SWTOR Xenoanalyst II Gray Secant operation boss guide

A guide to Xenoanalyst II, operation boss in Gray Secant for the Relics of the Gree event. Xenoanalyst II is an operation boss with a weekly lockout timer on the Gray Secant, which can be only accessed by characters with Newcomer standing or higher to the Gree Enclave.

Lockouts: Standard operation boss lockout. 8m and 16m shares a lockout while storymode and hardmode have separate lockouts. There is no nightmare mode (yet).


Gear Requirements: You will want 186 gear for storymode and probably full 192 for hardmode. There isn’t bolster inside the operation instance so you will need to be L60 as well.


  • Enrage time: 10 minutes
  • Loot: 1 Unassembled random Defiant MK-X piece (216), 12 Common Data Crystals, 8 Glowing Crystals. 4 Gray Helix Components, 1 Ancient Gree Artifact (1440 rep) on 8m. Drops 2x Defiant Pieces and 6 Gray Helix Components on 16m.
  • HP: 5.4 mil on 8m

Video (L60)

Phase 1

Problematic Solving Evaluation

You will encounter this mechanic shortly after engaging Xenoanalyst II. It is a 90 second channel during which you must click on the purple panels located around the boss. There should be 3 clickable panels in 8m and 6 clickable panels in 16m. Each person can only click on one panel as they get a debuff after clicking on the panel that prevents them from clicking on another panel. When the boss is channeling this ability, he will not attack or use any other abilities.


Once everyone clicked on their panels, there will be a raidwide AoE called Problematic Energy Eruption. It says for about 20k on 16m storymode. Group up after this AoE hits for heal up. Tanks should taunt immediately after everyone clicked as the boss have a tendency to swap aggro to another raid member.

Tip: Reader Yogi pointed out that you can have everyone click all but one of the buttons. Then have the offtank click the final button while rest of the raid hide behind pillars to LOS the AoE damage.

Thermal Tolerance

This is a 10 second channel that hurt a bit in storymode. There is no need for tank swap here as this attack does not put a stacking debuff on the tank.


Environmental Awareness

During this 30 second channel, there will be a beam connecting Xenoanalyst II to one of the data cores on the sides of the room.  The entire raid must switch DPS to attack the Power Core and kill it under 30 seconds (300k HP). Failure to kill the data core on time will cause Xenoanalyst II to target one of the raid members and attack them for massive damage.

If you kill the datacore on time, the boss will be disabled temporarily and won’t attack (he will have a red aura around him as if he is enraged).


Phase 2

This phase is very similar to phase 1 except during Problematic Solving Evaluation, groups of 4 adds will rush out (Xenoanalyst II will summon these adds with the ability Species Comparison) These guys have 100-200k HP and die fairly quickly. It is best if you kill the adds first before clicking on the panels. Note that sometimes instead of the Akk Dogs in the picture, a group of Jawa adds can spawn. These are much easier to kill.


Phase 3

Phase 3 triggers when the boss is slightly below 20%. During this phase, the boss will cast Generate Urgency, a 3 second channel that finishes off with a huge attack on a raid member. Tanks must taunt during this phase to keep the attack onto themselves. This is a similar mechanic to Terror from Beyond where he frenzies in the last couple % and attack random raid members.

On storymode, you will get a short break when this phase kicks in as the boss will actually announce it and stop attacking for a few seconds (red text on screen. Loading Final Evaluation –> Execute!

Enrage timer seems to stop once you reach this phase (i.e. the boss’s buff that state the enrage timer is gone when you get to this phase).



  • Enrage time: 7 minutes
  • Loot: 1 Unassembled Exarch piece (220), 12 Glowing Data Crystals, 8 Radiant Data Crystals,  6 Gray Helix Components, 1 Ancient Gree Artifact (1440 rep) on 8m. Drops 2x Unassembled random Exarch pieces and 8 Grey Helix components on 16m along with 4 random assembled Exarch pieces.
  • HP (16m): 14.6 mil

Video (L60)

Phase 1

Problematic Solving Evaluation

Very similar to storymode, except all 6 panels are clickable right away. Problematic Energy Eruption at the end hits for 20k damage.

