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SWTOR Patch 2.0 developer responses

With the arrival of Patch 2.0 on the PTS, the forums are buzzing with player feedback. Here is a compiled list of all dev responses to all the player feedback.

Patch 2.0 for non ROTHC and ROTHC purchasers

Community Team, Assemble! | 02.28.2013, 07:28 PM

Here is a bit more clarification on the differences between Rise of the Hutt Cartel and 2.0 put as simply as I can!
What subscribers will get without purchasing Rise of the Hutt Cartel:

  • Class changes and balancing levels 1-50
  • Any itemization/world changes which affect levels 1-50
  • Legacy Achievements

What subscribers will get if they do purchase Rise of the Hutt Cartel:

  • New Operation: Scum and Villainy
  • Nightmare Mode Terror From Beyond
  • Upgraded level 55 Hard Mode Flashpoints
  • Level cap increase to 55
  • All new Makeb storyline

The new Operation and Hard Mode Flashpoints in Game Update 2.0 are Level 55 Elder Game Content. The level cap increase to 55 is included with the purchase of the Digital Expansion: Rise of the Hutt Cartel. Free-to-Play restrictions apply. Visit the Free-to-Play Features Chart for more information.

Legacy Achievements

Limited edition pets, vehicles, outfits etc will be placed into their own separate categories and not worth any points.

Achievement for Korrealis vehicles | 02.22.2013, 04:27 PM

My current plan is to take the limited edition pets, vehicles, outfits, etc. and move them off into separate categories. They will have no point value and will not contribute to your overall totals, but will still be visible to anyone who inspects your achievements so you can show off your rare stuff. I think this is pretty much in line with what most of you are suggesting, but if you see any glaring issues with that I’m open to further discussion on the topic!

(The easiest solution is to simply remove any reference to limited time objects, but I think we lose something cool by doing that.)

Will Wallace

Kill achievements should be cumulative

Quote: Originally Posted by Idejon

Additionally while questing on Tython I reached several achievements of kill 10 mobs. I noticed that when starting the next phase (kill 50 mobs) that my kill count had reset to 0. I do not know if this is intended or not but I would expect the same scenario will occur no matter which kill achievement you are working on. This will be an issue especially in regards to the pvp quests. If this resets every time, the kill 50,000 players will in truth be kill 61,110 players (10+100+1,000+10,000+50,000). A response from Bioware would be appreciated if this is working as intended or if it should be fixed.

Achievements Overview | 02.21.2013, 05:30 PM

Good morning!

Looking at the data, it appears there is currently some unintended inconsistency across achievements in whether or not kills are cumulative or reset after each rank. For example, the Flesh Raider kill achievements on Tython reset when you start new ones, but the player kill achievement you reference doesn’t.

My intention is for them all to be cumulative, so you will start the second tier of the kill achievement with your kills from the first achievement. Identifying the problem achievements and working on a fix for that right now.

Thanks for testing!

Will Wallace


Rob Hinkle explains the gear ratings on the new PvP gear

PVP Item-Level vs. PVE Item-Level | 02.28.2013, 03:57 PM

Hey gang,

Thought I would pop in and comment here. First an explanation, and then a change follow up! Previous to 2.0 (so WH/EWH land), expertise took a portion of the stat budget to exist. This meant if we took an item of the same rating and converted it into a PvP item, it lost other "PvE" stats to gain expertise. In 2.0, we decided that the item rating needed to represent the power of the item in PvE, and that adding expertise shouldn’t affect that rating (this change also goes hand in hand with getting rid of the scaling value of expertise on higher level PvP items). The result is that Partisan gear in 2.0 has the same PvE stats as a PvE item of its rating (146), but also has a bunch of expertise on top of those stats. This new system should make everything easier to understand (and it simplifies our PvP item creation system by a couple steps), but it does give a weird bump in the road as we transition across the system change.

