SWTOR Arkanian and Underworld level 55 armor stats

SWTOR Arkanian and Underworld Level 55 armor and weapon stats for all classes. Work in progress

Something to keep in Mind

  • Only Campaign and Dread Guard L50 gears are kept, rest are retired (vendors are gone)
  • Level 55 basic gear (sold via Basic Gear vendor) is rating 156 with L66 mods (slightly better than Dread Guard). This is used as a starter group content gear and purchased with Basic Commendations
  • Level 55 elite gear (sold via Elite Gear vendor and called Arkanian) is rating 162 with L69 mods. This is used as a starter operation gear and can be purchased with either Elite Commendations or unassembled Arkanian  tokens
  • Level 55 ultimate gear (sold via Ultimate Gear vendor and called Underworld) is rating 168 with L72 mods. This is used for the toughest operation content and can be only purchased via unassembled Underworld tokens
  • The ultimate gear vendor also sells a Verpine set that is also rating 168 with L72 mods. However, this set have no set bonus and can be purchased with ultimate commendations (i.e. it is like Black Hole gear).

Why does my gear have accuracy and alacrity?

  • Alacrity went through a major overhaul in 2.0: Alacrity has been redesigned to be a more universally useful stat. Now Alacrity reduces the activation time of all abilities, including instant abilities. If such an ability is reduced below the global cooldown, the global cooldown is reduced as well. Alacrity now also increases resource regeneration for all classes by the same amount that it increases ability activation speed.(patch notes)
  • Accuracy: Personal shield generators are now effective against all attacks that deal Energy and Kinetic Damage, rather than just direct weapon attacks. (This means force attacks can now be blocked without accuracy)


Arkanian/Underworld Force Master

Details Show

Arkanian/Underworld Force Mystic

Details Show

Arkanian/Underworld Stalker

Details Show

Arkanian/Underworld Survivor

Details Show

Verpine Duelist

Details Show

Verpine Force-Healer

Details Show

Verpine Force-Lord

Details Show


Arkanian/Underworld Challenger

Details Show

Arkanian/Underworld Vindicator

Details Show

Arkanian/Underworld War Leader

Details Show

Arkanian/Underworld Weaponmaster

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Verpine Bulwark

Details Show

Verpine Foestopper

Details Show

Verpine Pummeler

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Arkanian/Underworld Enforcer

Details Show

Arkanian/Underworld Field Medic

Details Show

Arkanian/Underworld Field Tech

Details Show

Arkanian/Underworld Professional

Details Show

Verpine Mender

Details Show

Verpine Targeter

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Bounty Hunter/Trooper

Arkanian/Underworld Combat Medic

Details Show

Arkanian/Underworld Combat Tech

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Arkanian/Underworld Eliminator

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Arkanian/Underworld Supercommando

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Verpine Boltblaster

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Verpine Demolisher

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Verpine Med-Tech

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  • Sindra

    Is it just my imagination or are items that are exchanged for tokens using a much more universal system now? Not exchanged for, say, a willpower-based mainhand weapon, but just for a mainhand weapon? This could help to make gearing a lot less random.

    • It has been like that for a while now in PvE. You get a weapon token, anyone can use it to exchange it for a mainhand.

      • Sindra

        Did not know that. I had it in my head that the tokens were attached to stats. I wonder when that change happened! I didn’t think it had been so very long since I’d been in an op. Thanks, Dulfy! πŸ™‚

        • Terrel

          Where u can get these elite comms and how many?

  • Azraelle

    way more endurance on this gear…not much to do for min maxing except swap an enhancement or two

    • Ewok

      Not much? The Weaponmaster Underworld set gives a total of 796 critical rating!

  • broll

    I’m assuming it’s a bug that a few of the vindicator items have alacrity on them, or is there a class change were Warriors use alacrity?

    • I am going to assume it is a bug as well, especially since some of the sorcerer/sage gear have accuracy now..Is like someone mistaken alacrity for accuracy

      • broll

        Looks like an intentional change. Found this in patch notes:
        “Alacrity has been redesigned to be a more universally useful stat. Now Alacrity reduces the activation time of all abilities, including instant abilities. If such an ability is reduced below the global cooldown, the global cooldown is reduced as well. Alacrity now also increases resource regeneration for all classes by the same amount that it increases ability activation speed.”

