SWTOR Level 55 new gear models preview

A gallery of the new gear models for the Level 55 gear available on PTS as part of patch 2.0. Note that PvP and PvE armor have the same armor models but different coloring.

  • Only Campaign and Dread Guard L50 gears are kept, rest are retired (vendors are gone)
  • Level 55 basic gear (sold via Basic Gear vendor) is rating 156 with L66 mods (slightly better than Dread Guard). This is used as a starter group content gear and purchased with Basic Commendations
  • Level 55 elite gear (sold via Elite Gear vendor and called Arkanian) is rating 162 with L69 mods. This is used as a starter operation gear and can be purchased with either Elite Commendations or unassembled Arkanian  tokens
  • Level 55 ultimate gear (sold via Ultimate Gear vendor and called Underworld) is rating 168 with L72 mods. This is used for the toughest operation content and can be only purchased via unassembled Underworld tokens
  • The ultimate gear vendor also sells a Verpine set that is also rating 168 with L72 mods. However, this set have no set bonus and can be purchased with ultimate commendations (i.e. it is like Black Hole gear).

PVE – Empire


Arkanian Force-Master/Force-Mystic/Stalker/Survivor (Elite Gear Vendor)


Underworld Force-Master/Force-Mystic/Stalker/Survivor (Ultimate Gear Vendor)



Arkanian Challenger/Vindicator/War Leader/Weaponmaster (Elite Gear Vendor)


Underworld Challenger/Vindicator/War Leader/Weaponmaster (Ultimate Gear Vendor)



Arkanian Enforcer/Field Medic/Field Tech/Professional (Elite Gear Vendor)


Underworld Enforcer/Field Medic/Field Tech/Professional (Ultimate Gear Vendor)


Bounty Hunter

Arkanian Combat Medic/Combat Tech/Eliminator/Supercommando (Elite Gear Vendor)


Underworld Combat Medic/Combat Tech/Eliminator/Supercommando (Ultimate Gear Vendor)


PVP – Empire


Partisan Force-Master/Force-Mystic/Stalker/Survivor (Warzone Gear Vendor)


Conqueror Force-Master/Force-Mystic/Stalker/Survivor (PvP Ranked Gear Vendor) – No PvP rating requirement but requires Ranked Comms


Firebrand Force-Master/Force-Mystic/Stalker/Survivor (PvP Ranked Gear Vendor) – PvP Rating Requirment



Partisan  Challenger/Vindicator/War Leader/Weaponmaster (Warzone Gear Vendor)


Conqueror Challenger/Vindicator/War Leader/Weaponmaster (PvP Ranked Gear Vendor) – No PvP rating requirement but requires Ranked Comms


Firebrand Challenger/Vindicator/War Leader/Weaponmaster (PvP Ranked Gear Vendor) – PvP Rating Requirement



Partisan Enforcer/Field Medic/Field Tech/Professional (Warzone Gear Vendor)


Conqueror Enforcer/Field Medic/Field Tech/Professional (PvP Ranked Gear Vendor) – No PvP rating requirement but requires Ranked Comms


Firebrand Enforcer/Field Medic/Field Tech/Professional (PvP Ranked Gear Vendor) – PvP Rating Requirement


Bounty Hunter

Partisan Combat Medic/Combat Tech/Eliminator/Supercommando (Warzone Gear Vendor)


Conqueror Combat Medic/Combat Tech/Eliminator/Supercommando (PvP Ranked Gear Vendor) – No PvP rating requirement but requires Ranked Comms


Firebrand Combat Medic/Combat Tech/Eliminator/Supercommando (PvP Ranked Gear Vendor) – PvP Rating Requirement


PVE – Republic


Arkanian Force-Master/Force-Mystic/Stalker/Survivor (Elite Gear Vendor)


Underworld Force-Master/Force-Mystic/Stalker/Survivor (Ultimate Gear Vendor)



Arkanian Challenger/Vindicator/War Leader/Weaponmaster (Elite Gear Vendor)


Underworld Challenger/Vindicator/War Leader/Weaponmaster (Ultimate Gear Vendor)



Arkanian Enforcer/Field Medic/Field Tech/Professional (Elite Gear Vendor)