Tanks should taunt immediately after everyone has clicked and everyone should stack for AoE heals.

Tip: Reader Yogi pointed out that you can have everyone click all but one of the buttons. Then have the offtank click the final button while rest of the raid hide behind pillars to LOS the AoE damage.

Thermal Tolerance

Unlike storymode, this attack is actually quite lethal. During this channel, Xenoanalyst II will apply a stacking debuff on the tank called Severe Burns. This last for about 1.5 minutes and causes 20% more damge taken per stack. One channel of Thermal Tolerance will give the tank 10 stacks of this debuff, increase the damage they take by 200%. Tanks must use cooldowns to survive this and the other tank will need to taunt during the channel so the boss swap tanks immediately after the channel.

Tip : Reader Lakedaimon & Yogi pointed out that you can use LOS trick around a pillar to avoid the debuff. Sorc/sage healer can stand next a pillar and pull the tank when the boss starts to channel Thermal Tolerance. Alternatively, tanks can also Force Speed or Leap to someone near a pillar to hide behind it.

Tip : Reader Poison suggests that during this debuff, Shadows/Assassin tanks can use their in combat stealth to LOS Thermal Tolerance.


Environmental Awareness

In hardmode, the Power Cores have more HP while the Environmental Awareness duration remains at 30 seconds.

Phase 2

Much like the phase 2 in storymode, 4 adds will spawn during Problematic Solving Evaluation. In hardmode, they more HP and hit harder. It is therefore crucial that you do not click on the panels after all the adds are eliminated. Note that sometimes a group of Jawa adds can spawn and they are much easier to kill.

Phase 3

This phase is very similar to phase 2, except the adds that spawn during Problematic Solving Evaluation are replaced with 4 Simulated Terentalek. These guys hit very hard so make sure the tank with the Severe Burns debuff doesn’t tank them or they get one shotted like in the video.

One trick mentioned by reader Elycia that is very useful to deal with the adds is to have a tank kite the four adds (since they move very useful) while the other tank single out one add at a time for the DPS to burn them down.


If you reach a third Problematic Solving Evaluation, you will get a third wave of add. this is just a Simulated Rancor that hits pretty hard. Kite the rancor and make sure you do not click on the panels until this rancor is dead.

Phase 4

Phase 4 kicks in at <20% and is identical to phase 3 of storymode except Generate Urgency hit harder. Enrage timer seems to stop once you reach this phase (i.e. the boss’s buff that state the enrage timer is gone when you get to this phase).

  • John

    What would you say is the recommended gear for story mode and hard mode?

    • Storymode, rakta or above will do I guess since it drops Black Hole. Hardmode, probably Campaign/Dread Guard. Not a hard fight though.

      • Mrachan

        We just pugged the HM on TRE with couple of WH and EWH guys (one was tank). Otherwise people were campaignish/DG people. It’s not that much of a gear check as it’s timing the taunts for ads and Thermal phase on HM. Cheers. Felt like the enrage timer was still quite far.

  • Craves-Unnecessary Girth-Basti

    Story is doable in Rakata if not Columi. Easy.

    HM the DPS can be ungeared, timers aren’t a problem (besides last 20% burn perhaps). Tanks need to be well geared, they take massive damage at points. Healers good enough to heal through big tank damage, very little raid damage. I’d say full Black Hole with well-done strats.

  • Craves-Unnecessary Girth-Basti

    Phase 2 adds – CC them, both AOE and individual stuns/chokes. Tanks AOE taunt and half-kite, half-CC. They will still destroy a tank in the middle of them.
    Phase 3 adds – Move super slow, un-CC-able. Kite them non-stop. The phase timer is long enough you can spend forever killing them.

  • Stellar

    Are the Gray Helix Components like the Black Hole comms? (4 for everyone?)

    • sad


  • Riku
    • Thanks, I added your HP numbers for the 16m HM. No mechanical differences between 8m and 16m, as expected I guess.

  • Sigsauer

    DId anyone notice that on the lockout screen it says Hardmode/Nightmare mode.. has this been confirmed

  • Deuter

    Is it possible to reach ‘Newcomer’ status in one day of dailies (with the one-time only quests)? Or will my guild need to do a couple of days’ worth before we can attempt this boss?