        • Ah good catch, missed that in the patch notes. Accuracy on sorc/sage gear though..

          • broll

            It seems to me like their goal is to make everything but the class stats apply to all classes. I wonder if accuracy was changed to affect healing and was left out of the notes.

            • ChibiSeira

              They didn’t add accuracy to the heal gear listed (is trooper still in progress?). Might have changed to need it for dps even force moves though?

          • Geantvidchier

            It seems that, Accuracy now has an effect, You will need to get at least to 105+ Acc on force to Have more chance at critical on higher end mobs. And less chance to resist like it used to. Where it was before you didnt really need it.

      • Iron Man

        i doubt it based on the complete overhaul to alacrity. Alacrity looks like it will benefit all classes now and be more usefull universally.

    • Geantvidchier

      No its not a bug, Alacrity as been un-gimped, from the first version, ALacrity now has an effect on global cooldown.

  • enderandrew

    If I’m not geared up to Campaign/Dread currently (or when 2.0 drops) then what is the new progression?

    How do I work my way up to the new gear?

    • I havn’t being able to test out the flashpoint/operation drops due to buggy transfers but I would imagine you would start off with the basic gear (which is better than dread guard), then move to arkanian gear. If you raid, then you will be able to obtain Underworld gear as well

      • broll

        Have you tried deleting your old toons with the same name? I haven’t been able to get online and test this myself, but I noticed that of the 7 toons I attempted all the ones that never had that name on the PTS before transfered, but all the ones over there form previous transfers failed. Also I was able to transfer a toon that was on the PTS previous, but had it’s name changed during the migrations.

      • Ryan. T

        If you get given better gear at 55 it seems Dread Guard gear will be used just for levelling. However if the BH / Camp / Hazmat gear still appeals to people it’ll be obtainable from the current hm fp’s, and EV / KP in all modes, it was in the patch notes somewhere.

        Also, I think I remember reading that Terror From Beyond is being re-balanced for level 55 players?

    • Ryan. T

      Level 50 flashpoint encounters will now drop Black Hole Gear (61)
      Story Mode EV / KP / EC drop Black Hole Gear (61)
      Hard & Nightmare EV / KP / EC drop Hazmat Gear (63)

      So you can gear up to Campaign / Dread equivalent by doing current content, the drops for them have been upgraded.

  • Jairis

    Hey Dulfy, any word on this Security Key issue? What are you suggstions, since CS is getting swamped with calls and complaints, and I personally dont have the information to tell them about my account to get the key taken off (im not the owner, its my father)

    • what security key issue?

      • Jairis

        security key app, the forums are abuzz with it. Security keys on mobile and ipod are glitched, not letting subs use them to log in to website AND the game.

        • Jairis

          the only fix right now (what CS is suggesting) is to call the CS phoneline and have them deactivate the key from your account (a 45 min wait on hold, i ve heard)

          • Ah,I use a physical security key thingie from my collector’s edition. If you can’t get it removed, I would wait it out. Sounds like something they would get fixed asap

            • Jairis

              lol, i love the idea of waiting it out, i could use a break from the nasty constant grinding of the event. But that brings up the issue of the time that was taken away from me because of the key problem, i dont think it will be fixed before the event is over. Will BW compensate its players who were affected by this? I really hope so, because I have been working hard to get Champ status. I have all the Helix pieces needed for a mainhand, i only need the rep.

              • Jairis

                and i dont intend to wait another year to try again if i dont have to :L

          • broll

            My moblie worked fine on iPhone

  • Ryan. T

    So every piece has more Endurance than Main Stat and by the looks of it there should be a better version of the Enhancement in each piece.

    For example in the Underworld Combat Medic Legplates the enhancement gives:
    46 Endurance
    52 Power
    79 Surge

    Is it known if theres an enhancement version in any piece or that drops somewhere with less Endurance and more Power, it’d probably be an upgrade of the Advanced Adept Enhancement?

  • azz

    I’m a little disheartened they didn’t come out with new set bonuses. Would have been nice for more build variety.

    • DaGhostDS

      and also balance nightmare for everyone playing the game, needing nerf and buff every tiers.

  • Popo

    Anyone know what materials will be used to craft the new armor and mods?