Underworld Enforcer/Field Medic/Field Tech/Professional (Ultimate Gear Vendor)



Arkanian Combat Medic/Combat Tech/Eliminator/Supercommando (Elite Gear Vendor)


Underworld Combat Medic/Combat Tech/Eliminator/Supercommando (Ultimate Gear Vendor)


PVP – Republic


Partisan Force-Master/Force-Mystic/Stalker/Survivor (Warzone Gear Vendor)


Conqueror Force-Master/Force-Mystic/Stalker/Survivor (PvP Ranked Gear Vendor) – No PvP rating requirement but requires Ranked Comms


Firebrand Force-Master/Force-Mystic/Stalker/Survivor (PvP Ranked Gear Vendor) – PvP Rating Requirment



Partisan  Challenger/Vindicator/War Leader/Weaponmaster (Warzone Gear Vendor)


Conqueror Challenger/Vindicator/War Leader/Weaponmaster (PvP Ranked Gear Vendor) – No PvP rating requirement but requires Ranked Comms


Firebrand Challenger/Vindicator/War Leader/Weaponmaster (PvP Ranked Gear Vendor) – PvP Rating Requirement



Partisan Enforcer/Field Medic/Field Tech/Professional (Warzone Gear Vendor)


Conqueror Enforcer/Field Medic/Field Tech/Professional (PvP Ranked Gear Vendor) – No PvP rating requirement but requires Ranked Comms


Firebrand Enforcer/Field Medic/Field Tech/Professional (PvP Ranked Gear Vendor) – PvP Rating Requirement



Partisan Combat Medic/Combat Tech/Eliminator/Supercommando (Warzone Gear Vendor)


Conqueror Combat Medic/Combat Tech/Eliminator/Supercommando (PvP Ranked Gear Vendor) – No PvP rating requirement but requires Ranked Comms


Firebrand Combat Medic/Combat Tech/Eliminator/Supercommando (PvP Ranked Gear Vendor) – PvP Rating Requirement


  • Bob


  • Walters

    what are the stats on the gear doll face? What we want to know!

    • Stats will come in a bit after I done all the looks

  • Qorsan

    I just… you are so quick at geting this stuff up here I am amazed. Thanks for all your hard work and that Inquisitor gear is so awesome!

  • Ashlaboga

    The Inquisitor Underworld Helm is BOSS.

  • Nick Foster

    Once again the only class to get cool looking gear is the agent. Everyone else looks stupid.
    More fail from the SW:TOR character artists.

    • Garth

      I’m pretty sure that Blizzard’s Fail-Dev Spy works for their gear design team.

  • TW Cool

    The Jedi items look pretty weird. I guess I could see a Sith character wearing them though… but not a Jedi. Hopefully we can still pull out the items and place them in our oranges.

    • to clarify, there are no republic armor atm yet, it is all empire. I am waiting for my republic character to get copied over to do them

      • James

        Thanks for the update. I was starting to freak out over my soon to be Mothra-Sage.

      • TW Cool

        Ohhh. That is good news. That is what I get for commenting too soon lol

      • theborch909

        sweet. I posted asking this before I read all the way down. Can’t wait for an update.

  • Galandro

    These aren’t bad looking for a change. I think they finally decided to dial back the crazy and take more inspiration from Star Wars sources than from other MMOs. The trooper and agent suits are sweet and the inquisitor outfit is pretty scary. People may actually start wearing tier sets again.

    • Paweł Kasperek

      I especially like the agent longcoats, and classical mandalorian look of BH arcanian/partisan set!

      • Jennifer Anderson

        There is absolutely nothing ‘classically mandalorian’ about ANY of that gear, especially the BH gear.

        • Actually…one of the Jedi Knight gear models looks somewhat classic mando. (the armor under the robes, if you want to disagree, go look up jango/boba’s armor).

    • mitchells

      Dial back on the crazy? Did you even look at the inquisitor’s helmet?

      • BrianDavion

        no kidding, BW contiunes their trend of not knowing how to design armor for end game

      • zaxen

        lol i think the inqustior is the best looking 1 at least for the pve set and the helm isn’t that bad

        • Axe

          Agreed. Inquisitors got the best new look.