    • yindaka

      You can’t reach it through dailies alone, that will bring you to the outsider. But if you go kill the other world bosses repeatedly they drop medium reputation rewards. Then you can become Newcomer in one day.

    • We reached newcomer status on the first day by farming those world bosses. People with 3 50s can also run the dailies 3 times and it should bring them to newcomer status.

    • Alexandro Ghettini

      Necroing, but answer is yes, you can, dailies (without Advanced Analysis/Testing) grants 2300ish rep, you need 7500, so you can do dailies with 4 chars, or less farming world bosses / dropping items

  • Krank

    Whats the lockout timer on it? a day or weekly?

    • Weekly like standard operation bosses

  • Ratchet

    The reason Anakin died when the adds came out as quick as he did is because he still had the 10 stack debuff on him lol not because the adds one shot him.. he stil was taking 200 percent more damage.

    At least thats what i understood from the video.. they hit hard just not THAT hard 😛

  • Elycia

    Tip for phase #3 in HM that is very handy (not in the guide yet)

    1 tank AoE taunts the Teranteks and kites them whilst the other tank singles one out and the DPS burns that down, rinse and repeat till theyre all gone
    If you have a Sentinel in the group he/she can use Trancendence (or Mara equivelent dont know the name)

    • Thanks I added that trick in 🙂

      • Elycia

        As much as Id love to take credit, I only heard it from a guildie who had his tank do it 😛

  • yindaka

    It seems that the lockout is set to A storymode and A hardmode, no splitting up in 8/16 m. if you do one, you can’t do the other. I wasn’t able to go in even when i hadn’t done 8 man yet.

    • kungjujai

      so….just like every other operation?

  • DarthSion

    16man Storymode will drop 6 Gray Helix Components, while 16man Hardmode will drop 8 Gray Helix Components.

    • Hmm interesting

      • Vicious

        8man SM is also 6 Gray Helix, not 4. I don’t think 8 vs. 16 makes a difference.

  • Digoni

    16M HM is extremly easy from the healer’s point of view, just make sure you have two sorcs, one operative and one merc (i was the merc). Sorcs make best use of aoe heals while merc and operative have no problem to keep rakata/BH tanks alive.

    • zehilo

      ur right my friend 🙂

  • Yogi@Gav Daragon

    Hi, we ran both SM and HM one after the other today (1st on our server for HM – Yay!) and worked out a couple of tactics to make it easier on our tanks and healers.

    1) During Problematic Solving Evaluation, as many dps and healers needed to click all but one button clicks their button then hides behind the pillar. The off-tank then clicks the final button – the tanks are then the only ones that take damage making easy for any healer without a strong AoE heal

    2) When a tank is taking Thermal Tolerance they need to rapidly LoS the attack to reduce the number of stacks they get. We used a Sage to pull our tanks, but other tanks could force-speed or guardian leap (or whatever the Imp equivalent is)

    • thanks these are very useful, I will add them in 🙂

  • Lakedaimon

    Just a tip to have an easier time with the debuff in HM:

    It can be Line of Sighted!

    What we did was have a sorc healer next to a pilar and as soon as he starts casting pull the tank and have him run behind the pilar, the tank will not have to use his cooldowns and can save them.

    • thanks for this tip, I will add it in 🙂

  • zehilo

    hello today i tried 8 man HM it was a total screw i was tank we tried to make the switch at 4.5 and 3 seconds when termal started every time ( most the tank) was killed we had the damage on us like 5-6 mils any tip on how could we switch it is it possible to start the switch immediately after boss cats or the other tank will get the buffs a well as first ?? 🙂 ( it was a pug 2 guild and that was it the best we could do was 28% left )

    • Tanks + healers must use cooldowns to survive through that phase if they are not using the LOS trick. For us, our second tank taunted during the channel but the debuff + damage still went on the first tank. What gear were you using?

  • Scottie Silvertongue

    I noticed the guide is a bit short on 16 MAN HM STRATEGY..