That being said, we 100% agree that it is weird and sorta crappy feeling that the new PvP gear has lower ratings (so lower armor values and weapon DPS values) than the old gear, even if the rest of the stats are better. In a future PTS update, we will be increasing the rating of Partisan and Conqueror gear so Partisan matches the 150 rating of EWH (so the PvE stats are an upgrade, and the weapon damage stat is a side-grade), and Conqueror gear is 154 (upgrades all around when coming from EWH). Additionally, this will increase the bolster target (since the bolster target is tied to the current highest tier of PvP gear), which will mean low geared players coming into the level 55 bracket will be even more competitive as compared to veterans with older PvP gear.

Thanks for your feedback!

Rob Hinkle comments on the reason behind the 30-54 PvP Bracket.

30-54 bracket | 02.23.2013, 05:34 AM

Hey gang, let me see if I can bring some clarity to the situation. We do indeed have a new level of "Recruit" that we are bolstering towards, that is based on the new 55 gear. We believe that this bolster level will allow players to complete with any possible gear combination in the 30 – 54 bracket. Obviously we’ve had a few bumps in the road on PTS regarding current bolster, but we should be getting that fixed up soon ™, and everyone can get back to the business of PvP.

Thanks for everyone’s feedback, not just on this but on everything, it is really helping us make a better game.

Rob Hinkle

Quote: Originally Posted by DaedalusV

Well my point is that I see no logic at all in the 30-54 bracket choice. 40-54 maybe… 42 or 45-54 maybe… but 30?? It’s such a strange choice..
the 10-29 bracket will be starved (you level a lot faster in those levels compared to later ones)
the 10-29 bracket will be ill-suited to prepare you for the 30-54 bracket (kiddie pool is very shallow, grown up one is too deep.)

30-54 bracket | 02.25.2013, 03:11 PM

Valid feedback, and something we continue to debate internally. When we talk about separating the playing population by hard lines, there are always 2 main concerns that often compete directly against each other: A)Can the players inside that bracket reasonably compete against each other, and B)Are there enough players in the bracket to keep wait times reasonably small.
We have initially chosen 30 as our new break point because that is the level in which players start having complete combat rotations (often because they’ve gotten a really important ability from a skill tree) and our data of who actually queues into

Warzones has shown that we’ve got a good pool on each side of that break. We continue to analyze who is playing, however, so certainly if we ever feel like a particular PvP bracket is being starved we should make changes to it. Unfortunately, that’s what we believe would happen with a 50 – 54 bracket. It might be populated initially, but would quickly become empty as players hit 55 and for everyone following the initial surge of levelers there would significantly increased wait times to get into PvP.

A number of players are concerned, reasonably I think, about the power differential between a fresh level 30 player and a current 50 player in augmented EWH gear being inside the same bracket. Our new bolster system should make those players reasonably competitive statistically, both with compensation for the lower items as well as some compensation for having fewer skill points/abilities (if you are lower level). Once we get this bolster bug fixed up, everyone should be able to see the kind of stats you are getting from the bolster and should give everyone a better basis for discussion.

Does bolster work the same in the 55 bracket then? Also, since you are obviously going to have "bolster cutoffs", I don’t see how a level 30 is going to be able to match a 54 in the current build on the PTS. I have examined the bolstering affect(not using the "bug") at level 55 when I was wearing legacy gear with level 35 purples, and it won’t tread water to current 50’s, let alone LVL 54. There really needs to be some transparency on this because I feel this is a tipping point for the PVP side. We need to get this right…

Can I also make another suggestion? On your level 55 PvP gear, the armor rating needs to match the new PvE gear armor ratings, especially if Bolster will affect anyone not wearing PVP gear. If I am mistaken on this, some insight would be helpful.

One last thing, thanks for chiming in… I think all the "regulars" here really needed some TLC whether it is actual game changes or just discussions from the Dev staff. We now are shedding our feelings of being alienated….

