GW2 Lost and Found Living Story event and achievement guide

GW2 Lost and Found event and achievement guide. Lost and Found is an event and achievement introduced as the second installment of GW2 Living Story series.


  • March 18, 2013 – two final items added (Logbook and Ship in a bottle), you can now complete the achievement.
  • March 11, 2013 – two more items added – Refugee’s Sword Belt and Refugee’s Compass


General Information


Tier 1 1 Item returned
Tier 2 3 Items Returned
Tier 3 6 Items Returned.

As of March 18, 2013, all items are obtainable and the achievement can be completed.

Note: You cannot turn in an item twice. Once you pick up an item (i.e. goblet) you cannot pick it up again (even if it is at a different location)!

Note 2: There are a fixed number of spawn locations but which spawn location is used is randomized per server. I will attempt to catalog all the spawn locations here. Check them one by one! Remember to hold down ctrl key while looking for them to make it easier.

Diessa Plateau – Refugee’s Sword Belt/Refugee’s Wooden Soldier/Refugee’s Logbook 

Refugee’s Sword Belt, Refugee’s Wooden Solider, and Refugee’s Logbook can be found from a Dirt-Covered Object in Diessa Plateau.



Possible Locations Map

Here is a list of possible locations on one map for easy viewing. For specific locations, look at the list of possible locations below.


Turn in: To turn it in, go to this location in Lion’s Arch and talk to

  • Refugee Malia for Refugee’s Wooden Solider
  • Refugee Lawta for Refugee’s Sword Belt
  • Refugee Barcas for Refugee’s Logbook


Possible Location #1: Dirt-Covered Object at the base of the tower just west of the Butcher’s Block Waypoint


Possible Location #2 & 2b: A bit east of The Wurm’s Gullet, south of Village of Butcher’s Block (thanks Alex for the pics)



Possible Location #3: On a rock outcropping just SE of Halrunting Plains (thanks Poebel for the pic)


Possible Location #4: Check the rocks directly west of Nageling Waypoint and above the renown heart. (thanks Distillia)


Possible Location #5: Very close to location 2&3 (thanks Storm)


Possible Location #6: Very close to Location #4 just north of Oldgate Clearing (thanks Oblivion)


Possible Location #7 & 7b: Just north of Location #1, north of Village of Butcher’s Blocker (thanks Riordani Loreseeker)



Possible Location #8: North east of Village of Butcher’s Block (thanks Daniel Clark)


Possible Location #9: Slightly east of the waypoint north of the Village of Butcher’s Block (thanks Gralo)


Possible Location #10: North of the Waypoint at Village of Butcher’s Block. (thanks Bozwai)


Possible Location #11: Right next to location #8 near Village of Butcher’s Block (thanks TungNing)


Wayfarer Foothills – Refugee’s Goblet/Refugee’s Compass/Ship In a Bottle

Refugee’s Goblet, Refugee’s Compass, and Refugee’s Ship in a Bottle  are both located under Snow-covered objects.


Possible Locations Map

Here is a list of possible locations on one map for easy viewing. For specific locations, look at the list of possible locations below.


Turn in : Go to this location near Farshore Waypoint in the SE corner of Lion’s Arch and talk to the following NPCs to turn in your items.

  • Refugee Kirk for Refugee’s Goblet
  • Refugee Cravia for Refugee’s Compass
  • Refugee Biron for Refugee’s Ship in a Bottle


Possible Location #1 and 1b: Look for a snow covered object in Wayfayer Foothills. I found my just west of Solitude Waypoint up north in Wayfarer Foothills


There is another possible location for snow-covered object just south of 1, 1b.


Possible Location #2: There is another snow covered object east of Crossroads Haven Waypoint


Possible Location #3: There is another one NE of Vendrake’s Homestead, near the ice.