    I PuG-ed it this morning on the Begeren Colony Server – was a lot of trial and error but we got him down on the 4th try. Here’s what worked for us:

    Group makeup = 2 main tanks, 1 dps w/ taunts, 3 healers (min 1 sorc), and 12 more dps

    The biggest problem was putting up the numbers needed to take the cores and the adds down fast enough, hence the heavy dps makeup in the final build.

    Set-up: We had the ranged dps and the healers each pick a column to stand on, they stayed put except for the stack after Problem Solving. Melee dps to his sides and tanks front and back.

    Problem Solving: the boss gets immune to damage but also doesn’t really attack during this phase. ignore the boss, tank without stacks aoe taunts the adds then runs; at the end of the taunt, the dps w/ taunts then takes them (the adds are all melee = keep them running back and forth) then the first single taunts, etc. During this, ALL Dps is on the adds.. After the adds are down, click the panels. The whole group then takes a hit – we stacked under the boss (everyone, including rpds and healers) for the purple puddles of love 🙂 As soon as the Rdps and the healers are topped off, they head back to their respective pillars.

    Environmental Awareness: 1 tank and 1 healer stay on boss; EVERYONE else dps’s down the core that’s connected to him with a beam of light. Reset to initial positions after core is down.

    Thermal Tolerance: Stacking debuff on the tank; can be LoS-ed off but that ended up more trouble than it was worth. At 5 stacks, just flip tanks.

    Generate Urgency: Sorc healer saves bubbles for this. It’s a quick cast but if the healer has on target’s target in his/ her UI, it works fine. Make sure that the tank taking Urgency is not the one with the debuff (combined, they can one-shot).

    <20%: Crazy burn phase – drop aoe heals and everyone stack under the boss again. Use any and all cooldowns. Boss aggro is VERY important here as Generate Urgency will be going off – (so Jug tanks don't use Enraged Defense). Boss seems to drop aggro right before Urgency so be ready to taunt (and bubble). Flip ths back and forth between two tanks and you'll have no trouble.

    All in all, the whole fight is basically a dps check – the only things that hit really hard are the debuffs, generate urgency, and the adds – but, if you play ping-pong with the adds and keep up on the tank swaps and save bubbles for GE, the damage the boss puts out is fairly low.

    Loot: A artifact quality rep item for everybody, 2 hazmat /dread guard pieces, 5(?) Black Hole Coms each and 8 Helix components.

    Feel free to respond or contact me in-game (Begeren Colony -"Scottie") if you have any questions.

    Note that doing 16man HM allows you to have enough components to purchase a saber or pistol, but the weekly rep cap prevents you from reaching champion yet, so it's all kinda moot. (Writing as of Thursday the 14th)

    Happy hunting!

    -Scottie Silvertongue

    • Yittlic @ BC

      10 dps, not 12 =p but yea this worked wicked well. i did it again with my guild and got it in one. first rune (Scottie’s) we we in mostly war hero and elite war hero. the guild was black hole and dread guard for the second run. much easier the second time around but i dunno if that was gear or practice.

    • MoeThePro

      We adopted your version a little bit and had a very easy time:
      3 tanks, 3 healer, 10 dds (5 melee, 3 ranged)

      The main point was:
      1) We had a shadow tank vanish from thermal Tolerance (with 0 or 1 stack of debuff)
      2) We ignored Enviromental Awarness, and had one tank, take one for the team. A smuggler rezzed out of combat. The whole raid kept doing damage on the boss.

      This allowed us to skip the second adds phase, since we reached the 20% end-mechanic before the adds could spawn.

      Standing under the boss, with AE heal was the default mode of operation.

      • Yittlic @ BC

        Nice! Yea, skipping the adds phase probably was a huge boon. The adds take a while to go down and hit pretty hard. Anyway, Congats! 🙂

  • Kackman

    I could’ve sworn I saw a title pop up after defeating Xeno HM 16, but I neither recall what it was nor see a new title in my list. Did anyone else see a title when Xeno dropped?

    • Some people have reported seeing some codex entry for title to the effect of Contraband collector? could be a bug though

      • Kackman

        That’s what it was. I actually do see that in my list, and it says that it’s for opening a Contraband Cartel pack. Considering that I’ve never opened a cartel pack, that didn’t make sense when I saw it.

        Thanks for the reply – it probably is a bug.

