GW2 Gathering Storm patch total makeover kit new hair and eye colors

A gallery of the new hair and eye colors in the total makeover kit introduced with the GW2 Flame and Frost: The Gathering Storm patch.

New hair colors  (9)


Amethyst Midnight Sky Clear Sky
gw2-gathering-storm-total-makeover-kit-hair-colors gw2-gathering-storm-total-makeover-kit-hair-colors-3 gw2-gathering-storm-total-makeover-kit-hair-colors-2
Midnight Ice Spring Dew Turquoise
gw2-gathering-storm-total-makeover-kit-hair-colors-4 gw2-gathering-storm-total-makeover-kit-hair-colors-5 gw2-gathering-storm-total-makeover-kit-hair-colors-6
Deep Turquoise Black Sea Thistle
gw2-gathering-storm-total-makeover-kit-hair-colors-7 gw2-gathering-storm-total-makeover-kit-hair-colors-8 gw2-gathering-storm-total-makeover-kit-hair-colors-9







New eye colors (6)

Thistle Blurple Grapevine
gw2-gathering-storm-total-makeover-kit-eye-colors gw2-gathering-storm-total-makeover-kit-eye-colors-2 gw2-gathering-storm-total-makeover-kit-eye-colors-3
Sky Robin Blueberry
gw2-gathering-storm-total-makeover-kit-eye-colors-4 gw2-gathering-storm-total-makeover-kit-eye-colors-5 gw2-gathering-storm-total-makeover-kit-eye-colors-6



Video of the new hair and eye colors from Richie Procopio/Bogotter

  • Maddbomber83

    Thank you ; )

  • Mil

    The colours look very different on Sylvari – I’ve got a free hair kit, so I can get screenshots of the hair colours, but I can’t get to the eye colours.

    • I added the Sylvari pics, they don’t look too different IMO

      • Mil

        Maybe it was just my Sylvari’s hairstyle. Thanks for the pics! 😀

  • aw no Reds I wanted bright red for my charr

  • Nefretta

    Any word if the Sylvari glow bug has been fixed?

    • Richie Procopio

      Yes it has.

  • Fumiko

    I see 7 hair colors, not 9. Site bug or not added yet?

    • It is 9.It is two rows of 4 and 1 row of 1.

      • Fumiko

        Ah… then you may want to know those rows of 4 get under your menus and aren’t visible…

        • Elanora

          I have that problem as well and even if i stretch the page on 3 screens its still hidden

          • It is a firefox issue. Let me fix it 🙂

            • Fumiko

              Thanks a lot! Now whether to waste crystals on my Mesmer or not…

              • Hey so, it was the asura large heads that was causing the issue :p I did some changes and it should show all 9 correctly. Let me know if see anymore issues

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