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SWTOR Commendations system in patch 2.0

An overview of the SWTOR commendations and currency changes currently on the PTS for patch 2.0.

Update April 7, 2013 – Weekly cap for various commendations was adjusted and this change was reflected in the guide.

Update March 4, 2013 – Arkanian no longer be purchased with Elite Commendation and is obtained via tokens exclusively. Black Market gear was added to the Elite vendors and is purchased with Elite Commendations instead.


With patch 2.0, there is a major overhaul to the way commendations are handled both in the leveling process and also in the endgame section. Gone are the old planetary specific commendations and endgame commendations such as Daily Commendations, Black Hole Commendations etc. Instead, there is now a single planetary commendation during the leveling process and endgame commendations are divided into four types: Classic, Basic, Elite, and Ultimate.

  • Note- There are no changes to warzone commendations or ranked warzone commendations (same storage cap, no weekly cap). . No changes to fleet commendations either (fleet comms storage cap is 19675, no weekly cap). The fleet commendations vendor has no new items.

A note on Level 50-55 Gear Tiers

  • Campaign/Black Hole – Rating 146 with L61 mods. Black Hole pieces do not have set bonus. (Level 50 starter gear purchased with Classic Commendations)
  • Dread Guard/Hazmat -  Rating 150 with L63 mods. Hazmat pieces do not have set bonus (Level 50 BiS purchased with tokens)
  • Basic purple gear – Rating 156 with L66 mods (Level 55 starter gear, no set bonus, purchased with Basic Commendations )
  • Arkanian – Rating 162 with L69 mods (Level 55 starter operation gear purchased with Elite Commendations or tokens)
  • Underworld/Verpine – Rating 168 with L72 mods. Verpine pieces do not have set bonus (Level 55 BiS gear purchased with Ultimate Commendations or tokens)

Planetary Commendations

Instead of planetary specific commendations, all planet quests will now reward a single unified planetary commendation system.


Cap: There is a total storage cap of 50 planetary commendations with no weekly cap. There is a special one-time overflow limit with launch of Game Update 2.0 of 100 planetary commendations. The overflow limits are not in addition to the maximums amounts, they’re the total number of Commendations of that type that players will be able to hold after Game Update 2.0.

Anything converted above the overflow limit will be lost. Players who have used the overflow limit and have more than
the maximum number of Commendations will not be able to gain new Commendations until they fall below the maximum amounts.


  • Tionese crystals can be exchanged for planetary commendations at a rate of 2 crystals for 1 planetary commendation.
  • Quest rewards from various planets
  • Group Finder daily (5/day for level 50 flashpoints)
  • [WEEKLY] Priority Targets – kill 3 world bosses rewards 6 Planetary commendations in addition to 3 Elite, 6 Basic, and 12 Classic commendations.
  • In addition, players can trade in Warzone Commendations for Planetary Commendations at an exchange rate of 40 Warzone Commendations for 1 Planetary Commendation.


This unified system allow you to do quests on any planets or PvP to earn planetary commendations. Once acquired, you can spend them on the fleet or on the individual planet vendors.

Note that not all of the planetary vendors have the following items. This is just a general list.

Item Planetary Commendations
Mod 2
Enhancement 2
Armoring 7
Barrels/Hilts 7
Storage box (Green) 2-3
Storage box (Blue) 8-10
Storage box (Purple) 24
Implants (Blue) 6
Ear (Blue) 6
Belt (Blue) 8
Chest (Blue) 8
Boots (Blue) 10
Boots (Orange) 10
Gloves (Blue) 10
Legs (Blue) 12
Legs (Orange) 12
Chest (Orange) 12
Head (Orange) 14
Weapons/Offhand (Orange) 14

Classic Commendations

All current endgame commendations at level 50 (i.e. Black Hole, Daily) will be rolled into one single unified commendation called Classic Commendation.

Conversion ratios & Chart

  • Tionese Commendations – 6:1
  • Columi Commendations – 4:1
  • Daily Commendations – 4:1
  • Black Hole Commendations – 1:1

There will be a special overflow cap for Classic Commendations once 2.0 is released to accommodate those with large amounts of commendations. At this time, we have this cap at 800 commendations. Any commendations that exceed this amount will unfortunately be lost.



Cap: This commendation have a storage cap of 400 with a weekly cap of 200.

Acquisition: Classic Commendations are now obtainable from level 50 operations (Eternity Vault, Karagga’s Palace, and Explosive Conflict), level 50 flashpoint, and as rewards for dailies on Ilum, Belsavis and Black Hole.

  • [WEEKLY] Priority Targets – kill 3 world bosses
    • Rewards 12 Classic Commendations in addition to 6 Planetary, 3 Elite, and 6 Basic Commendations

In addition, any unassembled Columi/Rakata/Campaign pieces can be exchanged for Classic Commendation containers (small ones contain 75 Classic Commendations). The vendor is on the Ziost Shadow Mission Deck for Empire players (Equivalent one for Republic) next to the Medical Droid.


Piece Container Commendations
Unassembled Campaign piece Large Classic Commendation Container 99
Unassembled Rakata piece Small Classic Commendation Container 75
Unassembled Columi piece Small Classic Commendation Container 75
Unassembled Battlemaster piece Warzone Commendation Container ?
Unassembled Champion piece Warzone Commendation Container 99

They can be spent on the Classic Gear Vendors on the fleet, which offers Campaign gear in exchange for Classic Commendations


Slot Classic Commendations
Head 120
Chest 150
Gloves 100
Legs 120
Feet 100
Bracers 70
Belt 70
Mainhand 150
Offhand 120
Relics (Dread Guard) 150

The daily vendors at Ilum/Belsavis/Section X etc now accept Classic Commendations for the following items.


