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SWTOR Patch 2.0 new crafting materials and schematics

An overview of the new crafting materials and schematics available in SWTOR Patch 2.0.

Crafting Materials

Old Crafting Materials

You can now train all crafting skills to 450, from the previous cap of 400. This means that there are now two new tiers of crafting materials as well. They are Grade 9, which is your regular mats you can get by running crew skill missions, and Grade 10, rare mats mostly found in operations.


  • Grade 6 used to be the max grade of the regular mats you get from running crew skill missions
  • Grade 7 were exotic crafting mats such as Biometric Crystal Alloy and Alien Data Cube.
  • Grade 8 were exotic crafting mats such as Molecular Stabilizers and Synthetic Energy Matrix

Grade 10 Exotic Crafting Materials

swtor-exotic-element-equalizerExotic Element Equalizer
  • Obtained from operations
    • Last boss of Scum and Villainy
    • Accomplished Arms Trader mini boss within Scum and Villainy
    • Chests and frog boss within Terror from Beyond
  • Obtained from L55 HM FPs
    • Last boss have a chance to drop one
  • Obtained by REing Arkanian gear
swtor-mass-manipulation-generatorMass Manipulation Generator  

Grade 9 Crafting Materials

Mission Skills  
Treasure Hunting  
swtor-mytag-crystalMytag Crystal Grade 9 Gemstone
swtor-impeccable-orange-crystalImpeccable Orange Crystal Grade 9 Gemstone
swtor-impeccable-yellow-crystalImpeccable Yellow Crystal Grade 9 Gemstone
swtor-rainbow-gemRainbow Gem Grade 9 Gemstone
Underworld Trading  
swtor-beryliusBerylius Grade 9 Underworld Metal
swtor-frasiumFrasium Grade 9 Underworld Metal
swtor-hyperclothHypercloth Grade 9 Luxury Fabric
swtor-medical-grade-injectorMedical Grade Injector Grade 9 Medical Supplies
swtor-sterilization-kitSterilization Kit Grade 9 Medical Supplies
Gathering Skills  
swtor-primordial-artifact-fragmentPrimordial Artifact Fragment Grade 9 Artifact Fragment
swtor-perfect-carbonic-crystalPerfect Carbonic Crystal Grade 9 Power Crystal
swtor-carbonic-crystalCarbonic Crystal Grade 9 Power Crystal
swtor-viral-residueViral Residue Grade 9 Biochemical Compound
swtor-artificial-microbeArtificial Microbe Grade 9 Biochemical Compound
swtor-metabolic-enhancement-agentMetabolic Enhancement Agent Grade 9 Biochemical Sample
swtor-biochemical-compounding-compoundBiochemical Compounding Compound Grade 9 Biochemical Sample
Rybcoarse Implant Processor Crafting Vendor
swtor-mythraMythra Grade 9 Scavenged Metal
swtor-turadiumTuradium Grade 9 Scavenged Compound
swtor-thermal-regulatorThermal Regulator Grade 9 Sliced Tech Part
swtor-bio-mechanical-interface-chipBio-Mechanical Interface Chip Grade 9 Sliced Tech Part


Endgame Schematics

  • Highest augment level is 28, whose schematic cannot be learned from the trainer (trainer only goes up to 26). Their schematics are obtained via slicing missions that crit. These augments are designed to fit into Augmentation kit MK-9, which can be learned from the trainer
  • High end gear such Arkanian have mods with the 30 suffix (i.e. Advanced Resolve Armoring 30). These have a 10% chance to learn the schematic on RE. They utilize the new grade 10 mats to craft (4 Exotic Element Equalizer, 1 Mass Manipulation Generator).
  • You can also learn the orange shells of the high end armor by REing them.
  • There is a 20% chance to learn a schematic from REing  a green item. 10% chance to learn a schematic from REing a blue item.

