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SWTOR Cartel Warlords Scum and Villainy operation boss guide

SWTOR operation boss guide for Cartel Warlords (Vilus Garr, Captain Horic, Toraga, and Sunder), the sixth boss in Scum Villainy, a new Level 55 operation located on planet of Darvannis. Both storymode and hardmode guides are available.


Boss Health
Vilus Garr 672k
Captain Horic 672k
Tu’chuk 672k
Sunder 672k



Mechanics Strategy
Suggested kill order Vilus Garr <–> Captain Horic –> Tu’chuk <–> Sunder
Taunt Immunity Both Vilus Garr and Captain Horic have taunt immunity and cannot be taunted.
Battle Companions If one of the Warlord dies and any of the remaining ones are significantly injured, they will get heal for quite a bit. Basically, focus your DPS and kill them one at a time.
Spray and Pray (Captain Horic) Conal attack directed at one person in the raid. Raid should be positioned in an arc in front of Horic so that the conal attack doesn’t hurt the whole raid.
Fixate (Sunder) Sunder will fixate on the closest person to him and walk towards their direction. A tank should be the closest player to Sunder at all times to keep aggro. If he fixates on someone else, tank can still taunt him back.
Immobilize and Knockback (Tu’Chuk) Tu’Chuk will utilize this once both Vilus or Horic are killed. Tanks do not want to put their backs to a wall as they will get knocked back into it and receive significant damage from a debuff called Near Wall.
Cartel Lieutenant (x3) These adds spawn once all the warlords but one are killed. They cannot be taunted.
The End (Sunder) An ability Sunder uses if he is the only Warlord left. It is a 5 second cast and at the end of the cast he deals massive damage to the target with threat. Use defensive cooldowns to survive it.
Damage Increase (Tu’Chuk) If Tu’Chuk is the last of the warlords left alive, he will gain a stacking buff that increases his damage output and the fight becomes a burn phase.

Cartel Warlords is basically a group of 4 bosses: Vilus Garr, Captain Horic, Toraga, and Sunder. The fight isn’t particularly hard but the surviving bosses do gain additional abilities as each warlord is killed.

The suggested kill order is Vilus Garr <–> Captain Horic –> Tu’Chuk <–> Sunder. The raid should focus DPS on one warlord at a time as these guys heal up if they get significantly injured when the other warlords are killed.

Phase 1 – Vilus Garr & Captain Horic

swtor-captain-horic-cartel-warlords-scum-and-villainy-operations-guideBoth Vilus Garr and Captain Horic have taunt immunity so they cannot be tanked and must be killed quickly. Sunder and Tu’Chuk can be tanked. Sunder tank can  kite Sunder around and make sure they are the closest person to Sunder due to his Fixate ability (he will fixate on whoever is closest to him and follow them). If Sunder fixate on a DPS or healer, he can be taunted back onto the tank. Sunder doesn’t activate his Fixate ability until one of the warlords is killed. Tu’Chuk can be tanked normally but once one of the warlords is killed he will perform knockbacks and immobilize on the tank.

Vilus Garr isn’t too much of a threat. He has an Explosive Surge ability that deals around 3.7k damage and pops in/out of stealth constantly. Captain Horic is much of an issue due to his Spray and Pray ability that deals 3.4k every second for 5 seconds if you don’t move out of his conal.

All DPS and healers should form an arc around Captain Horic so that if someone get targeted by Spray and Pray they can move and not get the rest of the raid sprayed (the conal stays fixed in a direction once the channel starts so you can move out of it), You will know who receives the conal as there will be a red text message on the screen.

If Captain Horic is killed first, Vilus Garr will gain the ability to grapple players to him before throwing down the Explosive Surge.

Phase 2 – Tu’Chuk & Sunder

Once Vilus and Horic are dead, phase 2 starts. Tu’Chuk’s tank will need to becareful to not have their back near a wall as the walls actually put a debuff on you called Near Wall that basically stun and hurt you if you get knocked into it by Tu’Chuk.

Meanwhile, the Sunder tank can keep kiting Sunder around and get ready for phase 3, which begins once either Tu’Chuk or Sunder is killed.


Phase 3 – Remaining Warlord  & Cartel Lieutenants

Once Tu’Chuk or Sunder is killed, three champion Cartel Lieutenants will spawn and they cannot be taunted. The remaining Warlord will gain additional new abilities.

