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SWTOR Contraband Resale Corporation Reputation guide

A guide to the newly added SWTOR Contraband Resale Corporation Reputation, Cartel Market Certificates, and their items.

Reputation system & trophies

Unlike other Reputation systems, the weekly cap for Contraband Resale Corporation is 36000 instead of 12000. There are 3 types of reputation trophies.

All the reputation trophies are obtained exclusively from the Contraband packs from the cartel market (or brought from other players via the GTN). Every contraband pack will drop a trophy.Note that all of these reputation items are bound and cannot be sold on the GTN!

  • Banned Holovid – Green reputation item for Contraband Resale Corporation – 270 Reputation


  • Prohibited Medical Supplies – Blue reputation item for Contraband Resale Corporation – 630 Reputation


  • Confiscated Artwork – Purple reputation item for Contraband Resale Corporation – 1440 Reputation


Rank Reputation
(per rank)
Weeks to Reach* Title
Outsider 2500 2500 0  
Newcomer 5000 7500 0  
Friend 7500 15000 0 Discerning Customer
Hero 10000 25000 0  
Champion 15000 40000 1  
Legend 30000 70000 1 Contraband Connoisseur

*Assuming 36000/week

Reputation Rewards

There are three vendors that sell items located in the Crew Skill section of the fleet. In addition to reputation requirements, some items also requires a number of Cartel Market Certificates, which are rare drops from the Contraband packs.


Aratech Eclipse


  • Champion Standing
  • 100k credits + 4 Cartel Market Certificate
  • Bind on Pickup, Requires Level 10 and Speeder Piloting I. It is adaptive so it will go up to Speeder Piloting III.



BK-0 Combustion armor set


  • Hero standing
  • 9.4k to 15.5k credits per piece
  • Bind on pickup (BOP) and require level 1 to use.


Elite Regulator armor set


  • Friend standing
  • 9.4k to 15.5k credits per piece
  • Bind on pickup (BOP) and require level 1 to use.


Voss Dignitary armor set


  • Newcomer standing
  • 9.4k to 15.5k credits per piece
  • Bind on pickup (BOP) and require level 1 to use.


Enforcer’s Eyeguard


  • Outsider Standing
  • 2400 credits
  • Bind on pickup (BOP) and require level 1 to use.

Resplendent Crown of Avarice


  • Legend Standing
  • 160k credits + 6 Cartel Market Certificate
  • Bind on pickup (BOP) and require level 1 to use.

Companion Customizations

  • All cost 15k credits and requires Newcomer Standing
  • Vette and Kaliyo customization provided by John Tennyson
Vette Customization 9 swtor-vette-customization-9
Kaliyo Djannis Customization 9 swtor-kaliyo-djannis-customization-9
Tharan Cedrax Customization 9 swtor-tharaan-ceedrax-customization-8
Elara Dorne Customization 9 swtor-elara-dorne-customization-8

Rare Items from Cartel packs

Some of the rare items from the Cartel packs can also be purchased. They all need Cartel Market Certificates in addition to credits and reputation requirements. In addition, all of the items are Bind on Pickup (BOP)


Item Reputation Credits Cartel Market Certificates
2V-R8/C2-N2 Customization – Butler Newcomer 20k 3
Darth Malgus/Satele Shan Holostatue Friend 25k 4
Diplomat’s Mediation Hoverchair Champion 100k 10
Mask of Nilhilus Legend 100k 10
Overlord’s Command Throne Champion 100k 10
Revan’s Mask Legend 100k 10
Ruddyscale Kowakian Monkey-Lizard Hero 100k 10
Shadow Nekarr Cat Friend 25k 4
Speckled Blurrg Outsider 10k 2
Ubrikki Crimson Skull Outsider 10k 2

Discontinued chest pieces from Cartel Market

All of the armor costs 40k, requires Newcomer standing and is BoP.


Bioware response to concerns and common issues

Erked. | 03.12.2013, 03:21 PM

I can see from reading over this thread (and some others) that there are some questions around this new Reputation so I wanted to hopefully clarify a few points in this thread.

  • Reputation is based on money spent! – Although to an extent this is certainly true as the Reputation is gained by opening Contraband Packs, keep in mind that if you do not want to spend Cartel Coins on packs you always have the option of purchasing them through the GTN from other players. I know this will not diffuse the notion that it is a "pay to Reputation" but it is an alternative to spending Cartel Coins if that was your primary concern.