30-54 bracket | 02.25.2013, 05:12 PM

Ya, the bolster will work for level 55s as well, if they are under geared. Could you post the stats on what you are seeing on PTS for your guy wearing legacy gear (or send the information to, subject: ATTN Rob Hinkle, if you don’t want to dirty up the thread). It certainly is the intention that your 55 wearing level 35 gear should get bolstered back up. To give everyone an idea (and BIG caveat here, this number is still in flux), but currently I would expect the new 55 bolster to be getting people into gear right around (statistically) non-augmented EWH.

Rob Hinkle on level 20 and 40 PvP gear and their removal.

Question on Level 20 and 40 PvP Gear | 02.21.2013, 10:44 PM

We should be able to keep this gear available, if you guys want it. Obviously we already had thrown the note up without removing the gear, but I don’t think the intention in removing the gear was anything other than just to try to clean up some of the extra vendors in the fleet. Since you can now trade in Warzone Commendations for the new Planetary Commendation and get leveling gear that way, we didn’t feel like the 20/40 gear had a need.

I’ll double check with the items guys to make sure there wasn’t another reason we wanted to remove them.

Rob Hinkle

Class Balance

Austin Peckenpaugh on Smash

Barely touching Smash is a Mistake | 02.26.2013, 04:40 PM

We’ve seen a lot of discussion on Smash in 2.0, and since I haven’t personally seen any mention of it, I want to call your attention to the change made to Dark Resonance (Warrior) and Focused Resonance (Knight).

Prior to 2.0, this skill increased the critical damage of all Force attacks by 30% after 3 points.

In 2.0, it increases the critical damage of all attacks by 15% after 3 points.

We also made several other changes that have small effects on Smash damage (and all damage, really), with the end goal being to reduce burst damage without significantly impacting sustained damage.

I’m cautiously optimistic about the end result. Sustained damage didn’t change much, and Smash now does ~15% less damage. Hopefully when the bolster issue is fixed in the next PTS build, you guys will be able to see the results (if you’re not already playing Rage/Focus personally).

And if it still isn’t enough (but I’m pretty sure it is – we certainly don’t want to ruin Rage/Focus), we will consider further ways to address the issue.

Can Taunts miss now?

Can taunts miss now? | 02.26.2013, 04:02 AM

I’m not sure which build, but an upcoming build will make it so that taunts can’t miss. It will be included in the patch notes, so you’ll know which build it’s in when it happens.

Austin Peckenpaugh on Tank assassin discussion

Originally Posted by pimoosse

Personal shield generators are now effective against all attacks that deal Energy and Kinetic Damage, rather than just direct weapon attacks.
Nerf or Rebalance ?

Tank Assassin Armor Rating Nerfed Again? | 02.21.2013, 03:30 PM

Even without this change, an increase of 5 levels warrants a re-evaluation of everything (survivability, single target damage, aoe damage, single target threat, aoe threat, single target healing, aoe healing, etc). Re-evaluations usually mean changes. In this case you’re seeing a rebalance – not a nerf.

Literally every skill tree has been re-evaluated and rebalanced, not just yours.

Austin Peckenpaugh

Tank Assassin Armor Rating Nerfed Again? | 02.21.2013, 04:50 PM

I understand that it’s very natural to focus on individual details, but when we’re balancing specs and roles, what really matters is the final result. That’s not to say that the details don’t matter, but they are overshadowed by the final result.
The final result, to be perfectly clear, is that all tank roles are achieving target TTD (time til death) in our internal tests. It’s part of our daily routine to make sure that’s the case. Now, I don’t mean to suggest that bugs don’t happen (they do), but this particular detail is not a bug and is part of the bigger picture.