    • Synch

      Gonna have to respectfully disagree with you, my friend. The only one that is half way decent is the Bounty hunter. (Thank god that’s my main ) ;).

      Will they STOP putting ugly helmets in there? Why do all the sith have to look like insects AFTER they’ve been smushed under someone’s boot?

      It’s like they’re trying to use general sci fi appearances for star wars, and that’s just never been the case. I don’t want to look like Megazord or one of the V.R Troopers when playing.

      The best idea I can come up with to fix a bunch of this is as follows.

      Do you guys remember Ultima Online? Well, for those of you who played it, you had your normal gear, but you could also put on a robe that covers all your gear, and by doing that also doesn’t let people see what kind of gear/stats you have.

      I think that would be a great idea for SWTOR. Brown robes for Jedi, black robes for sith. I know customization of armor with the augment kits has kinda worked in this favor, but this would look amazing, imo anyway.

      Anyway, it’s just a thought.

      • SmarterThanSardorim

        Yeah, what is it with BioWare and hideous helmets? Did the whole staff get forced to wear headgear or safety helmets or something? Maybe they were beaten up by a bunch of helmet-wearing bike cops or construction workers or something?

    • SmarterThanSardorim

      Are you out of your dome brother? If Bioware gave us orange gear and the ability to transfer item mods to give us the ability to create our own look then they are definitely going to get their wish, NO ONE is going to wear this garbage!

  • wainot’keel

    rofl… inquisitor helmet , dafuq ?

  • BHirl

    The warrior helm looks a little “fallous” to say the least. Super excited about getting routinely smashed now.

    • lazer

      Only a “little”…

  • Cassus Vizla

    sweet, looking forward to this expansion even more now, i like the Arkanian BH sets best so far.

    • CptShrike

      I just had a look. I thought it looked familiar. The Arkanian BH set is a rejected Boba Fett look, and that exact same helmet and armour is worn by Obi-Wan in the Clone Wars TV show when he’s pretending to be Rako Hardeen. Guess it was too awesome looking to waste on one part of Star Wars.

      • Waycer

        The “rejected boba fett” looks more like a different version of the gear already in the game. and the second one reminds me of Dengar with that helmet from the clonewars.

  • Bearedesmith

    Once again we bounty hunters get all the sick looking gear. Sorry everyone else <3

  • CptShrike

    These all look pretty cool, except for the helmet on the Ultimate Bounty Hunter gear. The rest of the armour looks great, but that helmet… it’s bizarre, ugly, and I’m not even sure of what I’m looking at.

    Fantastic work getting these up so quick Dulfy.

    • Vynoona

      It’s a mummy droid, silly.

      • CptShrike

        Is that what that is? Weird. It’s like Dengar 2.0. Very strange, and still ugly. The rest of the armour is beautiful, but that helmet… ugh.

  • Guest

    Nice Work! Are you going to put the Pub side armor up soon?

  • Jess

    Awesome work. Thank you for being so thorough and quick on these. Impressive.

  • Sindra

    Republic model images here: http://imgur.com/a/wJ9oA#0

    • Waycer

      Thanks for the pictures

  • Jerry

    Like these a lot, aside from the Arkanian Inquisitor helm and the Underworld BH Helm.

  • DontGetCockyKid

    That new underworld Bounty Hunter model is awesome. So glad they’re adding non Mando suits.

  • S’app

    Sorry, but I would say it in Russian – они упоролись! (they were high, when drew sorcerer’s gear)

    • Patreg

      Agree 🙂

  • Paweł Kasperek

    what are the level requirements (if any?)
    what are the armor ratings?

    • I will update it in a bit to include that info. Currently trying to get the Republic side done 🙂

  • olos’nah

    I RE’d an implant that you get for free and learned it! Here’s a screen of the mats not that any of it makes sense anyway. Also, it had a 10% chance not 20.


  • vfm

    Bounty hunter helmet.

  • riko

    stop giving smugglers an effin cape ;/

  • Why does the Knight’s gear always look horrible?

    • Thorxeno

      I thought the Knight PVE Gear wasnt that bad, I actually like it. Agent wasnt all that terrible either. Everything else.. pure crap.

      • SmarterThanSardorim

        It’s not THAT BAD like the 1970 AMC Gremlin’s 0-60 time wasn’t THAT BAD.

