patch 2.0 SWTOR

SWTOR Level 55 weapons preview

A gallery of the level 55 weapons available on PTS as part of patch 2.0


Arkanian Enforcer’s/Field Medic’s Blaster Rifle


Arkanian Field Tech’s Sniper Rifle


Arkanian Professional’s Sniper Rifle


Underworld/Conqueror/Partisan Enforcer’s/Field Medic’s Blaster Rifle


Underworld/Conqueror/Partisan Field Tech’s/Professional Sniper Rifle


Bounty Hunter/Smuggler

Arkanian Combat Medic’s/Combat Tech/Eliminator/Boltblaster Blaster Pistol


Underworld/Conqueror/Partisan Combat Medic’s/Combat Tech/Eliminator/Boltblaster Blaster Pistol



Arkanian Combat Medic/Eliminator Assault Cannon


Underworld/Conqueror/Partisan Combat Medic/Eliminator Assault Cannon



Arkanian Lightsaber


Underworld/Conqueror/Partisan Lightsaber


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28 replies on “SWTOR Level 55 weapons preview”

Yes, and osha is going to have a fit, because the protective railing should go on the outside to protect the fingers… Bioware can’t even place finger guards in the right place. Bioware should place all skins they currently have on the cartel market so you can buy the skin you want, with the effect you want (ie. lightsaber special effect or laser sight for gun) and then the mission reward tokens give you the mods that go in them. This would really show Bioware which skins are aesthetically pleasing and which ones are utter crap!

Underworld/Conqueror/Partisan Enforcer’s/Field Medic’s Blaster Rifle…..uhmm that is not a rifle, that is a fucking BAZOKA!!!

I want it.

I was thinking that it looked like a freaking RPG launcher and then when I scrolled down to say so saw you’d already beaten me to it: that’s not a rifle that’s a freaking BFG!

Lightsabers suck… Oh well, I will just be ripping the guts out and putting it into my “Insert next cool cartel pack lightsaber” I bought off of the GTN.

May I propose a meme:
Guys, we need new top-notch lighsaber design -_- -_- -_-
new grips, curved ls, shining, decorative crystals -_- -_- -_-

I really like the Underworld blaster pistol and assault cannon, not really enthused about the rest. The Arkanian sabers aren’t even new models. I can’t fathom the purpose of the extra kibble on the Underworld sabers, though; seems like all that extra crap would just get in the way if you were trying to spin your saber around.

Are troopers going to be using Pistols? Please say it isn’t so, because I specifically rolled a trooper instead of a Bounty Hunter because of Blaster Rifles!

*facepalm* BioWare knows how a shoulder stock is used.

Look at the Underworld/Conqueror/Partisan Enforcer’s/Field Medic’s Blaster Rifle

Come on, BioWare!

So the puprle crystals that come in columi gear are just going away, or are they going to make the purple crystals drop from cartel packs, or are the orange crystals in all the weapons just place holders and will be replaced by purple and red black?

BW long ago stopped giving differently colored crystals in weapons. Now all of them come with either yellow or orange, and it works, so it’s unlikely it’ll change.

With columi weapons gone…. can empire even get purple crystals? Or will there be like 4 on the GTN for mllions? Or does one of the new sets have them?

Will they sound ok? Or like shit, like the most weapons made by BioWare in this game…? I wonder if BioWare even has some kind of sound designer for this job. I think they don’t.

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