All previous level 50 gear such as Tionese, Columi, Rakata and Black Hole had their vendors removed (Campaign Amorings are also removed). Campaign/Black Hole is now the lowest PvE tier for level 50 characters.

  • Storymode Karagga’s Palace and Eternity Vault will now drop Black Hole gear
  • Hardmode/Nightmare Karagga’s Palace and Eternity Vault, and storymode Explosive Conflict will now drop Hazmat gear.
  • Hardmode/Nightmare Explosive conflict will now drop Hazmat pieces and unassembled Dread Guard items.

Basic Commendations

Basic Commendations are the new leveling currency for level 50-55. These commendations will grant you access to starter Level 55 purple gear at the Basic Gear vendor.


Cap: This commendation have a storage cap of 600 with a weekly cap of 300.


  • Level 50 hardmode flashpoints
    • Group Finder daily rewards 10 Basic Commendations
  • [WEEKLY] Priority Targets – kill 3 world bosses
    • Rewards 6 Basic Commendations along with 3 Elite, 6 Planetary, and 12 Classic Commendations
  • Makeb questing

Can be spent on the Basic Gear vendor on the fleet for the following basic Level 55 purple gear. 


Slot Basic Commendations
Head 120
Chest 150
Legs 120
Relics (Arkanian) 150
Schematic (Implants) 200
Schematic (Ear) 200
Schematic (Belt) 200
Schematic (Bracer) 200
Schematic (Offhand) 200

Note that the schematics requires Hero standing with the Makeb Imperial/Republic forces to purchase (new reputation)

Elite Commendations

These Commendations are acquired from Level 55 Operations (storymode), hardmode flashpoints, and weekly missions. These commendations will allow you to exchange for Black Market gear at the Elite Gear Vendor. Arkanian gear (similar to Black Market gear but has set bonus) is purchased via tokens exclusively.


Cap: This commendation have a storage cap of 400 with a weekly cap of 200.


  • Level 55 Flashpoints (hardmode): Athiss, Cademimu, Hammer Station and Madalorian Raiders
    • 2 Elite Commendation per boss, 1 for completing the flashpoint
    • 10 Elite Commendations for the Group Finder daily
    • 20 Elite Commendations from completing the [WEEKLY] Galactic Conflicts (complete 3 L55 HM FPs)
  • Level 55 Operations: Terror from Beyond, Scum and Villainy
    • Scum and Villainy bosses drop 4 Elite Commendations per kill on storymode
    • Accomplished Arms Trader drops 2 Elite Commendations per kill on storymode
    • [WEEKLY] Scum and Villainy rewards 20 Elite Commendations (and 20 Ultimate Commendations)
  • [WEEKLY] Priority Targets – kill 3 world bosses
    • Drops 3 Elite Commendations along with 6 Planetary, 6 Basic and 12 Classic Commendations


Slot Elite Commendations
Head 120
Chest 140
Gloves 100
Legs 120
Feet 100
Implants 100
Ear 100
Belt 80
Bracers 80

All Arkanian items are purchased with individual tokens and cannot be purchased with Elite Commendations. Relics are purchased with 150 Basic Commendations.

You can see stats of the Arkanian gear here.

Ultimate Commendations

Ultimate Commendations are earned via hardmode/nightmare Level 55 operations and allow you to purchase Verpine gear, which have no set bonus. Underworld gear is obtained via tokens exclusively.


Cap: This commendation have a storage cap of 300 with a weekly cap of 150


  • [WEEKLY] Galactic Conflicts (complete 3 L55 HM FPs) reward 12 Ultimate Commendations
  • [WEEKLY] Scum and Villainy rewards 20 Ultimate Commendations (and 20 Elite Commendations)


Slot Ultimate
Head 120
Chest 140
Gloves 100
Legs 120
Feet 100
Belt 80
Bracers 80
Ear 100
Implants 100

You can see stats of the Underworld and Verpine gear here

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

191 replies on “SWTOR Commendations system in patch 2.0”

For the Black Hole comms we have and are earning before this update…Do you think it is worth putting them towards Campaign armorings or towards other items like relics, etc. I have enough Daily Comms for a Dread guard relic. Would it be best to save Daily comms for relics? Just trying to plan out my strategy before 2.0. Great as always Dulfy!

A quick opinion on if we should spend our Daily and BH comms now before the update or hold them to trade them in would be great. And also if we should continue to collect them.

I am sorry if this was covered earlier but has Bioware given a rough time frame for 2.0? And will it be the same time as the Cartel expansion? It can’t be too long if it is on the PTS.

No time frame for 2.0. I would expect ~ 2 months. Remember that Makeb isn’t on the PTS, that is still on the closed beta stage.

As for daily/BH comms. It really depends on the conversion to the classic comms (which we don’t know yet). I would spend the BH comms but save up the daily comms for now until we know more.

The caps on commendations, especially planetary, are nonsense.

If I play normally, running a character through a planet in 2 or 3 night, I can easily amass, 40+ planetary commendations.

Am I supposed to then stop playing that character for the rest of the week so I don’t exceed the 50 comms I am allowed to earn that week?

My altoholism does not need encouraging. 🙁

Hopefully in order to get around the 50 planet comms per week deal, we
can collect some on our level 50(s), buy the items and mail them to the
alts who can use them.

I do that already; my 50’s bankroll my upcoming alts with both cash and purchased armouring/mods from vendors. 🙂

Clearly Bioware doesn’t want anyone experiencing the story part of their game with how hard they’re trying to make 1-50 a living hell and how much they hate alting with these changes. Feel even worse for the f2pers that have only 2 character slots. They’ll just quit since in a few days they’ll be capped on their two characters, easy.

