GW2 Guild Missions guide

A general guide to the GW2 guild missions introduced with the Feb 26 Flame and Frost: Gathering Storm patch.


Guild Missions

Guild Missions Unlockgw2-guild-missions-guide

There are 5 categories of Guild Missions: Guild Bounty, Guild Treks, Guild Rushes, Guild Challenge, and Guild Puzzle. These Guild Missions can only be activated by first unlocking them in the Guild Upgrades window.

gw2-guild-missions-guide-2Guild Bounty will be the first Guild Mission guilds can unlock since it requires only influence to unlock. To unlock Guild Bounty, you must have Art of War 5 already researched since it is listed as a perquisite and have 30k influence to spare. The build time is 3 days but if you have influence to spare, you can speed up the build time by 25% by spending 75k influence. This stacks so you can finish Guild Bounty right away if you have 75 x 4 + 30 = 330 k influence.

As you can see in the table below, each Guild Mission other than Guild Bounty requires the previous Guild Mission unlocked. This means that there is a natural order of progression in the sense that you can only unlock Guild Missions in this order: Bounty –> Treks –> Rushes –> Challenges –> Puzzle.

In addition, due to the Guild Merit requirement and the weekly Guild Merit cap, a guild cannot unlock all Guild Missions at once even if they have tons of influence to spare to speed up the upgrades.

Guild Mission Category Influence to Unlock Merit to Unlock Build Time Perquisites Estimated Unlock Time*
Guild Bounty Art of War 30k 0 3 days Art of War 5 Immediately
Guild Treks Economy 50k 30 1 week Economy 6 and
Guild Bounty Unlock
1 week
Guild Rushes Politics 50k 80 1 week Politics 6 and Guild Treks Unlock 3 weeks
Guild Challenge Art of War 50k 150 1 week Art of War 6 & Guild Rushes Unlock 6 weeks
Guild Puzzle Architecture 50k 250 1 week Architecture 6 and Guild Challenge Unlock 9 weeks

*This is assuming you have all the influence and perquisites needed to unlock that Guild Mission.  If you are confused about how this is calculated, see Guild Merits section.

If you are thinking of spending influence to speed up the research for Guild Missions, here is how much extra influence you need to spend.

Guild Mission Cost to speed up 25% Cost to speed up 100%
Guild Bounty 75k influence 300k influence
Guild Trek 125k influence 500k influence

Guild Missions Tiers

  • Once you have unlocked a category of guild mission, you will need to build it first before you can activate it in a similar way that you need to build a guild banner first before you can activate it.
  • Guild Bounty and Guild Treks have 3 tiers you can build. . For Guild Bounty, each tier cost 200 influence and 12 hrs to build. (cost 500 influence to speed it up every 25%) For Guild Treks, each tier cost 200 influence and 1 day to build. Higher tiers of Guild Missions have a shorter time limit to complete but rewards more Guild Merits.
  • Guild Rushes, Challenge and Puzzle only have 1 tier and they all cost 200 influence and 12 hrs to build. 

Guild Merits

Guild Merits

Guild Merits are earned for successful completion of a Guild Mission. For Guild Mission with tiers, more merits are earned by doing it on the higher tier.Note that doing Tier 1 Guild Bounty repeatedly will only allow you to reach 15 merits. You can only gain more merits by doing Tier 2 or Tier 3.

Guild Mission Guild Merits earned
Guild Bounty Tier 1 15
Guild Bounty Tier 2 20
Guild Bounty Tier 3 25
Guild Trek Tier 1 5
Guild Trek Tier 2 7
Guild Trek Tier 3 10
Guild Rushes 15
Guild Challenge 30
Guild Puzzle 30

There is a weekly cap on earning Guild Merits from each type of Guild Missions. Note that this weekly cap reset every saturday evening at 7pm EST (same time as daily reset time).

  • Guild Bounty: 25
  • Guild Trek: 10
  • Guild Rushes: 15
  • Guild Challenge: 30
  • Guild Puzzle: 30

As you can see, doing Guild Challenge/Rushes/Puzzle or doing Guild Bounty/Trek on the highest Tier once will reach the weekly merit cap for that Guild Mission type.

