SWTOR Patch Notes 1.7.0 b

Patch notes for Patch 1.7.0b, which fixed a major exploit and the legacy personal starship transport.

1.7.0b Patch Notes


  • Corrected an issue with several Return of the Gree missions that would allow players to skip steps by accepting shared missions from groupmates.
  • In order to prevent players from running into an unresolved issue with Legacy unlocks for Improved Priority Transport: Personal Starship from Global Unlocks > Other > Convenience, the ability to purchase them has been temporarily disabled until we find a permanent solution. These unlocks will be enabled again in a future patch, and players are still able to purchase and use the Legacy Character Perk for Priority Transport: Personal Starship.
  • Andrew

    Bioware/EA is like the landlord that fixes your free cable but ignores your broken toilet.

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