I am so tired of hearing people whine about f2p limitations. Guess what, genius? F2p was never – ever – intended to be a permanent way of enjoying SWTOR. It was meant to get people to play the game, try the game, like the game and then subscribe because they want to play it permanently.

If the limitations were minor then no one would pay for the game. How is this not something that everyone understands by now?

If they (“f2pers” as you so eloquently put it) don’t like having 2 character slots, pay for it. If they don’t want to pay for it, suck it up or leave. And before you say “Then no one will play” let me stop you., – the most reliable MMO census data for half a decade funded by CCP, Avatar Creations and Curse – has shown a huge jump in PAID subscriptions since f2p was released. So no, they won’t quit; or the vast majority won’t. Stop being cheap and pay for the subscription.

If you cant afford a measly $12-$15 a month go mow some lawns, work minimum wage for three hours, skip fast food three times a month, turn a light bulb off in your house or do some chores at your mommy’s house. Then you can pay for the game and play the game THE WAY IT WAS INTENDED TO BE PLAYED.

You prove me point. Enjoy being lonely for the rest of your life arrogant prick. Maybe than you’ll learn to put yourself in the shoes of others than smelling your own farts to boost your over inflated ego.

I hope that they bring about a way to craft Rakata/Columi/Tionese – looking gear. So many clothes, so little time.

We still don’t know how they will convert the old to new comms, right? Or do we lose all like with the copy? I don’t know is there point doing dailies (apart of cash) and bh comms. Would be enought just to say – 3 dailies = 1 classic, 1 bh = 1 classic or similar.

I have Rakata gear with Campaign mods in it (providing set bonus). After PTS copy there are no set bonuses. I don’t know is this bug or wad.

The patch notes says that all set bonuses are now on the armouring, none of them will be on the shell, Rakata (and Tionese and Columi) will no longer be obtainable but I suppose that applies to those sets as well then.
So, basically, you used to have the bonus from the shell item, it no longer has it and you are using Black Hole mods (which will also become unobtainable) which also do not have any set bonuses, you’ll have to get Campaign gear or mods.

Dulfy can you list cost for mod’s and enhancements for the planets? did they still stay 2 mod 2 enhancement 7 armor ?

BTW. We cannot forget about gear for companions. They will be also resetted. I wonder how people feel who crafted mod or bought schematics for HK.

“In addition, any unassembled Columi/Rakata/Campaign pieces can be
exchanged for Classic Commendation containers (small ones contain 75
Classic Commendations).” Where to do that? cant fint that NPC.

I don’t think so because the set bonus is innate to the Campaign armoring. If you are stuffing say Black Hole armoring onto a a Tionese shell for set bonus now though, that set bonus will be gone with 2.0 I think.

I can confirm that you will lose the Tionese set bonus if you put a black hole armoring in it. I lost the Columi bonus on my assassin leggings due to using a crafted 63 armoring.

When you say you lost the set bonus on the leggings did the set bonus move to the armoring?
So now you have a Crafted 63 armoring with set bonus?

If going into the update you have 300 BH comms and 300 Daily comms, then you would really have 600 Classic comms. But if I understand this correctly, the cap at 400 means you’d lose 200 comms after the upgrade?

Ouch, time to start spending these things I suppose…

Actually, looking at the classic comms prices for Campaign gear, it seems like 2 Daily Comms = 1 Calssic comm and 1 BH Comm = 2 Classic comms. Still hard to say I suppose…

Will the old end-game comms (Black Hole, Columi, Tionese Crystals etc.) remain in the game and when 2.0 is oficially implemented we can convert them for the new comms — similar to the process for converting the old Mercenary, Champion, Centurion and Battlemaster comms when they changed the PvP rewards — or will all the old comms be converted automatically when BioWare rolls-out the new patch?


I also have the same question for Daily comms as I have about 300 Daily Comms. Enough for a Campaign relic. Are there any new relics in the new Patch? If not I will buy one. Just trying to figure out how best to spend the Daily Comms before the patch. 🙂

300 is enough for a Dread Guard relic, which will effectively be double the price after the patch, so you should get it now.

Go back and actually read the bit on Classic Comms- all things that once gave daily comms now give Classic. This includes not just the “daily” areas, but space missions, lvl 50 FPs, and even the level 50 Ops.

AKA tionese/columi/black hole/daily are going the way of the Dodo. They will be removed from the game and converted into one commendation: Classic. This is why there is talk of conversions and an “overflow cap” to make sure you don’t waste comms.

As far as how to best spend them? Daily comms are a 4:1 conversion ratio. If the dread relics are going to be 1/4 the cost in classic as they are in daily… then it makes no difference when you buy them. Click on one of hte screenshots to see the costs or copy a toon over to the PTR and see for yourself

Comm capping is ridiculous. Charge 160 for one piece of gear and have those same comms capped at 200 for the week? I understand the idea of wanting everyone on equal footing but that is not how MMOs work. You have the time and dedication to do the content you deserve better rewards faster.

So it’ll take 10 weeks for subbers to get the basic gear. Even longer for Preferred/f2p as they must pay 20% higher prices and we aren’t sure what their cap will be in comparison. Most likely it will be smaller just like with all the other caps.

Will the Black Hole/Dread Guard sets still look the same cosmetically as they do now? I just got worried now because I’ve been *really* wanting to get the Black Hole Force-lord set for my Jedi Sage (because I love the look of it) but I know I won’t have the time to get enough BH comms before this update hits live. Sorry if this is a dumb question ^^

With regards to the Basic Comm schematics, does that mean that those pieces can only be crafted and not purchased directly?

