SWTOR Galactic Solutions Industries GSI Vendor

A list of items sold by the upcoming SWTOR patch 2.0 Galactic Solutions Industries (GSI) reputation vendor on Nar Shaddaa. Items includes mounts and two new suits of armor.

GSI Reputation

GSI or Galactic Solutions Industries is a new reputation introduced with patch 2.0. You increase your standings with Galactic Solutions Industries by completing missions provided by GSI terminals across the galaxy.

Vendor Location

Nar Shaddaa Upper Promenade


Vendor items

Item Price Function
GSI Triangulation Enhance Mark I 25000 credits Increase range and accuracy of post-dig sonar pulse
Schematic: GSI Triangulation Enhance Mark II 5000 credits, Friend standing, Cybertech 450 Increase range and accuracy of post-dig sonar pulse
GSI EMP-03 Explorer 1 Explorer Turbine Jet Engine
1 Explorer Chassis
1 Explorer Repulsorlift
1 Explorer Steering Mechanism
Mount, adaptive to your speeder training. No level requirement
GSI HMF-03 Exploiter 1 Exploiter Turbine Jet Engine
1 Exploiter Chassis
1 Exploiter Repulsorlift
1 Exploiter Steering Mechanism
Mount, adaptive to your speeder training.
No level requirement 
GSI PMP-06 Pleasure Speeder 1 Pleasure Speeder  Turbine Jet Engine
1 Pleasure Speeder Chassis
1 Pleasure Speeder  Repulsorlift
1 Pleasure Speeder Steering Mechanism
1 Pleasure Speeder Visual Amplification Device
1 Pleasure Speeder Sub-space Music Transceiver
Mount, adaptive to your speeder training.
No level requirement
GSI Infiltration MKI Armor (7 pc set) 10k-25k credits per piece. Requires Friend standing with GSI Bind to Legacy, no level requirement
GSI Tactical Assault MKI  Armor (7 pc set) 10k-25k credits per piece. Requires Champion standing with GSI Bind to Legacy, no level requirement


GSI PMP-06 Pleasure Speeder


GSI EMP – Explorer


GSI HMF-03 Exploiter



GSI Infiltration MKI armor


GSI Tactical Assault Armor MKI




  • Chrix

    The fact that you obtain the Mounts by getting parts for it just seems like a very good idea. I’d like to go on a massive Scavanger hunt for parts.

    • Indeed! 🙂

    • Sarigar

      With the success of the HK quest, I think we’re likely to see more ‘scavenger hunt’ questlines, which I am perfectly fine with (provided the difficulty to obtain tops out at HM FP level, not HM Operation or tougher).

      • Wayne Wiley

        some of the new quest on the new plante is like this.

  • Jorril

    Bioware can up with a good idea with this one. Definitely outside of the box thinking from most mmo’s. Might be hope for them yet

  • jairis

    Hey dulfy check out the new rancor wb on Corellia. ita in the center of axial park.

    • jairis

      Woot I participated in the world first kill, a joint operation with the pubs!!! Woot.

      • Venemal

        If you are so unfortunate to have Lucky kill you, you are given a Codex Entry called “Unlucky” as well as the Unlucky title.

  • Michael Lagor

    Finally, its the SPEEDER BIKE! I have ALWAYS wanted that for a mount!

    Also, seems kinda WoW-like, similar to how archeology worked.

    • jairis

      i know right, i was so excited when the Hyrotii scrapper came out, only to find it was broken! D:

      • Hermod

        The clue was in the name

    • Lenius @ToFN

      GSI Tactical Assault Armor MKI: meh.
      GSI Infiltration Armor MKI: meh.
      GSI HMF-03 Exploiter: meh.
      GSI PMP-06 Pleasure Speeder: meh.
      GSI EMP-03 Explorer: OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG I’ve been waiting for this since launch!!
      Well, ok. The helmets are also kind of cool. At least they have new unique models.

    • I think everyone has been waiting for this thing. And such a tease, having them as travel point speeders for so long 😐

  • frf

    The mounts are ok. But… are they kidding us? Again stupid recolored existing armor. This becomes ridiculous! BioWare has a very poor skilled design team.

  • enderandrew

    Do you need Cybertech 450 to buy and use the scanner?

    Are people without that crew skill screwed on trying to get the speeders?

    • Cybertech 450 is only required for one of the scanner schematics. That item is tradeable I believe so you will be able to get it on the GTN

  • mandalol

    uhm, something is wrong with the helmets? do they make your char’s hair visible or is it just a bug?

    • Hmm I thought it was a design feature? Like your hair is suppose to pop out.

  • Aino

    I was able to find GSI vendors and terminals on Tatoonie, Hoth, and Alderaan right outside the spaceports. The terminals were all unactive and the vendors only sold the probes and stims/medpacks.

  • Maddoc

    Is there a method to gain rep with them live on PTS yet?

  • OvanOhOne

    Dulfy, you can use the scanner’s you get from the GSI vendors at the Stardream Crash on Tatooine. It’s only in that area does it activate. I’ll continue looking for more areas.

    • OvanOhOne

      I found the exact spot but I had no Seeker Droid to use. 🙁 They aren’t being sold at the vendor so I’m assuming they come from the incomplete droid vendor on Nar Shaddaa.

  • Abkha

    Found a vendor on Alderaan that sells the first 2 probes listed. Possible that parts could be found there?

  • Rai Reaver

    More great looking gear and speeders. While the gree stuff was tron-esque this one looks sorta robotech in style. So much to do in this game. The only problem these days is the servers filling up and having to wait.

  • Sidkiller

    were do you start all the missions i see terminals but they don’t do anything.

    • They are part of Makeb I think and not available on the PTS

  • Stickleback

    Got 1 Pleasure Speeder Sub-space Music Transceiver from The Golden Fury 8-man normal Ops in Toborro’s Courtyard.

  • Tim

    Any hints on where to look for speeder parts?

  • Malice

    The bino’s and the seeker are found when you hit lv 52, talk to two droids on makeb gravity hook (Imp) and you will recieve them and be able to access the daily mission terminals and look for treasure areas with the binos (Look up in the sky with them) outlaws den is one such area to find speeder parts along with junk and lv 53 green modification items and some blue armours.

  • Jezz

    Two things. Once someone finds the part of the speader in a specific treasure area, its no longer usable (for how long?). The other thing is – as far as i know seeker droid will excavate the parts (True? False?)

    • 1) For a couple hrs at least. Go to another spot in the same planet or go to one of the dig sites that cannot be depleted.

      2) True

      • Jezz

        Yeah i had just found the explorer engine at black box area. It’s lame they had blocked the chance to get it for others because some have been just plugged to their PCs. >.< I had found all the places i think, but they are already used all the time (3 last days)…

  • I think the survey probes available for sale have changed since PTS 2.0. They now seem to be based on (vaguely) improving the accuracy and range of the seeker droid post-dig scan.

  • Cocoabeans

    t’s about time they added the speeder bike.

  • omarzon@ToFN

    does the geoscanner be remove from the schematic vendor!?

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