    • You kidding? The Knight gear is actually pretty cool this time around…some of it. The Warrior gear looks way worse.

    • dd

      It is. But it’s less horrible than the older ones.

      Maybe in 2 years the knight gear looks ok?

      • Ok…When we start to talk about how certain armor sets are “less horrible” then others, we should all recognize that there is a serious problem….Just saying…

    • I agree… it’s pretty damned ugly. Mustard or brown…..have they even thought about some colour? Also, why do we have to wear the hood all the time?

      • SmarterThanSardorim

        Did you look at the bounty hunter’s pvp gear? Did they just let a color randomizer loose on the entire armor set? Just in case you weren’t paying attention.. I was. The recognizable colors are olive green, tan, grey, maroon, sky blue, lime green, charcoal, teal and brown. And that’s just the major gear pieces, not counting the different colors on the bits and bobs of the armor, which are slightly different as well.

        Go go Rainbow Ranger!

    • defector k

      are u serious? u didnt notice the Inquisitor?
      Arkanian Force-Master/Force-Mystic/Stalker/Survivor (Elite Gear Vendor) its the ultimate hilarious armor set, its like joker without the jingles

    • SmarterThanSardorim

      Or the agent gear or the bounty hunter gear or the warrior gear or the…

  • dinwitt

    I’m very interested in this Professional set for Agents and Smugglers. Any chance we could get the set bonuses from it?

  • lunathyk

    any new info soon about new craftable gears? crewskills went up so i hope so they will give some nice schems because most of this end content sucks hard.

  • Trigger

    I think this “new” gear looks HORRIBLE!! I am very disappointed in the road that bioware took in this armor. The trooper armor has a freaking radar dish on their heads, wtf is up with that? the Campaign/Dread Guard Trooper gear looks awesome, guess i’m just going to have to get enough of it to have a PvP and PvE set.

    • BrianDavion

      two words. Mod rip..
      god knows I’ll be doing that

    • Sithtranax

      Radar dish !!! LOL

    • Synch

      Lofl, they have the dishes on their head so they can get Direct TV while on the go….. Because the kind of technology Star Wars has still… requires…. radar/satellite dishes?….

      • Hmm, few thousand year later than the old republic and behold theres a satalite dish!

    • I thought it looked like a dalek head..

    • Tyler Stewart

      EXACTLY my idea, some of this armor just pisses me off. example: The trooper armor from the elite vendor LOOKS LIKE ITS FROM EP4… WTF how do we go from the old republic, to ep 1-3 with all of the trooper looks and then take the ep 4 look. The ultimate gear looks better, but it takes forever to get a full set for that, so i guess i just won’t lvl a trooper.

    • Compl3te

      yeeaahh… radar dishes… and I totally can’t shoot lightening out of my hands in real life either, WTF!? seriously!? I don’t have sith powers!? you’re an idiot.

    • SmarterThanSardorim

      While I’m pretty anti-bioware/swtor bashing I’m with you on this one. I’m an Empire player and every single empire armor set isn’t just bad – it atrocious. This is some of the worst gear – aesthetically speaking – that I have ever seen in ANY MMO. Mod rip indeed.

      I’d rather put my male operative healer in the slave girl dancing outfit than any of that. Terrible… just terrible,

    • SwtorFan

      I think this new gear look horrible too and i can’t understand what’s the difference between pve armor and pvp armors. If we look at the features of these we can easily notice pve armors are better. Please look at the features and reply

  • Edward T. Riker

    Someone at Biofail watched too much ultraman and the mummy recently…

  • Sarigar

    Wow… most of these are awful, especially the Force user models. I thought they said they were going to move toward more traditional styles, because that’s what players wanted. I didn’t think that ‘traditional’ meant ‘mostly based on tokusatsu-series villains’.

  • jack kamionko

    every one of those had a stupid looking helmet

  • Murphy

    Do we know what the prices (commendations) are for the new PVP gear? Also, how will the prices be affected on the current gear? I’d rater not save the wrong coins like I did the last time.

    • Murphy

      Also, does anyone know what kind of gear is shown in the 2.0 preview picture on the main SWTOR page?

  • broll

    And Bioware continues to fail at the look of gear. At least you can put the mods in good looking oranges.

