GW2: The Gathering Storm Living Story event and achievement guide

GW2 The Gathering Storm event and achievement guide. The Gathering Storm is an event and achievement introduced as the second installment of GW2 Living Story series.

General Information


You need to kill a number of dredge and flame legion mobs that come out of the portals for the achievement

Tier 1 1
Tier 2 30
Tier 3 60
Tier 4 100
Tier 5 150

Wayfarer Foothills

Go to Dolyak Pass Waypoint on the NE corner of Wayfarer Foothills. There will be an event to defend the homestead from the dredge and flame legion invaders. If the event is not active, just wait there and the event will restart in a few minutes.


There is another event just west of the Solitude Waypoint way up north as well


Third event can be found just south east of Vendrake’s Homestead Waypoint down a bit south.


Diessa Plateau

There are an event just south of Village of Butcher’s Block


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10 replies on “GW2: The Gathering Storm Living Story event and achievement guide”

there was an event to the west of solitude waypoint as well. bunch of dredge and some charr. sorry i don’t have any pictures

There is a portal/ transport carrier spawn to the west of Butcherblock Waypoint, Next to the watch tower thing just north of the town (Same area as the Dirt covered object can be found)

Above Solitude Vale, the same spot where the flame legion portal may spawn, also can bring up dredge carrier. Seems to spawn every 15 minutes, not confirmed but that was the time between Dredge carrier and portal.

This morning I have found an event with dredge personnel cariagge just south of the Caravan Wreckage POI, halfway between Nolan and Nageling Waypoint

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