Sunder, if left alive, will now cast a 5 second ability called The End. This attack deals massive single target damage to the target with threat (i.e. the tank) but they can survive through it if they have a defensive cooldowns.


Tu’chuk, if left alive, will gain a stacking buff that increase his damage output and this phase becomes a burn phase to kill Tu’chuk before he gain too many stacks. You can ignore Cartel Lieutenants and just focus on Tu’chuk.



Boss Health
Vilus Garr 834k
Captain Horic 834k
Tu’chuk 834k
Sunder 834k



Mechanics Strategy
Suggested kill order Captain Horic –> Vilus Garr –> Sunder –> Tu’chuk

Hardmode doesn’t have any noticeable new mechanics compared to storymode. As expected, all of the bosses do much more damage and have more HP.

Captain Horic/Vilus Garr

Captain Horic’s Spray and Pray is quite deadly in hardmode and can quickly kill someone if they don’t move out of it fast enough. If Horic is killed first , Vilus Garr gain the ability to grapple other players to him to deploy the AoE Explosive Surge (hits 6.6k on hardmode) but it can be easily healed through.Whoever you kill first will depend on your raid group but I personally had an easier time killing Horic first as Vilus Garr was not hard to heal through.

Horic may also have an AoE DoT (looks like Corrosive Grenade – green icon) that should be cleansed. 


If your raid have enough DPS, Sunder should definitely be killed first. With just Tu’Chuk remaining, the fight becomes a DPS burn and you can pretty much ignore the Cartel Lieutenant adds that spawn (they don’t do a whole lot of damage). Tu’Chuk’s damage isn’t much of an issue until he gains 10 stacks. From 10 stacks on, he will likely 2-3 shot a tank so defensive cooldowns should be used.

Lacking DPS, Tu’Chuk can be killed first but you will need to deal with the Cartel Lieutenants and Sunder’s The End ability which is a bit harder to manage but doable if you have shadow/assassin tanks with shorter defensive CD cooldowns.

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Our kill order was Horic, Garr, Sunder and finally Tu’chuk. on our first try we did try Sunder before Tu’chuk but found that he would one shot our tank. By killing Sunder third that left our other tank to help with the adds and Tu’chuk didnt seem to have any new abilities.

But then the good strat is the one that works.


If you leave Tu’chuk last, he gets a stacking buff that increases his damage significantly. So basically it becomes a serious burn phase. I believe I had him go up to 15 stacks before we brought him down.

You still get 3 ranged adds, but we ignored them due to the stacks buidling on Tu’Chuk

We did try Sunder last, but “The End” was just too painful. Felt Tu’chuk last was easier.

We also tried to dps both of them down to 10% then kill Sunder. However, from our experience Tu’Chuk healed to a 100%. Not sure if it is supposed to be the case though

Oh, and one more thing. It seems like when each boss dies, the other bosses gain some ability.

For example, I was kiting Sunder. He did not fixate until the first boss was down. But even if he fixates, you can taunt him back to you and he will come back.

Second boss down, he occassionally jumped on me and hit me about 3 to 4 times for about 6k each. He also jumped on a DPS once, and the dps barely managed to survive

Yeah, but we wanted to try it out since the buff only stated they would be heal for a large amount, and not to full. Thought that if it was just about 50% or something, it would make the last boss easier to kill. Guess we were wrong.

all the bosses have a buff that will bring their HP back to full when one other die.
Horus and Garr cannot be taunted or interrupted. that made them our first choice to kill.

Ty for noticing the stacking buff on Tu’chuk. Yesterday since we were all fully geared that was not a problem. It might be one when the Xpac comes on live.

We did Horic first since Garr steath in and out. We felt that killing a constant dps boss would be easier on our healers.

Garr second. Sunder did get an other ability, Focus on one player but having all the raid at the end of the room and having the Sunder’s kite tank running were we entered made it easy for the kite tank to retaunt.
I can’t remember if Tu’chuk started to punt me into the wall after Horic died. I did tank him on the far right corner of the map. He would throw me against the raised floor. I didnt notice the debuff from being thrown into the “wall” and my healers didnt complain. I will definitively be watching for that debuff next time.
Sunder was then our third. that when smoothly. As he died the kite tank got aggro on the adds, killed them then we burned Tu’chuk. As mentioned before Tu’chuk didn’t get any new mechanics that I noticed. Healers having only me to focus on managed to keep me up even if he had his stacking buff.