  • MMOre

    Thanks for the pics.
    Is there any information on how PvP comms will work? From what it sounds like, ranked WZ comms will still be the ones to get, but there hasn’t been a lot of info. If true, I’ll start hoarding now. If there are some new things to get, I might as well go on a spending spree…

  • CrowX2M

    It’s funny how Bioware had said that the current gear that 50’s had would be fine after the expansion, yet they’ve clearly made it so that anyone in less than BH or DG gear is now undergeared. Just something new to grind for I suppose.

    • BrianDavion

      welcome to an expansion. but they’re right. the mods you can buy from makeb are basicly rakata level. but yeah if you’re in columni you’re totally obselete.

  • angrygnome

    Arkanian Force-Master/Force-Mystic/Stalker/Survivor
    I am so disappointed in Bioware… Look mommy, that Jedi is going to have a baby! Are Jedi allowed to have babbies mommy?
    Seriously, do they even look at the female models before they release some of this stuff?
    Looks like I will be spending a fortune pulling mods and putting them in something that is aesthetically pleasing, not a pregnant heffer costume…

  • angrygnome

    Arkanian Force-Master/Force-Mystic/Stalker/Survivor (Elite Gear Vendor)
    I am really disappointed in Bioware with this armor design…
    Look mommy, that Jedi is going to have a baby! Are Jedi allowed to have babies mommy?
    Seriously, does Bioware even look at these models before they put them out? REDICULOUS!
    Looks like I will be spending a fortune pulling mods and putting them in something more aesthetically pleasing… not keeping the pregnant heffer armor!

    • IslaRose

      The armor designers must be men. On a female character, it looks atrocious. No one wants to appear pregnant or like they’re sporting a massive beer belly. I think they definitely have the worst set here.

  • Nexuss

    I think they make this horrible armors so you can get the good one through the cartel market….

    • BrianDavion

      yeah I’m beginning to conclude the same

      • TheArtificer

        Same. The cartel market armor looks great. The only thing I wish is that they’d make a helmet variant for twileks. I’m tired of seeing my lekku clipping through the hat.

        • SmarterThanSardorim

          Yeah, no way the same people are in charge of putting together the cartel market gear and the commendation gear.

    • SmarterThanSardorim

      That’s what I said!!!

  • BrianDavion

    MOD RIP!

  • I dont like them, only the bounty hunter one, that is awesome.

  • Zyver

    I don’t know what the haters of this gear are smoking, but it looks great. Bioware has learned their lesson from some really bad endgame gear design, and have stepped it up by leaps and bounds all around. Thanks so much Dulfy!!

  • zaxen

    love these they are starting to look more like star wars armor at least for the force users my favorite is the inqustior pve set

  • as

    Guess what nickname we should give the Arkanian Force-Master/Force-Mystic/Stalker/Survivor…


  • Uhm..Okay can someone tell me WHY they made bounty hunters MUMMY’s?????

    • Aetideus

      Made me a little happier about Inq jocker helmet.

  • Mal

    over all a move in the right direction. that being said there is a long way to go before I actually use the end game shells.

  • Rhi

    Man, those Midichlorian’s are knocking up Jedi Consulars all over the place. Think of all the little Anikans…

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  • 1

    It would be nice if for once they didnt make the pub armor look like shit, they imp gear looks so much better…

  • Gaberiel

    Hi. Thanks for this post dulfy. One question these are the elite and ultimate sets. What does the basic set look like. Also what does classic sets look like. Thanks

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  • Tawre

    I want more trench coats for the Assassin….. sad times. Though the Chest piece looks pretty cool.

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  • Faul Starspace

    god this gear is fugly the only decent looking gear is the trooper underworld,firebrand, and conqueror gear

  • Reisl

    Are there pics of male versions available anywhere? I am thankful for these pics, but the male/female difference can make quite a difference sometimes.

  • Arecelis

    Actually I thought the BH armor makes you look like Eddie Iron Maiden

  • joehickock

    please bioware… fire your armor design artist team, they suck. i’m tired of gear that looks like it came from the twilight zone, instead of a galaxy far far away. at least you didn’t screw us by making the armor have the set bonus and left that on the armoring, at least y’all had the sense to do that. but omfg please please please, bring in some artists that aren’t on the pipe … or in this case, probably a few other things. btw, keep the smuggler arkanian/partisan cape… burn the helmet….