As always, if it turns out that, in reality, any one spec is underperforming (in this case, you die too quickly or are too hard to heal), we will not hesitate to make the necessary adjustments. Right now, what we’re getting are gut reactions to one change amongst a sea of changes. This doesn’t help me or my team in identifying balance issues. If Shadow/Assassin tanks have survivability problems, we need to see the numbers. Even though we already have our own sets of numbers (a lot of them), we don’t perform *every* test or test against *every* kind of enemy/boss/spec. That’s where numbers from you guys can be instrumental in helping us identify an issue if an issue exists.

TLDR: This was an intended change, and by our measure, it gave us the intended result. To be direct, the intended result is that all tank roles hit the same survivability targets, which is what we are seeing internally. If that isn’t the case in reality (because there are so many more variables in the real game than in our tests), then we will act as quickly as we can to fix it.
Thanks everyone. Keep the feedback coming.

Austin Peckenpaugh

Austin Peckenpaugh on Mortar Salvo

Anyone notice that your ammo is being taken away after your second explosive round?

I also read on the bounty hunter forum that 3 missile blasts under missile salvo is hitting LOWER than a simple rapid shot. any truth to that? Actually they could have meant that one missile salvo blast hits for less than one rapid shot… still seams anemic to me…

Mortar Salvo working? | 02.21.2013, 10:11 PM

Make sure you’re actually firing off all three missiles/rounds. Any single missile/round definitely hits for less than a Rapid Shots/Hammer Shot – that’s intended – but all three should hit significantly harder.

The intention of this ability is not to change your rotation or even affect your DPS output – it is to offer more on-the-run damage options. It is effectively a new utility ability for situational use.

Austin Peckenpaugh

Originally Posted by bowlergirl

But the problem is that about 50% of the time you are not able to shoot all 3 off before cooldown. so you can try to shoot 3 off but only 1 or 2 go off before it goes on cd

Mortar Salvo working? | 02.21.2013, 10:27 PM

This should only be possible if you’re hitting the button very, very slowly. I just looked it up to double check, and in fact the hidden window is 2 seconds long. Each missile/round triggers only a 0.5-second GCD. If you’re waiting to fire the next missile/round as if it had a normal 1.5-second GCD, that may be your problem.

Austin Peckenpaugh

Quote: Originally Posted by HybridCode

Yeah I have been practicing this all morning. It is continually doing less dmg and costing ammo after the 2nd explosive round. I don’t think this is a user error BW. I think it needs to be reworked a little.

Mortar Salvo working? | 02.21.2013, 10:32 PM

We’re not opposed to changing it if it’s too user-unfriendly. Thanks for the feedback guys.

Austin Peckenpaugh

Assassin force management

Assassin Changes | 02.21.2013, 10:43 PM

Hey guys. I wanted to mention that the next PTS build will have some changes to Darkness and Kinetic Combat that should help address Force management and do a better job of encouraging a fun and effective rotation. I also want to mention that these changes were inspired by forum posts, so thanks for the continued feedback.

Austin Peckenpaugh

Austin Peckenpaugh on Powertech Shieldtech Heat Blast

The new 2.0 Shieldtech Heat Blast – PvP Concern & Suggestion. | 02.22.2013, 11:13 PM

I think it’s also worth mentioning that shield and defense results that happen through Guard also trigger this effect. If after players have had the chance to get in and play with this change it turns out that the stacks just don’t come quickly enough in PVP, we’re more than willing to change things.

Austin Peckenpaugh

The new 2.0 Shieldtech Heat Blast – PvP Concern & Suggestion. | 02.26.2013, 04:14 AM

Hm, I’ll dig into this and take a look. I believe there’s a known issue that the flytext doesn’t display correctly for shield results that come through Guard, but the shield result should still occur. Either way, it obviously requires some investigation.
Also, I hear you guys loud and clear on the PVP front. We’ll see what we can do.

The new 2.0 Shieldtech Heat Blast – PvP Concern & Suggestion. | 02.26.2013, 03:50 PM

Hey guys. There is a bug here, and we’re trying to figure out what’s causing the issue. I’ll have more information for you guys later.