Based on the weekly cap, you can figure out how many Guild Merits you earn per weekly and when each Guild Missions can be unlocked.

In the table below, Merit Total is calculated by (Previous Week Merit total + Merit Earned – Merit Spent). For example, in week 1, you earned 25 from week 0 + 25 from Guild Bounty. This totals to 50 and allow you to unlock Guild Trek, which cost you 30 Merits. This brings your total down to 20 but you can now gain an additional 10 merits from the Guild Trek you just unlocked, making this total to 30 for week 1.

Week Merit Earned Merit Spent Merit Total
Week 0 + 25 from Guild Bounty   25
Week 1 + 25 from Guild Bounty
+ 10 from Guild Trek
-30 to unlock Guild Trek 30
Week 2 + 25 from Guild Bounty
+ 10 from Guild Trek
Week 3 +25 from Guild Bounty
+10 from Guild Trek
+15 from Guild Rush
-80 to unlock Guild Rush 35
Week 4 +25 from Guild Bounty
+10 from Guild Trek
+15 from Guild Rush
Week 5 +25 from Guild Bounty
+10 from Guild Trek
+15 from Guild Rush
Week 6 +25 from Guild Bounty
+10 from Guild Trek
+15 from Guild Rush
+30 from Guild Challenge
-150 to unlock Guild Challenge 65
Week 7 +25 from Guild Bounty
+10 from Guild Trek
+15 from Guild Rush
+30 from Guild Challenge
Week 8 +25 from Guild Bounty
+10 from Guild Trek
+15 from Guild Rush
+30 from Guild Challenge
Week 9 +25 from Guild Bounty
+10 from Guild Trek
+15 from Guild Rush
+30 from Guild Challenge
-250 to unlock Guild Puzzle 55

Guild Merit purchases

In addition to purchase the next Guild Mission unlock, Guild Merits can be used to purchase other upgrades provided you have the relevant Guild Mission unlocks.

  • Note: None of the banner effects stack with other banners that give similar effects (i.e. 10% karma and 10% experience banner does not stack with any other karma or experience banner).
Category Upgrade Guild Merit cost Influence Cost Perquisites
Economy 5% gold from kills banner (30 mins) 2 400 Economy 6
Economy 10% kill gold and 15% magic find banner (30 mins) 3 500 Guild Rushes Unlock and Economy 6
Economy +10% crafting critical success (24 hrs) 3 200 Guild Treks Unlock and Economy 6
Economy 5% increased gold for kills (24 hrs) 3 300 Guild Bounty Unlock and Economy 6
Architecture 15% Gathering and 10% Swiftness Banner (30 mins) 3 500 Guild Challenge Unlock and Architecture 6
Architecture Spawn Combat Crafting Stations (1 hr) 5 1000 Guild Challenge Unlock and Architecture 6
Architecture Spawn Armor Crafting Stations (1 hr) 5 1000 Guild Challenge Unlock and  Architecture 6
Architecture 15% Reduced Waypoint Cost for 24 hrs 20 2000 Guild Puzzle Unlock and Architecture 6
Politics 10% Karma and 10% Experience Banner 3 500 Guild Bounty Unlock and Politics 6
Politics Guild Heroes* Banner 6 1000 Guild Puzzle Unlock and Politics 6
Art of War 15% Reduced Repair Costs for 24 hrs 20 2000 Guild Challenge Unlock and Art of War 6

*Guild Heroes Banner give 10% Karma, 15% Magic Find, 10% experience from kills, 10% gold from kills, 10% increased movement speed and 15% gathering chance. Does not stack with other banner boosts.

Guild Commendations

Guild Commendations are earned by participating in Guild Missions. You only earn them if you complete guild missions started by the guild you are currently representing. You earn 0-2 Guild Commendations per Guild Mission category with a weekly reset.