    • Selenial

      REALLY wierd names, the new stabilizer is called
      Exotic Element Equaliser….
      Weird huh?
      Not sure about the matrix, but i know the mats now go up a few levels (Like “Level 10”)… Either way its the same sort of thing, (Matrix + Stab + Purples + Greens) except you cant get the new matrixs and stabilizers from chests, they SEEM to be boss only,or mini bosses if they are there (Seen a few in scum and villany)
      That is unless they add chests at launch of ROTHC

  • Mugen

    Dulfy, just wondering if there’s any information on how exactly you earn ROTHC-grade commendations on the various levels, in addition to what the weekly caps are? Do you know what is being done with Black Hole and Daily commendations? Are they all being swooshed together into Classic commendations, or are some of them becoming something else?

    • Hey, I will have a more detailed write up in a bit but right now it looks like

      1) Daily and Black Hole comms becoming Classic Commendations – can be used to purchase Dread Guard/Hazmat gear which is BiS for level 50 and just slightly behind the basic level 55 gear.

      2) Doing Makeb stuff will give you basic commendations, which are used to purchase basic purple gear

      3) Level 55 flashpoints, operations in storymode give you elite commendations

      4) Level 55 hardmode/nightmare operations give you ultimate commendations

      • Mugen

        Okay, thanks for the reply. I will look forward to your write up. Your hard work is appreciated.

      • Kage

        Dulfy how looks the new “basic purple gear” for basic commendations?

      • Kerhold

        Do we know how they will convert those comms?
        I couldn’t find something about it on forum.

  • mightysimmy

    Why would the Guardian War leader’s set contain Alacrity?

    • Because of the alacrity change from patch notes:

      Alacrity has been redesigned to be a more universally useful stat. Now Alacrity reduces the activation time of all abilities, including instant abilities. If such an ability is reduced below the global cooldown, the global cooldown is reduced as well. Alacrity now also increases resource regeneration for all classes by the same amount that it increases ability activation speed.

      • mightysimi

        Thanks, I must have missed that in the notes.

  • Trunch

    Of course. Every single Field Tech piece except belt heavy on endurance. /facepalm.. Is this to encourage getting BiS mods crafted?

    • vfm

      Because snipers are best tanks:P Also, noting alacrity change, you could aswell gear up in enforce gear.

      • armorings and mods are +cunning than endu. but the progression of the gear make the total endurance of the item more high. check the guardian tank set for the difference πŸ˜›

        • vfm

          Yay, you’re righ! So they fixed this useless patron thing, that was probably supposed for the nonexisten sniper tanks ;P

    • Trunch

      Guess I will have to craft better gear like whatever is endurance high needs to be fixed. And alacrity, pffft…. Even if it is more useful I still would never put it on a sniper.

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  • Cozur

    So complete gear reset at level 55, even though they said that wouldn’t happen. Great.

  • Nidi

    Why does the Arkanian Force-Mystic Headgear only have a 69 Armoring?

    • Nidi

      Nevermind, I’m dumb.

  • Bolleke

    Are there new augments to be crafted (that would need augmentation kit MK-7 or something like that)? πŸ™‚

    • Yes, they need MK 7, 8, and 9 apparently. 3 new tiers.

      • TW Cool

        7 8 and 9? Wow, just for 5 levels lol

  • Snake

    It seems that the highest level of the color crystals will remain 56?

    • yes, they want to keep color crystals at +41 stats and mostly use it as a vanity thingie

      • Apparently the largest vanity is going to be making sure we hang onto our purple crystals, since the removal of the previous gear vendors pretty much eliminates them from all standard means of achievement.

  • Marita

    A lot of my current gear is BH Mods in Tionese/Columi Shell so I can keep the set bonus. Does that mean that when 2.0 goes live, I’ll lose the set bonus immediately?

    • yes πŸ™

      • Alphonse_Daudet

        Where does it come from? Previously when they removed vendors (like for battlemaster gear), the existing stuff was not modified.

        • Can’t find the dev post now but set bonus is now part of the armoring and not part of the shell. So if you removed the tionese armoring to use its shell, the armoring set bonus is gone.

  • Swtorguy

    This website rocks for swtor content. Thanks.

  • Saloman

    Am I reading this correctly… Supercommando Blaster PISTOL? Is that new?