  • Kira-chan

    Just finished this 16 man on Hardmode in a pug group. I was tanking in Columni with some BH. he is an easy boss, just getting the strategy right is important, especially in PUG where not everyone had greatest gear and co-ordination.

  • Major

    So, I found something interesting. We didn’t get a screenshot as far as I know (will ask around), but we were doing it on 8-man hard mode and during the add phase rather than the akk dogs, a group of jawas came out. The jawas were stupid easy to kill (normal mobs, not gold stars), but had pulls. Has anyone else seen this?

    • yup, sometimes jawas can pop out 🙂

  • Mortúùs

    I’ve noticed that on some occasions, the boss uses a white pulsing AoE, and it seems to happen when you run behind the pillars and have the tank click the button. The boss gets some kind of buff when this happens that explains it, and I don’t remember what it says, but I think it says that the group is doing something wrong.

    • Is the pulsing AoE just one pulse or quite alot of pulses? The one AoE after your click all the buttons is normal.

      • Mortúùs

        It’s several pulses in a row, and a buff shows up on the boss when it’s happening. Seems to be a random number, or maybe it’s based on how long you’re standing behind the pillars or something.

        • Adam Romigh

          The multiple pulsing seems to be in response to either no one in proximity to the boss, the tank doesn’t taunt and/or no one attacks after the consoles. It happened to us when everyone was LOSing the AOE. And the successive pulses cannot be LOS’d.

    • Zyver

      The pulsing means you are taking too long to click the panels. If you do not click them before the pulsing ends he will start 1 shotting the raid. I did it on 8 man HM and a couple DPS kept attacking the boss when they needed to click panels. Guess they didn’t bother reading any chat. Needless to say the group fell apart shortly after.

  • Poison

    During Thermal Tolerance, Shadows and Assassins can use their In Combat stealth ability to instantly LOS Thermal Tolerance and gain no stacks from it, then re-taunt.

    My guild ran this in HM about 6 times yesterday (Yes, most of us are altaholics…with all dreadguard alts =( ) and we were able to vanish it with 1 or 0 stacks almost every time it came up.

    • thanks, added it in 🙂

    • Versailles

      just tried this in a pug, worked surprisingly well, cloak out, channel ends, retaunt, never got more than 1-2 stacks. btw love the site! =D

  • CrowX2M

    Your gearing is off. I ran the 8 man SM where most our DPS were in Tionese/Columi mixed while our second healer was in full Rakata. Our tank was half BH, half Rakata, Ran 8 man HM where most were Rakata geared. The fights aren’t that hard as long as everyone in the group knows the mechanics and listens to the ops leader.

    • OutFromUnder

      Good to know. I was wondering if I could complete this as DPS in full War Hero (story mode).

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  • Duriello

    Hey guys 🙂 if you want a really good tanking video to watch (vanguard tanking perspective), I uploaded my 8man hard mode run to youtube. Yogi (my friend who submitted the suggestions :)) is tanking as bearclaw in this video! If this helps this shows you how we did the Thermal phase and the adds phase easily 🙂 I just feel so proud of this run! its a really smooth one and feels technically accurate, even if the tanks did die at the very very end 😉 anyway if you do end up watching it, watch it in 1080p! it looks rubbish otherwise, the videos about 500mb download~ http://youtu.be/MZ-bz4xKNpQ

    and thank you Dulfy for your amazing guides! saving us all the time and troubles to help get bosses down more easily! AND the repair bills!

  • TheoneHUN

    We did it on 16 MAN HM in rakata gear at first time and it had a nice loot: 2 Hazmat pieces , 8 bh comm, 8 helix component

    we had 2 tank 4 healer and 10 dps 🙂

  • Zyver

    So I’m sure everyone has seen this unless it’s a bug, but they removed the 2nd round adds for HM. Although they were tough, and I would have wanted this before I saw it, it has made the fight too easy now

    • Zyver

      Nevermind. We just burned it so fast that we got to skip the 2nd add phase.

  • Starks

    Tip: If raid is undergeared/low on dps, have the whole raid focus on boss on last environmental awareness to get the boss to 20% before the end of environmental awareness, to avoid enrage. If this doesnt work, try failing the second environmental awareness (dps boss not power core) and stealth-revive/revive tank.