  • Pay To Win – When designing a system for the Cartel Market this is always something we are very aware of. With this new Reputation system almost all of the items you can get have no stats and are purely cosmetic items or Adaptive shells. The only exception is the level 43 armor which was previously found on the Cartel Market.


  • Exclusive Items – As a part of this Reputation there are three vendors found on the fleet, only one of these vendors contains items exclusive to this organization (which again, has no stats on it). The other two vendors contain items which are either found in packs from Shipment One, or were previously a part of the Cartel Market (which are most likely all available from other players on the GTN). These items all cost credits, Cartel Market Certificates, or both.

I know these clarifications will certainly not alleviate all of your frustrations. I want to note that the design philosophy behind this Reputation was to specifically thank the players who purchase the best-selling items on the Cartel Market, the packs. I hope those clarifications can alleviate some of your concerns, however, please keep the feedback coming. As you explore the system we want to hear your thoughts and will be keeping an eye on this thread.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

78 replies on “SWTOR Contraband Resale Corporation Reputation guide”

I’m curious what the drop rates are like, or how many cartel packs you’d have to open on average to get these rep items.

8 packs, 2 Purple Rep, 5 Blue, and 1 certificate. Got enough rep for Newcomer. The Certificates seem like they’re going to be the real pain to get.

I don’t understand why they haven’t added things to the VIP, CE, or Security Key vendors all of this time, but now they add a vendor with rep drops from the cash shop?

I sure wish Bioware get some real clothing designer. It seems like everytime they release new gear, they achieve another level of ugly or stupidity. How about some practical and nice looking outfits to wear instead of the junk that they keep coming up with. What does any of this have to remotely do with Star Wars?

I don’t like the direction of the game that this change is suggesting. The rep on its own would be tolerable if not for the certificates. That’s a blatant greedy strategy to force you to continue buying packs even after hitting Legend. They will of course continue adding new items to the vendor over time, which will of course require the certificates to purchase. And as if that wasn’t enough, the certificates are gated by RNG on top of it!

If people want to engage in a paid rep grind then that’s their problem. I will not be buying any of the new packs.

Neither will I. But the change nonetheless leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If they’re profitable with this choice (and I fear they will be), it could be an indication of things to come.

So you would rather the game not be profitable. This is the single most brilliant thing they have come up with and the guy who thought of it ought to get a huge raise. Money makers like this will do nothing but help the game grow and isn’t that what we all want? You don’t have to participate and all it is is cosmetic gear.

I would rather the game earn money by producing quality content, not exploiting the weak minded who have a gambling problem. I’ve been subbed since release, so I have been contributing to game’s profitability in what I find value in. But if this greedy mentality starts affecting the game on a larger scale, I won’t be sticking around. It starts with looking harmless, and before you know it, it’s game breaking.

here is a scary thought… make a game profitable by adding actual playable content that people enjoy and want to continue playing. you can tell by the recent “state of the game” letter from BW that the developers actually believe adding “New and exciting content” to the cartel market is more important than things like developing things like new Hard modes, new raids, and more story lines. sadly the new 2.0 Rise of the hutt cartel is just a bandaid to their actual Content and game development system. rather than making more new 55 Flash points..they are jsut recycling the ones they didnt do HM’s for previously.

12 packs 2 certificates I think they are making those hard to attain items even harder one guy claimed to have 10 certificates after opening 75 packs makes me sad i will most likely never get revan’s mask

I dont like this. It sets a dangerous precedent, considering that they made something close to a “Pay2Win” system.

Selling cosmetic gear like this is probably the furthest thing from a Pay2Win system, but it does come close enough to funding the game by cynically exploiting the gambling addictions of a few to put me off of my dinner.

What makes this any different form buyer rewards programs that many business and Credit card companies offer? Do you puke every time a Capitol One Rewards commercial comes on as well?

Because it opens the precedent for moving more resources to only produce content for the Cartel Market. It also tells subscribers that their subscription isn’t good enough for ALL the content. Well, this and the fact that they’ve openly stated that they consider the Cartel Market to be content.

What makes it different is the nature of the Cartel Packs themselves. The contents of each purchased pack is a random draw from a loot table. Each pack is a pull on a slot machine. And yes, boss kill loot works the same way; boss kills aren’t sold as individualized transactions, the way the packs are.

I wont spend real money on virtual reputation. I hope this stupid game dies soon and BioWare will be closed by EA.

I agree with AshalBoga.