Possible Location #4 &4b: North of The Icesteppes, around the bend in the path. (thanks Alex for the pics)


Possible Location #5: This location is quite close to location 4. (thanks Distillia for the pic)


Possible Location #6&6b: Just east of Dolyak’s Pas (thanks Poebel & Echoen for the pic)


Possible Location #7: South of Solitude Waypoint, very close to possible Location #1 (Thanks Echoen for the pics)


Possible Location #8: Very close to Location 4 &5 (thanks Abigail Sage)


Possible Location #9: East of Vendrake’s Homestead Waypoint (thanks Vukly Aura)


Possible Location #10: Slightly north of location #1 and #7 (thanks Slayrah)


Possible Location #11: Southeast of Vendrake’s Homestead Waypoint (thanks Macro Bread)


Possible Location #12: Just slightly north of Location #6 (thanks aj_robins)


Possible Location #13: West of Dolyak Pass (thanks Allidos Dowen)


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

152 replies on “GW2 Lost and Found Living Story event and achievement guide”

Just an aside – none of those locations have the pieces on Maguuma. We found a piece in Wayfarer Hills in a completely different area. :-/ Maybe this is server specific?

ahh rummie thanks! i found it there too <3 And Dulfy, when you add this achievement to your list for the day, it says 6 in total to complete 🙂

The first picture is where I found the wooden block for the kid charr. The second picture is where I found the goblet for Kirk in LA.

The one in diessa i could find at that spot, but the locations in wayfarer dont contain the objects so i think Rummie is right, Im on whiteside ridge

Definitely looks server specific. On Fort Aspenwood, the Soldier is
located just north of Butcher’s Block waypoint, and the Goblet is
located in Dolyak’s Pass.

Same for me on Dzagonur (DE) . The Wooden Soldier Thingy in Diessa Plateau was at an other location, whereas the Chalice in Wayfarer Foothills was on the same location as shown in dulfy’s pics.

Interesting, if you can let me know the locations you found them that would be great. Maybe it has a set of spawn points but where they spawn could be randomized per server

Yeah, the one east of Crossroads Haven in Wayfarer Foothills isn’t showing up. Playing on Tarnished Coast. Might be server specific

Diessa Plateau is wrong according to where I found the toy soldier frame. Directly west of Nageling WayPoint, in front of the rock (left larger set of rocks) above the renown heart.

Diessa Plateau is wrong according to where I found the Refugee’s Wooden Soldier. Directly west of Nageling WayPoint, in front of the rock (left
larger set of rocks) above the renown heart. Checked out the spot indicated on this post, nothing is there. Others on map chat have also complained about that.

Sorrow’s Furnace – sorry the uploader is throwing me off… I had both on the previous comment, only one showed up though QQ

Tier 3 appears to be 6 items returned. The achievement tracker lists the amount collected out of the amount needed for the final tier for me, and not out of the immediate goal.

The NPCs in LA must have some clues. There have to be 4 other npcs like the ones we turn the items to, that give us info.

The 2 in hoelbrak have some clues, 1 talks about a homestead ( dolyak homestead where we found the first, another about a caravan , no idea where) . Same for black citadel 2 with different clues

If the achievement is at 33% after 2 object, i think are 6 in total.

And to answer Dr Steve Brule question, the other 4 are coming in the next parts of the Living Story.

Thanks for the guide!
These seem to have multiple spawning locations or something? Or maybe it’s different for every server? Because I searched for both things myself before looking at this guide and found them in completley different locations. (Haven’t checked the locations you listed though)

I have take goblet (wayfarer) and soldier (diessa) now I change map, I’ll find the object but can’t take it Oo…. anyone have ideas?

There are only 2 items at the moment. Go to the camp in Lions Arch. Only 2 refugees ask for items and the guardsman even tells you about the snow-and-dirt covered objects in Way or Dess (but does NOT mention any other place).

Sorrow’s Furnace objects changed locations. Diessa Plateau: Location 2 Wayfarer: Can’t find on any of the mapped locations

I have a hunch that food of some kind will be needed for the grawl chieftan (LA), and a note from his friends or something for the charr (Black Citadel). I poked around for the food around maw but found nothing. A refugee with dialog is also missing from Hoelbrak, so might need to find a refugee there: that gets us to 5.

I was thinking the same thing, been through Black Citadel and Hoelbrak real quick, nothing yet. Maybe after the 2nd re-patch?

it is said that they’re losing their things on their way west to LA…

Lornars Pass is between hoelbrak and LA. so there could be something

You only have 2 missing items to return for now.

“When further phases of the event unlock, and the refugee area in Lion’s Arch grows in size, you will find new people to talk to who may also be missing items.