  • Neferis

    Well it’s official, BW thinks warrior are dicks as well, since they made our gear look like a walking penis.

  • darthjeff81

    So, the first look through, I vomited in my mouth a little. I was appalled. However, when I looked through again, I realized that the armor itself was actually pretty cool, but the helmets, with a few exceptions, were atrocious.

    On the plus side, this is not another re-color of old gear models, so they are trying to appease the fans. Let’s give them credit for that

  • Reaper’k

    Thanks heaps Dulfy! I wonder if the armor would all look better on the third size male character…

  • bsaraiva

    indeed, cant realy understand the way they took with gear, the most the game advances, the worst the gear looks. THIS IS STARWARS, not some general bad taste sci-fi or imaginary fantasy worlds with fairys running around games.

    im 37, and a starwars fan for 30 years or so, and ofc i let my own imaginary go “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….”, and… cant realy go with most of this looks.

    its just another opinion, but i had to say it, just hopping that someone in BW reads it and tells some other that tells some other…!!! who knows, maybe they create a new service that receives fans sketchs and something good comes out of it!?

  • Marco Barragan

    Terrible designs, horrible, ugly and unnecesary, good the coomando gear “underworld” and the bounty hunter, but anything else.

  • Michel

    might be some of the ugliest gear I’ve seen yet, just terrible. Why don’t they take some of that voice acting money and invest it into end game shells that look decent>>

  • OMG the gear looks like crap! Once again the Republic get the crappy skins for gear.

  • Zach Ryan

    Why can’t they have some more classic armour, like maybe something like this for

    BountyHunters: http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20061102201732/starwars/images/a/a8/Mandalorian_Armors.JPG

    And for Troopers: http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20070422175538/starwars/images/5/57/Clone_Troopers_Phase_II.jpg

    And just some simple robes or something like this for Jedi’s: http://bbsimg.ngfiles.com/1/16150000/ngbbs4811043e87e8f.jpeg

    I mean some of them are from many years after the Old Republic, but let’s face it the gear BioWare design look so terrible. It seems they want the gear to look too crazy and diffrent, can’t they just make it slightly more simple.

  • Elran


  • Xanth

    I’m in awe at the lack of ability of anyone at BW to design decent looking armor… so sad

  • BH always look good

  • MS

    Dulffy I have a question. Do you know if after gain 50 lvl there will be quest for gear as it was with Tionese?

  • Dave

    Can BW watch some Disney Star Wars animation for tips?

  • Zak

    Tbh, i dig the agent armor. And i will be playing a operative to the end. peace.

  • Sheldon Collins

    some of these gears are not too bad, however I have to say I am not into the inquisitors headgear, since my main is sorc. I will be hiding my mask for sure.

  • I was so looking forward to the new gear. I have to say that I am disappointed. 🙁 <–sad face

  • vmarr13

    I guess the people working on this game never saw the original 6 movies, and i’m begining to think they didnt even design the gear for Kotor 1. The look of the gear in Kotor1 was cool. This stuff is just god awful and looks like shit. None of my toons will be wearing this crap.

  • The bounty hunter helmet is the concept art boba fett helmet, i think it actually looks awesome.

  • Nick

    The new armor is horrible! It has a WoWish look to it at times, the dish on the helmet, omg terrible. I wish they would get back to the basic look of Star Wars.

  • Vahs

    Will it be possile to buy the L55 pvp gear from level 50 ? Asking in case I have to stock the commendations !

  • Ricc Ballard

    That has to be the WORST end game gear looks of all time.

  • GTFO

    O no they dident!

  • Amnell

    OMG! They should find a real designer to make armor instead of wearable plumbing. How can one have so little understanding for aesthetics?!

  • black hole

    now every single consular i see wearing that I’m going to ask when are you due

  • Tyler Baker

    Partisan Challenger/Vindicator/War Leader/Weaponmaster (Warzone Gear Vendor) would look cooler with a cape.

  • jmb

    i didnt like a single one of these. really? is this what we can expect since lucas arts is no more that disney is gonna toss out random crap and we are supposed to just like it ? plbbbbbbbbbt i like what they others said about cartel stuff looking so good, its to make us buy stuff.