Are they BoP like the current Rakata schematics to craft belts and bracers? Or are they BoE? I hope BoE so I could at least gear my own toons.

A few questions:
Do you get experience doing dailies?
Are the Warzone Comms / Ranked Comms still have the same limit?
Finally, can you do hard mode flashpoints in BH gear, or do you have to do the storymodes first to farm Basic Comms to get the gear for HM mode?

What about things like droid schematics, stims, etc…? Trying to decide if I should buy the droid schems now or wait. And do you think it would be better to spend bh/col/tio comms now? I’ve got about 175 bh, and 300 col.

These are all gone from the fleet vendors. Let me check the daily vendors. I would spend the bh comms now to buy campaign armoring/bh mods with it. Columi probably save to turn into classic comms

Do you know if the Planetary Commendations will still drop randomly off of mobs in the world? The patch notes just say quests and the like. Are they removing them as a random loot drop?

They’re still random droips. Though after you get 50 you may as well just stop playing that character as all other Commendations gained until the next reset are deleted. Thus wasted effort.

Dulfy, I’m wondering about space comms. Pretty much the only reason I do heroic space missions is for crafting boxes (chance to drop 1-3 stabilizers/matrixes), and I’ve been saving up some space comms with the hope that I can exchange them for the equivalent high-level crafting material boxes in 2.0. I know that no currency of any kind was copied over, but would you mind checking the space vendor just to see if there is anything new to buy there?

Thought I would throw it out there, apparently there is a vendor on DK that has the old gear sets for the battlemaster stuff. Someone told me about it, so it would need to be confirmed, but when they were telling me, they were rather PISSED, since they had to spend so much time farming the BM gear before it went away, only to have it show up again obtained through credits.

This whole weekly cap 2.0 thing is crap so it will take one and half month to farm basic gear and same amount of time to farm elite gear and same amount of time to farm ultimate gear and all of that not because you r not so good but coz u have your hand cuffed and cant play more?? wth? and after that they will bring patch 3.0 and this insane circle will reapeat.. are you serios BW? screw you EA and BW!!

Wow, another Sardorim over-reacting SWTOR hater. Don’t you feel silly blasting a team that has already fixed this “issue” before it ever had time to become an issue? Maybe wait for content to release before you start bitching about it. Don’t you have enough content out already that you can find some meaningless gripe to conjure up with Sardorim?

The Plantary Cap is unneeded. It’s old content anyway! Why has Bioaware decided to piss all over their fanbase? This will make Alting a living hell for everyone – Subbers/Preferred/f2p.

Hi, me again.

Proof that Bioware isn’t against creating alts, nor do they desire to make it “a living hell” they’ve recently stated that there won’t be a maximum cap on planetary commendations. There is still a cap of 50 at any given time.

So, they’re encouraging players to spend their planetary commendations regularly so that players will have more current gear to help them level more efficiently. Bioware constantly updates its game to try and make playing it easier and more fun. Did you even play it at release? Do you recognize how different a game it is today from then? The list of major changes to the game is longer than my arm.

If Bioware and the SWTOR staff is so stupid, incompetent and player-hating as you claim… why bother playing? Actually – you know what? – I agree, They’re awful. The most logical decision is for you to quit the game immediately.

Funny how your post looks nothing like in the email. I see that you really are useless after all and aren’t worth my time. No, you’re just a blind fanboy who can’t even express themselves without hurling blind hate. Pathetic and now worth my time.

Even funnier how your response shows that you cannot read a dev announcement. One that I read properly and was right about. It’s pretty obvious reading comprehension is not your strong suit. I flung no “blind hatred”. As a matter of fact nothing IN the post itself just in a bit of sardonic bludgeoning with my host name.

And what is this “after all” business? That prepositional phrase proposes that you have been on the fence about my worth and this response was the last straw! lol

Oh, one last thing you’re completely off-base on; I expressed myself plenty. Read of silly little person. I corrected misinformation, defended a game that makes improvements all the time, and tried to suppress a little blind stupidity and conjecture.

Anyway, I hope it was worth it for you to jump in on your little guy’s buddy bandwagon. I may be a “fanboy” of the video game we both play, but my posts required some thought and research – your post required no insight, intelligence, grasp of the english languag. What it did require was a stronger commitment to negativity than my “fanboy” attitude, which lent itself towards not letting Sardorim spread false information just to have something to cry about.

Seems to me like you two are bigger fans of hating on SWTOR than I ever will be of the game itself.. Pathetic.

Hey dulfy, thanks for all the PTS coverage and guides!

I have a question concerning the Daily Commendation Vendors; right now they sell Artifice schematics and mounts for Daily Commendations. Do you have any information about what happens with these schematics / mounts / things other than equip in 2.0? Are they obtainable in any other way on the PTS or will they just disappear? If so I would spend my Daily comms for the schematics…

Same goes for the crystals and / or artifice schematics you can buy for pvp commendations, like I read these schematics are gone on the PTS PVP vendor – did they turn up elsewhere on the PTS?

Hi, I upload a pic of the “daily” vendor wares. They still sell the same old stuff, just now accept classic comms.

Havn’t seen the PvP vendor located to elsewhere on the PTS though

So… we going to lose all Tionese and Columi comms if we don’t trade em for items and sell for credits before the update?

So I’m a bit confused, what will happen to like my 500 daily commendations I saved up when 2.0 launches? Thanks in advance.

Have you thought about starting some player initiative/feedback as to try to convince the developers about, for example, raising/removing some of the caps?

Or at least make it “accound status” dependable, so for example – even if only subbers wouldn’t have to bother with the planetary comms limits, the F2P and preferred would still be able to buy specific packs from the cartel market?

