GW2 Stylish Hoodies and riding clothes in the Gemstore

Images of the new hoodies and riding clothes on the GW2 gemstore released on March 12, 2013. There is also a page to catalog the 31 days of sale on the GW2 gemstore which you can find here.

Here is a list of hoodies and riding clothing released to the Gemstore on March 12.

Item Gem Cost Preview Code
Designer Hoodie 400 gems [&AgF3mgAA]
Casual Hoodie 200 gems [&AgF2mgAA]
Leather Hoodie 200 gems [&AgFwmgAA]
Riding Pants 200 gems [&AgFzmgAA]
Riding Boots 150 gems [&AgFtmgAA]
Riding Gloves 150 gems [&AgFrmgAA]

Casual Hoodie + Riding Pants + Riding Boots + Riding Gloves


Leather Hoodie + Riding Pants + Riding Boots + Riding Gloves



Designer Hoodie + Riding Pants + Riding Boots + Riding Gloves (sorry for preview but didn’t feel like wasting 400 gems)


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  • What’s the difference between the hoodies? Just the patterns?

    • yup, just the color patterns. Designer hoodie have a bit fancier pattern that is all

  • AbnerDoon

    Now if they only had mounts to go with the riding outfits. 😀

  • Stealthnugget

    On the hoodies, which areas can you dye (thinking especially on the designer one, as it has more patterns/larger one)?

  • Chaosgyro

    I have to question the choice of gem store items some, well MOST, of the time. Instead of selling capes or awesome costumes (I want an updated Grenth outfit from GW1 dammit!) they give us gangsta hoodies? Anet has free license to print their own money, yet they seem content to aim for small potatoes.

    • Fish Bait

      Ditto, the Grenth outfit would be amazing for sales.
      Guess they don`t want our cash 😉

  • Anni

    Question, can you fuse these or are these town clothes only? Those pants are perfect for fitting my character since I can’t find any armour to match them..

    • town clothes only

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