Seriously the only item I would ever think about buying from this is the enforcer’s eyeguard and that only requires outsider reputation. As long as they only stick to ugly vanity items for the top reputation (like that crown 😛 ) I don’t really care.

The helmets and the armor from contraband are so much nicer than the new pvp armor. I plan to swap out my mods into them. As a 30+ year star wars fan I know what the ‘look’ is and this certainly syncs with the look much better than other stuff. This game keeps getting better and better.

I think you mean to say that the Cartel Packs keep getting better and better. Or, at least, the armor. From what I can tell, the game is pretty much the same that it was back in April of last year.

the cartel packs are part of the aesthetics of the game – making them part of the game and its changing appearance. sometimes being too clever doesnt work.

I’d like to buy my first mobile fleet rep with money as well. I’d hate to actually play the game to level that and since it’s fluff items like the cartel stuff it shouldn’t matter if I buy it as well. I should be able to buy my way through that too. Why really play the game. /sarcasm

I really like the BK-0 Combustion armor, it’s a really nice set, maybe the first new one BioWare put in the game. But I won’t get this type of reputation – and no one else should. Released a game with ugly armor, expanded the game with recolored versions of this ugly armor… and now the wan’t hundreds of $ for the permission to use the nice armor? No.

So basically, people are getting upset about a completely benign cosmetic addition to the game because they are erroneously extrapolating some sort of precedent or direction from it? I don’t know…I would wait to get all bent out of shape until there is actually a problem.

I think the big concern is exploiting players to get the $$ without adding actual content, because if profits are what it’s about, you just make more sellable packs.

Pretty sure if I look at what I spent on the software vs what I did when packs first came out.. it is probably almost equal. Which is bad if you are looking at money spent vs content gained.

$60 USD spent on packs

3 Cartel Market thingys. Glad I bought this out of sheer curiousity, and not out of desire for something specific.

10 Cartel Certs would probably run in the SEVERAL HUNDRED DOLLAR category.

Such a situation is a total pile of stinky grobble and is most ungreebly!!!

cheapest alternative instead of spending money, is to hit the GTN, and search for the enforcers packs, they ususally go very cheap, between 3-4k each…most people won’t even see them, because they are actively searching for something. It depends on your server, but it’s a whole lot cheaper than actually buying those packs, when in reality bw need to cough up content rather shitty stuff, like wow swtor rep grind..why not be original? more raids, when more people want content, more class storylines etc. they have promised a lot, but delievered nothing failed promises…worst part is, the cartel as minted this developer

But I also wanted to add;

announcements of the dyes, appearance modification, and cathar.

This sounds to be greebly. It does seem content is coming faster than it did before we were ‘f2p’ model. Generally I consider an mmo to be immature for the first 2 years. But SWTOR is finally coming into its own.

These are greebly times my friends, greebly times!

There is a lovely little exploit you can use on the rep npc’s to make them give you the item’s for free without ever having to spend any money at all. Which is middle finger to a company who care more about robbing you, than providing you with content. I mean cmon, nightmare modes, seeker droids, i mean wtf is with all that anyway? BW is minted, they are making a fortune off the cartel, which is where I find it hilarous, take from the thieves :p

So now that the vice commandants pack is gone there is only a few contraband packs left on GTN. Not enough to reach legend which means….is there virtually no way Revan’s mask or Nihilus mask can be obtained or the aratech eclipse?

For the first time, I was stupid enough to buy something with cartel coins that wasn’t an unlock… got an “Architect’s” hypercrate for ~$40 or so. This was because clicking on the coin symbol on the picture of a certain speeder got me to a page with that. I did like the armor shown in the picture and that speeder, so I bought it.

Guess what, call it “Landfill” hypercrate… if filled up my inventory with such garbage, that stuff looked nothing like what was on the picture and the GTN was so full of that crap, all the armor was selling between 400 and 3000 credits. No wonder, cause it all looked like stuff I stopped wearing 2 years ago. The speeder wasn’t in it either, of course.

Am I the only one who thinks Bioware’s crate system is a total rip off and would issue a strong warning against wasting your money on?

u can now get all these rep trophies just by playing the slot machine. by doing this, i levelled from zero to max cartel rep without paying a single cent of real money

Some really cool stuff and easy to get with the addition of the new slot machine, but I’m really disappointed about none of these being BoL. I mean c’mon all the other rep vendor stuff is. Especially since I’ll be getting a Revan’s Mask once I hit Legend standing.

Are these armors obtainable anymore from the reputation vendors? I can’t seem to find the guy selling them

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