Really – I can imagine some “public community representatives” like the owner of one of the most used sites for the game might be heard better than even a thousand of “trolls” yelling “omg, what are you doing, remove the cap – now, you morons!!!!11one” on the forum. 🙂

OK, let me get this straight.

I have several 50s and multiple alts below 50.

Main – mostly black hole with campaign armorings, plus Rakata boots. I should be able to go straight to Makeb and start grinding for Basic comms to buy the gear to be able to run the lvl 55 Hard Modes and then operations once I get the elite level gear. Right?

lvl 50s alts – mixed of columi and black hole, except one which is in Tionese gear. Will I be able to do Makeb with these, and proceed to grinding my basic, or do I need to grind out black hole/campaign gear with them in order to be able to handle Makeb? Certainly appears that I need to be in at least Basic 55 gear to do the lvl 55 HM FPs, is that correct?

Under 50s – this is where the biggest issue is that I just don’t get. Used to be that you could get into 116 rated gear, run story mode lvl 50 FPs to get Tionese/equivalent, then run lvl 50 HMs to get columi, and so on. Part of the initial grind went away when we got the free Tionese gear. Tionese and columi go away, so are we then going to be running all the HM 50s in 116 rated blue gear. Can be done, but I don’t want to rely on other people who are trying to do so in a PUG. My concern there is that we have a grind there at 50 to get the Black Hole gear (there being nothing between Corellia blue 116 and Black Hole) and then go to Makeb to grind there.

I guess the real question is how is Makeb balanced, which we don’t know yet. Is it balanced to go straight there after Corellia, or does it assume that you are geared black hole?

There real issue here is companions – gearing them looks to be an ugly, slow grind as well. Not looking forward to it. Right now, getting them in Tionese is so simple that my main has over 200 Tionese commendations lying around that I literally have nothing to do with. Companions in Tionese can handle any content you can take a companion to (Section X, Black Hole, etc).

What am I missing?

Bioware would have to be out of their minds to keep the low amount of weekly caps, I would not be surprised if that gets modified in a new patch on PTS soon.

1) Yes. You can probably start running the HM l55 ops in your BH/Campaign gear as the recommended gear rating is only 148. HM FPs drops Black market gear which is essentially arkaian (rating 162) with no set bonus.

2) Makeb difficulty – can’t comment on that yet but you shouldn’t have too much trouble on your level 50 alts.

More feedback to pass along to Bioware. Let’s say Columi, Black Hole and Daily Comms we have in our inventory are all converted to Classic Comms. If we haven’t spent them before 2.0 that will put us over the cap. Cap restrictions should not be in effect for the conversion process so we don’t lose any. Once we spend down under the cap then we can proceed from there. It wouldn’t be fair to lose them. They probably want us to spend them now but I don’t want to spend them on something that will be ineffective in 2.0 compared to the new gear. For example I have enough to buy a Campaign Relic now. 300. But Dread Guard relics with Classic comms would be better and I only have to spend 150 Classic Comms for 1.

Also passing along to Bioware that the conversion rate for BH and Daily Comms should be 1:1 to at least reward players who earned these. If Unassembled Rakata/Columi gear can be traded in for 75 comms then a 1:1 ratio for BH/Columi doesn’t seem unreasonable to me. Maybe BH 1:2 and Columi 1:1 to give BH more worth. Maybe Tionese 3:1 or 4:1. That way players that have been earning these all this time have a decent amount of Classic comms to start with for 2.0. Some advance notice of the conversion rate and if we lose any if we are over the cap would be great.

As I mentioned in a previous post I would like to see if someone on the PTS can see what happens once they hit 50. Do they get a new starting quest with 50 level gear? If Tionese is gone then what they would start with to be effective in the current HM flashpoints? Not looking forward to PUGs for dailies. Nor should they have a starter set equal to our Black Hole/Rak.

A concern we may find is that if unassembled gear can now be traded in for Classic Comms that people are going to start rolling “need” now if it is not for the class…

They also have a post hat here will be a temp cap of 800 to start with. If you can get more than that with the conversion, you should spend them I guess. They don’t sound set on this though.

I do like how you can now buy Campaign mainhands with Classic Comms. I have been playing since launch and I am still running on Columi/Battlemaster mainhands for my 50’s. 🙂

There was never a Black Hole mainhand you could buy. Trying to get one from Karagga even on Story Mode is tough when you have 8 people and don’t get the drop/roll. That is probably the first thing I will buy with my classic comms. 🙂

Dulfy I love this website, You should be paid a lot of money by Someone for doing all fo this for us.
One question im trying to find the answer for. What does the basic gear look like? from the icons im guessing its the same as the Arkanum stuff right? also is there only head, chest, legs and relics?

Yup recolored arkanian stuff and yes only these pieces are available for direct purchase. There are some other stuff like bracers, belt, offhand, implants, ear that have schematics that you can purchase.

Hey Dulfy, just FYI I noticed that the Section X dailies all reward Basic comms as well. Haven’t found anyone to do the Heroic, so no idea on what the weekly rewards yet.

Have fleet commendations changed at all? Is there anything new you can buy from the vendor with them? Perhaps a grade 9/10 crafting box? Level 55 gear box? etc

If you are like me and have full 63’s and tons of coms etc I would suggest turning ALL of your tionese,columi, tokens in now for items you can sell back to the vendor for 15k. And save the BH coms and unassembled gear (I know I have about 15 of these in my cargohold) and use those to get lvl 55 gear on day one through conversion. IF YOU WAIT, then you have to convert to the new coms AT RATIO and then buy gear to sell for probably same $$$) This assumes are are leet enough to not need gearing (except for the lvl 55 stuff). Spending tionese/columni to convert to BH lvl gear that u can obtain easily in flashpoints makes no sense… get your $$$ on.

