Dummy customizations were BoP, but it appears the Butler customs are BoE.

  • Jason

    Combine classic spymaster top with classic phantom bottom and forward recon helm, then unify to chest = massive epic win

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