Schematics learned by REing

Schematic Level Materials Note
Armoring 30 55
  • 2 Tricooper Flux
  • 2 Mythra
  • 2 Turadium
  • 4 Exotic Element Equalizer
  • 1 Mass Manipulation Generator
Mod 30 55
  • 2 Tricooper Flux
  • 2 Mythra
  • 2 Turadium
  • 4 Exotic Element Equalizer
  • 1 Mass Manipulation Generator
Arkanian Implant 55
  • 4 Metabolic Enhancement Agent
  • 2 Biological Compounding Chemical
  • 2 Medical Grade Injector
  • 4 Exotic Elemental Equlizer
  • 2 Sterilization Kit


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94 replies on “SWTOR Patch 2.0 new crafting materials and schematics”

I received an Armormech orange recipe from Underworld Trading, if that helps. Don’t remember the name right now, sorry.

Thanks for the info dulfy. I’ve seen corundum powder and need tricopper flux in some of my schematics though and I didn’t see them in the crew skill vendor. Any ideas where you’d get these from? or is it a case that they should be in the CS vendor and we should have missions for them?

There is a 20% chance to learn a schematic from REing a green item. 10% chance to learn a schematic from REing a blue item.

What items are we talking about? Every green & blue item ? So is this the late bloom for something they wanted to introduce/ promised with… 1.2 or so?

Cheers & thanks for your work Dulfy

From 9 grade Scavenged Metals missions you can get blue material called Hollinium.
And also MK-8,9 augmentation kits use all grade 9 materials except Augmentation slot component, it’s still grade 6 at open version of PTS at least.

Will any of the new schematics use molecular stabilizers/synthetic energy matrix. Or will they remain only for level 50 gear?

How do the new Green L54 Droid Parts compare the ones you can craft the schematics you buy from daily coms?

What is the best path for equipping HK and droid companions in 2.0?

Looking at the Open PTS (March 22), the droid parts are actually L52; furthermore there is only a “tank” set of droid parts, nothing for a damage dealing droid like HK. Therefore, for HK the best path will probably still be the Assassin Droid parts until you can equip him with the new operation gear.

Comparing the QT-9/QT-10 L52 droid parts to the Mandalorian Wardroid Series, there is a different stat distribution.

For the following stats I’m using the estimation that Green->Blue increases the stats by a factor of 1.2, and Blue->Purple increases the stats by a factor of 1.2 again. These values are based on the average stat increases I’ve seen in the armoring pieces. These are conservative estimates for the L52 droid parts, the actual stat values for the purple droid parts could be slightly higher.

Mandalorian Wardroid Set (DT-12 Core, Motor, Parts, Sensor and DT-13 Core, Motor, Parts)
Defense Rating: 225
Shield Rating: 120
Absorption Rating: 84
Accuracy Rating: 180
Aim: 665
Endurance: 936

L52 Purple Estimates (QT-9 Core, Motor, Parts, Sensor and QT-10 Core, Motor, Parts)

Defense Rating: 151
Shield Rating: 133
Absorption Rating: 209
Accuracy Rating: 124
Aim: 743
Endurance: 920
Alacrity Rating: 62

It looks like the droid parts will end up be roughly comparable to each other with possibly a slight edge given to the new parts based on the changes to the stat curves.

Not sure if this was already said or posted somewhere, but I just crit while crafting a Reusable Nano-Infused stim and it got an augment slot.

I wonder if the new Adrenals or Medpack can also get augment slots? 😛

Hmm small problem. I assume that the augment slot itself is at or above mk-6, but I cannot put a mk-6 level augment into the stim. I also cannot put it into the Item Modification Station to see what level it actually is.

Hopefully they just messed up the coding somewhere that allows augments to be added to the slot and we will be able to augment the stims once 2.0 goes live 😉

you also cant wear the stim so it wont change anything to put an augment in it, its a complete different buff.

Man, I hope they add new orange gear for armormech sometime before patch, those synthweaving ones looked pretty good…

to Help I was with her on a WB kill in Cor one time I won’t give my name but I was ..

you can still RE other player made item in in armoring modes etc and get the Schematic like now if any one wants to know I have done it on the PTS once they let us a buy the cooper we needed ..

Since most went straight to the Auto level box, most never noticed. I took a 50 by the crew skill vendor and to be able to go from 401-450, you have to buy Advanced Crew Skill for 10k. Each crew skill you have will cost 10k, so most will pay 3k up front to unlock 401-450.