Right, so I will be saving my unassembled rakata and BH pieces (high conversion 75 coms) and my BH coms (1:1 ratio). This will be enough for most of the full 55 gear set. The tionese/columni coms however have a bad ratio so unless you have no other ways to get coms probably best to cash out the money from the coms now, rather then convert them into more coms at a bad ratio. This assumes you have lots of resources which many end-game raiders do. If you are still humping tionese gear at end game then take all the coms u can, you need them.

Sorry Duffy, just noticed what you meant, these will only get us the LVL 50 gear. EWWWWWWWWW so pretty much useless if you are full 63. Guess I need to sell off everything now and get the credits. Cash is King.

I was trying to weigh the pros and cons of this idea also. Since I have all Black Hole+ gear now and a TON of bh, daily, columi, tionese comms on live. what do I have to spend my converted classic comms on once 2.0 goes live? I would like to get the 800 comms max, but for what really? I will prob buy a few bh pieces for companions, and convert my tionese and columi comms into gear to resell to vendor.

Hey Dulfy, on the chart for comm conversion, how do you “buy” unassembled columi pieces? What I was thinking was keep all Tio / Col / Rak comms and do not turn in unassembled pieces until 2.0 hits. But do spend Black Hole comms since 1:1 is still a loss.

Thank you for the comm conversion chart! Just what I was looking for. 🙂

Btw. the schematics for the Gormak Alphawave Inhibitors can currently be purchased on the love server for 10 daily comms and the Rakata Alphawave Inhibitor for 30 daily comms at the Belsavis daily areas (Sgt. Fereden for Empire).

Based on these two comments (copied from below) are we saying that having the PvP/PvE 2 set bonuses is getting removed? Ive got BH armorings/mods in BattleMaster Shells now for PvP set bonuses and BH armorings/Mods in Columi/Rakata for the PvE set bonus.

“dulfy Mod Larry Shoup Jr • 4 days ago
I don’t think so because the set bonus is innate to the Campaign
armoring. If you are stuffing say Black Hole armoring onto a a Tionese
shell for set bonus now though, that set bonus will be gone with 2.0 I
think. ”

“Fiera dulfy • 4 days ago
I can confirm that you will lose the Tionese set bonus if you put a black
hole armoring in it. I lost the Columi bonus on my assassin leggings
due to using a crafted 63 armoring.”

Account wide cap?

Hi guys,

i’ve just heard / read about a 800 account wide cap for those commendations.
Is this just a misunderstanding about the overflow?
Is there such a cap?

Would appreciate some info if someone has it.

TBH, i don’t put anything past EA-BW anymore 🙁


i don’t have a problem with this system i actually don’t like how you can get geared super fast in the game currently i allways thought it take time so this makes perfect sense to me and i love it. Yes it will be a pain to gear up 2 character but is still like it

The picture of the classic gear vendor you postet shows campaign and dread guard items. Does that mean i can buy capaign and dread guard gear with classic comms? I mean those two are rating 146 (Campaign) and rating 150 (Dread Guard). If yes, why should i buy campaign in the first place??

Oh never mind my last post. Only the relics ar bouth with classic comms. Dread Guard gear requiers unassembled tokens 🙂

I checked the daily/weekly space mission commendation proceeds yesterday, and found them to be as follows:
* regular missions below the L48 one: no change (travel prices have gone up, though)
* L48 mission (Impossible Sector / Ascendancy Barrier): the 2 Daily commendations have been replaced by 4 Classic commendations.
* Daily heroic missions: the 2 Black Hole and 5 Daily commendations have been replaced by 2 Elite and 5 Basic Commendations.
I could not test the weekly (it’s not sunday yet), but it is fairly safe to extrapolate that its 4 Black Hole and 10 Daily commendations have been replaced by 4 Elite and 10 Basic commendations.

Just a thought, if i go to a low level planet with one of my lvl 50’s and run throgh the heroic quests like a hot knife through butter to get classic coms i could then buy modifications and mail them to an alt with a piece of Bing on Legacy gear, while the alt uses his weekly comms for other pieces.
My point is that if you get comms that are worth the same from low level planets as high level planets for buying high level gear then you could very quickly and easily get to your cap, spend them, mail them and gear up quickly.
Presumably your 50, soon to be 55 is only interested in the top two tiers of comms anyway.
Have i missed something in the patch notes on classic comms that would prevent you from doing this?
p.s – Awesome resouce site btw.

comms ratios?
Why is daily in 1:4 ratio to classic comms and after patch it will be 1:1 coz u will get classic comms on BH,Ilum, Sec X dailys..

I tried gearing up a companion with comms/tokens, like I do on the regular server. This one uses a non-standard weapon. Just pull the mods, no big deal, right? Except the barrel won’t transfer, saying it’s bound to a different item.
Also, it seems weird to me that we’ll get a classic comm for the dailies, but the current dailies will transfer at 4:1.

The coms are set kind of low but I think tokens also will drop off boss’s to gear up with. I think They don’t want people to take the easy way out and just gear up off of coms.

Hey Dulfy,

In the equipment section, you state: “Level 55 basic gear (sold via Basic Gear vendor) is rating 156 with L66 mods (slightly better than Dread Guard). This is used as a starter group content gear and purchased with Basic Commendations”

Since you can in fact buy Lvl 55 gear with Basic Comms, doesn’t it make the most sense to save ALL your coms, not matter what they are, to use Basic Comms to buy lvl 55 gear?

Hey dulfy, I was wondering if the daily comm vendors that sell armorings and barrels/hilts are selling those for classic comms in 2.0, and if so are they still selling grade 23 or did they get an upgrade?

Thank you for everything you do.

