SWTOR: Top tier raid gear not craftable in patch 2.0

Game Developer Ahmad Zabarah went on the forums today to announce that the top tier raid gear in patch 2.0, Underworld and associated mods, will not be craftable.

Grade 31 Ultimate Gear (No Research Available) | 03.04.2013, 11:02 PM

Hi all, just thought I would clarify some things.

At this time it is our intention that the best-in-slot PvE gear and Mods available are not reverse engineerable for schematics and not craftable at this time. Our goal is when new levels of PvE gear are introduced, the older gear and mods will then become reverse engineerable for schematics.

For the release of "Rise of the Hutt Cartel" Arkanian level gear and mods are the best craftable equipment in the game. Underworld level gear and mods will eventually be craftable when a new tier of equipment is released.

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Sounds reasonable. Crafting is not useless and crafted gear will likely sell but if you want top tier you need to earn it

Maybe if the earned gear didn’t suck so badly this wouldn’t be an issue. They have a long history of putting useless stats on gear just so we have to get 3 slot pieces to make one good one. Accuracy on sin tank or high endurance on dps for example that we just have to waste. Craftable ones allow us to min/max our stats. Also this screws over crafters yet again, now the only viable crew skill for endgame is biochem it seems. And yes crafting is useless, nobody is going to pay a million credits for something they can farm from flashpoints, how many columi grade items sell daily on gtn lol?

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