  • Mark Ellzey

    I really like the empire armor as a whole. Some of the helmets are rather silly, but you can remove them easily enough. The Republic side….ugh, but there’s only so much you can do when you want to make everything brown.

  • SciFiGuy

    *sigh* just when I thought they couldn’t make gear any worse…..they come out with this crap. Glad I kept my original Battlemaster gear for my Marauder…..I’ll be spending credits to rip mods like crazy. This stuff is just AWFUL. With the cartel market making actual money….they clearly have no reason to make gear we’d all enjoy….why give us gear for free; that we like, when they can just charge us for it on the cartel market…..

  • IslaRose

    Yeah.. I’m definitely going to pass on using the shell for sage. I prefer not to appear to have a beer belly/mid-term pregnancy.

  • Skullbreak

    Okay let’s just say no and wipe this and start from scratch, idc how much work you have to do to go back to the paper and re sketch some STAR WARS looking gear. Look at the old gear and add some lights for damn sakes. modify champion gear or something just to make it a little different and suttle with nice contrast changes and some radient colors..

    not this bowinkle crap

    • Skullbreak

      I’m referring really towards the helmets.. out of control.

  • Garshtey

    Most of it looks pretty bad, but I think that the longcoat for smugglers is REALLY cool lookin’ :>

  • kavok

    Every time there’s an update, the armor gets worse. I originally thought the spider-head inquisitor armor was ugly, but this?? I have a choice between a hammerhead shark or a cat. I don’t remember seeing all that many helmets in the movies, why here? Every single character I have ends up wearing social or cartel armor because someone in charge of armor design at BioWare is an anime fan.

  • dafuqbioware

    Straight ASS!

  • GMan19

    most 1st tier gear looks like crap ( that dish XD ) but most of the 2nd tier is cool looking really like the warrior darth vaderish look. o but all the smuggler gear sucks

  • Gaticus

    Any 1 Else Noticed the Firebrand Force-Master/Force-Mystic/Stalker/Survivor Looks More like a KKK Outfit

  • British Wookiee

    Hey Dulfy. When you’ve completed the main Makeb storyline, a mission opens up for you called Basic Gear: . Can you remember where this is acquired? I’ve done it twice, but every time my guildies ask where I got it, I can’t remember :S
    It’s the one that gets you to do the BH and SX weeklies for basic comms.


    • Terminal in Makeb Orbital station I think

  • Novar

    Knight is the only good one, though the warrior pyramid head is kinda cool.

  • Meo

    I have 3 chars, 2 male Troopers and 1 female Consular. With most of the new gear, the consular will look as if she was pregnant. No offense, but pregnant woman shouldn´t be in the front row of combat… the new Troopers styles are also aweful, well at least the helmets are – there are very few Trooper helmets that look nice anyway, the top set from before 2.0 did but now top gear is super ugly.

  • Lukeisun

    Look at the underworld gear warriors have god knows what hes smoking

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  • wait a second…

    is firebrand set can be crafted ?

  • helldanceradfadfasdf

    I’m agreeing with most of the comments about the poor quality of the design for armors. It’s like every new batch of designs becomes more of a departure from the Star Wars universe, until it’s entirely unrecognizable from anything SW.

    However, there are some good armor pieces in the bunch:


    – Conqueror Challenger/Vindicator/War Leader/Weaponmaster

    – the Trooper PVP armor pieces


    – Partisan Force-Master/Force-Mystic/Stalker/Survivor — looks great except for the shark helmets.

    – Conqueror Combat Medic/Combat Tech/Eliminator/Supercommando — not bad on MALE toon, females tend to look like males LOL

    – Underworld Enforcer/Field Medic/Field Tech/Professional

    – Partisan Combat Medic/Combat Tech/Eliminator/Supercommando (Warzone Gear Vendor)

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  • Aslawk

    Am I the only one that noticed this? Idk which one copied which.

    • irrenmann

      neither. all copied from early concept sketches owned by LFL

  • Johnny Black

    Jeff Dobson, art director, should be fired… the entire art team for this game should be fired. They make Star Wars look more uncool than Jar Jar Binks.

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