Dulfy, in your opinion, which commendations are worth keeping until after 2.0 drops and which should we offload now? Took a long break and just came back so I’m a little behind par as far as knowledge of gear, stats, etc

If you can, I would unload all of them now (except for fleet and warzone comms). If you take a look at the chart I had compiled under classic commendations, most items in 2.0 are significantly more expensive than what they are right now. Even the 2.0 campaign gear is more expensive than purchasing black hole gear + campaign armoring.

I wouldn’t unload immediately right now incase they change it. I would wait until say a day or 2 before the patch incase they make the conversion ratios better.

Dulfy, here’s full info for the loot tables/comm rewards associated with SM TFB as it stands on PTS. We just ran this tonight.

Writhing Horror:

1 Black Market Piece

4 Elite Comms

Frog Mini-Boss:

2 Grade 10 Equalizers

2 Elite Comms

Dread Guards:

1 Black Market Piece

4 Elite Comms

Old Box New Miniboss:

2 Grade 10 Equalizers

2 Elite Comms

Operator IX:

Arkanian Boots

1 Black Market Piece

4 Elite Comms

Old Box New Miniboss:

2 Grade 10 Equalizers

2 Elite Comms


Arkanian Headgear

2 Black Market Pieces

1 Grade 10 Equalizer

4 Elite Comms

Terror from Beyond:

Arkanian Offhand

2 Black Market Pieces

1 Grade 10 Equalizer

4 Elite Comms

The Weekly Terror from Beyond mission also gave 20 Elite Comms, 20 Ultimate Comms.

The non-repeatable TFB story mission gave 5 Ultimate Comms, 4 Grade 10 Equalizers, 2 Grade 10 Mass Generators.

From what I’ve seen, there’s no more BH/Campaign or Dread guard/Hazmat earpieces nor implants. What implants/ear will lvl 50s use? Will players be able to buy them from vendors, or will they come only as a drop?

With Campaign/Black Hole gear being the new lvl 50 starter gear does that mean everyone currently a level 50 will get that gear set like getting Tionese set when we reached lvl 50? If not, does it make sense not to level a character to level 50 until after 2.0 is released to get the Campaign/Black Hole gear?

BTW, awesome site.

1. I am not sure but it is highly unlikely given that HM Level50 FPs in 2.0 drops black holes etc. 2) It depends if you want to jump in 50-55 content right away after 2.0 or if you are okay with taking it slow. If you want to experience Makeb and all the new stuff right away, I would gear up in black hole/campaign armoring right now

When you sell “Unassemled pieces” (Columi, Rakata etc) to a vendor – does this then count towards the weekly CAP on Classic COMMS?

Do you think it is worth saving up some unassemled pieces to take along to 2.0.?

Thanks for a great site 🙂

yes it does I believe. Yes if you have any columi/rakata unassemebled pieces, definitely save them up to exchange for classic comms as you can get campaign gear from classic comms which is better than columi/rakata

I transferred a character to the PTS in order to verify.

I can confirm that when selling an unassemled piece it does count towards the weekly CAP.
Furthermore… if you buy an item from the vendor – and return it again, then this sale also counts towards the weekly CAP. Which means, that if you hit the CAP of 200 on a week, then buys and item and sells it again, then u get no comms for it.

That happenend to me. I guess that ought to be changed 🙂


HI is there Any overflow cap on WZ communications and ranked WZ communications? I’am trying to find out what is the best to do with WZ communications. Any Tips here?

Hey there Dulfy Would you happen to know if the Tionese/Columi/Rakata gearsets will be able to be crafted or if we can buy them anywhere else. I’m one of the few that don’t want to see those sets removed

I was reading the posts on this comment and I just want a confirmation that Space Heroics reward Elite Commendations and is that just for the daily quest?

For some reason all these changes remind me so much of the ones made at WoW when their expansion came out. (One prior to this last one) where Blizzard made all types of ridiculous changes just just like BioWare is doing just for the sake of making changes.

So that is a fact if i fill my inventory full of all the unassembled Columi/Rakata pieces even on new fifties, i will no have to grind at all to get full campaign on my lv50 toons(this is considering that i dont mind doing all the weeklies now, to get them all in sm ops), or is there a limit to how many u can carry over?

Don’t know if it’s been said yet, but doing Section X dailies got me 1 basic and 1 classic comm in addition to the rep item.

Didn’t see it in here, but Tionese Crystals are converted to Planetary Comms. Also Makeb Planet Vendor is already on fleet with Rakata lvl items. Not sure if they are BOP or can be purchased before lvl 50.

So, if I understand that correctly, there will be nothing new to buy with Daily / BH commendations in 2.0 except for the two Inhibitors, and all these ‘old’ items (you can then buy for Classic Commendations) are more expensive. Am I getting this right? If so, there would be absolutely no use for Classic Commendations if you already have everything that can right now be bought with Daily / BH comms (aside from equipping alts with BH / Campaign gear). Could you confirm this in case I missed something? Because if I got this right I would spend all my BH commendations to equip my alts…

I forgot something: The Classic commendation vendor apparently doesn’t sell Dread Guard Relics any more. Would it make sense to buy them for an alt yet with daily commendations, or will there be better Relics right from the beginning of 2.0 and this would only be a waste of commendations?

I just checked, the classic commendation vendor still sells them for 150 classic commendations each. Definitely better to buy them now if you have the daily comms since they cost only 300 daily comms atm, which converts to like 75 classic commmendations (4:1 ratio)

So, if you currently have Tionese comm’s, would it be better to spend them all now or wait until after the expansion comes out?