You will find the lost items in areas where the new Living Story events are spawning in the world, usually near the invader portals or invader vehicles. Note: in the event of a new build or server restart, the locations for the lost items may change.”

So even though my Hero LIving Story says “2/3 refugee possessions returned” — I’m done until the next release? Don’t want to spend more time hunting for something other than the goblet and toy soldier if not necessary. Or is it tiered? i.e., once you get two you need three? Thanks for helping.

Actually I think we will get this achievement done before the next patch. So keep an eye out next monday for example. Usually that was when new stuff came out with the last living story

I have checked every location on Yak’s Bend, and am yet to find either of these. I have checked several times and still nothing. Probably wasted 3 hours. Is this thing bugged?

My bad, just noticed the turn in section at the bottom of each. I would suggest putting this in the general section. 🙂 Sorry about that.

I just found another location in Wayfarer Foothills with the snow covered object. South of Dolyak’s Pass Waypoint.

Seaferer’s Rest: Based on the screenshots:
Refugee’s Wooden Soldier: #8
Foothills – Refugee’s Goblet: #13

had trouble with the 1 in diessa but found it thanks to ur map here r the picks from Ruins of Surmia server(EU)

I haven’t managed to return the two new objects when I give back ​​the belt, the compass has disappeared from my inventory and I can not get the compass in Wayfarer Foothills again.
And I’m still 3/6 on my success.
someone has got the same problem ?

Afraid I don’t have a screenshot for you at the moment (will see if I can grab one later) but found a new locations in Wayfarer Foothills (this was on the server Piken Square for those interested)

On the map of Wayfarer Foothills that you posted it’s between location #9 and #11, just South of Vendrake’s Homestead on the
west shore of the frozen river. If you’re traveling from the Homestead
it’s right before you reach the trees.

On Isle of Janthir Server I found the Sword Belt on Diessa Plateau near #2 spot by the boulder.

On Wayfarer, I found it in a totally different place than what the map shows for the first object. (I found another spot at # 11 that was clickable but unable to take so that must have been the goblet’s location and I had that one already. This one was up against the cliff where the Savir shoot down just across from location #4 on the map and between the two Savir roadblocks.

As of March 18th on Isle of Janthir server:

The Logbook in Diessa was near #2 just a small bit north and west of where the sword belt is, up on a raised bit of ground.

On Wayfarer the Ship in a bottle is right at #2 east of Easthaven Waypoint on the raised outcrop (dead refugee lying near)

Here’s the location of the compass and sword belt on Blackgate as of March 17. The compass is just southeast of [Vendrake’s Homestead Waypoint] and the sword belt is just southeast of the caravan wreckage (nearest waypoint is [Nolan Waypoint]).

So I went out to find the two newest items today (ship in a bottle & log book), and while I located them, I got the message, “You had a lost possession, but it’s back with its owner now.” Anyone else run into this a well? I’ve already collected and turned in the other four last week.

Ahh! I got the last four all in the same day, so there were no extras, and I didn’t even think of that. Very true, thanks!

Just south of #1 off the cliff. took a little while to find it because every other one was spot on according to your guide (THANK YOU BY THE WAY!)

it seems as though theres another location for the

“Diessa Plateau – Refugee’s Sword Belt/Refugee’s Wooden Soldier/Refugee’s Logbook”

Under the cliff by the watch tower

Yeah 5/6.. Barcas not Refugee Fivel took the logbook from me… I want to rant/vent but maybe I just did something wrong….

Refugee Fivel is actually Refugee Barcas in game. I spent way to long searching for Fivel and he is incorrectly named…Even gw2 wiki said Fivel was actually a npc looking for the logbook



Does anyone have a clue as to when these items respawn? I found 2 in Wayfarer Foothills yesterday morning and none in Diessa Plateau. I checked again just now (over 24 hours from when I first looked) and it’s still the same 2 in Wayfarer Foothills and none in Dissea Plateau. I also checked all areas yesterday afternoon as well, and it was still the same. Thanks for any help!

Dulfy :)thank you very much… I dont know what would I do without your great explanations.. thanks a lot :):):):)

Thank you SO much guys. I was pulling my hair out trying to find some of these. Definitely check out some of the alternate locations posted here, as that was where I found ALL of the items in Wayfarer HIlls.

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