Eric Musco on Planetary Commendation caps

Yo, BW, put out a date for Gree Event returning. | 03.08.2013, 07:43 PM

Alright, I have an answer for ya, I even come bearing details! The answer to the first part is that, as you know, you will have a cap of 50 Planetary Commendations. The new information I have for you (and I confirmed with Ahmad) is that the overflow that you will have when 2.0 launches is another 50 on top of that. What this means is that any Planetary Commendations that you have above 100 will be lost.

Hope that clears it up! Nice work chuixupu on trying to clear it up as well as that had "part" of the answer. Go team!


Chris Schmidt on gear progression

This update on the PTS doesn’t contain the planet Makeb (from the upcoming expansion), which is the main content for leveling from 50 to 55. My guess is that the Makeb quests will drop the usual/normal greens, blues and purple gear for level 51 to 55.

Gear Progression – no upgrades for 5 levels? | 02.21.2013, 11:13 PM

In short, this.

In the long-term, players leveling via natural progression can transition right into Makeb and expect gear upgrades along the way through various means, similar to the 1-50 leveling experience. Alternatively they could earn Classic Commendations as they level-up by playing flashpoints, operations and classic daily areas, then purchase high-stat gear pieces as an alternate gear progression path to help through Makeb.

In the short-term, players who have hard-earned high stat gear will find that gear still relevant as they level through Makeb. More than likely that gear would not be replaced until levels 54 or 55.

Hope that helps!

Ahmad Zabarah on old commendations to classic commendations conversion

commedations pre 2.0, what’s going to happen with them | 02.25.2013, 08:30 PM

Hi all, just thought I would provide some clarifications for what we are doing with the old commendations.

When 2.0 is released Tionese, Columi, Daily, and Black Hole commendations will be versioned into Classic Commendations with the following ratios:

  • Tionese Commendations – 6:1
  • Columi Commendations – 4:1
  • Daily Commendations – 4:1
  • Black Hole Commendations – 1:1

Please note we are still undergoing testing, so these ratios could change.

There will be a special overflow cap for Classic Commendations once 2.0 is released to accommodate those with large amounts of commendations. At this time, we have this cap at 800 commendations. Any commendations that exceed this amount will unfortunately be lost.

We encourage everyone to spend their commendations to ensure they do not exceed this overflow cap.

Black Red and Black Blue color crystals will be dropping from Scum and Villainy operation

Black-Red/Black-Blue going extinct in 2.0?? | 02.25.2013, 08:37 PM

Hi all, thanks for bringing this up!
You can rest assured we are currently planning to have these crystals drop from the Scum & Villainy Operation, both difficulty modes.

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16 replies on “SWTOR Patch 2.0 developer responses”

How about they address how Artifice continues to be neutered by Cartel Crystals?
Sure, I realize there are billion enhancements but Cartel Pack crystal sales are HOT HOT HOT
and no one wants an Artifice crystal anymore with +41 crystals in sexy colors being available at L10…

Not everyone likes the two-colored crystals. Some of us prefer a more iconic look (i.e. red, blue, green and maybe purple).

one, but probably most important pvp question: will the resolve finally work as advertised? too tired of permastuns…

Where are my purple color crystals as a republic guy? BW said they had the array of colors and a rainbow of colors, is this about some lore? because at this point who cares if a jedi knight has a purple lightsaber? You have gave some weird stuff from the Cartel Market, sigh

thanks for posting my post and biowares response about the black-red/black-blue crystals, dulfy. I was pretty worried about that.

Just a heads up, seems like Chrome is showing the background in white with the text in gold. Not readable unless highlighted. Then again, it could just be my workplace settings.

I sure hope that 800 cap is character based and not account wide. Most of my rooms are maxed on Tionese and close on Daily and Columi. Any way we could get clarification on this?

Hi Dulfy

Are you going to make an article on “how to prepare for patch 2.0” or such like you did in the past?

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