Quick question. Were the vehicles from the daily comm vendors still there in 2.0 or did they disappear? Been debating if I should snag one before the patch hits. Thanks!

just a update from a dev on the SWTOR site (in the general forums)


Hi telosweb,

This is a great question! The Patch Notes will include the following
weekly limits for each Commendation type, which will reset at the same
time as the weekly Operations lock out reset schedule. Please note that these have been updated and are not the same numbers that were on the PTS:

Planetary Commendations – Unlimited Weekly; 50 Maximum

Classic Commendations – 200 Weekly; 400 Maximum

Basic Commendations – 300 Weekly; 600 Maximum

Elite Commendations – 200 Weekly; 400 Maximum

Ultimate Commendations – 150 Weekly; 300 Maximum

Additionally, with Game Update 2.0 there will be a one-time “overflow”
limit in place that will allow players to go above the maximum.
Planetary Commendations will have an overflow limit of 100, and Classic
Commendations will have an overflow limit of 800. Basic, Elite, and
Ultimate Commendations do not have overflow limits. The overflow limits
are not in addition to the maximums amounts above; they’re the total
number of Commendations of that type that players will be able to hold
after Game Update 2.0. Anything converted above the overflow limit will
be lost. Players who have used the overflow limit and have more than
the maximum number of Commendations will not be able to gain new
Commendations until they fall below the maximum amounts.


Hi again!

It was pointed out that the conversions I gave don’t list the Tionese
Crystal:Planetary Commendation ratio, which is 2:1. We’ll get the Patch
Notes updated with this info as well.

I have a question, and couldn’t find it in the responses. Do the unassembled columi/rakata/campaign pieces automatically convert to comms when 2.0 is launched, or can we turn them in for comms at our leisure?

Hey, if anyone can answer this question, it would be really helpful.

Do the classic comms from trading in unassembled columis count towards the weekly cap of 200? Meaning, is it possible to collect unassembled columis right now, and trade them all in the day 2.0 releases to obtain a full campaign set that day? Thanks!

Yes I think they count towards the cap. Also say if you are at 190 and you trade in, your cap will kick in and you only get 10 comms for your worth rather than 75 for those unassembled pieces. This was the case on the pts anyways not sure if they fixed or not.

The weekly cap is gone on Classic comms as of 2.0.1 that went live yesterday — my main just turned in a dozen unassembled pieces that had been sitting in the cargo hold and has just short of the new “maximum held” amount of 1k. Enough to finsih gearing up my healing companion to full campaign (from Columi), and to get at least the 4-piece bonus for a couple of alts that are about to hit 50, thanks also to the cheap(ish) Bind-on-Legacy reputation sets on the Makeb orbital station vendor.

Just got a commando to a micky hair off 50, with a quest finished in “pending” ready to crack 50. As it is at 50 now you get a reward bag in mail or via quest terminal (forget which, similar to starter pvp gear bag from pvp quest terminal) with 99 tionese comms. Will there be an equivalent bag in 2.0 for fresh 50’s with classic comms? Basically wondering should I save hitting 50 so can gear up 2.0 next week in welfare black hole gear?

I have been playing SWTOR since launch, I am a sub. For a moment I let my sub lapse curious about the “F2P” and honestly? The F2P is more or less a demo. Nothing more in my opinion. It was meant for better terms “a bite of the cookie” taste it before you buy. It was not meant for a long term “taste test”.

You do not get your “crafting skills” you do not get to wear artifacts, you are limited in everything. If you enjoy this game, the interaction in the community, the guilds and what have you, why not sub?

If you are under the age of consent, unable to get a job. take a neighbors trash out a week, walk a few dogs, mow a yard. Right there “you have your sub” paid for, then like the rest of us hard working, hard paying people of the SWTOR community, you are not limited.

I invested lots of money in the purchase of the game, the game that “You” now get for free. I understand the “business” model of allowing people to have a taste test, sample the menu before investing. But if this isn’t a fly by night sampling for you, and you enjoy the many aspects of this game, why not sub? If you sub then swtor continues to grow, stories develop. You become an investor in the future of a game that I personally enjoy.

I want to see the levels grow to 85 or so, I want more expansion packs, added WZ’s, WZ ranked games. I want to see this game flourish and become but not entirely like WoW. (Never played WoW) I’m speaking of the expansions primarily.

This game has great possibilities to expand further, i would like to see that.

So instead of griping constantly about what “you do not get” with the f2p, keep in mind, it was never meant to be a long term solution, it was meant more or less to be a sampling of what You could have in SWTOR.

Much love,

Ariinae (Sith)
Zyra’vi (Pub)

Do you have any idea how the fresh 50’s will get their new gear? I have a couple high levels on their way to 50, and I have no idea on how to gear them…

Just did Weekly Priority Targets at lvl 52, I got the Basic, Planetary, and Classic Comms listed, but no Elite Comms. Will this change at 55 or is the info stating 3 Elite Comms wrong here?

U schouders State under the elite comms sectio’s That u can earn 12 elite comms by completing the makeb weekly 🙂

So where do I turn in won set pieces like the underworld implant? I went to the vendor and only saw options to buy with elite comms (no trade)

There is now Operation vendor for each class, located nearby the other vendors, at the back wall that take tokens, from what I know.

This article needs a fair bit of re-working, mostly due to the new gear sets introduced in patch 2.4, and (and other smaller changes in the period from 2.0 to 2.4) — is one in the works?

[…] Swtor commendations gadget in patch 2.0 – dulfy Description: an summary of the swtor commendations and currency adjustments presently on the pts for patch update april 7, 2013 – weekly cap for more than a few commendations was. PDF File name: Swtor commendations gadget in patch 2.0 – dulfy PDF source: dulfy.web download PDF: Swtor commendations gadget in patch 2.0 – dulfy […]

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