  • Guild Bounty: 2/week
  • Guild Trek: None
  • Guild Rush: 1/week
  • Guild Challenge: 2/week
  • Guild Puzzle: 1/week
  • Total: 6/week

The vendor to purchase items with Guild Commendations is just next to the bank in Lion’s Arch. Here are some of the items he has for sale.

Item Guild Commendation Cost Coin Cost
Letter of Commendation 4 20 silver 16 copper
Guild Banner Tonic 1 10 silver
Endless Guild Banner Tonic 20 20 gold
Miniature Red Siege Golem 25 10 gold
Miniature Green Siege Golem 25 10 gold
Miniature Blue Siege Golem 25 10 gold
Class Gear 2 10 silver
Summon Guild Vault 1 10 silver
Guild Armor Station 2 25 silver 4 copper
Guild Weapon Station 2 25 silver 4 copper
3 Guild Exp Banner 1 10 silver
3 Guild Gathering Banner 1 10 silver
3 Guild Karma Banner 1 10 silver
3 Guild Magic Find Banner 1 10 silver
Guild Banquet 1 10 silver
3 Guild Heroes Banner 3 10 silver
3 Guild Gathering and Swiftness Banner 2 10 silver
3 Guild Gold and Magic Find Banner 2 10 silver
3 Guild Gold from kills banner 2 10 silver
3 Guild Karma and Experience banner 2 10 silver
Guild Caretaker Backpack 5 5 gold
Guild Assassin Backpack 5 5 gold
Guild Defender Backpack 5 5 gold
Ascended Accessory 12 5 gold

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35 replies on “GW2 Guild Missions guide”

awesome info, clarified alot 🙂
Guild Challenge at Mount Maelstrom, between the vista and Irlem Isle WP (treacherousdepths).

Any idea when weekly guild merit limit resets? I mean, with respect to build time, are we able to do the bounty mission this week? just asking to know how many additional influence i have to use to speed up the build time …

As with the original GW, I keep expecting them to add some form of Alliances so that the smaller guilds can somehow earn for themselves while contributing to the larger guilds. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Anet really needs to add Alliances back into the game. In the context of unlocking Guild Missions, the only way for small guilds to remain viable and healthy is through an alliance with a larger guild. Anet needs to make content that doesn’t minimize a portion of its player base.

right now, we are start 3 upgrades in guild(Golden Horde, Desolation):
bounties 3 days,
economy tier 5 7 days,
politics tier 6 10 days.

if economy tier 6 will take 10 days for research like politics tier 6, estimate unlock time for guild treks will be 7+10+7=24 days

Well, you can spend influence to speed up these upgrades. So in a large guild with tons of influence, the influence part wouldn’t be an issue. Rather, the merit weekly cap is what is preventing the progression.

The estimated unlock time is what the unlock time would be like without any influence barrier.

bounty>trek>challenge allows you to start guild challenge in week 5. it’s less efficient than your build-up because you miss out on 3 weeks of guild rush rewards.

but if you have guild A following your build-up and guild B going for bounty>trek>challenge, guild B members can rep guild A for guild rush during weeks 3 to 5 and guild A members can rep guild B for guild challenge during week 5.

that way you get an additional set of rewards than you normally would following your build-up

After building Guild Bounty, each mission of these needs 200 influence and 12 hours of build time. Does anyone know how much does it cost to accelerate this last build time?


dulfy, can you clarify one issue?
So the 1st guild event takes 3 days to build (1st time) and at 2nd/3rd/4th time.. will it take 12h or 3 days again each try?

I have a question. Since the weekly cap depends on which tier the guild completes, would spending the merits on consumables then afterwards completing tier 3 before the weekly reset still make sure the guild is maximizing its merit earnings?
For example complete Tier 2 Bounty, receive 20 merits, spend 20 merits on 15% reduced repair costs, then complete Tier 3 Bounty to receive a full 25 merits all before the weekly reset. Would that work? Or would the 20 merits spent leave the guild with only 5 merits earned total for the week?

dulfy those commendations are account or per character earned?
I heard you must kill at least 1 of npc’s to earn it, or just have to stay online at the moment the Bounty happens? So much ppl saying different stuff, I preffer to confirm here 😀

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