This is awesome information. One question I had was whether the new grade 10 mats will drop from RE black market gear you acquire with Elite comms? Since its similar to arkanian without set bonus, thought I would ask rather than assume. They wont drop

At the moment, Reverse Engineer chance on crystals is 20%. So far I have learned:

Advanced Black-Red Hawkeye Crystal:
Corundum Powder: 2
Mytag Crystal: 1
Red Polychromic Crystal: 2
Primoridial Artifact Fragment: 2

Advanced Black-Purple Eviscerating Crystal:
Corundum Powder: 2
Mytag Crystal: 1
Red Polychromic Crystal: 1
Blue Polychromic Crystal: 1
Primoridial Artifact Fragment: 2

It seems that there is no difference in materials between the stat values of the same color. In fact, the only thing that changed at all is the color of the Polychromic crystals. I’ll post any more crystals I gain the schematics too. After all, if that’s black-purple…. what’s normal purple? o.0

Although when I looked I noticed an absence of footwear in the new set, just head, chest, legs, and gloves. Are they all like that or do you think they will give us shoes later?

Question. When you use Synthweaving to RE the endgame gear for the orange shell does that gear carry the set bonus? I’ve seen that the current armorings (campaign and dread) carry the set-bonus and was wondering if that changed in 2.0.

Dufly, late question since the PTS is gone. For UT, Diplomacy, and Scavenging are there new levels of companion gifts or do they still return the same ones from the previous tier?

Viral Residue is listed as a bio grade 9 mat but none of your listed schematics seem to use it, what is it for?

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Dulfy, let say we are still lvl 50 and already have crafting 400, can we advance it to 450 and get those schems WITHOUT going to lvl 55? I have some lvl 50 ALTs, but I’m still progressing with my main toon. I wish those ALTs can support me with crafting.

Dulfy, can I advance crew skill from 400 to 450 & learn new schems but the lvl remains 50? I wanna concentrate progressing my main toon (lvl55), but I hope my ALTs can support with crew skills. Thank you

No love for Investigation on the “Grade 9 Crafting Materials” list? 😉 Grade 9 blue researched compound is called Reinforced Transparisteel and Grade 9 purple is Permacrete. Both are needed if you’re crafting those 28 barrels. 🙂

Where exactly does one get the schematic for a black-red crystal or any other black core crystal? What do you need to RE?

do you know if there is possible to craft an orange armor piece with critical success which gives augmentation slot mark 8 or 9? both critical successes gave me only mk-7 augment on lvl 54 items.

There’s an error – Armormech DOES get a new set of orange schematics – Exceptional Powered Assault, which is a gold/black version of the Tionese/Columi/Rakata armor.

Its only the Body Armor, Leggings, Helm, Belt and Gauntlets – no boots as of yet.

Body: 12 Turadium, 10 Mythra, 6 Tricopper flux
Leggings: 12 Turadium, 10 Mythra, 6 Tricopper flux
Helmet: 12 Turadium, 10 Mythra, 6 Tricopper flux
Gauntlets: 10 Turadium, 8 Mythra, 4 Tricopper flux
Belt: 8 Turadium, 8 Mythra, 4 Tricopper flux

I’ve got my cybertech to level 450 and REd armorings 28 to get the advanced (ex: Advanced Force Wielder Armoring 28). Any ideas how to get schematics for level 31 (ex: Advanced Resolve Armoring 31)? Crew skill mentor doesn’t have them. Thanks!

Anyone know what the availability of grade 8 crafting mats is like now? More accessible or still rare and somewhat useless? I ask because I’d like to continue crafting mandalorian war droid gear.

I am a biochem,when i try to RE lv 55 implants, it says that there is no schem available. So how do i get schems for lvl 55?

You can also get Exotic Element Equalizers from running the Tactical mission “Czerka Core Meltdown” and “Corporate Labs”

Has anyone figured out what Impeccable Orange Crystal and Impeccable Yellow Crystal are used for? I’ve only ever gotten 2 or 3 of them, but never found a use and no one I ask knows what they’re for either.

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