I was tanking Sunder, managed to die twice to him but we still oneshotted whole encounter. Around time second boss died he started immobilizing me, so it really seems like they get new ability after one of them dies. I’m almost certain that skill gained after first death is fixate. Looking at threat logs, it appears that taunting him during fixate does not increase threat by usual amount, but only by 2. He never performed any leap, only immobilize and steady advance. I died twice, but managed tu survive one The End without using CD, probably thanks to running as far as I managed from boss, as skill did only half of it’s usual damage(it wasn’t shielded, I checked).

As a Jugg tank in HM, Sunder’s The End is survivable about four times. Saber Reflect completely avoids the damage. Saber Ward + Endure Pain leaves me with about 10% health. Invincible leaves me with 30-40% health. Saber Reflect should then be off CD for the fourth The End cast.

In SM, we tried killing Vilus last. When he’s last up, he gains an ability called “Stabbing Spree”, where he stealths to a random target and stunlocks them for 20s while stabbing them repeatedly. We were unprepared, so died, but it seems survivable as it’s just focus-healing a single target, and a Sorc can pull the target out of the stunlock if needed. Not sure if it would be feasible in HM.

One small note to I might add is that Sunder was able to use Hold the Line (indicated by orange-ish circle animation under his feet) to move really fast and catch up to our tank occasionally. In addition, he was also able to cast a Leg Shot to slow the kiting tank down. These two things started happening after we had defeated the first two already. I believe the Leg Shot could be cleansed.

We had our shadow tank kiting him which is a good call due to frequent force speeds and the ability to resilience The End.

Not seeing anything about it but here it is: If Sunder cannot fixate/hit his target the entire group will evade

Having a Juggernaut tank and keeping Sunder up for last seems to work really well.
We let the other tank take the first hit. You can either focus down the adds if your dps can take Sunder out before the Enrage, or let your healers just heal through the damage.

2nd The End – Saber Reflect – 0 damage
3rd The End – Pop both Saber Ward and Invincible and get taken down only to about 80% of my full health
4th The End – Saber Reflect – 0 damage

He enrages about then, so if your dps hasn’t brought him down yet you’re going to be toast before the next The End anyway.

If you get snared, in addition to dispels from the healers both Intercede and Unleash work well to get you out. Also you can opt to keep at least one of the Lieutenants up and a carefully placed Guard combined with the new Juggernaut talent “Rule of Two” translates into a continuous 30% movement increase.

From what I have experienced with is a different kill order. Captain Horic > Tu’chuk > Sunder > Vilus Garr. Reason is simple. Vilus Garr will randomly port to one person in the Op and basically perma stun them. CC breakers and healers can cure this. What we did was stacked in a pile and AOE’d the adds down. This also causes him to port within a 5 meter range of everyone. Much easier than chasing Sunder around the battlement and trying to get good dps on him.

Copy/paste from my mmo-mechanic forum’s post:

“Hey guys,

We tried a new technique on the cartel warlord 8HM today, and down them on our first try:

We took down Cpt Horric first,

then ranged dps focused sunder, while melee dps focused Tu’chuk, bringing both under 10% health,

After that the whole party (except the tank kiting sunder) pack close to
Tu’chuk with all dps focusing Vilus garr, bringing him under 10% while
tanks brought sunder and Tu’chuk under 5k health.

One dps then bring Vilus Garr under 5k health, and we finish the 3 of
them with a death field (in our case) or an orbital strike.

Pros: no adds,

no immobilize/The end from sunder,

no bump/stacks from Tu’chuk

Cons: Tu’chuk enraged and started hitting hard while we were nitpicking about their healthes level,

you might want to have a dps with 110% tech/force precision giving the coup de grace to avoid any bad surprise ^^”

my guild does this: horic –> sunder —> vilus —> tu’chuk.
the reason we do this is because of vilus jumping around the room. we take out sunder and then bring tu’chuk to the mid. we all stack on tu’chuk and focus on vilus. that way when he jumps around he is always within the melees range.

we were having problems with this fight til we did it this way. we havent wiped since (in hm that is)

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