Dragon Season lunch with Colin Johanson and Feburary update details had a lunch today with Colin Johanson and asked some questions. Here are some of the details about the upcoming February update revealed through their twitter update.

Guild Missions

  • 5 types of guild missions built with influence. Bounty is one of them.
  • Guild Missions will be taking place in Southsun Cove

WvW (coming March?)

  • WvW updates will not introduce new skills but will bring passive abilities aimed towards group play (i.e. extra supply)
  • Changes to Commander book incoming, with more features but will remain character bound
  • Orange crossed swords in WvW won’t show if there are less than 25 people after February update

Dungeon revamp

  • All the bosses in Ascalon Catacombs (AC)  completely rebuilt for February release along with some open world champions.
  • Not making them easier but more interesting (i.e. more fractal boss like)


  • Possibility of new legendary types (not weapons) and combinations
  • There will be other legendaries in the future. Priority is resolving ways to get precursors, including the scavenger hunt

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6 replies on “Dragon Season lunch with Colin Johanson and Feburary update details”

Would be cool if people could dump their supplies into depos. But probably they have been considering that already and found it would be to OP.

You just made me so sad Dulfy… When I read that direct from source I could have sworn they said that the PRIORY was working out the scavenger hunt… like we’d be working with the in game people like Ogden discovering ancient tomes and stuff and doing indiana jones shit and NOW IT WAS ALL A LIE. WHY DID YOU MAKE ME REREAD THIS?

Just to clarify some points here (as we’re still transcribing it right now!) the scavenger hunt is a way off yet, like it was mentioned, Colin said the priority goes towards obtaining them before adding new ones. The dungeon revamp and champion bosses will see additions in the form of phases to their battles, to switch up tactics as the encounter progresses. The bounty hunter missions will have ‘tiers’ of difficulty that you can chose to help smaller or larget groups tackle an appropriate level of mission. the number ’25’ for the orange swords is a rough estimate, but it WILL be changing to a higher number to promote scouts etc… Southsun is just one of the locations, there are more! Guild members with the appropriate permissions can create the guild missions themselves. Guild missions aren’t all available from the start, but infact unlocked via guild influence. More to come as we transcribe the rest folks

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