    • That is the Empire equivalent. Republic still use Blaster Rifles but the stats are all identical so I didn’t list it.

  • Bobak

    The Arkanian/Underworld Survivor Mainhand has a resolve hilt in it shouldn’t that be force wielders hilt seeing as the new guardians MH has the guardian hilt, or are they getting rid of Force Wielder Hilts?

  • Eternal

    Any info about the new stat caps and what not?

  • Bigbot Bashman

    Will new Level 50’s still get a quest for starting PvE gear? Currently Full Tionese. I would hate for them to get starting gear equal to or better than the Rakata /Black Hole level we have been earning for the last year+. They will need something so if Tionese is getting phased out..?


    • Not sure yet on that. The starting PvE gear might be the one purchased via basic comms you get for doing stuff in Makeb

  • Blakmojo

    Any chance we could get a screenshot of the new augments, if any? Or at least the stats?

    • Yup. I am finishing up the operation guides right now but I should have something for augments/crafting tomorrow πŸ™‚

  • Ashlaboga

    The Arkanian Agent gear is itemized HORRIBLY.

    For that matter the Arkanian Weaponmaster gear isn’t any better.

    PLEASE BW fix this

  • loztchild

    What is the Soft and Hard cap of our main Stats since we can easily hit 2.7k?
    Is 35% Critical Chance and 75 % Crit Multiplier still the hard cap?

    • loztchild

      I that hear the new cap for Critical Chance is around 25 %.

  • Geantvidchier

    I’ve noticed that stats are really low like absorption shield rating and defense rating, basicly and with all the tree changes, it makes me wonder if i need to do a different rotation or different aspects cause ive tried getting shield rating and absorption up, it takes away most of my defense rating do you need more to get higher now?

  • Afroboy

    So the best Crystall afther 2.0 is still with 41 end, power, crit or somthing like that? Just wounder if it is the best to sell my cartel crystals or keep them since they are still the best one in the game.

    • yes it will be for a long time as well. They wanted to make color crystals more of a vanity thingie rather than stats so they won’t be adding more stats to it.

  • Janos

    please do this for pvp as well – thank you

  • Francis Turner

    I’m more curious to know whats going to be happening to the crystals since columi/tionese/rakata vendors are getting removed will we never be able to purchase the Cyan/Purple/Black-Red/Black Blue crystals again? πŸ™

  • Lekzur

    Do you have a list of gear modification for the black market (69s) that you can buy from the vendor? I want to see if i can swap out any mods/enhancements in that gear. Awesome job as always

  • Shiva-Dalborra

    RE: Set bonuses. Any gear that had a set bonus. eg. a Force Wielder Armoring 27 inside a Tionese piece, the set bonus got applied to the armoring (which can now be moved). If the shell was empty, the default armoring was replaced in the item and the set bonus was applied to it.

  • Shak

    OK have just a question, I play a gunslinger and also do cybertech and for the life of me cant seem to figure out with all the new end game skems I have seen why there is zip for acc on one with cunning. Im my list of ear pieces I can make that have cunning there are two that are exactly the same both have 105 cunning and endurance but with power and alacrity. Was just wondering if BW forgot that smugglers if they are dps need acc as it seems the only way to get acc is with enchancments and its still a bit of a pain to get to 100% acc. And I understand that want alacrity on things but geez what good will that do us if with out 100% acc we couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. I finally got to 100% acc but that is only cause im still using a bh ear piece and wont replace it as cant seem to find one with acc on it for gunslingers that isn’t costlng over 3 mil cause someone got lucky and got a drop of one. and Seeing any earpieces for lvl 55 for cunning users with acc is next to zip from what I have seen. Am I just missing something or are there actually ear pieces out there that you can get that have acc for a lvl 55 slinger.

  • Jareel

    I noticed that some of the gear posted here does not match the gear in game (specifically noted sin tank survivor gloves). I did not check to see if any others were mis-represented as well.
    This is an awesome resource in order to avoid having to always go back to the vendor to check the gear, or dig through sites like torhead for each specific option… but it’s a bit less useful if it’s erronious.
    I did not check any of the other gear to see if what was posted here also didn’t match in-game. I appreciate all the work you did setting it up, but if it is to be correct, some verification might be necessary.
    Thanks again, and hope this is helpful.

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