SWTOR Raid ready check feature coming in patch 1.7.3

Community Manager Eric Musco went on the SWTOR forums today to inform us that the raid ready check feature could be coming as soon as patch 1.7.3

[Request] Ready Check? | 03.05.2013, 04:24 PM

I know ready check is something that you folks have been looking forward to for a while and so I wanted to give an update.

Currently, development is complete on ready check for SWTOR! Right now, it is slated for Game Update 1.7.3 but know that it still has to pass QA along with some other things so it is entirely possible it could come out after 1.7.3.

I am going to do my best to give actual timing on features like this when I can just please be understanding that timing, as in the example above, is entirely subject to change. As long as you can all remain understanding of this, I can give more specifics than we have in the past.

Eric Musco | Community Manager

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