    • Starks

      Was meant to say, if this doesnt work, try failing the 2nd and 3rd environmental awaressness

  • Apostrophe

    Anything dramatically different at 55 vs. 50?

    • Alex

      DPS requirements seem tighter (relatively speaking). In particular, the DPS bottleneck is no longer at the cores or the burn phase but in the enrage itself and getting to the burn phase. If you don’t have enough dps you hit a third round of adds, a single huge terentatek, and if you hit that there’s no way you will dps it down in time to beat the enrage. Don’t save Inspiration, etc. for the burn phase; save it for the short periods after blowing up the cores, when he is vulnerable.

      Also, the very start of the burn phase is a really huge hit – it one-shotted me from 100% (did about 38K damage, I’m a Vanguard with just under 37K hp). Make sure to bubble the tank and use a DR cooldown there.

      • Sounders_Fan

        actually the solo mob is a Rancor; and if you see it you have likely failed. how my group downed HM Xeno was to push harder on the boss in the time after the cores went down. that way we got Xeno to the burn phase before the rancor spawned

        • Alex

          Yes, that’s exactly what we did.

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  • Oriadon

    Can we get some updates for 55? Gear req and drops, comms and such.

    • Chad Cloman

      Just did SM and HM 16-man. Two unassembled Arkanian pieces for SM and two unassembled Underworld pieces for HM. Don’t know if they’re always the same or random.

      Comms were Elite and Ultimate.

  • Guest

    Anyone knows the gear requirement for this boss at 60?

  • Matt Man

    V it says in the guide. learn to read

  • SupRun

    Of course, Thermal Tolerance was built for Guardians/Shadows. Us VGs gonna have to stand there and eat it without defensive CDs to pop.

    • MrEndymion9611

      Or VG tank had problems with it last time, that’s why what we did is have him initially pull to take the initial spike (I am a Shadow btw), and I would pull aggro through my rotation and keep it until Thermal Tolerance, and resilience it. VG tanks CAN do it, but you want a Guardian or Shadow with you I’d say.

      • SupRun

        Usually my group runs 2 VGs, but that’s for ops. I’m fairly sure I can switch some people around to get a Guardian/Shadow. Basically all they have to do is eat Thermal Tolerance, I should be able to handle anything else the boss throws at me.
        Thanks for the heads-up though! The way my VG is geared makes me not want to keep leveling my Shadow tank, and then a fight like this comes along :/

        • MrEndymion9611

          We run VG Shadow because we don’t like to double up, but like to have one tank compensate for the weaknesses of the other’s classes, Shadows can just eat Thermal, and yeah, the Vanguard can take a lot of the big hits. Basically why you don’t want to double up tanks unless the occasional double Shadow for the cheesiness.

          • SupRun

            My group runs double VG all the time, at least in Rav. In the old 55 ops we rarely ran double of any tank. ToS we usually run VG/Guardian.
            But I ended up grabbing my buddy who is a Guardian to eat the Thermal Tolerance. He said he was popping CDs and he didn’t die so whatever he did must have worked.

  • danielo

    RECENTLY UPDATED PAGES – SWTOR Xenoanalyst II Gray Secant operation boss guide on 24th February’15, any way to know what was updated?

    • Mechanics are the same, but I updated the HP and loot drops and added videos for the L60 version

      • danielo


  • Ali

    That ops chat though, Kappa.

  • Herman

    Whenever i use in combat stealth the enemy resets, so this might happen here to?

    Tip : Reader Poison suggests that during this debuff, Shadows/Assassin tanks can use their in combat stealth to LOS Thermal Tolerance.

    • theChosen1

      Yeah, I done it just like that with my shadow tank.

  • theChosen1

    Btw the the old L55 trick to ignore the third core on 16m hardmode to push to phase 4 actually work, I tried 2 times and both ties worked very well. Ignore the 3d core in 16m HM and u can easley prevent appearing of the Rancor 😉 This guide need update for this 🙂

  • p4v7

    Rancor can be currently skipped on 16HM.

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  • Teibborchketsui

    SM 8m HP as of 2017: 8396491

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