SWTOR patch 2.0 coverage guide

A guide to consolidate all the SWTOR patch 2.0 related information. Check this guide for newly added or updated coverage on the PTS.


New Level 55 Gear

Scum and Villainy Operation

Other major features

Patch notes & Other dev posts

Newly added World Boss

  • Lucky, a new rancor world boss on Corellia Axial Park. Rewards the title Unlucky [name]. No good loots.

Patch 2.0 for ROTHC purchasers and non-purchasers

What subscribers will get without purchasing Rise of the Hutt Cartel:

  • Class changes and balancing levels 1-50
  • Any itemization/world changes which affect levels 1-50
  • Legacy Achievements

What subscribers will get if they do purchase Rise of the Hutt Cartel:

  • New Operation: Scum and Villainy
  • Nightmare Mode Terror From Beyond
  • Upgraded level 55 Hard Mode Flashpoints
  • Level cap increase to 55
  • All new Makeb storyline
  • Ashlaboga

    Hiya Dulfy!

    I did the 3/3 WB weekly (Priority Targets) and got some comms and credits as my reward:

    Planetary – 6
    Elite – 3
    Basic – 6
    Classic – 12

    and 19,642 credits.

    Here’s a link to a pic of the rewards: http://i1239.photobucket.com/albums/ff519/blue_bolt/Screenshot_2013-02-24_22_42_36_286815_zps79699df6.jpg

    • cool thanks! 🙂

  • dranoel

    thank you very much for this.

  • Ramkhamhaeng

    New boss ” Lucky ” on Corellia in axial park was fun but the rewards were a shocker maybe it was due to the group size I wouldn’t know. so here are the 3 pics from the fight I think it may have been a first also the title ” Lucky ” was obtained for a kill and if you died you got ” Unlucky ”

    At first we thought it was a Worldboss but later has been confirmed it’s a Planet Dread-Seeded Creature.

    Lucky Roaming around axial park

    Lucky Just about dead

    Loot table for the kill

    Lucky with better loot and 7 Million Health

    • Tyler Stewart

      i think the loot will be fixed, well, i hope it will 🙂 I loved how Xeno dropped Bh gear and comms during the gree event, i thought this would drop like black market gear/elite comms and then one piece of ark. gear

  • iam sorry to say that “lucky” isnt a world boss it is a dreadseeded animal, whilst i was exploring alderaan me and premmis came across this little gem

    • You have two hotbar just for pets..

    • Ramkhamhaeng

      Nice to know that there maybe a lot more of these Dreedseeded things about on each planet maybe it’s time to find them all 🙂 so far we know of 2 where is the dreadseeded Womper on Hoth ?

      • i shall investigate can get back to you

        • metwars

          There is a dread-seed area on tatooine just north of the stardream wreakage from the rakghoul plauge

        • Ramkhamhaeng

          yeah i ended up putting the screenshot of the Wampa on http://www.swtor.co.nz found some co-ords on Reddit.

          • They are apparently for a quest originating from Makeb

  • BigJonStud
  • Niccii
    • Niccii

      Also crafting boss dropped 2 grade 10 mats
      First chest was replaced with a Nasty droid with an AOE…. also 2 grade 10 mats plus black/orange crystal

  • jairis

    found dreadseeded area on imp taris: Directly above enclave raid heroic area. Beware, roaming mobs of 4 normal enemies led by a champion, YES, they roam. and not slowly either. currently searching the rest of imp taris for the World Boss mentioned in the Achievements for taris.

  • Korbanth

    Copied from my post in PTS on the forums

    So far, confirmed sightings of Dread seed on Tatooine in the Ruined
    Alcove near the Wreck of the Stardream, Hoth near the Republic base in
    Chilling Spire area (As well as an area where tauntauns and Wampas are
    at war), and Taris (Republic confirmed), directly above the Enclave Raid
    heroic area. Point to the left of the enclave raid area, there is a
    Bind point and Travel point indicating an area called the New Tarisian
    Dawn. Now, if you look on the world map, the area above the points is
    gray. Though if you check the travel route map of the planet, there is a
    large rectangular building above the travel/bind point. Possible that
    the new dread seeded world boss, Acidstalker, resides in this new area.
    Dread Seeded rancor on Corellia is not a world boss, but seems to be
    unfinished by the Devs in terms of mechanics. Still unconfirmed about
    how to acquire the “Dread Seed” armor listed in legacy achievements.

  • Zeridan

    Hey Dulfy, I’ve got some information on the Heroic Space Missions on PTS. They’ve definitely updated them to the following. I copied a toon that had all Grade 7 parts and did the Hypori Escort mission on the Republic side. Here are the results:

    Rewards for Weekly Heroic Mission:
    14,265xp (credit reward unchanged)
    2 Elite Comms, 5 Basic, 1 Blue Trophy, 40 Fleet Comms

    Reward for Mission Completion:
    6,581xp (credit reward unchanged)

    For random info, I got the following XP from the different types of targets:
    18xp per fighters
    31xp per bomber/Capital ship turret off of the Star Destroyer
    125xp per Sith/Jedi ship
    3293xp per bonus mission completion
    1250xp per frigate (note: must destroy all components to get any XP from it)

    • Cool ty for the info 🙂

  • Teric

    do we know what all drops off of SM and HM tfb?

  • Bigbot Bashman

    I asked this previously in another thread but now that people have had time to play 2.0 on the PTS…

    Do you still think it is best to spend all Black Hole comms now on campaign armoring rather than save them for the conversion to Classic comms?

    A lot of us are earning them from the Weekly Ops, Xenoanalyst, etc. so I ask to make sure we all get the best value for these.

    • It is in my opinion best to spend them now as the prices are cheaper than the campaign gear in 2.0 even if you buy black hole gear + campaign armoring right now.

  • Ben Fuller

    you might want to add to the post about lucky the champ on corellia killing him also grants the title lucky

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